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Archetypeicon defender.png This user's main hero is a Defender.

V archetypeicon corruptor.png This user's main villain is a Corruptor.

All major characters are on Triumph server...

Archetypeicon defender.png
Originicon magic.png

Ms. Tempest - Level 50 Storm/Elec Def (577 badges) -- Archaeologist bound to a Sylph (Air elemental) via a mystic headband.

V archetypeicon corruptor.png
Originicon magic.png

Maiden Dark - Level 50 Dark/Dark Corr -- Demoness stuck on CoX world

Archetypeicon defender.png
Originicon magic.png

Sister Leortha - Level 50 Emp/Rad Def -- Fantasy world war-cleric falls through dimension rift into CoX world.

Archetypeicon tanker.png
Originicon mutation.png

Puffball - Level 50 Inv/SS Tank -- Mutant. 2,000 pounds, small body size. Compact, dense, tough, and strong.

Designed to be full of contradictions. Ex., 2,000 pounds, yet named after something very light.

Archetypeicon warshade.png
Originicon science.png
Moonlight Maiden - Level 50 Warshade (Human-form mostly) -- Quiet, bookwormism schoolgirl bound to a Kheldan who's mind was all-but destroyed by a Council Vampyre. Has recently figured out how to form the Nova form, but really only for travel purposes. (Don't plan to slot it, or it's attacks, but got tired of having only TP as a travel power. Nova gives me a version of flight.)

Archetypeicon scrapper.png
Originicon natural.png
Lavidia - Level 47 Claws/regen Scrapper -- Warior maiden from another dimension.

V archetypeicon mastermind.png
Originicon technology.png
Shadow Bots - Level 32 Robotics/dark Mastermind -- Sentient, dark-energy powered, nano-machine colony that assembles bots in order to better manipulate the world about it. The main "mastermind" form is just another one of the bots.

Archetypeicon defender.png
Originicon science.png
Sappy-cat - Level 25 Kin/elec Def (Sapper build, not played much since ED neutered Short Circut) -- Escaped Crey human/cat/vampire (council) hybrid.

Archetypeicon peacebringer.png
Originicon natural.png
Peaches Starshine - Level 20 Peacebringer -- Schoolgirl dying of cancer is given another chance at life by merging with a Kheldan.

V archetypeicon brute.png
Originicon magic.png
Ashen Power - Level 11 Energy/energy Brute -- Another stranded demoness. :)


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