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Dr. Brian Webb

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A brilliant physicist with eidetic memory, Dr. Brian Webb was a member of the Freedom Phalanx’s research team during the 1980s. As a Freedom Phalanx technician, he had helped perfect the Cosmic Crown that gives The Queen Comet her powers. When the Statesman and the Back Alley Brawler discovered that the drug Superadine was being used to access alternate dimensions, Webb strongly disagreed with the heroes’ decision to bury this research. He resigned from the Freedom Phalanx and sold his teleportation device patents in exchange for the venture capital needed to start his new research and development company: Portal Corp.

Dr. Webb knew everything the Supes researchers had learned about peering into other dimensions. As much as he abhorred their methods for moral reasons, he also eschewed their research methodology as being impractical and unscientific. Dr. Webb correctly reasoned that the ability to pierce the dimension barrier was not unique to the chemically modified brains of Supes addicts. Rather, the addicts just happened to be tapping into some greater cosmic law. Dr. Webb set out to discover the science behind that law.

Four years later, in 1988, he did just that. Webb created an inter-dimensional portal that allowed him - or anyone for that matter - to simply walk from one world to another. He announced his discovery to the world at large the very next day, calling a press conference that resulted in global media frenzy. Webb actually took a group of reporters and cameramen from every major media outlet through a portal and into a dimension where Paragon City had never existed and the Europeans had yet to discover the Americas. They returned to Paragon City, stunned and amazed. Webb then presented them with a videotape collection containing proof of his visits to over fifty different parallel dimensions in the past day alone.

While visiting the dimension known as “Axis America,” Webb and his fellow explorers were captured, tortured, and killed by the Reichsman.

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