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Ongoing Training Missions

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Ongoing Training Missions were added in Issue 21 as a way for new players to learn more about City of Heroes' gameplay. The heroic OTMs feature members of the Shining Stars, while villainous OTMs feature contestants of the Hearts of Darkness Competition.

From I21 Patch Notes

  • Through a series of missions, players are taught the higher-level features of our game in a very informal and easygoing series of storyarcs.
  • Players are introduced to a contact who has heard things about their adventures and is considering inviting them to join their elite group of super-powereds
  • These arcs are OPTIONAL and can be done at any time, though it's recommended to start at the levels listed below for an optimal training experience
  • These missions are intended for training of Heroes and Villains; there is not a Praetorian version of these ongoing training missions
  • The intent of these missions are to teach through fun, not to feel like the 4th wall has been broken
  • Heroes report to Twinshot who has teamed up with a ragtag collection of heroes:
    • Twinshot - Twinshot is a trained commando with a friendly demeanor and a mysterious past
    • Grym - Grym is a guardian from another realm; he is one of the grims that has been sent to watch over Paragon City
    • Proton - The last survivor of a future version of Earth, Proton has traveled to our time in an attempt to prevent the catastrophe that consumed his world
    • Dillo - Part of the Galactic Refugees, Dillo has been sent to Earth to warn them of the threat of the Shivans
    • Flambeaux - Sassy li'l thing, that Flambeaux
  • Villains receive a message from Dr. Graves about an opportunity to test their strength against a rogues' gallery of rough characters:
    • Dr. Graves- A scientist who found a way to stop cellular death, Graves is a rather nice guy who needs to chop apart people to replace his limbs, which become damaged due to an illness
    • Crosscut - A serial killer who likes using blades. On anyone or anything. Anytime. Anywhere.
    • Dollface - A coy assassin with a penchant for drama.
    • Omnicore - A woman obsessed with creating the ultimate weapon, this tech-geek has given up her humanity to ensure her goal becomes realized
    • Zephyr - A nebulous being composed of smoke and cloud, Zephyr is a manifestation of the wind itself.
  • Players will learn the following throughout Level Ranges 5 - 19:
    • Contact introduction
    • Redirects
    • Cell-phone contacts
    • Consistent use of trainers
    • Using trams (aka Monorail / Ferry)
    • Notoriety settings
    • Kidnap and kill boss missions
    • Pet combat
    • Auction houses
    • Where to find clues that progress a mission
    • Ambush combat behavior
    • Mission maps
    • Dialogue trees
    • Supergroups
    • Lore characters
    • Enhancements
    • Introduction to Inventions
    • Sidekicks and Lackeys
    • Enemy Groups
    • Introduction to Alignment and Morality