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A method of transportation in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles that allows instantaneous travel between zones.

If there are multiple copies of the same zone (e.g. "Talos Island" and "Talos Island 2"), players can select another copy of the same zone they are in.

Paragon City Ferry


The Paragon City Ferry is one of the services provided by the Paragon Transit Authority to move heroes around Paragon City.

The only stops on the Paragon City Ferry are in Talos Island and Peregrine Island

Smuggler's Ship

Smuggler's Ship.jpg

The Smuggler's Ship is one of the methods used to transport heroes around Paragon City. Although the entrance is protected by Police Drones, obtaining transport via this ship is unsanctioned by the Paragon Transit Authority because the primary destination is to the criminal haven of Striga Isle.

The stops on the Smuggler's Ship are as follows:

Rogue Isles Ferry

Ferry Villain.jpg

The Rogue Isles Ferry is one of the services provided to move villains around the Rogue Isles. Prior to Issue 19, access to villain city zones was split between several different routes.

The stops on the Rogue Isles Ferry system are as follows:

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