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"I'm the freaking wind bro."


Zephyr, or the Avatar of Zephyrous Minor, is a villain encountered in Dr. Graves' Ongoing Training Missions. He is located near the Ferry at coordinates (-1367, 18, 1512).

He is the wind made corporeal, tied to the mortal plane by The Cardinal Altars and The Eye of the Storm.

He has the ability to create enhancements to bestow power upon mortals.


Zephyr has been around for quite a while, zipping around the skies for generations. Having become rather bored due to the advent of increased navigation technology and sturdier construction material used in buildings, Zephyr has recently taken a corporeal form. Spending time among Paragon City, he would soon move on to the Rogue Isles where he found people were far more willing to destroy things for no good reason. And for Zephyr, that's one heck of a lot of fun.

Zephyr is a member of The Hearts of Darkness.

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