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Mission:Destiny Follows - Part Five: General for a Day

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Part Five: General for a Day


Your army is in position, Character. They're waiting for your arrival before they commence the main offensive.

I assume you will be leading the attack?

  • That's my plan.

Good luck, Character. I should warn you - the force that Longbow has gathered is substantial. Even with an army at your back, they may be able to put up a bit of a fight.

I'm not especially worried; I know you're competent. I'm just warning you not to underestimate them. Destined Ones, even those loyal to you, may be difficult to control.

Eliminate the Longbow Presence in Cap au Diable

Unnecessary Solicitation

Longbow could mobilize any minute now, Character. You need to strike before they're ready.

Mission Objective(s)


Your army has been assembled. All you have to do is give the word.

  • Eliminate the Longbow Presence in Cap au Diable
    • Speak to Double Tap
    • Wipe out the Longbow Regiment!

With the help of an army of Detined Ones, you drove Longbow out of Cap au Diable for good.


V badge Longbow.png Longbow

Notable NPCs


Sir / Ma'am! I've assembled everyone at the coordinates you sent. We're prepared to mount an assault on your command.

  • Give the order.

Report to Bane Spider Ruben


Ah, Character. I'm receiving reports that Longbow has initiated a full withdrawal from Cap au Diable. Once you took out their main force, they wouldn't have been able to take Aeon City anyway.

It's a pity about the Suggestion Engine, though. Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic that Longbow's out of my hair. I just wish the device was more... flexible.

Regardless, I'm sure our scientists will be able to reverse-engineer the thing within a few months, and hopefully we'll have one built to work with the Fortunatas within the year.

  • I certainly hope you don't plan on targeting ME with that thing.
Ruben chuckles at you.
I could give you my word, but I don't suppose that would count for much. However, I should remind you that you are still in possession of a Psychic Dampener.
It will be disconnected from the Network, and I doubt it's potent enough to block forceful attacks on your mind, but it's still capable of blocking low-wavelength 'suggestions'. If and when we do get a functioning Suggestion Engine, you'll already be in possession of a solid countermeasure.
Besides, it is my personal belief that Lord Recluse will find much better uses for the Engine in... political circles... than out in the front line.
Bane Spider Ruben bows his domed head slightly.
It was good working with you, Character. Good luck to you in your future endeavors.
  • You too, Ruben.
  • Oh? And what makes you think you'll be getting the Engine??
Ruben grows silent for a long moment.
Character, I have a team en route to sweep through the Meeting Grounds as we speak. The Suggestion Engine will be confiscated as Arachnos property...
Ruben trails off, sighing heavily.
...but they're not going to find anything there, are they?
  • I'm afraid not.
I thought as much. I should have foreseen this, Character, but I was too wrapped up in Longbow to consider the Suggestion Engine as more than a short-term asset. It appears you were one step ahead of me this time.
Well, I suppose it's not too much of a loss. We already have a countermeasure, in the form of the Psychic Damper, so I won't need to flag you as a high-priority target for the Widows.
I've got Longbow off of my back, Character, and that's something. For that, at least, I'm grateful. I didn't come out with the grand prize, but hey - you can't win them all, can you?
Ruben turns his attentions back to his notepad. And so our professional relationship is concluded.
Farewell, Character.
  • Goodbye, Ruben.


Completion of this mission awards the Gifted Speaker Badge.

File:Badge i22 mission cad giftedspeaker.png Gifted Speaker

You know how to work a crowd when you need to. With the help of a psychic suggestion device, of course.