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Savage Siren

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Savage Siren


Savage Siren belongs to the Rogue Isles Villains faction.

Heroes may face her in Safeguard Missions:

  • At the bank of the Brickstown Safeguard Mission, where she will be trying to rob it.
  • In the jail of the Brickstown Safeguard Mission, where the Nemesis Army will try to free her


Savage Siren once looked up to Paragon City's heroes, until the day of the Rikti War, when one of the heroes hurled a Rikti drone into her parents' appartment, killing them instantly. Siren has vowed to destroy the Freedom Phalanx, and is seeking to join Arachnos to help in their conquest.


During the Brickstown Safeguard Mission:

Robbing the bank: Hero is planning on stopping me? I'll take anyone down who interferes!

Agroed: I've been expecting you! Get ready to bleed!

She can also be found in prison during this mission:

Nemesis Soldier: Savage Siren. Will you join the cause and fight for Lord Nemesis?
Nemesis Soldier: It would be worth your while. You will have your shot at the Phalanx


Savage Siren: Take out the heroes, and we will talk!

In the lobby of the Sharkhead Architect Entertainment building.

Savage Siren: Man, people around here are wimps, saying my missions are too hard. What a bunch of crybabies.

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