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Blood Thorn

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Blood Thorn


Blood Thorn belongs to the Rogue Isles Villains.

Heroes may face her in Safeguard Missions:

  • At the bank of the Atlas Park Safeguard Mission, where she will be trying to rob it.
  • In the jail of the Atlas Park Safeguard Mission, where The Vahzilok will try to free her.


Born in the Brazilian rainforest where the greed from ranchers had taken her home and family at a young age. She decided that the human race needed to be destroyed before they destroy the Earth completely.


During the Bank heist:

Robbing the bank: Dr. Vahzilok told me that with enough money he can bring you back, Mother. Won't that be good?

Agroed: I'll get it all back, and I'll kill anyone who tries to stop me!

In the jail:

Freed from her cell:

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