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Bane Spider Ruben

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Bane Spider Ruben
Bane Spider Ruben.jpg
Arachnos Liaison
Zone Cap au Diable
Coordinates (-750, 135, -291)
Level Range 15-24
Introduced By None
Introduces None
Enemy Groups V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
V badge Longbow.png Longbow
Badges Badge i22 mission cad giftedspeaker.png Gifted Speaker
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Bane Spider Ruben is a villain contact in the Aeon City neighborhood of Cap au Diable at coordinates (-750, 135, -291). His level range is 15-24. He is located on the far side of the doors to the Tech and Science stores, opposite Marshal Brass.


Contact Introduced By

  • None

Contact Introduces

  • None


Arachnos Liaison

Harvey Ruben exhibited enough psychic prowess to be inducted into the Bane Spider Network, as his title implies. However, compared to most of his peers, his superhuman mental abilities are relatively weak. To most people, this would be seen as a negative... but those people are not part of the Bane Spider Network. Ruben's lack of potent psychic ability means that his mind is not as well connected to the Network as it could be, which in turn leaves some room for his own free will to operate. Able to think and react to problems in ways his peers were simply incapable of, Ruben has been quickly climbing the ranks in Arachnos. What he lacks in psychic potential, he more than makes up for with nuanced thinking and martial skill.

Prior to Introduction

Missing Prior to Introduction Dialogue

Initial Contact

The Bane Spider is writing something into his notepad as you approach. At first, it doesn't seem that he has noticed your arrival. After a moment, the Bane Spider stops writing, and shifts slightly. He turns to face you directly.

Ah, Character. Harvey Ruben, Bane Spider Corps, 73rd Division. Thank you for arriving in such a timely manner. It's good to know that some of the so-called Destined Ones are capable of being prompt.

I know you're busy, Character, so I'll make this quick: I have a problem, and I think you possess the unique skills necessary to help me solve that problem.

  • Go on.
It appears that there is a new player in Cap au Diable - a player that is working directly against Arachnos's efforts in the Isles. Specifically, someone has been targeting Destined Ones, and has been... converting them to his cause.
'Converting' can be considered a loose term, in this context, because I'm fairly certain that some level of psychic suggestion is involved.
Regardless, Arachnos is more than capable of tracking this guy down and ending his little charade. That's one possible solution.
  • So what do you need me for, then? (Go to 'A')
  • (Optional) Whoa, hold on. I don't work for Arachnos. I'm nobody's flunkie.
Ruben sighs, and his domed helmet cranes backward slightly. You can't see beneath his helmet, but you get the distinct impression that he's rolling his eyes at you.
Arachnos doctrine compels me to inform you that you are not required by Arachnos to comply with any order, request, or command given by an Arachnos operative of any rank below Arbiter. In the event that an agent gives such a command and attempts to coerce your compliance by force - which, by the way, I am not doing - you are within your rights to respond to the Arachnos agent with whatever force you deem necessary.
I personally think that this would be a mutually beneficial operation, Character. Someone has been targeting Destined Ones and has been 'converting' them, probably by psychic influence. Arachnos doesn't like that, but you shouldn't either. If this guy keeps at it, who's to say he doesn't target you, next? This operation will be in both of our interests.
  • Why doesn't Arachnos just kill this guy off then?
(A) Well, if we go with the brute force approach, we've only solved the immediate problem. Lord Recluse has a specific interest in the development and growth of the Destined Ones, and it doesn't bode well if someone can simply waltz in and mindwipe the lot of them. We don't know how that's being done, and that puts us at a long-term disadvantage.
Furthermore, there's the issue of the Destined Ones themselves. We have no idea how many have been converted so far, how their minds have been affected, or how long that process lasts.
Really, the only thing we know is that someone is turning Destined Ones against us, and that's not enough for us to work with. What we need is an inside man.
  • So you want someone to be...'converted'?
Ruben chuckles at you.
Oh, lord no. THAT would be a grade-A disaster. No, we just need you to go undercover.
Ruben hands you a small plastic device, shaped like a coin.
Here, put this in your right ear. It's a Psychic Damper. It's based on the same tech that operates the Bane Spider Network, and it should be able to protect you from low-grade psychic interference. Hopefully, that includes the conversion process, whatever that happens to be.
Oh, and as an added bonus, it establishes a link between the two of us - I'll be able to communicate with you psychically, even while you're deep undercover.
  • Sounds good. So, where do I find this guy?
(Begin mission briefing)
  • (Optional) I won't be needing that. I don't have what tou call a 'normal' brain.
Ruben folds his arms, and his tone becomes somewhat disparaging.
Oh, is that so? You're completely immune to psychic influence? If I called in a Fortunata right now, she wouldn't be able to cause you any harm?
Ruben sighs beneath his helmet.
Look, I think you're underestimating the definition of 'mind' here. It's not a question of biology, it's a question of perception. If you're sentient enough to stand here, talk to me, and make your own decisions, then it's a sure bet that you have enough of a mind to be susceptible to psychic influence. That means psionic attacks, but it also means psychic persuasion and mind control.
There are ways to mitigate those dangers, however, and that's what I'm offering you. If you want to go undercover, you're going to need a Psychic Damper. Understand?
  • Fine, have it your way. What's next?
(Begin mission briefing)


  • Let's get to work, Character.
  • Let's keep this brief. I don't want to blow your cover.
  • What news from the front, Character?

Too Busy

Oh, come on! That's really unprofessional.

If you want to run around and rob banks and stuff on your own time, that's fine by me. Just don't do it while you're trying to go undercover, ok? Take care of whatever it is you're doing, and then get back to me.

Too Low Level

Missing Too Low Level Dialogue

No More Missions

Don't think there's much left to do, Character. You got to play Pied Piper, and I got Longbow off my turf. Everyone's happy.

Well, the important people, anyway.



Story Arc

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.

Destiny Follows


Suggestion Engine Projector

This small metal disk was all that it took to enthrall your rival Destined Ones into following your every command. Though it's no longer functional, it serves as a reminder that sometimes...

Destiny Follows

It began when you were approached by a Bane Spider named Harvey Ruben. Ruben wanted you to infiltrate a cult that was convincing Destined Ones to turn to heroism. You infiltrated the cult's Meeting Grounds and met with Baron Zukor, who was clearly using some kind of psychic influence to control his followers.

After spending some time gaining Zukor's trust, you discovered a link between Baron Zukor and Longbow. Ruben gave you a spare Arachnos uniform, and you infiltrated a nearby Longbow base in search of answers. It was there that you learned of the experimental device called the Suggestion Engine.

Apparently, Zukor was using the machine to emit low-frequency psychic 'suggestion' to his followers, allowing him to control multiple subjects without using an excessive amount of psychic force. You confronted and killed Zukor, and took the Suggestion Engine for yourself.

However, the moment Zukor fell, Ruben informed you that Longbow was mobilizing to take Cap au Diable, and to hunt down the remainders of Zukor's cult. You used the Suggestion Engine to take control of your fellow Destined Ones, then used your newfound army to strike down Longbow before they could mount their assault.

In the end, the Suggestion Engine lost its residual charge and became effectively inert. While its power may be lost, your peers will always remember the day that they took orders, unquestioningly, from you.

Part One: Hi, My Name is (Character), and I'm a Villain


We don't have a lot to work with, but my agents have managed to scrounge up some details on where the Destined Ones are being converted. So far, the only info we've been getting has been rumors and word-of-mouth, but I'm fairly sure we've located the place they're calling the Meeting Grounds. It's an old warehouse on the outskirts of the city - we've got some scouts keeping tabs on the place, and it's been seeing a lot of traffic lately.

From the reports I've been getting, it sounds like you'd fit right in with the crowd there. You should be able to get in without having to make up too much of a story. Word's been spreading fast.

  • Alright, so I can get in easily. Then what?

Once you're in, keep your head down and do what you think is expected of you. Right now we're just looking to gather some info. Fortunately, I'm guessing that whoever's running the show won't be too concerned about spies. They'll be expecting hostility - they're recruiting Villains, after all - but they're probably confident enough in their conversions that no one will be able to cause trouble.

With the Psychic Damper, you should be mostly immune. If you hear the device starting to buzz a little bit, that means it's absorbing incoming psionic signals. In other words, it means someone's trying to fiddle with your mind. As long as you stay alert, you should be able to act like you've been converted at the appropriate time.

Good luck, Character. If we can get you into their good graces, we'll be able to plan our next move from a much more advantageous position.

Icon clue generic.png
Psychic Damper
Bane Spider Ruben gave you this small device, which you have hidden beneath your outfit. Supposedly, it will protect you from 'low-frequency psychic messages'. It should prevent you from being converted alongside the other Destined Ones.

Unnecessary Solicitation

We need them to trust you, Character. If you can't achieve that, then this whole operation will fall apart around us.

Mission Objective(s)


It looks like Ruben was right. This place isn't tidy by any means, but it's far less abandoned than its outside appearance suggests.

  • Infiltrate the Meeting Grounds
    • Gather information from other Destined Ones
    • Wait for your name to be called
    • Meet with Baron Zukor
    • Return to the Main Hall
    • Speak with Giga Watts
    • Investigate the disturbance
    • Defeat Mangle!
    • Return to Giga Watts

You managed to infiltrate Baron Zukor's cult.


V badge Villain.png Rogue Isles Villains

Notable NPCs


Mangle is staring off into the distance, looking sullen. He turns his nose up at you as you approach.

And who are you supposed to be?

  • I go by Character.

Yeah? Well let me enlighten you a bit, Character. Being in the same room as me? It's not good for your health.

  • I'll take my chances. (Leave)
  • *My* health should be the least of your concerns, Mangle.
Mangle stiffens a bit, then looks away.
Hmph. Not worth my time, anyway.
  • Smart man.


Hmph. I'm sure this is just another scam. Every time something interesting happens in the Isles, it's just another renegade mage or Wyvern deathtrap. It's never anything good.

  • Why are you here, then?

Sh-shut up! I just felt like accepting the invitation, that's all! I... I'm always rejecting invitations to things, all the time! I just felt like saying yes to one of them, you know, out of pit.


Leave me alone!


Blast Furnace appears to be deeply engaged in a conversation with Zephyr.

"...but then I meet people who have such interesting origin stories, you know? I mean, I'm just a guy that happens to be on fire. I'm not the wind or some alien survivor... sometimes I just wonder if I should just get some help. Like, a psychiatrist or something


Character! Dude! Bro! Looking good!

How you been, bro? It's been, like, WAY too long!"

  • Hm. I'm not sure I agree.


Comatorium leans close to you as you approach.

Which one? Plutonium or nerve gas?

  • Plutonium.
Comatorium steps away from you, looking disappointed.
Hmph. It figures you'd say that.
  • Nerve gas.
Comatorium steps away from you, looking disappointed.
Hmph. It figures you'd say that.
  • Excuse me?
Comatorium puffs himself up slightly, seeming pleased.
Which one do you think... would kill the most people?
  • Oh, then plutonium.
Comatorium steps away from you, looking disappointed.
Hmph. It figures you'd say that.
  • That's easy. Nerve gas.
Comatorium steps away from you, looking disappointed.
Hmph. It figures you'd say that.
  • Is that question intended to creep me out or something?
Comatorium deflates and steps away from you.
N-no... why? I mean, were you scared? Even a little?
  • This is the Rogue Isles, man. You'll have to try harder.


Character?!? What are YOU doing here?

I thought that I would finally be RID of you, but you keep reappearing! What pleasure do you gain in tormenting me?

If you persist, know that I WILL destroy you!

  • Nice to see you too, Omni.
  • You've tried before, and failed. But you're welcome to try again.
Omnicore grits her teeth in frustration, but says nothing to you. She returns to fiddling with her cybernetic implants.
  • That's what I thought.


GOD, I'm so bored! I've been sitting here for ages!

Stardusk turns idly in your direction.

Hey, Character. Wanna start a fight or something? Would liven the place up a little...

  • Maybe later, Stardusk.

Stardusk shrugs lazily, looking off into the distance.

Suit yourself.


Oh, it's Character! My most favorite friend! Have these people invited you to their playdate, too? Can we play together?

  • Sure, Crosscut. We'll play in a bit.
  • I... think I'm done 'playing' with you, Crosscut. You should find new friends.
Oh, I have lots of friends, Character. They just don't last as long as you do.
If you don't want to play today, that's okay. We can play... some other time.
  • And this is the part where I leave.


Ayame and Icecap appear to be engaged in conversation.

Wow, Nepal, huh? And you were all by yourself?

Did... did the spirits actually raise you?


Ayame and Icecap appear to be engaged in conversation.

No... well, not really. I was already in my teens at that point, so I could take care of myself for the most part. Besides, pretty soon after the pact I started some small-time jobs in Kathmandu, and by then...


I can't believe this. We get called in here like it's some big opportunity and then they make us WAIT to go talk to some self-appointed Baron? Who do these people think they are?

  • You have somewhere more important to be?

Savage Siren glares at you.

Great. And now I've got wannabes talking trash to me, while I wait. This day just couldn't get any better.


Hey, Character, right? I've heard of you.

So what do you know about this Zukor guy?

  • Not much. Up until now I didn't even know his name.

Miss Thystle frowns in thought.

I was hoping you'd know something I didn't. All I've heard is that he's going to try to convince us to work as Heroes. Can you imagine?

Miss Thystle looks at you skeptically.

I mean, it can't be that simple, can it? We can't just... switch like that, right?

  • I guess we find out soon enough.


Shock Treatment is talking rapidly at Blood Thorn.

And so then I was like, 'Back off, you good-for-nothing excuse for a toaster oven! I told you that I'm not interested, so just leave me alone!'

But the thing doesn't let up, it keeps buzzing at me like I'm going to change my mind! I think it's been talking with the refrigerator behind my back, so I...


Blood Thorn appears increasingly distressed as her conversation with Shock Treatment continues. When you approach, she turns and waves you over frantically.

Oh, thank god! Someone who looks like they might be sane. I was starting to worry that everyone was this unhinged!

Please, pretend to know me! I can't talk to this psycho anymore!

  • Sorry, you're on your own


Whoever has organized this meeting, I do not believe them to be wise.

  • Why is that?

They summon us to meet with this Baron, and I am led to believe that it is a private meeting.

This man is clearly valuable to their cause. Once I am granted an audience, I shall simply break this Baron with my fists, and will demand payment in exchange for his life.

  • Sounds like you've got it all planned out.


After speaking with Baron Zukor

I... I cannot describe him properly, Character. He is like the face of inspiration itself.

Under his gaze, I have seen my life as it truly is, and I have found it lacking. I believe it is time that I mended my ways.


Hello, my friend. You are... Character, are you not?

  • That's me.

Fantastic. I've been looking forward to speaking with you, Character. To be honest, I did not expect you to seek me out so soon... but I believe that you and I have much to discuss.

  • Such as...?

Baron Zukor begins to stare at you intently.

Your reputation precedes you, Character. The deeds you have performed in your budding career... as a Villain... have caused quite a stir. But I say to you now... this life is not what was meant for you. You have been led astray.

As Zukor speaks, the device in your ear begins to buzz. The feeling is almost imperceptible.

I think that you should reexamine your life, Character, and perhaps try to find a new path. I think that would be for the best, don't you?

The buzzing in your ear becomes steadily stronger, until you begin to worry that Zukor might take notice of the device.

Well? Don't you?

  • (Lie) Yes... I think I should change my ways.

Baron Zukor relaxes, and smiles at you. Immediately, the buzzing in your ear fades to silence.

Good. I'm glad we agree. Go now, and contemplate your newfound wisdom. I believe we will be able to do great things together, when the time comes.

  • Yes, Baron.


Giga Watts leans in close to you.

Listen, Character. You've spoken with the Baron, so I know you're on our side, now. I'm gonna need to ask for your help.

  • Sure, what do you need?

It looks like there's a bit of a commotion going on in the waiting area. I'd check it out myself, but it's very important that Pyra and I maintain our posts - we can't risk exposing the Baron to anyone who might seek to harm him.

Can you go take a look at what's happening, and see if you can get things back under control?

  • Leave it to me.


Mangle snarls at you as you approach.

This Zukor character is a joke! You people just walk in there and two minutes later you're singing his praises and acting like samaritans?

I don't buy it!

  • You don't want to push this, Mangle.

I do, Character. I really, really do!

  • Oh, this will be fun.


Character, you're back. Have you handled the problem?

  • Mangle was causing a commotion. I had to take him down.

Good work, Character. The Baron needs capable people that he can trust, and it looks like you're one of them. You do good work.

Why don't you go meditate on your conversation with the Baron? I know that after he spoke with me, I had a lot of thinking to do. I don't want to interrupt your spiritual journey with mundane tasks. When we need your help, we'll send for you.

  • Thanks, Watts. I'll see you around.


Baron Zukor, huh? I haven't heard of him, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's small-time. My operations are mostly confined to Cap.

I'm intrigued by your interactions with the other Destined Ones, Character. Direct mind control is almost a form of puppetry, but it sounds to me like Zukor's followers retain their basic personalities, even after meeting with him. What's more, your Psychic Damper was only active for about a minute, and then all psychic influence ceased.

I'm not aware of any psychic powers capable of that level of mind-control, Character. For him to be able to retain his followers' loyalty, without directly altering their minds or maintaining psychic pressure... well, he's either very good or he's using something other than mind-control.

Part Two: Acceptable Losses


I'll have my agents go through your report, Character. Hopefully we'll be able to get some insight on how Zukor is controlling your peers.

For the time being, you're going to need to remain in Baron Zukor's good graces. You've made good strides toward that goal already, but you're going to need to keep up appearances.

Ruben hands you a folded sheet of paper.

Our agents intercepted this missive just recently. It's from Zukor's cult, and it's addressed to you. They want you to attack a local Arachnos facility.

  • Attack Arachnos? I would never...

Save it, Character. There's no need to play dumb, I know how things work in the Isles.

In this case, we've deemed the operation necessary, to maintain your cover. I've reviewed the personnel roster at the target's location and made a few minor changes - nothing conspicuous, I assure you. I just hate to waste competency. The standing force that remains... well, they would not represent a significant loss to Arachnos's presence in Cap au Diable.

The missive indicates that you'll be paired with another of Zukor's cultists. Make sure you remain convincing, but see if you can discern Zukor's motives in all this. We still don't know what he's up to.

Icon clue generic.png
Missive from Baron Zukor
This note lists the coordinates of a nearby Arachnos base, along with instructions:

Once inside, please accomplish the following tasks:

- Disable any methods of communication between the facility and the rest of Arachnos
- Prevent the facility from masking itself from outside detection
- Disable any turrets or other external defense systems

This will assist our cause in creating a better world for the people of the Rogue Isles. I thank you for your efforts.

-Baron Zukor

Unnecessary Solicitation

Get going, Character. The last thing we need right now is Zukor getting suspicious.

Mission Objective(s)


This is the base Zukor wanted you to hit.
As far as 'heroic' jobs go, knocking Arachnos heads isn't so bad. If you're going to go along with this charade, you may as well cut loose.

  • Cripple the Arachnos Base
    • Disable the Arachnos communications array
    • Expose the Arachnos base to detection
    • Bring down the base's automated defenses
    • Talk to the Longbow Officer

You've managed to subdue the base's defenses... and discovered something interesting in the process.


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

Notable NPCs

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

The Rogue Isles Villain ally you receive in this mission can be any one of the characters found in the previous mission.

Contact Small Lieutenant Davidson.jpg
Lieutenant Davidson


Longbow appreciates your support in this operation, Character. We'll take over from here.

  • Wait, why is Longbow here?

The Longbow officer eyes you suspiciously.

This is first and foremost a Longbow operation, son / miss. We were under the impression that you'd turned a new leaf, and would be happy to support our efforts against Arachnos.

The officer tenses slightly, appearing wary of you.

Is... there going to be a problem?

  • Not at all, officer. I was just curious.



I'm aware of their incursions on Fort Darwin, but I didn't think they'd be bold enough to try to take Cap au Diable so soon.

This makes sense, Character. For one man to try and turn all of the Destined Ones as a solo operation... that's beyond foolish. It would be suicidal. With Longbow's backing, however, this gambit starts to make sense.

If Baron Zukor has their support, and manages to corral enough Destined Ones, he'd have a potent enough army to march on Aeon City.

For the record, this is why we didn't use the brute force approach. If we play this right, we can cause their whole operation to backfire.

Part Three: Double Agent


Now that we know that Longbow's involved, we know what kind of budget is backing our friend Baron Zukor. I think an investigation is in order. We know the locations of some nearby Longbow outposts, but...

Ruben flips through a few pages in his notebook. After perusing the pages for a moment, he lets out an exasperated sigh.

The problem I have is that I'm a little low on personnel, lately. The base you hit was only one of many, Character. I've been getting intermittent reports of Destined One attacks all day. I simply don't have the resources to mount an incursion into a Longbow stronghold at the moment.

Now, we could have you go in there and investigate yourself, but that presents a whole slew of new problems.

  • Foremost being, how do I do that without blowing my cover?

Exactly. My recommendation is that you assume the identity of an Arachnos agent. I'll see what I can scrounge up for you to wear.

This way, you'll have at least some freedom to investigate without immediately tipping your hand to Zukor.

Just... try to be discreet, if you can. They probably have an extensive file on you, and the disguise won't mask your powers. Get in, find whatever info you can, and get out.

Unnecessary Solicitation

We need to do this fast, Character. There's no telling when you'll get another summons from Zukor.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: tech_30_Layout_06_02

Longbow shouldn't see you as anything more than a simple Arachnos agent.

  • Investigate Zukor's Connection with Longbow
    • Access the Longbow database
    • Fend off the Longbow security teams!

You infiltrated the Longbow base and learned about the Suggestion Engine.


V badge Longbow.png Longbow

Temporary FreakshowDisguise.png Arachnos Disguise Special
Bane Spider Ruben provided you with this Arachnos uniform to ensure you are not held responsible for your actions. It's a bit uncomfortable, but it is a small price to pay for the chance to cause some mayhem!
Contact Small Longbow Database.jpg
Longbow Database


It appears that one of the nearby Longbow has done you the favor of logging into this database for you. How considerate.



  • (Search for anything related to Baron Zukor)

A number of pages appear after the search completes. A few contain snippets and references to Zukor from years past - apparently he originates from Paragon City - but one page in particular catches your eye:



ASSETS PROVIDED - Suggestion Engine (PROTOTYPE); Squadron Epsilon-One-Nine (ROLE: SUPPORT/GUARD; PERIOD: 3 MONTHS)


1) Disruption of Arachnos Destined One program (FILE #07531)

2) Temporary Acquisition of Destined One forces as future assets for MISSION ID #54797 - OPERATION CAP D'ANGE

3) Disruption of Arachnos defenses, in support of MISSION ID #54797 - OPERATION CAP D'ANGE

  • (Search the term 'Cap d'Ange')
The first page in your search appears to describe Longbow's long-term plans to occupy Cap au Diable:
PHASE 1 - Disrupt Arachnos defenses and prepare forces for occupation
PHASE 2 - Advance occupation force; Removal of key Arachnos defenses; Occupation of Aeon City
PHASE 3 - Occupation reinforcement; Interface with local populace; Removal of all Arachnos defenses; Establish perimeter fortifications
  • (Search the term 'Suggestion Engine')
The first page in your search appears to describe an interesting prototype mind-altering device:
Amplify and alter existing psychic emanations for the purpose of long-term, low-risk psychic coercion.
The Suggestion Engine absorbs psychic energy from a trained psychic and emanates that energy in the form of a low-yield wave pulse. Rather than affecting the target mind directly, it amplifies directives given to the target, making them more likely to follow instructions or believe fabricated statements.
While the Suggestion Engine's wave pulse can amplify the statements of any individual, it must be consistently recharged with psychic emanations in order to function properly. Furthermore, it must be calibrated to a specific individual psychic's wavelength, and cannot absorb emanations from any psychic it has not been previously calibrated for.
On loan to Baron Zukor (CONTRACTED AGENT) for the purposes of field testing; implemented as part of MISSION ID #58329 - OPERATION DESTINY FOLLOWS.
  • (Download all relevant pages and log off)

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Upon accessing the Longbow Database, you will be ambushed by one wave of Longbow that is different from the Longbow Security Teams.


Amazing find, Character. Thanks to the info you've gathered, we now have a clear picture of how Zukor is manipulating the Destined Ones.

To be honest, 'Operation Cap d'Ange' doesn't tell me anything new, other than the fact that Longbow is completely devoid of originality. We had already guessed what their plans were in Cap; it's essentially the same plan they implemented in Mercy Island.

This Suggestion Engine, though... it sounds like it's truly a remarkable device. It appears that it's currently calibrated to Zukor's psychic wavelength, so we're not going to be able to charge it ourselves. However, the schematics imply that once the Engine is charged, anyone can use it to 'persuade' their targets.

I think you know where I'm going with this.

Part Four: Man / Woman of the People


Now that we're aware of the Suggestion Engine, I think it's time we made our move. Zukor just recently sent out a summons to all of his cultists to return to the Meeting Grounds. I'm guessing he's getting ready to support Longbow in a major push towards Aeon City.

It's the perfect time to strike, Character. Zukor trusts you, thanks to your attack on our outpost, and you're going to need to capitalize on that trust.

See if you can get Zukor alone. If you attack him out in the open, you'll have the entire cult bearing down on you at once. If you can manage to get another private meeting, though...

  • Trust me. I know EXACTLY what to do.

I'm glad we're on the same page, Character.

The Suggestion Engine is focused through a single projector, about the size of a pocketwatch. Zukor will probably be carrying it on him, as he'll want to have the Engine available if he needs to 'convince' anyone on the fly.

Once you've taken down Zukor, see if you can acquire that projector. That will let you influence the rest of the cultists - and that's when Longbow's plan blows up in their faces.

Doublecross Baron Zukor

Unnecessary Solicitation

You really can't hang around here, Character. You need to get to the Meeting Grounds, or you may lose your only chance at this.

Mission Objective(s)


Zukor has no clue what you have planned. With any luck, his cult will have a new leader soon.

  • Doublecross Baron Zukor
    • Proceed to the meeting room
    • Attend the inner circle meeting - 1:25
    • Speak to Zukor to interrupt the meeting (OPTIONAL)
    • Speak with Baron Zukor
    • Follow Baron Zukor to his quarters
    • Confront Baron Zukor
    • Defeat Baron Zukor
    • Approach the Meeting Grounds podium
    • Defeat Pyra
    • Speak with Martial Gloom
    • Deliver a speech to the Destined Ones

You've taken out Baron Zukor and claimed his army of Detined Ones for yourself.


V badge Villain.png Rogue Isles Villains

Notable NPCs


You look troubled, Character. Speak your mind.

  • Baron, I think we should speak privately. It's rather urgent.

Zukor pauses to hear Pyra's entreaty, but soon cuts her off angrily.

Pyra, for the last time. I will not have you sowing doubt amongst my followers. I have spoken with each of you, and I am quite confident in the loyalty of everyone in this room.

Zukor turns to face you.

We can meet in private, Character, but this must be brief. We still have much to do.

  • I promise it will not take long.


Here we are, Character. Now, what is so important that it could not be heard by the rest of my council?

  • I wanted to talk with you about the Suggestion Engine.

The device in your ear immediately begins buzzing madly, almost painfully. Zukor is staring at you intently.

I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about, Character. How can you be sure that such a thing even exists?

  • Oh, I'm sure. I'll be using it myself, soon enough.
Zukor remains silent, gritting his teeth. After a moment, he speaks in a low, calm tone.
It is clear that my suggestions are not diverting you, for whatever reason. Perhaps a more direct approach will be more effective.
  • I doubt it, but you're welcome to try.
Fight Baron Zukor
  • Does talking like that help 'convince' people, or is it just how you talk normally?
Zukor remains silent, gritting his teeth. After a moment, he speaks in a low, calm tone.
It is clear that my suggestions are not diverting you, for whatever reason. Perhaps a more direct approach will be more effective.
  • I doubt it, but you're welcome to try.
Fight Baron Zukor

+++ Missing Information +++


What's going on? Where's the Baron?

  • I'll explain soon, but I need to speak with everyone.
Martial Gloom's brow furrows in suspicion, but he quickly relents. The Suggestion Engine must already be working on him.
Yes... yes I can see that you do. Please, by all means, Character. The podium is all yours.
  • Much appreciated.
  • Back off, Gloom, or I'll make you wish you'd never been born.
Martial Gloom's eyes widen in fright, and he backs away from you slowly.
Please! Don't hurt me, I didn't mean to stop you! I won't do it again!
From his reaction, it is apparent that the Suggestion Engine works on threats as well.
  • Just get out of my way.

Contact Small Podium (Relic).jpg
Podium (Relic)


As you approach the podium, your audience looks up at you, confused. The Suggestion Engine should be enough to convince these people to do what you wish, but you'll still have to give a speech in order for it to work.

You should probably begin with what's already on everyone's minds: Where is Baron Zukor?

  • He's elsewhere, and he told me to take over.
The podium projects your voice, causing it to reverberate off the walls of the room.
You tell your fellow Villains that Baron Zukor has chosen to move on to other lands, convincing Villains to change their ways and become champions of justice. You declare that he has asked me to take over the organization, and to lead his followers to great and glorious acts.
You also accuse Longbow of moving to intercept and capture him. You finish with an impassioned plea to your fellows to protect the Baron from Longbow's schemes.
Now would be a good time to talk about what to do next.
  • Longbow assassinated him.
The podium projects your voice, causing it to reverberate off the walls of the room.
You warn your fellow Destined Ones that a great tragedy has befallen their cause. You tell them that Baron Zukor has been killed, by one of their own.
You accuse Pyra, one of the Baron's trusted lieutenants, of working as a spy for Longbow. You claim that, on their orders, she assassinated the Baron before you had a chance to stop her. You state that Pyra has been dealt with, but acknowledge that all of you suffer from the loss of your leader.
You state that, in honor of his memory and his deeds, you will lead them in the Baron's stead, and claim that it is what he would have wanted.
Now would be a good time to talk about what to do next.
  • He betrayed us, so I killed him.
The podium projects your voice, causing it to reverberate off the walls of the room.
You declare firmly to your de-facto brothers and sisters that you bring grave news: that you have all been betrayed. You explain to everyone that Baron Zukor, the one in whom they placed so much trust, had been plotting against all of them from the beginning.
You detail the deal he made with Longbow, and reveal the fact that he has been using psychic tricks to charm them all.
You state that Zukor cannot control them now, as you have taken care of him yourself. With a sweeping gesture, you declare that their minds are now their own.
Now would be a good time to talk about what to do next.
  • I'll follow in the spirit of Zukor and make sure we do good works.
You remind your peers that they are capable of doing great and wonderful things, and that they are capable of changing the world for the better.
You declare that It is Longbow that has shown their true colors, as an enemy of all that is good and just. You state that if you are to follow in the spirit of justice, you cannot allow them to act in such a despicable manner.
It's about time to wrap this speech up. Time for your final statements.
  • You're all villains, and you should wake up and start acting like it.
You declare to your fellow Destined Ones that, while you all have dabbled in heroism, deep down you all know that you are not Heroes. You remind them that they are in the Rogue Isles, where the only law is survival of the fittest. You point to the crowd, and cry that you all are the few who stand tall above the rest, who refuse to bow to anyone; not Arachnos, and not Longbow.
You shout that you have fought, tooth and nail, to achieve dominance over your enemies, and you will continue to fight. You declare that you will bring Longbow to their knees, and show them that no one - no one - messes with the Villains of the Rogue Isles.
It's about time to wrap this speech up. Time for your final statements.
  • You'll all follow my orders or I'll personally slay all of you.
You begin by asking the crowd if they hope for a leader like Zukor: one that acts with compassion, wisdom, and care. You then firmly warn them to dash those hopes now and forever. You remind them that you are not Baron Zukor, nor will you ever be.
You declare that when you give an order, it is a command, not a request. You warn that you will not sit idly and listen to them whine about their sorry excuses for lives. You order them all to do as they are told, or they will die by your hand.
It's about time to wrap this speech up. Time for your final statements.
  • Order an attack on the main Longbow base.
You declare that now is the time to bring the fight to Longbow.
You relate how, soon, you will march upon their base, slay their commander, and slaughter their soldiers.
You instruct them that this will be a day long-remembered. You remind them that each of them has been wronged, and it is time for them to repay Longbow for what they have done.
You point down into the crowd, at Double Tap, and order him to rally your fighters and prepare for an assault on Longbow's headquarters. You then tell the crowd that you will join them shortly... at which point the assault will begin.
  • Leave

Debrief with Bane Spider Ruben


Contact Small Bane Spider Ruben.jpg
Bane Spider Ruben


I witnessed your speech through the Network, Character. Good work. You seem to have them all marching to your tune.

If we're going to stop Longbow in time, we're going to need to move quickly. I'll send Double Tap the coordinates for their main base, but you'll probably want to be present to direct the assault.

We still don't know much about the Suggestion Device, and we can't be sure that its effects will last long enough to keep the Destined Ones following your orders. At the very least, your presence there will make them more likely to remain a cohesive force.

  • I wouldn't want to miss this, anyway
I'm glad to hear it, Character. You've got the advantage now.
Ruben chuckles softly to himself.
I don't think Longbow stands a chance.
  • I'd have to agree.
  • And why, exactly, am I be using MY army to fight Longbow?
I'm not disputing your control over the Destined Ones, Character. To be perfectly honest, I don't think I could even if I wanted to. The fact is, however, that Longbow has forced both of our hands.
As we speak, they're mobilizing a force to take control of Aeon City. That's bad for me, because it's bad for Arachnos. But they also have a file on all of Zukor's recruits, and you can bet they'll be gunning for every last one of you.
Now, you could just take your army and try to evacuate Cap, but even if that were to work, you've got the Suggestion Engine's limitations to worry about. Your army won't be loyal to you forever.
As it stands, there's really only one option left to you: take your army of Destined Ones - the only force in the area right now that's capable of contending with Longbow's forces - and destroy them before they destroy you.
  • That I can understand.

Part Five: General for a Day


Your army is in position, Character. They're waiting for your arrival before they commence the main offensive.

I assume you will be leading the attack?

  • That's my plan.

Good luck, Character. I should warn you - the force that Longbow has gathered is substantial. Even with an army at your back, they may be able to put up a bit of a fight.

I'm not especially worried; I know you're competent. I'm just warning you not to underestimate them. Destined Ones, even those loyal to you, may be difficult to control.

Eliminate the Longbow Presence in Cap au Diable

Unnecessary Solicitation

Longbow could mobilize any minute now, Character. You need to strike before they're ready.

Mission Objective(s)


Your army has been assembled. All you have to do is give the word.

  • Eliminate the Longbow Presence in Cap au Diable
    • Speak to Double Tap
    • Wipe out the Longbow Regiment!

With the help of an army of Detined Ones, you drove Longbow out of Cap au Diable for good.


V badge Longbow.png Longbow

Notable NPCs


Sir / Ma'am! I've assembled everyone at the coordinates you sent. We're prepared to mount an assault on your command.

  • Give the order.

Report to Bane Spider Ruben
Contact Small Bane Spider Ruben.jpg
Bane Spider Ruben


Ah, Character. I'm receiving reports that Longbow has initiated a full withdrawal from Cap au Diable. Once you took out their main force, they wouldn't have been able to take Aeon City anyway.

It's a pity about the Suggestion Engine, though. Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic that Longbow's out of my hair. I just wish the device was more... flexible.

Regardless, I'm sure our scientists will be able to reverse-engineer the thing within a few months, and hopefully we'll have one built to work with the Fortunatas within the year.

  • I certainly hope you don't plan on targeting ME with that thing.
Ruben chuckles at you.
I could give you my word, but I don't suppose that would count for much. However, I should remind you that you are still in possession of a Psychic Dampener.
It will be disconnected from the Network, and I doubt it's potent enough to block forceful attacks on your mind, but it's still capable of blocking low-wavelength 'suggestions'. If and when we do get a functioning Suggestion Engine, you'll already be in possession of a solid countermeasure.
Besides, it is my personal belief that Lord Recluse will find much better uses for the Engine in... political circles... than out in the front line.
Bane Spider Ruben bows his domed head slightly.
It was good working with you, Character. Good luck to you in your future endeavors.
  • You too, Ruben.
  • Oh? And what makes you think you'll be getting the Engine??
Ruben grows silent for a long moment.
Character, I have a team en route to sweep through the Meeting Grounds as we speak. The Suggestion Engine will be confiscated as Arachnos property...
Ruben trails off, sighing heavily.
...but they're not going to find anything there, are they?
  • I'm afraid not.
I thought as much. I should have foreseen this, Character, but I was too wrapped up in Longbow to consider the Suggestion Engine as more than a short-term asset. It appears you were one step ahead of me this time.
Well, I suppose it's not too much of a loss. We already have a countermeasure, in the form of the Psychic Damper, so I won't need to flag you as a high-priority target for the Widows.
I've got Longbow off of my back, Character, and that's something. For that, at least, I'm grateful. I didn't come out with the grand prize, but hey - you can't win them all, can you?
Ruben turns his attentions back to his notepad. And so our professional relationship is concluded.
Farewell, Character.
  • Goodbye, Ruben.


Completion of this mission awards the Gifted Speaker Badge.

File:Badge i22 mission cad giftedspeaker.png Gifted Speaker

You know how to work a crowd when you need to. With the help of a psychic suggestion device, of course.