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Hero Zone Event Message

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Issue 12 provided heroes with a new way to respond to any special event that may be occurring anywhere in Paragon City. A new chat channel was created, which announces the beginning and end of "Monster Activity" and special zone events. It accepts no input from players.

To access this option all a hero needs to do is left-click on any of the current chat tabs and select edit, or right-click to create a new tab. Once the edit screen appears, look through the list of available chat options on the right side and select the Hero Zone Event Message option and hit add. The Event Message will then move to the left side of the screen. Click on okay and the option is now saved and event messages will appear in in whichever chat tab was updated.

Message Types

Messages vary based on the activity but include:

Ghost Ship
  • The Ghost Ship has been spotted in Independence Port.
  • The Ghost Ship has disappeared from Independence Port.
  • The Ghost Ship has been spotted in Talos Island.
  • The Ghost Ship has disappeared from Talos Island.
Paladin Construction
  • [PPD] Unusual Clockwork activity in Kings Row.
  • [PPD] Clockwork activity has resumed normal levels in Kings Row.
  • [PPD] Clockwork Paladin spotted in Kings Row.
Steel Canyon Fire
  • [FDPC] Fire Alarm sounded in Steel Canyon.
  • [FDPC] Fire Alarm Cleared in Steel Canyon.
Troll Rave
  • [PPD] Warning: Superadine raid in progress in Skyway City.
  • [PPD] Alert Cancelled: Raid has been completed in Skyway City.
  • Messages that announce an increase in monster activity in the zones that spawn Giant Monsters.
  • [PPD] A Giant Octopus has been spotted in Independence Port.
  • [PPD] The Giant Octopus has disappeared from Independence Port.
  • Jurassik has appeared in 'Crey's Folly'.
  • No message for defeat.
Croatoa monsters
  • Unusual monster activity detected in Croatoa. (Eochai and Jack in Irons fighting in the Grim Vale)
  • Monster activity in Croatoa has returned to normal levels.
  • There is not a spawn/defeat message for solo Eochai/Jack in Irons spawns.
  • Missing zone event channel message upon using Ritual of Summoning: Adamastor.'+++ Missing Information +++'
  • No message for defeat. confirm still the case?
  • The Kraken has appeared in Perez Park.
  • No message for defeat.
  • Babbage has appeared in 'Boomtown'.
  • No message for defeat.
Kronos Titan
  • No message for spawn.
  • No message for despawn or defeat.
  • Messages that announce a zone invasion is underway.
Rikti Invasion
  • [Vanguard] WARNING: Rikti ships have been detected heading for <zone>.
  • [Vanguard] DANGER!: Rikti invasion forces have been spotted in <zone>. Non-combatants are advised to seek cover.
  • [Vanguard] ALERT CANCELLED: The Rikti have retreated from <zone>.
Zombie Apocalypse
  • WARNING: Zombie attack in <zone>.
  • ALERT CANCELED: The zombies have disappeared from <zone>.
Deadly Apocalypse
  • WARNING: Supernatural activity detected in <zone>.
  • ALERT CANCELED: Supernatural activity no longer present in <zone>.


  • This provides a very good tool for heroes in obtaining the badges associated with these Giant Monsters and zone events.
  • Both Villain Zone Event Messages and Hero Zone Event Messages can be activated irrespective of the side a player is on (CoH/V), enabling, for instance, a villain to be alerted to the Hellion Arson Fire Event in Steel Canyon or a hero to Caleb's spawn.

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