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Dr. Egon

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The history of Dr. Carl Egon is shrouded in mystery. The first details known about him come from Paragon City during the 80's, where it seems he spent some time in the Zig for unknown charges (1)

After that, in the late 80s, he came to the Rogue Isles, to Cap au Diable concretely, to follow with his crazy experimentations. His reckless experiments would cost him eventually, as one of them resulted in an explosion which killed six people. After this, the Cap au Diable governor at that time, Randall Kirchoff, ordered him to stop all experimentation immediately.(2)
Instead of giving up as ordered, Egon used one of his inventions, a machine capable of opening extradimensional rifts, and even bring alien beings to this reality, to put an end to this situation. That was exactly what he did next: Governor Randall Kirchoff was slaughtered by a group of such beings in his own tower, when one of such rifts opened. Egon continued his experiments. (2)
What he was apparently unable to understand was the consequences of such actions. Lord Recluse, enraged at the assassination of his Governor, dispatched an Arachnos force to clear the aliens out of the place, and then, ordered Egon to be pursued and captured. Soon after, Egon was sentenced to death and finally executed on live TV.(3)

The invention he used to kill Krichoff, the so-called D-Rifter, was so powerful that the machine, along with the whole lab, is still jumping between dimensions today.(4)

Dr. Carl Egon has never made any appearances in game, at least under this name.

The truth

Whoever it was who died that day, it wasn't Carl Egon. Arachnos and Recluse had plans for the brillant scientific: after some plastic surgery and bureaucratic work, he re-emerged as the man who calls himself today Dr. Aeon. In a typical Arachnos move, soon after, Dr. Aeon was appointed by Lord Recluse as the new governor of Cap au Diable.

Arachnos still keeps the whole issue as a secret, and goes after anyone who shows any knowledge of this mattter. (5)

Despite all the secrecy, and the Arachnos' efforts to keep the whole issue out of the general public's knowledge, a WSPDR reporter called Amanda Vines has learned recently the truth about Aeon.(5)

Questions without Answer

What did Egon do in Paragon to be imprisoned? One can't avoid thinking about the nature of this man, and at the same time, how exciting the 80s in Paragon City were: the golden days of Superadine. And related directly to it, interplanar travel was fully developed in 1988 by Dr. Webb (6). Teleportation and portal creation seem to be the most favored field of Dr. Aeon. Did Egon have something to do with Superadine? The names of the scientists captured by Back Alley Brawler in that lab under the streets of Baumton still haven't been revealed. Was he one of those scientists?

Also, given the Darwinian laws in Arachnos, one has to wonder how much of the events that took place in Cap au Diable did Lord Recluse sanction. Did Egon and Recluse plan this all along? Arachnos certainly won't refuse the chance to put their hands on more brillant scientists, no matter how mad they are. Was Egon acting with Lord Recluse's authority all along? Perhaps Kirchoff displeased Recluse somehow? Or was the killing of one of his governors a low price to pay in exchange for new discoveries?

Only time will tell...


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Please note that the conclussions reached in this article are based on the facts and clues dicovered in-game. If those facts turn out to be false in a later date (as it was Statesman's origins history, for example), all of this is worth nothing.

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