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Dr. Aeon?

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Dr. Aeon?


Dr. Aeon? appears in several forms over the course of the game.

He first appears as a Lieutenant working for an unknown group. Later on, he appears as a Elite Boss working with Arachnos.

Villains may face him in several scenarios:


From Marshal Brass' mission

This younger version of Professor Echo looks strangely familiar.

From Black Scorpion or Ghost Widow's mission

An unethical scientific genius, Dr. Aeon is not a man to be trifled with. Some think he may soon become a major player within Arachnos, assuming he survives the plans of his enemies.


During the mission Catch Professor Echo once and for all, this strange character will reveal some interesting clues about Professor Echo and about himself:


The Professor Echo and Dr. Aeon? models were mistakenly switched. Note: The page formerly noting this mistake is unavailable.

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