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Amanda Vines

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Current Appearance
Old Appearance

Amanda Vines is a captive in need of rescue. She has a faction of WSPDR News, and usually has slightly less hit points than a Lieutenant of the same level, which probably means she's usually a Boss-class captive, with the correspondant amount of Hit Points. She has no attacks at all. In all of her appearances, Amanda has to be rescued and escorted to the mission exit. You'll be ambushed by several waves of captors on your way out. She works for the WSPDR News.

Heroes may find her:

Villains can find her:


Amanda Vines is the star reporter of WSPDR news. Her investigative abilities have been a thorn in Lord Recluse's side for years, but her popularity has made disposing of her problematic. One of these days she's going to finally push an investigation too far, but until then she's going to keep searching for the truth.


During the mission Recover Amanda Vines and find out what she's learned, she can be found captured by the Shivans:

Before combat:

Amanda Vines: I don't suppose any of you, uh, guys, would want to do an interview?
Shivan Destroyer: Blurble.
Amanda Vines: I guess that's a "No".

Combat start:

Amanda Vines: If you get me out of here, Character, I promise not to do an expose on you for a year!

Once free: You're not a knight in shining armor, but you'll do. Let's get out of here.

If left behind: This isn't funny, Character! Where did you go?

If refound: I don't say this to many villains, but, thank you, Character. But don't think I'm going to go easy on you now.

At mission exit: For a villain, you didn't do a bad job with this rescue. Thanks.

During the mission Find out what's wrong with the Power Transfer System for Marshal Brass, she may be found about to be arrested by Arachnos troops:

Before combat:

Arachnos soldier: You're under arrest.
Amanda Vines: Haven't you guys ever heard of the importance of a free press?
Arachnos soldier: No.
Amanda Vines: Oh.

Combat start:

Amanda Vines: Character! Hi! Funny seeing you again!
Arachnos soldier: You have seen too much, Character!

Once free: Let me guess: you'll help me get out, but I'm not getting any further? Fair enough. I've gotten what I need.

If left behind: Come on, Character! Don't do this to me! Come back!

If refound: You're pretty good at rescues, Character. Ever thought of going hero?

At mission exit: Thanks again, Character. Look, I have a pretty good idea what's going to happen next, so let me give you a counter-proposal first:

During the mission Save Amanda Vines, she can be found in a failed interview with an Archon and again captured, this time by the Council:

Before combat:

Amanda Vines: Blutghast! You said this would be an honest interview!
Council Archon: You all talk too much.
It will be much better after we've..."changed your mind". Hah-hah-hah!
Amanda Vines: Teaches me right to trust the Council.

Combat start:

Council Archon: This is Council bussiness. No interference!
Amanda Vines: If you help me get out of here, Character, I'll make sure you get on TV.

Once free: +++ Missing Information +++

If left behind: +++ Missing Information +++}

If refound: +++ Missing Information +++

At mission exit: Thanks for the help. I'll put some good spin on this for you on the news tonight.