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Mangle belongs to the Rogue Isles Villains. He is a Mutant Origin Claws/Super Reflexes Stalker. He is well-behaved for a mostly melee Mayhem ally, an opinion only helped by his insane damage output - he has been seen to deal over 1700 points of damage with his Focus at level 27, and can wipe out spawns single-handedly. However, care must be taken to ensure he doesn't get stuck waiting for Focus or, worse, Shockwave to recharge so he can kill a parking meter. A simple blast will break him out of his melancholy and return him to full combat effectiveness.

Villains can find him:


Mangle was an unwilling attraction for a travelling freak show, but the chains couldn't contain his fury forever. Once free he waited in the shadows to repay his captors' "kindness" with blood.


Mangle remains a Villain through all level ranges.


While in the Mayhem mission, he says the following:

While in his cell: I won't be caged up again!
Agroed: I'm gonna rip you limb from limb!
Freed: Time to tear apart this place.
If left behind: Which way outta this mess?
If found: Finally!
If captured: You won't hold me for long!

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