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Hero Altaholic.gif This user's main hero is a BlastaScrapaTankaFendaTrollaPeaceShade.

Hi, my name is Professor Immortal. I'm a Hero Altaholic.
Hello, Professor Immortal.

V archetypeicon mastermind.png This user's main villain is a Mastermind.

CoX Game Icon.png This user plays both City of Heroes and Villains on the Virtue server.


ALSO KNOWN AS: Nobu (RetroMUD), Nifty Nobu (CoX Forums)

Newish player who tends to play around with things like wikis. Eternal student of science, explorer, wanderer, bibliophile, and just generally odd.

Will roleplay if others want to, but some of my characters are easier for me to roleplay than others, so results vary.

I'm not very fond of PvP or competition in general, don't mind if you are though. I just want everyone get along! None of my characters were designed to be "effective," but were designed to suit whatever insane concept I envisioned when I sat down at the creator.

I have no interest in servers not listed below, unless invited. I will probably make frequent appearances on the help channel regardless of what server I am logged onto, both to ask questions and answer them.

I'll make a fancier table for the following later. Be warned I won't necessarily keep the levels updated. (I may have other characters than those listed- the following list only names ones I've already warmed up to. Unlisted servers I have never made an appearance on.)


Libary of Heretics

I run the Supergroup "Library of Heretics" on Virtue. It is a small casual supergroup that periodically participates in roleplay and task forces with coalition members- usually only those who request invitation receive an invitation, we do not usually run recruitment drives. We do enjoy forming coalitions, especially with other small friendly supergroups.

Themewise, the SG is primarily dedicated to giving nonconformists shelter and a place to pursue their studies (whatever those studies may be- no judgements are made). It is run collectively and cooperatively by a group of about 10 heroes, with widely varying backgrounds and objectives.

The only especially notable thing about the Library's Base is that it uses Arcane Base Items and was designed by me.

Notable Characters

Virtue (unofficial RP server)

===Professor Immortal===
Archetypeicon scrapper.pngOriginicon magic.pngKatana Slice.pngSuperReflexes Elude.png
Nickname: Prof
Level: 50
Archetype: Scrapper
Origin: Magic
Primary Power: Katana
Secondary Power: Super Reflexes
Travel Power: None (uses Swift/Sprint/Quickness)
UPDATED: 04/15/08

===Akial Nodachi===
Archetypeicon blaster.pngOriginicon technology.pngAssaultWeapons ARBurst.pngGadgets TargetingDrone.png
Nickname: Akia, Akial
Level: 45
Archetype: Blaster
Origin: Technology
Primary Power: Assault Rifle
Secondary Power: Devices
Travel Power: Leaping
UPDATED: 04/15/08

===Nobu the Hephestian===
Archetypeicon defender.pngOriginicon magic.pngSonicDebuff ProtectPhysical.pngSonicBlast MassiveDamage.png
Nickname: Nobu
Level: 40
Archetype: Defender
Origin: Magic
Primary Power: Sonic Resonance
Secondary Power: Sonic Attack
Travel Power: Flight
Nobu is based on my character from (He is possibly my favorite game persona I have ever played as.) UPDATED: 04/15/08

===Bane the Xodar===
Archetypeicon tanker.pngOriginicon magic.pngInvulnerability Invincibility.pngBattleAxe Gash.png
Nickname: Bane
Level: 40
Archetype: Tanker
Origin: Magic
Primary Power: Invulnerability
Secondary Power: Battle Axe
Travel Power: Leaping
UPDATED: 04/15/08
Bane is based on my character from

===Little Green Dragon===
V archetypeicon mastermind.pngOriginicon natural.pngNinjas CallGenin.pngPoison NoxiousGas.png
Nickname: Green or Dragon
Level: 12
Archetype: Mastermind
Origin: Natural
Primary Power: Ninjas
Secondary Power: Poison
Travel Power: Leaping
UPDATED: 09/01/07

Liberty ("friendly" server)

Triumph ("friendly" server)

Champion (community-centric)


I will grant the following people as many favors as due, as long as the favor does not explicitly involve underpants or the lack of them.

Celtic Biohazard

One favor, because I'm a jerk. :(


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