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Globalchat.png This user's global chat handle is @DeProgrammer.
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DeProgrammer wishes to one day be one of the amazing people like Guy Perfect but aspires for nothing more than he was a year ago. He also likes those nifty little userboxes that say stuff like "This user's main villain is a Mastermind." And he has his own website at[1].

Despite his failures as, well, being a success, DeProgrammer has made a bit of a name for himself by appearing throughout various[2] corners[3] of the internet[4] and more or less unintentionally fooling the people he knows in person into thinking that he's really something special when it comes to brains or computers. But he's really got nothing on Guy Perfect.

He has made 50 characters--24 heroes and 26 villains; 21 are female, and 29 are male. Many people think that he plays mostly (or only) female characters, however, because they tend to turn out the best. Here is a list of many of the characters, their archetypes, power sets, and something notable about them:

Name Archetype Primary Secondary Notes
Alexei Novikov Brute Fiery Melee Shield Defense Made purely for the name.
Clear Blue Skies Corruptor Dark Blast Storm Summoning The name is taken from Tetris Attack's intro: "Come, let's play together, under the clearest of blue skies."
Codey Haart Stalker Electrical Melee Energy Aura Made for the name and because I wanted to try a stalker.
Coy Mase Mastermind Robotics Traps Made for the name and costume.
Crackles Corruptor Sonic Attack Cold Domination Ice makes a crackle sound, right?
Culler Dores Controller Gravity Control Kinetics Name is an anagram of Lord Recluse.
DeProgrammer Dominator Mind Control Thorny Assault Based on the global name's dictionary definition.
Etaminaer Mastermind Necromancy Dark Miasma First 50. First villain.
Ferrous Jen Scrapper Martial Arts Willpower Based on a real-life friend.
Frozen Cap Blaster Electrical Blast Electricity Manipulation His name and costume are purely ironic.
Green Comma Defender Dark Miasma Psychic Blast Came from a dream.
Grumbles Blaster Sonic Attack Fire Manipulation Fire also makes a crackle sound, but I already used that name.
Har D Dominator Earth Control Psionic Assault Designed to be quite hardy.
Hitless Defender Force Field Dark Blast Designed to prevent enemies from hitting allies.
Kevin Kelvin Blaster Radiation Blast Fire Manipulation Made to help some friends with lots of PBAoE damage.
Masculine Widow Arachnos Widow Night Widow Training Widow Teamwork Possibly the first 50 widow on Triumph.
Maximate Corruptor Radiation Blast Radiation Emission Made for the name.
Minimate Blaster Assault Rifle Fire Manipulation Built for top-notch AoE damage. She is extremely fun.
Miss TSS Scrapper Spines Electric Armor Who wouldn't think of Toxic Shock Syndrome when thinking about electricity and toxic damage?
Miximate Corruptor Assault Rifle Radiation Emission A mix of Minimate and Maximate.
Ollive Brute Dark Melee Willpower Name sounds like "I'll live." Ollive is nigh-invincible.
Pwny Brute Dark Melee Fiery Aura Made for the name, and I was much surprised to find that it wasn't taken.
Raving Blaster Sonic Attack Energy Manipulation Deleted with a few hundred million influence on him.
Sweet Blue Controller Fire Control Empathy I like the color.
Techno Necro Nirate Tanker Stone Armor Dark Melee Undead robotic ninja/pirate with a kitty on her shoulder.
Terry TacOps Blaster Dual Pistols Devices Tony's twin.
Torrent of Torment Dominator Fire Blast Kinetics High-damage villain with a catchy name.
Unresistable Blaster Psychic Blast Electricity Manipulation Designed to be irresistible. Has high defense and resistance.
Warpflash Dominator Ice Control Fiery Assault Made to be fast, not necessarily good. Ice chosen for irony.

DeProgrammer is currently working on many characters, especially Terry TacOps, Torrent of Torment.


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