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Travel Powers

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Travel Powers are any powers that modify a character's movement to such a degree that he can travel large distances quickly. There are four Power Pools powers designed primarily for the purpose of personal movement. Other powers provide smaller or temporary travel benefits, or grant them to entire teams.

The base speed of Flight, Super Jump, and Super Speed increases with Level. Teleportation "speed" (range) does not increase with level since its "speed" is tied to the enhancements slotted in it, set bonuses, and buffs applied to the character.

Most Travel Powers are subject to Suppression after making an action that affects an ally or enemy. Buffs that mimic travel powers (such as Speed Boost and Siphon Speed) are not subject to suppression. Teleport is not subject to suppression.

Travel Power Suppression functions differently in PvP, both in PvP Zones and in Arena matches. Teleport is affected by PvP Suppression. Buffs that mimic travel powers (such as Speed Boost and Siphon Speed) are not subject to PvP Travel Suppression.

Fly, Super Jump and Super Speed are subject to "hard caps", which means there is a threshold past which nothing will increase the speed at which you travel. Teleport has no hard cap due to its nature.

Travel Speeds

Each mode of travel has a different base and maximum speed value. Teleport has the fastest maximum potential, but is greatly dependent on the user's ability to quickly and accurately activate the power to achieve this potential. Running provides the highest movement cap, followed by jumping, and lastly, flying. However, with Afterburner slotted with at least 37% enhancement value, flying exceeds the jumping movement cap.

The following table lists the four main Travel Powers and their comparative speeds in MPH, first at Level 6, then Level 14, then at Level 50, followed by Level 50 with 1, 2, and 3 Level 50 Single-Origin Enhancements (applying Enhancement Diversification as necessary); the final number listed is the hard cap at Level 50. Red numbers indicate that the Speed Cap is already exceeded and the actual speed will be lowered to the cap. At lower levels, the cap will also be lower.

Power Base @ 1 Base @ 6 Base @ 14 Base @ 50 1 SO @ 50 2 SO @ 50 3 SO @ 50 Hard Cap
Fly 59.64 60.35 61.50 66.65 73.17 79.68 85.20 58.63
Super Jump 42.96 43.67 44.82 49.97 61.85 73.74 83.84 78.18
Super Speed 50.12 51.59 53.94 64.43 81.13 97.84 112.04 92.5
Teleport 102.27 102.27 102.27 102.27 122.73 143.18 159.55 N/A


  • Blasters with Energy Manipulation may be able to achieve as much as 312 MPH with Teleport by using Boost Range and Range Enhancements.
  • Some of the enhancements listed above are wasted due to the hard caps of each travel power (except Teleport). Speeds hitting hard-cap thresholds are listed in red.
    • Flight Speed is capped across all levels without any enhancement added, after a buff in Issue 18
      • Afterburner increases the flight speed cap to 73mph with no enhancements slotted; with 3 even-level SOs, the flight speed cap increases to 86.5mph. Afterburner cannot increase the cap beyond 87.95mph.
  • Swift adds 2.93mph fly speed at level 50; with 3 even-level SOs, it adds 5.71mph.
  • Swift adds 5.01mph run speed at level 50; with 3 even-level SOs, it adds 9.77mph.
  • Hurdle adds 17.83mph jump speed at level 50; with 3 even-level SOs, it adds 29.71mph.

See how Flight Speed is calculated on the Flight Powers article.

Travel Powers

The following is a listing of “formal” Travel Powers. They are all subject to Suppression unless noted otherwise.

Flight TravelFlight.png Fly

Toggle. Self +Fly
Fly is simple to use, safe, and highly maneuverable, but expensive in Endurance and relatively slow.

Flight GroupFly.png Group Fly

Toggle. PBAoE Team +Fly -Acc
Group Fly is slower than Fly, but just as maneuverable. Teammates and Pets in the 'gaseous nebula' it creates will be granted flight. Allies remain flying for 10 seconds after leaving the nebula. Group Fly does not suffer Suppression; however, it applies a severe ToHit penalty.

Jump LongJump.png Super Jump

Toggle. Self +Jump
Super Jump is simple to use, fast, fairly maneuverable, fairly safe, and cheap. Its biggest drawback is the danger of accidentally jumping into a crowd of enemies.

SuperSpeed SuperSpeed.png Super Speed

Toggle. Self +Speed
Super Speed is simple to use, cheap, fast, and safe, but is very much restricted by terrain since it offers no way to gain altitude. However, when coupled with Super Jump, or even Combat Jumping, (If you are willing to risk taking the extra power needed for Super Jump) Super Speed is very fast and you can jump great distances. On the upside, Super Speed grants minor stealth versus computer-controlled enemies.

Teleportation Teleport.png Teleport

Ranged (Location), Self Teleport
Teleport is complex to use, very expensive, and dangerous. On the other hand, it is potentially the fastest of all Travel Powers, it is the least affected by debuffs and Status Effects, and it doesn't suffer Suppression.
Activating Teleport gives the player a targeting reticule similar to targeted AoE and Pet Summon powers. Each time the player teleports, he is given a four-second grace period at his new location where he can't fall (but also can't move, except by teleporting again). This grace period exists because the sudden change in location can cause a computer to pause for a few seconds while it redraws the screen. If the character began falling immediately, he would be at the mercy of the ground and any unseen enemies below him while his player waited for the drawing to finish.
Some powers, however, do affect this grace period. Firstly, the Tanker and Brute powers Granite Armor and Rooted (from Stone Armor) will cause the player to start falling immediately (presumably because of the heavy nature of the player). Secondly, characters with Fly, either as a travel power, Mayhem Mission reward or temporary power, can also start moving as soon as their screen is refreshed. And finally, characters with Super Jump, again available as Mayhem mission reward or temporary power, can Super Jump from the point teleported to if the leap is performed immediately.
A common bind for Teleport is /bind LSHIFT+LBUTTON "pow_exec_name Teleport". This combines activating the power and placing the reticule into a single step, activated by shift-left-clicking a location.

Teleportation GroupTeleport.png Team Teleport

Ranged (Location), Team Teleport
Team Teleport behaves just like Teleport, but with less range. Any teammate within range will teleport with the character to the same spot. This can be disorienting to teammates if they are not expecting it. Use with prudence.


These powers, though not actual Travel Powers, do aid in movement from place to place. Some, can even be used to replace a Travel Power outright. None of these powers are subject to Suppression.

Inherent Sprint.png Sprint

Toggle Self +Speed

Sprint is an inherent power that slightly boosts run speed.

Fitness Quick.png Swift

Auto Self +Speed +Fly

Swift increases run speed comparable to Sprint and slightly boosts flight speed.

Fitness Hurdle.png Hurdle

Auto Self +Jump

Hurdle increases jump height, as well as forward momentum while jumping. Hurdle stacked with Combat Jumping provides impressive transportation speed.

Flight CombatFlight.png Hover

Toggle Self +Fly +Defense

Hover's base flight speed is somewhat faster than base running, approx. 21.3 mph. Slotting with 3 SO enhancements brings it to 28 MPH, approx same as unenhanced Sprint. By itself, Hover is more a tool for staying outside enemies' melee range than a Travel Power. However, when combined with significant flight speed-boosting powers like Siphon Speed and Accelerate Metabolism, it can be a viable combat movement power.

Jump CombatJump.png Combat Jumping

Toggle Self +Jump +Defense +Resist: Immobilize

Combat Jumping uses minimal Endurance and improves combat movement dramatically.

KineticBoost SiphonSpeed.png Siphon Speed

Ranged Click Self +Speed +Fly +Recharge FOE -Speed -Fly -Recharge

One application of Siphon Speed will grant a character Super Speed-like ground mobility. Siphon Speed also boosts flight speed and can easily cap Fly. Siphon Speed requires a hostile target and a successful attack against it in order to be used.

KineticBoost SpeedBoost.png Speed Boost

Ranged Click Ally Targeted AoE +Speed +Recharge +Endurance recovery.

Speed Boost is one of the most coveted and most hated buffs. Speed Boost grants Super Speed-like movement, which can make placement and control of a character difficult for a player who isn't used to such speeds, or who receives them without warning. However, like Siphon Speed, the +Speed bonus is not affected by Suppression and can allow swift movement from one foe to the next. Very dangerous when Brutes and Scrappers get into scrapperlock, as they can rocket across an entire room to attack, gaining aggro along the way.

KineticBoost InitialReductions.png Inertial Reduction

Click PBAoE Ally +Jump

Inertial Reduction effectively gives the character and those around him Super Jump for 60 seconds. There is a noticeable degree of control in mid-air while jumping compared to Super Jump due to the effects of the power.

RadiationPoisoning AccelerateMetabolism.png Accelerate Metabolism

Click PBAoE Ally +Damage, +Recharge, +Recovery, +Speed, +Fly

Accelerate Metabolism's speed boost is similar to Swift and Sprint speeds, yet this is still a noticeable increase to movement. With a base recharge of 7 minutes and a duration of only 2, it is not possible for a single character to stack multiple applications without serious extra +Recharge boosts from other characters. However, three or more separate characters with AM can give everyone Super Speed-velocity running and boost Hover to the speed of Fly.

SuperReflexes Quickness.pngElectricArmor SelfBuffRunSpeed.pngTrainingandGadgets MentalTraining.pngWidowTeamwork MentalTraining.png Quickness, Lightning Reflexes, Mental Training

Auto Self +Speed, +Recharge

All four powers boost run and flight speeds (among other things) about the same as Swift does. Combined with Swift and Sprint, they could eliminate the need for ground movement travel powers.


Travel Power Suppression was implemented by the Developers to combat a tactic known as jousting, which involves queuing an attack against a distant enemy and then traveling quickly past it. Due to various delays, the attack will not begin until the attacker is well past the target, potentially leaving him out of range of counterattacks.

To reduce jousting, activating most powers (particularly, those that affect hostile targets) triggers Suppression for 4 seconds. While Suppression is in effect, all speed bonuses from Super Speed disappear, as do all jumping speed and height bonuses from Super Jump. A Flying character remains flying, but his flight speed is reduced to approximately the same as Hover's base speed. Enhancements in the suppressed powers do not reduce Suppression's penalties. Movement speed buffs from other powers remain in effect.

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