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Super Booster II: Magic

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Badge time.png This article contains information that no longer applies to the current version of City of Heroes Freedom. It is provided for historical purposes.
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Super Booster II: Magic includes witch-styled costume pieces for female characters, magician- or wizard-styled costume pieces for male and huge characters, four juggling emotes, a card trick emote, four costume change emotes, and a tarot-reading power, Mystic Fortune, that grants buffs to the targeted player (not a self-buff). This purchase enables these features for all characters on the game account. It is available in the NC Store for $9.99.

Players who purchase the Architect Edition box set get a free code good for either Super Booster I: Cyborg or Super Booster II: Magic only. Super Booster III: Superscience and Super Booster IV: Martial Arts are not available.

As of City of Heroes Freedom/Issue 21, this booster pack is only available by applying an Architect Edition box set. The costume pieces, emotes, costume change emotes, and tarot power are available through the Paragon Market.

Costume Pieces



Upper Body

Lower Body

Back Detail



Upper Body

Lower Body

Back Detail


Ex Libris posted [1] a few preview images of the Magic Pack on April 8, 2009.

Prior to the official release of the Magic Pack, these images of the female costume pieces were pulled from the game files:

MysticFortune.png Mystic Fortune

Main Article: Mystic Fortune
casting Mystic Fortune

You can read the fortune of any player. This grants a random permanent buff for 20 minutes, and they may not have their fortune read again during that time.

Mystic Fortune grants a random "Fortune" buff to your target. Like Vengeance, it cannot be stacked multiple times. The buffs granted by Mystic Fortune are based on the Major Arcana of the Tarot, though not all of the Major Arcana are represented.

Recharge Long (60sec)
Effects Ranged (40ft)

For a list of the possible buffs, see Mystic Fortune.


Magical Emotes

This pack unlocks four juggling emotes and a card trick:

Emote Aliases Flying? Sound? Description Issue Release
CardTrick MagicCards Flying Performs a fancy trick with playing cards. zzzzz
Juggle JuggleBalls Flying Juggles three brightly-colored balls. zzzzz
JuggleElectricity zzzzz Flying Juggles three electric sparks. zzzzz
JuggleFire zzzzz Flying Juggles three fireballs. zzzzz
JuggleMagic zzzzz Flying Juggles three brightly-colored magical spheres. zzzzz

Costume Change Emotes

Also unlocked are four costume change emotes (/cc_emote or /cce), which function like the /costume change slash command, plus effects. These emotes can be tied to a costume slot, or used with keybinds, macros, or directly input in the chat command line.

Emote Aliases Flying? Sound? Description Issue Release
CCCast zzzzz Flying Yes Thrusts out one arm as in casting a magic spell, followed by a flash of light. zzzzz
CCSpin zzzzz Standing Yes Winds up and spins around, creating a small tornado, followed by a flash of light. zzzzz
CCLightning zzzzz Flying Yes Reaches one arm up, and is struck by lightning from above. zzzzz
CCPrestoChango zzzzz Flying Yes Reaches both arms up, and is surrounded by a cloud of smoke which fades. zzzzz


Two moving parts worn simultaneously. High Collar is used with Magic Bolero
  • This item was made available for purchase through on April 14, 2009.
  • This item introduced costume change emote technology.
  • During initial release, a character could wear a cape or wings as well as the physics-enabled jackets granted by this booster pack. This was disabled due to performance issues, but characters who had already placed the two on a costume are allowed to keep them, as long as they do not edit and save the costume slot again. The Wedding Tux from the Wedding Pack, despite having physics-enabled coat tails, can still be used in conjunction with the High Collar cape from the Super Booster II.

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