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Super Booster III: Superscience

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Badge time.png This article contains information that no longer applies to the current version of City of Heroes Freedom. It is provided for historical purposes.
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Super Booster III: Superscience contains science themed costume pieces, emotes, and costume change emotes, as well as the Super Tailor feature that allows full tailoring customization. This purchase enables these features for all characters on the game account.

As of City of Heroes Freedom/Issue 21, this booster pack is no longer available. The costume pieces, emotes, costume change emotes, and super tailor feature are now only available through the Paragon Market.


City of Heroes Super Booster III: Superscience gives you all the tools you need to show those fools at the Institute why they should have listened to you! Super Booster III: Superscience grants your character an eccentric new costume set, electrifying emotes to express yourself or change character costumes, and access to a new Super Tailor called the Cosmetic Surgeon. Combine these for the ultimate mad scientist transformations between genders and body types! This purchase enables these features for all characters on your game account from level 1, but the costume change emotes do require that you unlock at least one additional costume slot.

Players who purchased the Architect Edition box set get a free code good for either Super Booster I: Cyborg or Super Booster II: Magic only. Super Booster III: Superscience, Super Booster IV: Martial Arts, and Super Booster V: Mutant are not available.

Costume Pieces

The Superscience themed male, female and huge costume parts include jackets, sleeves, gloves and boots, as well as several new goggles and masks, neck bolts, and more. Additionally, male and huge characters get mad scientist hair!


Picture MIA

Upper Body

Lower Body


Regular Emotes

Emote Aliases Flying? Sound? Description Issue Release
Calculate zzzzz Flying Traces through floating mathematical equations in the air. zzzzz
Experiment MixFormula Flying Yes Mixes chemicals together, which explode in one of two ways, repeats indefinitely. zzzzz

Costume Change Emotes

Also unlocked are two costume change emotes, which function like the /cc slash command with additional particle and sound effects. These emotes can be tied to a costume slot, or used with keybinds, macros, or directly input in the chat command line.

NOTE: The described scenario will only work if you have an additional costume slot available at Level 20 or through the redemption of Halloween Salvage.

Emote Aliases Flying? Sound? Description Issue Release
CCDrinkFormula zzzzz Standing Yes Chug an Erlenmeyer flask of green liquid, smash it on the ground, writhe as if in pain, followed by a sudden burst of yellow smoke. zzzzz
CCSuperSerum zzzzz Standing Yes Jab GIANT hypodermic needle into right arm, glow brightly while beating chest, glow fades. zzzzz

Super Tailor Feature

Main Article: Cosmetic Surgeon

They said some things couldn't be changed, but you'll show them all! So characters can change from a short, skinny civilian to a HUGE powered brute! Transform from a 98-pound weakling into a huge beast! Experience spontaneous gender reversal! These amazing things are possible with-science!

When visiting the Tailor or Facemaker in City of Heroes or City of Villains, the Cosmetic Surgeon NPC is available. The Cosmetic Surgeon will allow you to change the inherent body type of your character. You can choose Male, Female or Huge body types. Additionally, you will be able to change your character’s height.

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  • This pack pioneered the ability to alter a character's body type, gender and height,
  • The SuperScience Pack was released to the Training Room in early July, 2009
  • The SuperScience Pack was made available for purchase through on July 15, 2009 for $9.99
  • The items from the Superscience Pack were integrated into the Paragon Market with Issue 21.

Sneak Peak

Badge time.png This section contains information about a past event in City of Heroes Freedom. It is provided for historical purposes.

In an April 28, 2009, interview at[1], Positron said that the third booster's theme would be "superscience".

The next Super Booster is "Superscience" so players can look forward to crazy lab experiments and even cooler costume-change possibilities than we've ever offered before.

Also on April 28, 2009, Positron gave several clues to possible inclusions/exclusions during the anniversary event (partial chatlog):

04-28-2009 18:39:22 [Local] Golden Girl1: Positron, which is the next booster pack scheduled for release?
04-28-2009 18:39:36 [Local] Positron: Superscience
04-28-2009 18:40:08 [Local] Positron: and Dr. Jekyll-costume change emotes
04-28-2009 18:40:34 [Local] Zortel: Speaking of Dr. Jekyll, any chance of costume changes involving height change, or even from Male to Huge and such?
04-28-2009 18:40:50 [Local] Positron: Hmm Zor... that is an... interesting... idea...
04-28-2009 18:25:35 [Local] Brutax: Positron, it's possible to give us more monster cossie like shark face, wolf tails, tentacle arm...
04-28-2009 18:25:50 [Local] Positron: Sounds like a Mutant booster, Brutax

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