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Mission:Tip - Miss Thystle's Plea

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Paragon City
Available to Heroes and Vigilantes
Level range 40–50
Choice Hero or Vigilante
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Miss Thystle's Plea

You're approached by a rather unlikely hero who requires your help.

One of Paragon City's more dubious heroes, Miss Thystle, approaches you. Not too long ago she was considered a villain. However, she became close friends with Frostfire, this friendship caused them to learn much from one another. Allegedly, the end result is that they both decided to turn their lives around and use their powers for good instead of evil. Frostfire at first came along kicking and screaming, but according to Miss Thystle he's gone off and done something incredibly stupid. Heroic, but stupid.

She informs you that Frostfire got wind of a Nemesis plot to replace several key heroes of Paragon City with automaton copies and he went to do something about it. She mentions that they uncovered a base where all these automatons are being stored. The reason Miss Thystle is coming to you about all this is that they encountered an automaton that looks just like you. Frostfire told her to get help and you were the first person she thought to come to.

You could help Frostfire and welcome him to a hero's life.

Alternatively, you could forget about Frostfire and destroy the Nemesis base of operations they came across earlier.

Hero Acceptance


You've heard about Frostfire wanting to change his ways. It's nice to hear that is coming to fruition. From what you've heard from Miss Thystle, he's facing an army of Nemesis Automatons lead by an automaton version of you! Whatever happened between you and Frostfire in the past is long behind you both. It's time to welcome him into the fold and stop this Nemesis threat.

Help Frostfire defeat the Nemesis automaton.

You never thought you'd be fighting side by side with Frostfire under these circumstances. However, people change. Miss Thystle heads off ahead of you and leads you to where she and Frostfire encountered the Character look-alike.

Mission Objective(s)

You can hear the sounds of desperate battle deep with these caves. Off in the distance you can hear Miss Thystle calling your name.

  • Help Frostfire
    • Find Miss Thystle (Optional)
    • Help Frostfire
    • Defeat Doppelganger

You rescued Frostfire and defeated the Nemesis automaton fashioned after you.


Badge villain nemesis.png Nemesis

Notable NPCs

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! There will be a silent ambush of Nemesis after freeing Miss Thystle.
Icon clue generic.png
Frostfire's Retreat
I tried, but I was no match for the automaton that mimicked your powers, Character. I would have given my life to stop this plot from succeeding, and now that you're here that doesn't have to happen. So, thanks. Let's go destroy that automaton fake!


You managed to help out Frostfire and defeat the Nemesis automaton copy of you. Frostfire was willing to give his life to save the people of Paragon City and stop this Nemesis threat. It's official, he has moved up in the world and you now consider him a hero.

Vigilante Acceptance

People like Miss Thystle and Frostfire never really change. They'll turn over a new leaf for a while, but people always go back to what they know. If Frostfire wants to redeem himself, let him earn it.

Somewhere in Peregrine Island there's a warehouse full of Nemesis automatons that need to be destroyed. If this place is as valuable as Miss Thystle alluded to then you know you're going to be hitting Nemesis right where it hurts.

Stop Nemesis plot by destroying their base.

Miss Thystle looks on the verge of tears, and for a moment you think she might attack you. With a mumbled curse she turns around and heads off to where she came from. Maybe you'll help them after this is all over, if they're still alive. You head off to the warehouse where all of this is supposedly going down.

Mission Objective(s)

For a moment you think this might be the wrong place. Then you hear the winding and clicking of Jaeger gears.

  • Destroy Nemesis Automatons
    • 4 Automaton Parts to Destroy, Defeat Nemesis Leader

You managed to stop Nemesis from replacing the heroes of Paragon City with automaton copies.


Badge villain nemesis.png Nemesis
Badge villain nemesis.png Nemesis Automatons

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Destroyed Hero Automaton Parts
You destroy this crate full of enough automaton parts to build half a dozen of Paragon City's most well known heroes! Nemesis could have bred suspicion between the heroes of the city with these automatons.
Icon clue generic.png
A Familiar Face
After destroying the crate, a head of an automaton with a familiar face rolls to your feet. The robotic head of the President of the United States of America stares at you blankly. Just how far up does this scheme go?
Icon clue generic.png
Crate of Clones
This entire crate was full of automatons that look exactly like you. Why Nemesis would need an army of Character automatons is unclear, but he appeared to have big plans for you.
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After destroying the last crate, your Doppelganger, Nemesis minions and Nemesis Automatons will ambush you.


This was a major blow to Nemesis. You might have even completely stopped his ability to produce automatons in this area. You know that you did the right thing, despite your actions possibly costing Frostfire his life. If he dies today, then he'll truly be remembered as a hero. Isn't that what he would have wanted?