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Combat Attributes Window

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The Combat Attributes Window allows players to view the real numbers value for all of their character's attributes, such as Recovery Rate, Defense, etc. The numbers listed will be the final numbers, after all enhancements, buffs, debuffs, etc., have been applied to the various attributes. A player may show or hide the sources of the increases and reductions of an attribute.


Attribute List


  • Current Hit Points
  • Max Hit Points
  • Current Endurance
  • Max Endurance
  • Regeneration Rate
  • Recovery Rate
  • Endurance Consumption
  • To Hit Bonus
  • Accuracy Bonus
  • Last Hit Chance
  • Damage Bonus
  • Healing Bonus
  • Healing Received Bonus
  • Recharge Time Bonus
  • Endurance Discount
  • Stealth Radius (PvE)
  • Stealth Radius (PvP)
  • Perception Radius
  • Range Bonus
  • Threat Level
  • Level Shift
  • Experience to Next Level
  • Experience Debt
  • CreateSymbol Hero.png Influence CreateSymbol Villain.png Infamy CreateSymbol Praetorian.png Information


  • Running Speed
  • Flying Speed
  • Jumping Speed
  • Max Jump Height

Damage Resistance

  • Smashing Resistance
  • Lethal Resistance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Cold Resistance
  • Energy Resistance
  • Negative Energy Resistance
  • Psionic Resistance
  • Toxic Resistance


  • Base Defense
  • Ranged Defense
  • Melee Defense
  • AOE Defense
  • Smashing Defense
  • Lethal Defense
  • Fire Defense
  • Cold Defense
  • Energy Defense
  • Negative Energy Defense
  • Psionic Defense

Debuff Resistance

  • Regeneration Resistance
  • Recovery Resistance
  • To Hit Resistance
  • Recharge Time Resistance
  • Defense Resistance

Status Effect Protection

  • Hold Protection
  • Immobilize Protection
  • Stun Protection
  • Sleep Protection
  • Knockback Protection
  • Confuse Protection
  • Terrorize Protection
  • Repel Protection
  • Teleport Protection

Status Effect Resistance

  • Hold Resistance
  • Immobilize Resistance
  • Stun Resistance
  • Sleep Resistance
  • Confused Resistance
  • Terrorize Resistance
  • Placate Resistance
  • Taunt Resistance

Color Scheme

When a power is operating at normal capacity, its number value is white. When the attribute is buffed, the numbers appear green; when a power is debuffed, the numbers appear red. When a power is at or above the maximum allowed by the game, it will appear blue.

Monitoring Attributes

Right clicking on a power within the Combat Attributes Window gives players the option to monitor that power, opening the Attribute Monitor Window.


The Combat Attributes Window may be accessed by:

Provides Access To

The following additional windows may be accessed from the Status Window: