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The Players' Guide to the Cities/User Interface/Powers Window

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Powers Window

The Powers Window may be opened by clicking on "Powers" on the outer edge of the Tray Window or selecting "Powers" from the Menu Window.

In the Powers Window, you will see all of the powers in your selected power groups. Your primary power set will be on the left and your secondary power set will be in the middle. On the right side of the window will be several sets of powers, including temporary powers, inherent powers, any power pools from which you have selected, and ancillary or patron power pools.

In each power set, any powers you have not gained through training will be shaded and powers you have taken will appear brighter. Any power you have gained through training will allow you to right click to display more information. Powers that are not automatic powers (always active) may be dragged from the Powers Window and placed in the power trays in the Tray Window.

This window also gives access to the Combat Attributes Window and the Incarnate Power Window.