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Find Contact Window

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The Find Contact Window allows players to discover contacts that are not introduced through their current contacts or are otherwise hard to find.

Using the Window

The Find Contact Window can be found in the Contact Window, which is part of the Nav Window. Selecting the "Find Contact" button in the Contact Window brings up another window which will list one contact at a time. Each contact has an expanded history that goes beyond the little information blurb found when requesting more information directly from the contact. A player may select to be teleported to the contact for direct introduction or to not have the contact added to their contacts list and skip them in favor for another available contact. Contacts will cycle through one by one until starting over from the first contact.

Any standard contact whose level range matches the character's current Security or Threat Level, who are not gated behind unpurchased or locked content can be obtained through the Find Contact Window.

Task Force, Strike Force, Trial, Signature Story Arc and zone contacts beyond the first in the progression (such as those found in Croatoa) cannot be introduced through this method. Task contacts will never be added to a character's contact list; SSA contacts are found in their own option in the Contact Window; and zone contacts beyond the first must be introduced sequentially.

Contacts who are normally locked behind a badge (such as Veluta Lunata) can be introduced through this method without gaining the badge. Speaking directly with the contact without utilizing Find Contacts still requires the badge.


The Find Contact Window window can be opened by:

Provides Access To

The Find Contact window does not provide access to any other windows.