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The Players' Guide to the Cities/User Interface/Enhancements Window

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Enhancement Window

The Enhancements Window may be opened either by clicking on "Enhancements" on the outer edge of the Tray Window or by selecting "Enhancements" from the Menu Window.

In the Enhancement Window, you will see that there are 10 slots available. Whenever you collect an enhancement, it will drop into the furthest empty slot to the left.

You may view information on the enhancements in your Enhancement Window by hovering over them with the mouse. You may also right-click on an enhancement and select "Info."

Clicking and dragging your enhancements from one position to another in the Enhancement Window will allow you to organize them however you see fit. Dragging one enhancement on top of another in this window will cause the enhancements to trade positions.

Enhancements may be given to other nearby characters by dragging the enhancement over top of the character's avatar or onto the name of the character in your Team Window. You may also right click on an enhancement and select the name of a teammate to whom you wish to give the enhancement.

When all 10 slots in your Enhancement Window are filled with enhancements, the word "Enhancements" on your Tray Window will turn red and you will no longer be able to collect additional enhancements. You may make room for new enhancements either by using enhancements you currently possess on the Enhancement Management screen, giving them away, selling them at stores, or right clicking on an enhancement and selecting "Delete Enhancement."

Enhancement Management Screen

Enhancement Management Screen

This screen is opened when you click on "Manage" on the outer edge of your Enhancement Window. The screen may also be opened by double-clicking "Enhancements" on the Tray Window or by typing the /manage command into the chat line.

On this screen, you will see all of the powers you have selected so far. Each power will have a number of enhancement slots at the bottom of its name. These are the slots you add to your powers as you increase in level.

At the bottom of your screen, you will once again see all of the enhancements you have collected. You can still organize the enhancements within this tray just as you could in the Enhancements Window.

Enhancement Information Tooltip

Hovering your mouse over any enhancements currently slotted under a power will display the following information about that enhancement:

  • Enhancement name
  • Enhancement effect(s)
  • Enhancement type
  • Strength of effect(s)
  • Any additional important information (i.e. "You may not combine this Enhancement with any others.")

Power Information Tooltip

Hovering your mouse over any power on this screen will display the following information about that power:

  • Power name
  • A brief summary of the power's effects
  • A list of enhancements the power will accept
  • A list of invention origin enhancement sets that the power will accept
  • Current enhancement values resulting from all slotted enhancements
  • Enhancement set bonuses received from all slotted enhancements (if any)

Before slotting an enhancement into a power, the following must be considered:

  • Is the origin of the enhancement compatible with my origin?
  • Is the level of the enhancement within range?
    • The level of training origin enhancements, dual origin enhancements, single origin enhancements, Hydra origin enhancements, Crystal Titan origin enhancements, Hamidon and synthetic Hamidon origin enhancements must be within three levels of your character's current level in order to be slotted. For instance, if your current level is 32, you may only place enhancements with levels from 29 to 35 into a slot.
    • The level of an invention origin enhancement must be less than or equal to three levels above your character's current level. For example, a character at level 26 may slot any invention origin enhancement with a level of 29 or below.
  • Does the power I want to slot this in accept this type of enhancement?
    • You may right-click and hold on any enhancement to see what powers will accept the enhancement. The slots in any power that will accept the enhancement will be highlighted in green, while the slots of any power that will not accept the enhancement will darken.
    • You also may view the enhancements each individual power will accept by hovering over the power with your mouse.

If an enhancement is compatible with your origin, within the correct level range, and acceptable to the power you wish to slot it in, you may drag the enhancement from the tray at the bottom into any slot in the power. However, once an enhancement is slotted in a power, it is locked in. You can not reclaim the enhancement by dragging it back into your tray, and you can not move enhancements from one slot to another. You can, however, drag an enhancement from the slot it occupies to the trash can icon in the lower left corner of this screen to delete it.

You may replace any enhancement currently slotted in a power by dragging a new enhancement onto the same slot. The old enhancement will be deleted and the new enhancement will be placed in the slot.

Clicking the "Exit" button will return you to your main user interface.

Enhancement Combination Screen

Enhancement Combination Screen

With all but invention origin enhancements, as you level up the effectiveness of the enhancements your slot will decay. Once a decaying enhancement is four or more levels lower than your current level, it will cease to provide any benefit. You may, however, prolong the life span of a decaying enhancement by combining it with another enhancement of the same type. Before combining any two enhancements, they must meet the following criteria:

  • Identical origin type
    • Training origin enhancements may only be combined with other training origin enhancements.
    • Dual origin enhancements may only be combined with other dual origin enhancements. Further, they must both be of an origin combination that you are able to use. For example, Magic characters are able to combine Magic/Mutation enhancements with Magic/Natural enhancements.
    • Single origin enhancements may only be combined with other single origin enhancements of the same origin.
    • Hydra origin enhancements may only be combined with other Hydra origin enhancements or Crystal Titan enhancements with identical effects.
    • Crystal Titan origin enhancements may only be combined with other Crystal Titan origin enhancements or Hydra origin enhancements with identical effects.
    • Hamidon and synthetic Hamidon origin enhancements may only be combined with other Hamidon and synthetic Hamidon origin enhancements.
  • Identical Effects
    • You can not combine two enhancements with different effects. For example, an accuracy enhancement can only be combined with another accuracy enhancement.
  • Valid Level After Combination
    • Combining two enhancements creates a single enhancement with an effective level one higher than the higher of the original two enhancements. For example, combining a level 33 and level 28 Enhancement will yield a level 33+ enhancement. The effective level of this enhancement is 34. If your current level would prevent you from slotting a level 34 enhancement, then you will be unable to combine these Enhancements until you reach your next level.
  • Under Combination Limit
    • Each time two enhancements are combined, the effective level of the resulting enhancement will be one greater than the higher level of the original two enhancements. If the higher of the two was already a combined enhancement, then the resulting enhancement will be a doubly combined enhancement. Any enhancement that has already been combined twice may only be combined with another enhancement which is at least two levels higher. For example, combining a level 30 enhancement with a level 33+ enhancement will result in a level 33++ enhancement. This 33++ enhancement may later be combined with another enhancement of level 35 or greater, but may not combine with any enhancement of level 34 or lower.

If two enhancements meet the above criteria, you may combine them by first clicking on the slotted enhancement you wish to combine. This will open the Enhancement Combination screen. Here you can combine slotted enhancements with other enhancements of the same type that you either have in your inventory or already have slotted in the same power.

The slotted enhancement you selected will be placed in the slot on the left of the combination interface. You may then click on the enhancement you wish to combine with the slotted enhancement. When you select the second enhancement, it will move into the middle slot on the screen.

Combining enhancements is not always guaranteed to succeed. Once you have selected the two enhancements you would like to combine, you will see the chance of a successful combination on the right. The further apart the levels of the two enhancements are, the lower the chance of success will be.

Finally, click on the "Combine" button to attempt to create your combined enhancement. If the combination fails, the lower of the two enhancements will be lost and the higher of the two will go into the slot your first enhancement came from. If you succeed, the newly combined enhancement will automatically be placed back into the slot your first enhancement came from.

You may click "Reset" to clear the enhancements from the combination interface.

Clicking the "Exit" button at any time will return you to the Enhancement Management screen.