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Agent Kwahu

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Agent Kwahu
Agent Kwahu.jpg
Longbow Spec-Ops Agent
Zone Founders' Falls
Coordinates (1648, 0, 1089.5)
Level Range 30-40
Introduced By None
Introduces None
Enemy Groups V badge RogArachnos.png Rogue Arachnos
V badge Arachnoids.png Arachnoids
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ParagonMarket SignatureStoryArc1Ep3.png Requires Who Will Die, Episode 3.

Agent Kwahu is a hero contact in the M. Harvey Medical Center neighborhood of Founders' Falls at coordinates (1648, 0, 1089.5). His level range is 30-40. He is standing next to the bridge southeast of the hospital. Agent Kwahu is the third contact in the hero-side Who Will Die Signature Story Arc available on the Paragon Market or free with subscription.


Contact Introduced By

None; Agent Kwahu is available through the Signature Story Arc Contact option.

Contact Introduces



Longbow Spec-Ops Agent

Agent Kwahu is one of the numerous Spec-Ops agents within Longbow. He has been part of several important operations, including the original mapping of the tunnel systems beneath Grandville and creating a plan of operations for establishing a front in Nerva Archipelago.

His latest operation is quite possibly the most important task of his life.

Content Not Purchased

You need to purchase the third episode of the first signature story arc, Who Will Die, or be a VIP in order to play this story arc.

Too Low Level

I only have clearance to speak to heroes of at least security level 30.

Initial Contact

  • None


Let's get to work.

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Story Arc

Bear Any Burden


Longbow Medal of Valor

You received this medal from Agent Kwahu after the role you played in the Warburg Conference. Longbow publically commended you on your efforts to stop a possible missile crisis with Warburg and in bringing in Marshal Blitz and Malaise, the two people responsible for the death of Alexis Cole-Duncan. You're a hero now to the nation, in a story that the news is dubbing...

Bear Any Burden

It all began when Agent Kwahu requested your help in guarding the Warburg Conference. Marshal Blitz had agreed to a peace treaty and a cease-fire, on the grounds that Alexis Cole-Duncan came in person to negotiate the treaty. You went with Manticore to provide back up for Alexis in the event that the conference went south. Blitz revealed his hand in the conference and launched an attack. Manticore escaped with Alexis, leaving you to fend off what seemed to be an army of Rogue Arachnos. In reality, they were all illusions created by Malaise, who was working together with Blitz. You met back up with Manticore, but it was too late; Alexis was gone.

At the behest of Agent Kwahu, you worked together with a WEB technician to disarm the numerous missiles that were waiting to be used against Paragon City. During this time, Manticore located the building that Alexis was being held in. Unfortunately, the outskirts were surrounded by a literal army of Rogue Arachnos, with missile turrets ready to shoot down any heroes flying too close.

You proposed to access the office through a series of underground tunnels. Manticore and Kwahu worked together to get you the information on the tunnels, and you quickly arrived to push through them and into the main 'square' of the building. It was there that you did battle with Marshal Blitz, eventually defeating him. You rushed into the office building with Manticore in tow to find Malaise with what you thought was Alexis. However, it was all a sick illusion. Alexis had been dead, and Malaise was toying with you and Manticore. The two of you apprehended Malaise, who now sits in a secure prison, waiting interrogation.

The world was stunned at the death of Alexis-Cole Duncan. Statesman himself was somber at her funeral, refusing any kind words from heroes. Some wonder if the death of Alexis has finally sent Statesman over the edge, while others are concerned that he may ask Ms. Liberty to step down from her position, concerned over the safety of the last member of his family line.

Part One: Sustainable Heroes


Thanks for giving me the time to speak with you, Character. I'm Special Agent Kwahu, a member of the Longbow Spec Ops team, if you couldn't tell by the uniform.

Your help has been requested by some very important people in regards to a sensitive situation. It's on a need to know basis only, so I can only go into greater detail about it if you're willing to lend a hand. Are you in?

This arc contains elite bosses and may be difficult for certain players to do by themselves.

Mission Acceptance

Excellent. Here are some dossiers to give you some background on our persons of interest. Take a moment to read them over. Marshal Blitz has requested an arms summit to negotiate a permanent ceasefire between Warburg and Paragon City. At this juncture, we have no insight into his sudden change of heart or agenda, which makes me think it is a trap. However, if it isn't, then this could be one of the biggest breakthroughs of this decade.

What is of special concern is that Blitz has demanded that he will only speak with Consulate Alexis Cole-Duncan, daughter of Statesman and mother of Ms. Liberty.

I trust now that the political gravitas and its possible implications have set in. Marshal Blitz, madman of the Warburg, wants to meet with Statesman's daughter on enemy territory to strike an unlikely truce. He claims that only she can negotiate a proper treaty and that anyone else will botch it up.

Manticore will accompany her; Statesman has been left out due to several risks of having him there. We are allowed super-powered help outside of the Freedom Phalanx, which is where you come in. We have transport ready for you to go to the conference in Warburg. It will be your job to provide back up, incase the conference goes awry. Make sure you're prepared, as you'll be deep in the territory of Rogue Arachnos.

Icon clue generic.png
POI: Alexis Cole-Duncan
NAME: Alexis Cole-Duncan. Daughter of Marcus 'Statesman' Cole

OCCUPATION: Former heroine, Miss Liberty. Current occupation is working together with General Howard Aarons as an international consulate for super-powered threats.

BACKGROUND: Miss Liberty, the daughter of Statesman and mother of Ms. Liberty, is better known these days by her proper name: Alexis Cole-Duncan. Alexis left behind her life in super-heroics some time ago. Today, she enjoys an active role in superhuman politics. Her old identity as 'Miss Liberty' is used more by her PR team or the media at large than by Alexis herself, who would rather just relegate that part of her past to fond memories and silver-framed newspaper clippings placed along the mantle-- while also understanding the clout and prestige it can bring to bear on certain important functions and international relations. She is nearly 77 years old, but she maintains some form of youth, thanks to the blood of Statesman that runs through her veins.

Icon clue generic.png
POI: Marshal Blitz
NAME: Marshal Jason Blitz

OCCUPATION: Formal Marshal for Isle of Warburg. Current leader of the 'Rogue Arachnos'

BACKGROUND: Marshal Blitz was once the marshal of Warburg, an island in the Rogue Isles that was infamous for its WEB system, which developed extremely powerful missile weapons. Blitz was charismatic and ambitious, thwarting every attempt by 'rogue' heroes to oust the control Arachnos had over the island.

Our reports show that Blitz demanded several times that Lord Recluse give the orders to launch the horde of missiles at Warburg's disposal towards Paragon. Recluse denied him each time.

When Blitz learned he was dying of cancer, he murdered the governor of the island and took control of it for himself. He attempted to fire warheads into Paragon City, but each was destroyed by several super groups of Paragon City. Lord Recluse has sent in Arachnos troops to deal with the situation, but it has only ended in a stalemate. Blitz has occasionally launched attacks on Paragon and even the Rogue Isles, keeping the people of both in a state of unease.

Our latest reports show that scientists in the Rogue Arachnos have performed several extremely risky procedures on Blitz to keep his cancer at bay. It has resulted in some extreme disfiguration; we believe it has also effected the man psychologically.

Unnecessary Solicitation

My team is still waiting for you at Warburg.

Mission Objective(s)


This conference hall looks like it was hastily assembled for the arms summit.

  • Guard the Warburg Arms Summit
    • Attend the Warburg Conference
    • Keep on your guard during the discussions
    • Defeat Marshal Blitz
    • Fend off the Rogue Arachnos forces!
    • Find Manticore

The villains have captured Miss Liberty!


V badge RogArachnos.png Rogue Arachnos

Notable NPCs


Character, they took her! I couldn't stop them! None of us could! He kept bringing in more and more illusions to throw us off!

It was Malaise, but he has to be working for someone else! He's never been able to pull something this big off before! I know that face from anywhere.

I knew Shalice and Liberty were wrong about him; once a villain, always a villain.

  • That can wait. Let's get you to the hospital.
  • Wait, who's Malaise? (Optional)
Some ex-con that the Vindicators gave a chance at redemption. A psychic. Wayward type. My wife took it upon herself to train him in the use of his powers and to keep him from straying back towards evil.
She swore that he was on the straight and narrow, but I knew differently. Sometimes, I do hate it when I'm right, Character.
  • Alright. Now let's get you to the hospital.
Hnh. I can get my own way there. Let's hurry, we've got to get Alexis back.
I've sent orders to Agent Kwahu, we need to get this situation under control, now.

Icon clue generic.png
POI: Malaise
NAME: Jean-Pierre 'Malaise' Lourdin

OCCUPATION: Villain, former member of the Vindicators.

POWERS: Psychic powers, Nightmare Manipulation.

BACKGROUND: Malaise began his career as a villain in Europe. He was eventually confronted by Sister Psyche and subdued. Sister Psyche spent months trying to heal his mind and turn him to use his powers for good. Malaise spent several years in the Vindicators, helping the group fight numerous threats, including Lord Recluse's Jade Spider, though he supposedly has had fits of madness during that time. It was believed these fits were anamolies, but recent events would prove otherwise.

Agents have been set up to ensure that Malaise does not get into Paragon. Once the situation in Warburg has been settled, the Vindicators will be informed of Malaise's now criminal status. It is believed that Malaise may be the mastermind behind the entire Warburg situation.


Character, I'll be honest, I've never, ever botched an operation so... thoroughly. We've lost nearly all of the Longbow teams assigned to the summit. I've received communication by Manticore for how to proceed. We need to keep this silent, Character. This could turn into a major international incident at any moment.

Nobody can know that Alexis has been kidnapped, especially not Statesman or Ms. Liberty, according to Manticore. Blitz is most likely counting on this, and is ready to launch all of the warheads in the Rogue Isles straight into Paragon if he even begins to feel threatened. We're dealing with a madman, Character, one who isn't afraid to kidnap the daughter of one of the most famous heroes of all time.

It's going to be up to us to get Alexis back and disarm this entire situation. Let's get to work.

Part Two: Go-Codes


The first thing we need to do is go after the cache of missiles that Blitz has stored away in the WEB. If he tries to attack, the U.S. Military will respond in kind, and then it's... well, then it's war. Of course, we won't lose; Blitz has an island, and we have a nation. But I guarantee you that civilians in America will die if we go to war, and it will be on our heads.

We also have an issue of stopping Blitz from publically threatening Paragon with his missiles; I'm almost certain he's going to use Alexis as a bargaining chip. But what I can't understand is... why? He has to know it will only bring the full fury of the Freedom Phalanx down onto him; they would surely save Alexis and pound Blitz into the ground. He would destroy possibly one major city, but he would definitely fail in the end. And Malaise! What does he have to gain from all of this?

  • We have to focus Agent Kwahu. Disarming the missiles.

You're right. We've sent in a pair of agents to secure a landing location for you in Warburg. Manticore is currently tracking down Alex Cole-Duncan's present whereabouts. He trusts, like I do, that you can handle the situation with Blitz on your own.

There's one last bit of intel you'll need to know before you go to Warburg. My team has identified a WEB Technician there willing to help us prevent the launch. Finding her should be your first priority. I'll remain in contact with you as best I can when you're onsite.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You have to shut down that launch, Character.

Mission Objective(s)


It looks like Agent Kwahu's Spec-Ops team has been pulled back to await your arrival.

  • Prevent the WEB missile launch
    • Rescue WEB Technician
    • Lead WEB Technician to launch controls
    • Stop the Arachnoids from disrupting the system
    • Protect the WEB Technician
    • Return to the Technician


V badge RogArachnos.png Rogue Arachnos
V badge Arachnoids.png Arachnoids

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! You will be ambushed by one wave of Rogue Arachnos.
Rogue Fire Tarantula: For Warburg!
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! You will be ambushed by one wave of Rogue Arachnos.
Rogue Tarantula: Don't let them halt the launch!


Good work, Character. We are currently holding the WEB technician in one of our cargo ships off the coast of Warburg. She let us know that while we disarmed the remaining warheads within the WEB that there is already one prepped for launch. However, this one seems to be prepped to launch minor tactical strikes on Warburg itself.

Character, Blitz is preparing himself for an attack on Warburg!

We have no time to lose. Manticore believes that he has the location of where they're holding Alexis, but it's not going to be easy getting there.

Finale: What May Fall


Blitz seems to be holed up in an office building near the main launch site for his missiles. Manticore has reported that Blitz has his Rogue Arachnos out in force on the perimeter and tactical missile launchers set up to take down any chasers or flying heroes who get close to the building.

It doesn't make sense, though. We have the firepower to get through all of that, though it would take us time. If he was just going to kill Alexis, he could do it in an instant. All of this reeks of Blitz trying to buy himself some time... but for what?

In any case, we need to get in there, and fast, without having to go through his entire army.

  • There has to be some sort of tunnel to get me closer to there.

Possibly. Let me contact Manticore.

Yes... access tunnels. Do you have the schematics? We can get Character through them.

... Okay, great. Yes, I've received them. Character will meet you.

Alright, we've got information. There are tunnels that can get you straight to the base, but they're filled with Arachnoids.

That doesn't matter, though. You'll need to push through them and get to the surface. I won't lie to you, Character, you're going to be in the heart of Rogue Arachnos territory. If Blitz is trying to buy time for something, he may just come out personally to finish what you and him started back in the conference.

You'll have to take him down, get Alexis back, and bring in Malaise. Manticore will be on the scene, trying to find another way in while you handle Blitz. It's up to the two of you to get Alexis and bring her back!

Unnecessary Solicitation

We don't have time, Character, you have to hurry!

Mission Objective(s)


These tunnels reek of Arachnoids. Blitz and his forces clearly have given up on trying to maintain the Arachnoids in this part of Warburg.

  • Rescue Alexis Cole-Duncan
    • Go through the tunnels to get to the surface
    • Defeat Marshal Blitz
    • Go inside the main building to find Alexis Cole-Duncan

Alexis Cole-Duncan, daughter of Statesman, is dead. Marshal Blitz and Malaise have been taken into custody regarding the situation.


V badge Arachnoids.png Arachnoids
V badge RogArachnos.png Rogue Arachnos

Notable NPCs

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

The first phase of Defeat Marshal Blitz is as follows:
De-power Marshal Blitz's Armor!
Marshal Blitz's generators protect him from attack!

  • Generators Remaining: (4/4)
EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

The second phase of Defeat Marshal Blitz is as follows:
Marshal Blitz escapes to his flier!
Destroy Blitzkrieg!

  • Activate SAM turrets to attack Blitzkrieg! (3 turrets to activate)
EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

After defeating Blitzkrieg, Marshal Blitz reappears at 50% health. Defeat him normally.


Sister Psyche: Why, Jean? Why do all of this? We all -trusted- you!
Jean: You can read minds, Shalice. Why don't you read mine?
Sister Psyche: I'm not here to play games! Were you behind the attack on Synapse? On Numina's father?
Jean: Do you think the story is that simple, Shalice? There are many layers, many pages...
Jean: However... we are about to introduce our next character. One whose downfall will be such a tragedy...
Sister Psyche: Tell me who is next, Jean! This is your chance to redeem yourself, in some tiny way!
Jean: -You- are next, my dear Shalice.


Character... I... there are no words. A heroine died today, one who never stopped fighting for Paragon, even after she passed on her mantle.

You couldn't have done anything more to save her. The autopsy revealed she had been dead for at least twenty minutes before you and Manticore arrived. None of this makes sense, Character, none of it! Why would Malaise stay behind?! Why did he purposefully taunt you and Manticore like that? He could've gotten away, left the body there for you to see!

... I apologize, Character. You'll be receiving an honorary medal for your service. Alexis may be dead, but you helped bring in the leader of the Rogue Arachnos and the killer of a heroine. I can only hope that this is all over now. We will be interrogating the two, and a funeral will be held soon for Alexis.

We can't win every battle, Character, but we can at least keep our heads held high knowing that we did everything we could, and that those responsible are behind bars.

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