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Marshal Jason Blitz

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Marshal Blitz
Marshal Blitz.png
Leader of the Rogue Arachnos in Warburg
Real Name Marshal Jason Blitz
Gender Male
Archetype Unknown

Rogue Arachnos (currently)

Arachnos (formerly)
Age Unknown
Romantic Associations Unknown
Known Family Unknown
Primary Powers Unclear variation of the Bane Spider power set
Secondary Powers Unclear variation of the Bane Spider power set
Zone Locations Warburg
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Marshal Blitz is currently the leader of the Rogue Arachnos in Warburg.

Heroes can find him in the missions:

Villains can find him in the mission:


Marshal Jason Blitz used to be the Arachnos' Marshal for the isle of Warburg, one of the western-most Rogue Isles, and is today the de facto ruler of it. Marshal Blitz commands a contingent of Rogue Arachnos that took over Warburg and uses its rockets to threaten Paragon City.

Marshal Jason Blitz believed Lord Recluse wasn’t acting fast enough in his bid to take over the world. He found it tragic that the Web had developed so many incredible weapons and none of them were being used on the hated heroes!

When Blitz learned he was dying of cancer, he decided to speed things up a bit so that he could live to see the defeat of Paragon City. He murdered Governor Melody Harkness and took over the city with a cadre of troops loyal to him. Soon after, he demolished the false façade on the Warburg Rocket at the centre of his city and started firing warheads armed with various toxins on Paragon City.

Lord Recluse promised the UN he would rectify the situation, but his troops have so far been stalemated by their rivals. (Or so Recluse claims.)


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