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Jade Spider

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The Jade Spider

The Jade Spider is an Archvillain that Lord Recluse sent to destroy Paragon City.

It is believed that the massive Jade Spider is powered by the mind of Fortunata Seer Kalinda, the first level contact in Mercy Island, due to the events in the comic created by Top Cow.

Kalinda was used when Sister Psyche escaped the clutches of Arachnos with the aid of Manticore. When the Jade Spider's source of power was rescued, Lord Recluse turned and used his "favorite" seer. The Task Force is based on the exploits of this particular arc and thus, this fact has also crossed over from comic to game, though as of yet there is no confirmation in game to categorically say one way or the other that it is, in fact, Kalinda inside of the Jade Spider.

It's safe to assume as Kalinda is supposedly one of the most powerful seers in the isles, therefore it makes sense that she could power such a monstrosity.

Heroes face this monster:

Villains fight alongside this monster:


This monstrous Giant Spider is rampaging through Siren's Call!

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