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Issue 24

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This information contains features that were to be implemented in Issue 24 and was current as of the game's shut down date.



Issue 24, Resurgence, (sometimes jokingly referred to as "Issue 24: Fix Everything") was to be a major revision to City of Heroes Freedom. The title references the continuing storyline associated with the issue.

This article summarizes some of the major features that were expected to be released in Issue 24. For more complete details, see the following Beta patch notes:

  • On August 8, 2012, the Beta Server was opened up for VIP Open Beta.
  • Issue 24 was never released to the Live Servers due to the game's shutdown on November 30, 2012.
    • It was supposedly scheduled to go live in September, early November at the latest (((need to research which Twitch this was stated in)))

Confirmed Content

  • Power Pool, Epic Power Pool, and Patron Power Pool f/x customization, including the much-requested minimal f/x option for Hasten.
  • New Secondary Power Sets for Blasters (Martial Combat) and Dominators (Martial Assault), which utilize a mix of Martial Arts powers and original ones, will be made available to VIPs.
  • Invention System Changes:
    • Invention Procs will be converted from flat rates to Procs Per Minute (PPM). Additionally, the PPM mechanics will undergo significant adjustments.[1]
    • Four new IO Sets: Annihilation (Targeted AoE), Unbreakable Guard (Damage Resistance), Reactive Defenses (Defense), and Preventive Medicine (Healing)
    • Resistance bonuses across the IO system are getting buffed to make them a viable alternative to defense bonuses.
    • In addition, MezResist to specific types of mez (i.e. Hold or Immob) will be getting additional effects added to their bonuses.
  • Changes to Blasters and ranged attack Power Sets:
    • Snipe powers (such as Blazing Bolt and Sniper Blast) will lose the long, interruptable wind-up when the character has at least a 22% To Hit buff.
    • Tier 3 Blast powers (such as Blaze and Power Burst) that have traditionally had a 40 foot range will have their range increased to 80 feet.
    • All Blaster secondaries (except Mental Manipulation, which already has Drain Psyche) will have a modified power that grants the character additional buffs (typically both Regen and Recovery). All of these powers will be changing names as a result. No functionality will be taken away.
    • Blast Set Nuke powers are being adjusted. The endurance crash is being removed and recharge is being decreased. Damage is being normalized, average damage will go down a bit but the damage is now (mostly) a fixed amount rather than a number of "chance to damage" ticks.
  • Non-Travel Power Pools are getting revamped with improvements to under-performing powers and the addition of a fifth power to all pools.
    • Fighting
      • Cross-Cut added as a fifth power (very similar to Sweeping Cross in Street Justice)
      • Brawl, Boxing, Kick and Cross-Cut all have increased effects based on the number of Fighting pool attacks you own.
    • Presence
      • Challenge is replaced with Pacify, a single target Placate power
      • Intimidate has its endurance cost reduced and is increased to mag 3 with a chance for mag 4
      • Invoke Panic has its endurance cost reduced, it's accuracy and range increased and its magnitude increased to 3
      • Unrelenting added as fifth power. A damage, recharge, recovery and heal over time effect on self, also doubles as a self-rez.
    • Concealment
      • Misdirection added as a fifth power, an AoE Placate and resistance debuff
    • Leadership
      • Fifth power is Victory Rush, it targets a defeated enemy and gives a Recovery and Endurance Reduction buff to you and your team.
    • Medicine
      • Stimulant is changed to Injection, is no longer interruptable and can be used on both allies and foes. When used on an ally this has its normal effect. When used on a foe it debuffs their Recharge, Damage and To Hit.
      • Field Medic added as Fifth Power, a click power that improves the effectiveness of your heals and decreases your resistance to healing (so that heals done to you are more effective). In addition if you own Field Medic Aid Other and Aid Self get a bonus:
        • Aid Other is uninterruptible
        • Aid Self gives an Endurance Over Time effect
  • Additional Lore pet options: Banished Pantheon, Knives of Vengeance, Talons of Vengeance and Tsoo.


Positron (Developer) (From Positron's welcome letter for Issue 24)

Welcome to Issue 24: Resurgence

I wanted to welcome all of you to the forums for Issue 24: Resurgence. With Praetoria devastated there is now an influx of refugees coming to Primal Earth, causing a resurgence of activity in our own dimension that needs to be handled by heroes and taken advantage of by villains.

This is a big issue for us because it's one of the few times we let the meta-story of the game override the timeline of the level-based story that your character experiences. Now the consequences of the actions taken by Incarnate level characters are felt across multiple level ranges, especially in Brickstown where VIP characters as low as level 30 will deal with the New Praetorians as they find a new mostly Hamidon-free home here on Primal Earth.

In St. Martial, your level 30+ VIP villain will be able to take matters into their own hands. You won't have a normal contact for these missions, just yourself hatching villainous plans.

Kings Row gets some new content that is now properly handed off from Atlas Park, involving a resurgence from the Skulls.

Finally, VIP Rogues and Vigilantes between levels 30 and 40 get their very own story arcs that take advantage of their unique perspectives on their alignments.

Incarnates can participate in a story arc involving the survivors of Praetoria holding out against the onslaught of the Hamidon in the wake of Emperor Cole's defeat.

Finally, Martial Assault and Martial Combat are new secondaries (free for VIPs) for Dominators and Blasters, respectively. These add in some much desired 'natural' attacks like punches and kicks (as well as thrown blades in Assault).

The entire team here at Paragon worked incredibly hard to bring you this content and we look forward to your bug reports and honest feedback. We'll be combing these forums looking at your constructive criticism and answering your questions when we can. Enjoy the Resurgence!

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