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Toxic Blast is a primary Power Set for Blasters and Corruptors, and a secondary Power Set for Defenders.

You wield the vile essence of toxicity and hurl it at your foes. Toxic Blast doesn't deal its damage all at once, but rather eats away at foes. Some Toxic Blast powers will infect enemies, leaving them more vulnerable to further Toxic damage as well as reducing their Hit Point Regeneration.

Toxic Blast should allow the user to customize whether they want to be a poison-dripping bioform or an exterminator with a sweet chemical weapon

Power Table

Blaster, Corruptor, Defender

The Toxic Blast power set is available as a primary set for Blasters and Corruptors, and as a secondary set for Defenders. The following table shows the levels at which each power is available:

Power Level as Primary Level as Secondary Effect
GuyPerfect ToxicBlast CorrosiveBile.png Corrosive Bile 1 1 Ranged, Light DoT(Toxic), Foe -Res(Toxic) -Regen
GuyPerfect ToxicBlast ToxicBlast.png Toxic Blast 1 2 Ranged, Moderate DoT(Toxic), Foe -Res(Toxic) -Regen
GuyPerfect ToxicBlast VenomousSpray.png Venomous Spray 2 4 Ranged (Cone), Moderate DoT(Toxic), Foe -Res(Toxic) -Regen
GuyPerfect ToxicBlast EnvenomedEssence.png Envenomed Essence 6 10 Self Add Toxic Damage
GuyPerfect ToxicBlast AcidRain.png Acid Rain 8 16 Location, Spread Poison, High DoT(Toxic), Foe -Res(Toxic) -Regen
GuyPerfect ToxicBlast Toxicity.png Toxicity 12 20 Ranged (Narrow Cone) Snipe, High DoT(Toxic), Foe Poison
GuyPerfect ToxicBlast ParalyticVenom.png Paralytic Venom 18 28 Ranged, Moderate DoT(Toxic), Foe Hold
GuyPerfect ToxicBlast ToxicBurst.png Toxic Burst 26 35 Short Ranged, Extreme DoT(Toxic), Foe -Res(Toxic) -Regen
GuyPerfect ToxicBlast CausticGas.png Caustic Gas 32 38 PBAoE, Extreme DMG(Toxic), Toxic Cloud

Toxicity will strike up to 3 targets, like Piercing Rounds. For each target hit, a scaling Toxic resistance debuff will be placed in effect. The debuff lasts for some time, such as 30 seconds, and will strengthen in intensity the longer it has been applied.

Caustic Gas isn't as strong as a conventional nuke, but it produces a damaging gas cloud that lingers around for a few seconds.