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Jessica Flores

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Jessica Flores
Jessica Flores.jpg
Zone Imperial City
Coordinates (-1448, -13, -2074)
Level Range 8-15
Introduced By == Level 8 ==
Calvin Scott
Introduces == Level 8 ==
Luke Larson
Enemy Groups P DefeatTheDestroyers.png Destroyers
Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department
Badge DefeatClockwork.png Praetorian Clockwork
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Jessica Flores is a Praetorian contact in Imperial City at coordinates (-1448, -13, -2074).  Her level range is 8-15.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

I've got someone I think you should meet.

Do you know Luke Larson? Yeah, the politician. He's done a lot to keep Imperial City a great place to live, but recently, with all the crazy going on, he's taken a pretty bad rap. Whatever, people don't have all the information. If they really knew Luke they'd see that he had their best interests in mind. Despite working for the government, he believes strongly in the old ways of the republic. You can trust him.

This contact I've introduced you to can probably move you along down the path you've chosen.



Jessica Flores is an independent investigative reporter whose agenda is uncovering the media's lies about the Resistance movement and showing people the truth of things. This is a dangerous job, however, and she has adopted several pen names under which she writes her articles in order to hide her identity. She hopes to one day crack the wall of censorship that TPN imposses over any and all stories involving the Resistance movement and its believers.

Prior to Introduction

You look kinda lost. You aren't going to do much good fighting the Destroyers or Syndicate if you can't find your way around town. Why don't you look for another Powers Division member who knows the city to show you around?

Initial Contact

I'm Jessica Flores. I don't normally get to talk to you Powers Division types, so this is really exciting for me. I'd love to ask you a bunch of questions for an article I've been meaning to write, but right now I can't remember a single one of them. Ha ha, I'm such a dork sometimes. Do you have time to talk, maybe they'll come back to me if we just chat for a little while.


  • Hi there! I haven't seen your face around before.
  • Hey.

Too Busy

I could really use a hand with a few things, but it looks like you're busy with other tasks. Stop by when you've taken care of those, okay?

Too Low Level

There are some important things that I could use your help with, but I'm worried this might be a little too dangerous, even for someone like you. Come back when you're Security Level 8

No More Missions

Everything's changed, the only thing I want right now is to make sure my boyfriend is ok. Please, keep fighting the good fight, and thank you, for everything.


Story Arc

The Truth Hurts

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.

Souvenir: The Truth Hurts

The Truth Hurts

You still have the Loyal Tea & Coffee card that Jason Maxwell gave you. On the back is the passcode to Laura's computer, an employee at TPN. Seeing it reminds you of a story that proves the old adage:

The Truth Hurts

It all began when you met Jessica Flores, an independent reporter who wrote columns for TPN Today under a variety of pen names. She was working on a piece to expose the truth behind the Destroyers and their tie with Praetor White, in addition to uncovering where they were getting their supply of Fixadine from. You interviewed a few Destroyers and eventually got your big break when you ran into Acid Black. He revealed not only a fairly lengthy history of the Destroyers during the Hamidon Wars, but he also hinted to you that the Praetors might be supplying the Destroyers with Fixadine.

Jessica was overjoyed to discover that the facts she had dug up on her own coincided with what Acid Black was saying. She sent her story off to TPN, but then had another task in store for you. All media intended for TPN use must first pass through Athena Labs for government approved editing. The plan was that a friend of Jessica's would disable the surveillence systems in Athena Labs remotely. This gave you a window of time to enter the facility and move her article through the editing process unchanged, and then get out before no one was the wiser.

Unfortunately, the PPD were the wiser. Jessica's boyfriend, Jason Maxwell, and TPN chief editor Kenneth Hall, were supposed to transmit the story once it arrived. Jessica got an urgent call from Jason that was cut off early. Panicking she insisted that they were in danger and pleaded with you to rescue them. Entering TPN you soon discovered that Jessica was right, the place was crawling with PPD searching for Resistance sympathizers. By the time you found Jason Maxwell the PPD had almost beaten him to death with their 'non-lethal' force gauntlets. Jason told you that the PPD had the main control room locked down but informed you of a back door into the system that he secretly installed on a co-worker's computer. He gave you the password and told you to find Kenneth Hall in order to operate the transmitter and send the story out. You found Kenneth and gained access to the transmitter through the back door. Returning to Jason you found him to be completely unresponsive. Fearing the worst you rushed him outside where the Resistance whisked Jason and Kenneth off to a Resistance safehouse. Jessica was in tears over what had happened to her boyfriend, but let you know that while Praetoria may not know who showed them the truth, she would always remember the sacrifices made so that others might not have to.

Souvenir: The History of the Destroyers

The History of the Destroyers

Jessica gave you a copy of the recordings you made for her when questioning the Destroyers. Every once in awhile you think back to Acid Black and the thrashing of his life that you gave him. He asked you to light him a cigarette with his lighter while he told you a little story about:

The History of the Destroyers

It all started with the motorcycle gangs, way back in the 60's. You had turf wars all across the midwest, people claiming strips of desolate highway and what not. Heck, I was like two years old, but the stories, well, Marauder told them all to us. That's right, the big man, Michael White. He was our leader, the Top Dog of our band of ruthless killers.

Before the earth started to kill everything, White was just the toughest hombre you could run into in a highway saloon. But when the Devouring Earth came, that man had a plan. No... he had the only plan.

There was rioting everywhere, but man, you had to be there to truly know how horrible man could be to fellow man. The entire west coast was moving east, away from the ocean, and people were just flooding into Vegas.

Man, Las Vegas was the worst. After Los Angeles got nuked by the Reds back in '52, Vegas was just a cesspool of vagrants, destitutes, and homeless. All of 'em from L.A. Heh, where do you think they picked me up from?

Anyway, Marauder, he had the plan. He gathered up all the bikers he could find and turned us into an army. Quoted some crap about the Mongols, and how they swept across eastern Europe in the dark ages on horseback. Well, we had iron horses, and instead of bows, man, we raided every gunstore we found from New Mexico to Montana.

The first order of business was to eliminate competition. So instead of attacking the Devouring Earth, we ransacked every hold out settlement we could find. The weak, we purged, the strong, we recruited. It was total slash and burn policy. We were making a firebreak between us and the Devouring Earth.

It worked pretty well. We stayed away from the big cities, and on our bikes, we were faster than any of those shambling mushroom heads. We stayed mobile, lean, and mean.

But the hardest part was still to come. See, we started to run out of gas after a few months. At that point, we had to go back to the big cities. Marauder whipped us into shape, taught us how to fight smart against these creatures, how to control our fear. That was the big thing. If you were calm and alert, the creatures weren't that big of a deal. You just had to hit them hard, and fade away.

Marauder's training paid off when we took Salt Lake City. That place was loaded. We fortified twelve city blocks and leveled the rest. When we took Vegas, same thing.

Did I mention we didn't see a lick of the military during that time? Not one. Those green fatigue pansies got in their helicopters and transport planes five days into the war and left, they never looked back.

Heck, as far as we were concerned, good riddance. Things would have ended up tougher in the beginning if they'd stuck around. Pansies or not, they still had tanks before we did.

It took us about 10 years to carve out a living from the ashes of civilization, but man, we did it. We were doing well too. Sure, there were some rebellions here and there, or we'd stumble into a group of survivors who'd found a military installation and decided to try and claim some of our territory. They didn't last long, we simply couldn't risk bringing them into the fold that late in the game and having them muck up the operation.

Then came word that the war was over. My dead grandmother the war was over! Man, we were still fighting off shambling horrors on a weekly basis and some yahoos over here on the east coast proclaim the war to be over. They even had the nerve to drop pamphlets over the major cities that we'd cleared out telling survivors to 'hold tight, help was on the way'.

Marauder planned on invading the east, giving a little payback to those who'd abandoned us to die out there, you know, show them that they made a huge mistake. That was the plan, anyway, then the big man up and abandoned us.

When the Praetorian Guard moved in on us, man, we didn't stand a chance. We scattered to the winds, but the plan was to regroup, right here, in Praetoria City.

So here we are, years later, barbarians at the gates. Only now, we've got super powers too, and we're gonna repay what was done to us ten fold.

Part One: Party Crasher


I've been working for weeks on this story, Character, but I hit a brick wall. Well, to be more precise, I ran into a bit of problem called The Destroyers.

Hold on, let me back up and bring you up to speed. Don't worry, I'm not recording you, that would get us both into more trouble than we can afford.

Ok, so, here it is. I've been trying to figure out who is supplying the Destroyers with their Fixadine and what their apparent beef is with Praetor White. As you can imagine it hasn't been very easy to interview these guys, I even had a few psychos take a swing or two at me, good thing my brother and I took boxing lessons a few years back. Whatever, that isn't important. What is important is that I need your help to get the last bit of my story from the Destroyers here in Imperial City. Do you think you could help me out?

  • Help Jennifer Flores with the Destroyers

Oh! That's so awesome! Thank you so much. You rock!

This is what I need you to do. Take this recorder device and question the Destroyers in Imperial City until you find out where they are getting their Fixadine from.

Once you figure that out, then comes the hard part. Bust into the Fixadine den and look for clues and question everyone you can. I have a theory that someone in the government may be supplying these guys, but to what end, I can't imagine.

Oh, I'm so happy you are willing to help me. Man, I was freaking out there for awhile. I wasn't sure if I'd find anyone.

Jessica gives you a small recorder to tape any confessions you might get out of the Destroyers.

Icon clue generic.png
Recording Device
Jessica Flores gave you this small recording device in order to capture the audio and video confessions of various Destroyers as you questioned them about their history and who was supplying them with Fixadine.
Find the Fixadine source

Unnecessary Solicitation

You can't just go up and ask a guy crushed out on Fixadine where he got his fix from. You're going to have to play rough with 'em first.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Find the Fixadine Source
    • Defeat 5 Destroyers

You learned the location of a Destroyers' Fixadine den here in Logos.


P DefeatTheDestroyers.png Destroyers

Icon clue generic.png
Acid Black's Fixadine Den
The Destroyers you met on the street told you all about their big dog, Acid Black. Apparently he controls the flow of 'crush' to these maniacs. Smashing in his den will not only get some lowlifes off the street, but it'll give you the opportunity to ask Acid Black who he gets his supply from.
Search Acid Black's Fixadine Den

Unnecessary Solicitation

The longer you wait the more likely word is going to get back to the Destroyers that someone told you where the Fixadine den is.

Mission Objective(s)


The music and lights mix with the heady smell of sweat and Fixadine in the air. There's absolutely no way you are walking in here without a fight.

  • Search Acid Black's Fixadine Den
    • Find Evidence
    • Defeat Acid Black

You took down Acid Black, one of the toughest Destroyers you have yet faced, and gathered some disturbing information.


P DefeatTheDestroyers.png Destroyers

Notable NPCs

Acid Black is quite simply a psychopath. He rules over a large group of the Destroyers with one part iron fist, ten parts insanity. Don't let his moments of calm fool you, he is a complete maniac. A calculative and intelligent negotiator one minute, a car hurling berserker the next.
Icon clue generic.png
Acid Black's Fixadine Supplier
After soundly thrashing Acid Black he laughed when you asked who his supplier was and he had this to say.

You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Heh... Heh, heh. Oh, man, it's too good not to share just a little taste... Let's just say, Emperor Cole has no idea what his Praetors are up to...

Acid Black smiled as a memory surfaced. He then looked to you, eyes smiling and finished.

... Or what she is capable of.

His eyes widened with amusement as you pieced together two possibilities: Praetor Tilman or Praetor Duncan

Icon clue generic.png
Shipping Information
You found shipping information showing that this crate full of Fixadine was shipped from one of Neuron's labs in Neutropolis to Cole Memorial Hospital here in Imperial City. Obviously it never made it to its intended destination. Or did it?


Tell me you found something good. Oh, I can tell you found out something good.

Jessica reviews all of the recording you did in an almost catatonic state. When she's done it takes her awhile to say anything.

I... I can't believe this. This is AMAZING!

Unable to contain her joy she gives you a big hug and is all smiles.

Alright, I just have to do some last minute editing on my piece with these new facts, then I'm going to send a copy to TPN.

We're going to blow the doors right off their hinges, Character!

You're an inspiration to the Resistance, Character. Without your help, the injustices of this government might have gone unchecked. Thank you for validating my belief that I'm doing something right.

If we keep working together to stop the injustices in this world, we might be able to take our future back. Here is my number so that you can contact me at any time.

Part Two: Edit Pass


Alright, Character, I finished the editing and had my boyfriend drop it into the TPN drop box. Don't worry, I used one of my pen names, Tetrachloride, I've used in the past.

Now, the only issue is that TPN sends all their footage to Athena Labs. They're going to edit everything out of my story over there.

So that's where I'm going to need your help again. I need you to get into Athena Labs and make sure that my material skips the editing process.

  • Sneak into TPN for Jessica


Here, this is the schedule for the security sweeps of the building. My boyfriend knows a guy who can neutralize the surveillance systems remotely, but the security system will figure that out in a few minutes. Once you access the computers the Clockwork will be alerted to your tampering. If the security system detects an intruder, the PPD will be called. Their best response time is 2 minutes.

Character, you're going to have to move fast to get in and out of there unseen. I have faith in you though.

Those Loyalists who are truly loyal to the safety and peace of Praetoria would do well to speak with Provost Marchand about events that are happening.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I need you to get into Athena Labs before they edit my story. The editing process is automated, so if you move the necessary files out of the batch process into the edited folder then we're home free.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_Tech_30_Layout_07_01

If Jessica is right, you've got less than 5 minutes to get in and out of here!

  • Manipulate Files in Athena Labs before PPD arrive
    • Modify Production Files
    • Surveillance Offline For 5 Minutes
    • 2 Minutes until the PPD arrives!

You pushed Jessica's files through the Athena Labs editing process.


Badge DefeatClockwork.png Praetorian Clockwork
Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department

You found Jessica's files under her pen name, 'Tetrachloride'.

Icon clue generic.png
Modified Production Queue
You modified the queue of TPN histories in the Athena Labs Production Computer. You ensured that Jessica Flores' file, written under the pen name 'Tetrachloride', was moved into the approved bin and then masked your trail by downloading a large number of other files onto a portable drive.


You did it?

You did it!

This. Is. So. Awesome! I'm going to nail those high and mighty Praetors! Finally, all my hard work will actually do something to help improve things and expose the crud under all this white wash and gold!



You know Jason Maxwell? Yeah, the columnist who has sparked all the controversy over at TPN Today for his borderline Pro-Resistance articles. Well he is a member of the Resistance... He's also my boyfriend.

Well, our plan was to get my article into TPN through Athena Labs, just as you helped me do, but... we ran into a snag.

You see, Jason and I were going to go underground with the Resistance before this story hit, but, I think something has gone wrong.

He called me a few minutes ago and just whispers the word 'Get Out Now' and then hung up. I think he's in serious trouble, Character. If he ends up in the BAF, it's all my fault!

  • Help Jessica

Thank you. Listen. He and Kenneth Hall, the chief editor, are on the TPN Campus right now. Kenneth is a Resistance member also. The plan was to push my story right before a break and then leave.

They were supposed to be out of the building by now, but I haven't heard a word from them since Jason's last phone call. Character, I'm scared.

Please, please, can you find Jason and Kenneth and get them out of there?

Unnecessary Solicitation

You need to find them, I'm sure they are in danger!

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_OFFICE_30_LAYOUT_01_06

The building is crawling with PPD search teams looking for the Resistance sympathizers you are here to protect.

  • Rescue Jason and Kenneth from TPN
    • Check Jason Maxwell to see if he's alive
    • Transmit Jessica's Story
    • Rescue Kenneth Hall

You managed to successfully transmit Jessica's story, and save the life of Kenneth Hall. Jason Maxwell, however, is in rough shape.


Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department

Notable NPCs

Contact Small Jason Maxwell.jpg
Jason Maxwell



Jessica really... wasn't kidding...

  • Are you ok?

I... I don't think so... My... My back feels fu... Funny and... And my vision is... Blurry.

They, they just... Wouldn't stop shooting me... With their pow... Power gauntlets...

Jason coughs and spasms in agony as the color begins rapidly draining from his face.

  • Your back is broken, don't try to move, I'll get you out of here.

Nnn... no... gotta... get the story... out...

  • It's not worth your life.

Jason recovers a bit of strength as your words seem to anger him slightly.

Don't... don't you dare... make my leaving... be... for nothing!

  • Alright, what do you want me to do?

The... the cops... they have... the main transmitter control... room guarded. But I... I installed... a backdoor... in Laura's... work station...

With a shaking hand, Jason pulls his wallet out of his back pocket and fumbles with it until it falls on the floor in front of him. He curses.

Password is... on my Loyal Tea... and Coffee card.

Find Kenneth Hall... he can... he can transmit... the story.

  • Alright, I'll find Kenneth, transmit the story, and then I'll be back for you.

Jason's breathing is shallow and he says nothing.


Icon clue generic.png
You Transmited the Story
You accessed the transmitter through the back door that Jason Maxwell installed in his co-worker's computer. Through it, you were able to transmit Jessica Flores' story about the truth behind the Destroyers' history and the source of their Fixadine supply to the people of Praetoria over the Total Praetoria Network.
Balloon.png As you exit the building, a PPD police cruiser races up along the street and screeches to a halt near you. The passenger doors fly open and you see the glow of Resistance armor inside the vehicle. They wave you over and Kenneth Hall rushes into the front seat of the vehicle.

'Give us the kid, we'll get him treatment!', yells the girl in the back seat.

You carefully get Jason Maxwell into the back of the car and kick the door closed just as the girl yells, 'We're secure. Thirty-Two, get us out of here!'

With that the police cruiser takes off down the street, lights flashing and everything.

Now all you have to do is tell Jessica Flores that her boyfriend might have died getting the truth out.


Jessica Flores bursts into tears. There is little comfort to be given her in knowing that her boyfriend may well have sacrificed his life so that her story could reach the masses.

I... I need to see Jason. I need to get out of here...

Character, thank you. The people of Praetoria may not ever know who 'Tetrachloride' is, or who Acid Black was talking to in that video, but I will always remember that the sacrifices made today were made so others could see the all powerful truth.