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A Fixadine stash


Fixadine is a drug in Praetoria, also known as 'Crush'. It is most commonly used by the Destroyers, but others can get access to it as well. It is the Praetorian counterpart to Superadine.

Effects & Chemistry

The drug grants its users incredible strength, so much so that they can stand toe-to-toe with individuals in power armor. Unfortunately, it is also powerfully addictive. Once a person is addicted, their bodies become dependent on Fixadine; without the drug, their bodily functions shut down one by one until they die.[1]

The drug is somewhat similar to Superadine, but there are subtle molecular differences. The relationship is such that there is a possibility that studies of Fixadine could be used to cure the effects of Superadine.[2]

Fixadine in Praetoria

The most prominent users of Fixadine in Praetoria are the Destroyers. Their members must go through an initiation called 'The Gauntlet', after which they are given Fixadine to supplement their strength and toughness.

The supplier chain of Fixadine is shrouded in mystery. Most investigators reach what they think to be the top level, only to find yet another minor player.

Although many have tried to find it, there has been little process towards a cure. Doctor Arvin has come up with a process that offers hope, but can only be done on a slow, case by case basis.

It is revealed that the Destroyers are Praetor White's former companions. He abandoned them to become a Praetor, and they showed up Praetoria City, addicted to Fixadine and wanting revenge.[3] Praetor White had scientists discover how to make the drug, and continued to supply it to the Destroyers.[4] However, it was originally Praetor Duncan who gave them the drug, and continues to supply it to the Destroyers and her own "friends".[5][6]