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Robert Flores

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Robert Flores
Robert Flores.jpg
Zone Nova Praetoria
Coordinates (-5955, 24, -873)
Level Range 1-10
Introduced By == Level 4 ==
Calvin Scott
Introduces == Level 4 ==
Tunnel Rat
Enemy Groups Badge DefeatGhouls.png Ghouls
Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department
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Robert Flores is a Praetorian contact in Nova Praetoria at coordinates (-5955, 24, -873).  His level range is 1-10.


Contact Introduced By

  • Calvin Scott
  • Loyalist aligned players will not be introduced to Robert Flores, but may take his missions by speaking to him, if at appropriate level.

Contact Introduces

I've got someone I think you should meet.

Have you heard of Tunnel Rat? She's... a little weird. I think she's kinda cute, but she's no Belladonna.

Good luck working with Tunnel Rat. She can be a bit odd, but her heart is in the right place. I think.



Robert Flores is a small-time journalist in Nova Praetoria. He's always been in the shadow of his older sister, Jessica Flores, but that doesn't stop him from trying to pick up leads to investigate. What does stop him is the hand of Emperor Cole coming down on his investigations when they get too 'in-depth'.

Prior to Introduction


Initial Contact

Whoa... I thought they were kidding, but they obviously weren't. You're Powers Division! I can't believe this! Finally people are waking up. Man, I am so excited to work with you, you have no idea. There's a lot that's going to happen with you and me, believe me when I say that.

When we're done here, we'll be so far down the rabbit hole that we won't even know how to get back out!


  • Let's get ourselves some truth.
  • Nothing to see here, just two people, talking to each other.
  • What is up, my friend? Nothin' much, nothin' much.

Too Busy

I've got some time-critical information, but it looks like you are up to your neck in busy work. Tell you what, clear your schedule some and then we'll see about getting that thing done.

Too Low Level


No More Missions

I think it's best that I lay low for a little while... maybe a long while. Big things like this happen and people start getting snitchy, if you get my drift.


Story Arc


E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.


Robert Flores's Article

Robert Flores sent this article to you after the encounter you had with him. It'll never be published, of course, given all of the precious information that it holds. But perhaps one day, when the people of Praetoria are allowed to express their opinions, it can be released. You look over the article and see that it is titled...


By Robert Flores

It all began when a member of the Powers Division (name removed for safety) hacked into the camera system for Nova Praetoria. This anonymous Powers Division found out that Mr. G, an agent within Cole's regime, passed a top secret folder along to the Ministry of Information. The folder contained details regarding a man called Eddie Polstra.

The member of Powers Division then made contact with the heroic members of the Resistance, who informed our agent that Eddie Polstra was mostly a mystery, but one fact was known; he was not on the side of the Resistance.

Luck would be on the side of this member of the Powers Division, as the Ministry of Information was evacuated due to a bomb threat. With little time to spare, our anonymous protagonist slipped into the Ministry of Information to recover the details on Eddie Polstra. The folder left more questions than answers. The Ministry was planning on hiding Eddie's true origin.

Our dauntless hero went down into the depths of the tunnels to meet with the beautiful Belladonna Vetrano for the purpose of exchanging this information. The two were ambushed by Cole's dogs but were able to fend them off easily.

It is still unknown who exactly this Eddie Polstra is, but the people of Praetoria won't rest until all their questions have been answered.

Part One: A Day in the Life of Mr. G


Do you know how Cole and his group work with information, Character? I'll tell you how.

They try to make us forget what happened by changing what's written in history. Nothing major, of course. There's no 'Then Cole made Earth, and it was good'. But it's the small things that begin to add up. My father took part in the Hamidon Wars. He was part of a group of civilians who banded together to fight off the monsters of the Devouring Earth.

But he didn't support Cole. And now? He and his group aren't mentioned anywhere - just wiped away from history. Imagine, twenty years from now, people will think it was just Cole and Praetor White who helped clean things up.

My point in all this is that we need to take back control over information, you know? The first thing we need to do is see what they see - which means hacking into the cameras that oversee Nova.

  • And how are we going to do that without being caught?

Good question!

That's why you need to help me with it. After all, you're a 'fine, upstanding member of Powers Division'. Me, if I did it as a normal citizen, I'd never be seen again. You, though, if people come up and start asking questions, you can just say you were using the cameras to find traitors!

Here in Praetoria, you're almost invincible if you claim your actions are to hunt down traitors. It's a good thing to know, don't you think?

The cameras are all around the city - hack into one of 'em and let me know if you find any interesting information.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Remember, you're doing this to find traitors - no one will try to question you with that.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Hack a camera in Nova Praetoria

You've hacked all the cameras and found out some information!

Icon clue generic.png
Camera Footage
You look over the information you found from all three cameras to see the following string of events:

A man in a suit, meeting with a non-descript PPD official. The PPD official gives the man a folder, then walks away. There are some words on the folder - you can only make out one of them - 'Polstra'.

Praetor Duncan walks up to speak with the man. You increase the volume to overhear her calling the man, 'Mr. G'. The two speak for a few minutes, Praetor Duncan appearing angry before walking off. Mr. G looks directly into the camera and smiles before getting into his black-windowed car.

The black-windowed car pulls up to a street corner, where a man from the Ministry of Information awaits. The man from the ministry enters the car. Fifteen minutes later he exits with the folder in hand. You're able to now make out the name on the folder: 'Eddie Polstra'.


Amazing job, Character. With these cameras working for us, we can dig through a lot more information about Emperor Cole's lies.

You said you found some interesting information on there?

Mr. G? Oh man, that guy is all kinds of bad news, at least that's what my sister says. He deals in all sorts of conspiracies in Praetoria.

So what was he dealing with this time? The Ministry of Information and some guy named Eddie Polstra? Huh... that's weird, even for him. Why would he be dealing with something like that? There must be more to this Polstra guy than meets the eye.

I think we've got ourselves a little mystery to solve.

Listen, here's my number. You need anything, just give me a call. And don't worry, Splice makes sure all our phones are secure.

Part Two: Little Box, Big Signal


So, I think if we want to move forward on this, we need to see if anyone else in the Resistance has heard about this Eddie Polstra guy. Who he is, what he's up to, and why Mr. G is involved.

To do that, we need to hook ourselves up to the Static. It's the way members of the Resistance contact each other in the underground. It's tough to use, since it breaks up a bit and we normally get the best reception in... ghoul-infested areas. So, you tend to get very mixed info. But you do get information!

There's a box location nearby, deep in the tunnels. But... well, I mean I guess you can see where I'm going with this.

  • I'll need to fight through ghouls to get to this box.


But it's not something that a Powers Division guy / girl couldn't handle, right? This information could be important. What if this Eddie Polstra guy has been kidnapped? Slated for execution? Who knows what Cole and his guys could be up to with Eddie?

We need to do something to help this guy out, Character. Even if it means going deep into a den of ghouls. I'd go with you, but... well, I think my sister wouldn't be happy to hear that I was torn apart by ghouls.

Also, I kind of scream when I get nervous.

The Static

Unnecessary Solicitation

Did I mention the screaming? You really don't want me along, screaming in your ear every time I see a ghoul.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_Tunnels_30_Layout_01_01

The tunnels reek with the stench of ghouls... and the stench of death. You'll have to get in and out of here as quickly as possible.

  • Use the Static to contact the Resistance
    • Find the Static Box to access the network
    • Find the Mission Exit

You found some information out regarding Eddie. Time to get out of here and back to Robert Flores!


Badge DefeatGhouls.png Ghouls

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After accesing the Static you will be ambushed by a group of Ghouls.


How did it go, Character?

You spoke with someone named BV? Hrm... BV... BV... not ringing any bells... could that be... nah, it couldn't be her.

Anyway, right... right, focus. Eddie doesn't need our help, huh? This makes things a little clearer. I guess Mr. G was trying to set things up for Cole's new dog. If Eddie is going to be working against us, then it means we need to do something drastic to find out more about him. And I know just the thing.

Part Three: A Little Law Breaking


Okay, Character, if we want to get more information about Eddie, we're going to have to go to the source; the Ministry of Information.

Only problem is that the place is heavily guarded - even someone like yourself would be refused entry into the labs where they keep their files.

Good thing I have a plan to get you in there!

I hope you don't mind, by the way, that I keep throwing you into these situations. I get nervous about these things; I wonder, 'Does Character hate that I keep putting him / her into bad situations?' I really hope you don't, and I'd love to do it myself, it's just, well, you're you. And I'm me. So that can't really happen...

  • Robert, let's focus on the plan. What're we doing?

Right! Some members of the Resistance have planted several dud bombs around the Ministry. They're going to evacuate the building now to scan the area for any more bombs.

When you get inside, you'll have, maybe two minutes tops to get in, get the files, and get out before the PPD arrive to scan the area.

Now, I'm sure if you're caught in there, you can explain what you're doing there, but it'll be after a nasty fight.

If you can find the folder that Mr. G had, it'll tell us everything we need to know about this guy.

Unnecessary Solicitation

There's not much time, Character. We can only call in so many threats on the building, you know.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_Office_30_Layout_02_01

The area is completely devoid of life - for the moment. Soon the PPD will be crawling throughout the entire area, itching to blast anyone they see.

  • Retrieve Eddie Polstra's Folder
    • Get the files and get out before the PPD arrive - 2:00
    • Find Mission Exit

You've got the files, now to get out of here!


Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department
You found Eddie's Files!

Icon clue generic.png
Eddie Polstra - Biography
This folder contains the supposed biography of Eddie Polstra. It seems like it will be used as a sort of method of telling the people in Praetoria about Eddie. However, it still bears corrections made by someone...

NAME: Eddie Polstra (Change to Edward, sounds formal.)

PLACE OF BIRTH: OLD SAN JOSE (Check to see how many people in Praetoria are former residents. May want to change to different location.)

Eddie (Edward) Polstra is a prime example of a citizen who refuses to allow the enemies of Praetoria to win. Polstra fought against a large group of Resistance in order to protect supplies being sent to one of our many allies out in the east (add that supplies were for children, or another group that cannot defend themselves) during their fight against Hamidon.

We are proud to have Eddie (Edward) as a member of Cole's guard. We believe he is the key we need to finally eliminate those who would threaten the peace of Praetoria. (Finish with a mention of Calvin Scott, goal is to instill fear into the people and make them feel hopeful in Edward's skills.)


Breaking into the Ministry isn't easy, Character.

We were only able to get this far 'cause of a guy named Paolo Marino.

He's an insider we have in the PPD. You can thank him for holding off the patrols of Loyalists as long as he could.

That info you found sure is weird, though. Looks like this Eddie guy isn't from Old San Jose. But where could he be from that the Loyalists don't want us knowing?

This sure makes me wonder, but we can worry about a question and answer session later. We need to get this info into the right hands.

Part Four: Face to Face


I got word from some members of the Resistance that we need to get this information on Eddie to that woman you talked to, BV. Which... will be tough. See, BV is kinda wanted for... a lot of things. So any meetings with her need to be strictly in the underground.

She's arranged a place for this meeting to happen. Fortunately, you get to be the one to meet her. I mean, you know how badly I want to meet her face to face? If I just had a chance... I mean, what could she look like? Do you think she's beautiful?

... anyway. Unfortunately, the meeting is happening in a part of the tunnels infested by ghouls. It's the one place that she knows the PPD won't be - we can't risk her getting captured. So, are you up for a playdate with BV in a hive of ghouls?

  • Well, Robert, you make it sound terribly enticing.

I know, right?

You can get to the tunnels that she'll be in through the usual entrance.

You'll have to clear out some ghouls first before it'll be safe for her to come out.

She's tough, but, well, we also can't risk her getting chomped by some ghouls. Precious cargo, you know?

Players who originally chose Loyalist now have the opportunity to call up Provost Marchand to inform him of current events. Messages such as this will appear in missions where this is possible. If you originally did not choose to be a Loyalist, you can not do undercover Loyalist work in Resistance missions; you can do undercover work against the Loyalists in their missions. Players who change their faction can still do undercover work for the side they originally chose.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Man, can you at least tell her that I said hello?

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_TUNNELS_30_LAYOUT_09_01

The stench of ghouls and death hangs in the air.
This seems to be exactly the kind of place BV prefers to meet with people.

  • Meet with BV
    • Defeat Bone Eater
    • Defeat Man Eater
    • Speak with BV
    • Fend off the incoming PPD

You were able to fight off the PPD and discovered a mysterious third party helping the Resistance; a man named Dark Watcher.



Badge DefeatGhouls.png Ghouls
Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Cracked Chains
You defeated Man Eater and found one of his chains were cracked open. Looking inside of it, you saw various bits of technology almost spilling out. A small red light that was inside flashed once and then died away.


Character, good to meet you in person. I apologize it had to be done in this manner, but, well, when you live like I do, you can't take any chances. My name is BV - Belladona Vetrano.

You have the dossier on Eddie Polstra, yes?

  • That I do. What are you going to do with it?
This may come as a surprise, but I'm simply delivering this to someone else who might know what to do with it.
The man's name is Dark Watcher, though I haven't met him in person. Very mysterious, that one. I received a message after your discovery of Eddie Polstra. It was from Dark Watcher, saying to do everything possible to find out what they know about Eddie.
I'm not too sure who this Dark Watcher is, but he's extremely interested in Eddie.
  • Well, here is the file. What's next? (A)
That would be it, I believe.
I'll bring this to Dark Watcher's other messenger, it should get to him eventually.
  • Alright, I'm going to be on my way.
...?! Hold on, Character! We've got a situation!
  • PPD!

If you're working for the Loyalists

  • (Plant tracking device on the folder and hand it over)
You hand Belladonna the folder with a small tracking device on it.
This may come as a surprise, but I'm simply delivering this to someone else who might know what to do with it.
The man's name is Dark Watcher, though I haven't met him in person. Very mysterious, that one. I received a message after your discovery of Eddie Polstra. It was from Dark Watcher, saying to do everything possible to find out what they know about Eddie.
I'm not too sure who this Dark Watcher is, but he's extremely interested in Eddie.
  • What's next?
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented. (A)


That was too close, Character. I can't believe the PPD are planting tracking devices on ghouls now. How do they even do that?

I kinda wonder who this Dark Watcher guy is though... I mean, I thought Belladona was supposed to be really high up in the Resistance. Who is this guy that even she is only meeting with one of his messengers?

I only hope that he's here to help us save this city's memory. My father's actions in the Hamidon Wars were already erased by Cole... I don't want that to happen to anyone else.

Speaking of saving things, someone needs your help. That guy Paolo Marino. Only way you're gonna be able to help him is if you meet up with Tunnel Rat.