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Warrior, Artist, Philosopher
Zone St. Martial
Coordinates (-3602, 32, 1110)
Level Range 40-50
Merits 5
Introduced By None
Introduces None
Enemy Groups V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
Badge villain malta.png Malta Operatives
V badge PPD.png Paragon Police Department
V badge ShiningStars.png Shining Stars
V badge Phalanx.png Freedom Phalanx
V badge Security.png Security Guards
V badge Pandora.png Pandora's Might
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ParagonMarket SignatureStoryArc2Ep3.png Requires Pandora's Box, Episode 3.

Socrates is a villain contact in the Jackpot neighborhood of St. Martial at coordinates (-3602, 32, 1110). His level range is 40-50. He is located alongside a building 249 yards west-southwest of the Tailor. Socrates is the third contact in the villain-side Pandora's Box Signature Story Arc available on the Paragon Market or free with subscription.

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 5 Reward Merits.


Contact Introduced By

None; Socrates is available through the Signature Story Arc Contact option.

Contact Introduces



Socrates is more than a member of Odysseus's eccentric cadre. He is also one of David Hill's closest friends and confidants. Though he comes off as somewhat self-important at times, Socrates constantly strives to better himself in all areas of life, and is fiercely loyal to those he deems worthy of respect.

Content Not Purchased

You will need to have purchased the third episode of the second signature story arc, Pandora's Box, or be a VIP subscriber before you can play Lieutenant Harriman's storyarc.

Prior to Introduction

+++ Missing Information +++

Initial Contact

+++ Missing Information +++


Hail, Character. Let us do great deeds together.

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Story Arc

Devil Take the Hindmost


Part One: The Old and the New


Hail, Character. I am Socrates, son of Bill, and right-hand man to the great Odysseus. He has called upon me to aid you in your quest to find the fabled Pandora's Box, and I intend to do just that.

Socrates favors you with a broad smile.

I've heard much of your exploits from my colleagues. I must say, given the tales surrounding your name, that I am glad we are working together on this venture. They say that having Character as a foe is not to be envied.

  • Agree to form a strike force

The esteemed Doctor James Harvan has requested an audience with you. I have heard nearly as much about this man as I have about you, Character. His expertise in the mythos behind Pandora's Box is unrivalled.

Though, I am sure that you know this already. Your secretary has allowed him some limited freedom in the Rogue Isles, but she assures me that he is still kept under close watch. You will find him nearby, if you choose to honor his request.

Talk to James Harvan

Unnecessary Solicitation

Doctor Harvan awaits you, Character. Were I you, I would spare a moment to hear his words. If he is as well-versed in the lore of Pandora's Box as they say, then he will not steer you wrong.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to James Harvan


Ah, Character. Just the man / woman I wanted to see. I have a request for you. It is, ah... Harvan looks at his feet, shifting nervously.

After a short breath, he raises his eyes to meet your gaze.

It is of a... somewhat personal nature.

  • Alright... what's your request, then?
My father, Sir Isaiah Harvan, dedicated most of his life to the search for Pandora's Box. I have taken up his quest myself, and we've arguably come much closer to finding it than my father ever did.
Harvan's brow furrows, and he pauses a moment before speaking again.
However... it is his untimely disappearance that I would like to speak with you about. My father's research has led me to many things, including the existence of the Antikythera. In his later years, he became convinced that someone within the United States government knew more about Pandora's Box than they let on, and his investigation became significantly more... political.
  • Meaning he drew the attention of some dangerous people.
Harvan nods at you.
Exactly. He was pursuing this very avenue of investigation right up until the day he disappeared. Obviously, those of us close to him suspected foul play, but... well, you know how these things go. When an eccentric explorer that believes in the myths of ancient Greece disappears, it doesn't exactly make the front page.
Still, I believe my father was onto something significant, and it is my belief that you are... less susceptible to harm than my father was.
  • So you want me to pick up where he left off.
I believe it would serve both our interests, Character. It could provide us with vital information on Pandora's Box... and it could also uncover my father's fate.
I won't hide the fact that I have a personal stake in this... but I also believe it's the best place to look, given our situation.
  • Alright, Harvan. I'll look into it.
  • Stick to your work, Harvan. You're here to help find Pandora's Box.
Well, that's just the thing, Character. What I'm about to ask of you is, in fact, quite closely related to the search for Pandora's Box.
It... it involves my father, and his work. I'm still using the Antikythera to try to pinpoint the Box's location, but it takes time to interpret the readings. I believe that this task may speed the process somewhat, depending on what you find.
  • Alright, Harvan... this better be good.
My father...
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.

Assist Doctor Harvan

Unnecessary Solicitation

So Doctor Harvan has enlisted your help? I am most pleased. With the two of you working side by side, truly no obstacle can withstand you.

Mission Objective(s)


This is the place Harvan directed you to, but you're definitely not alone.
It looks like Malta has been holed up in here for a while. Who knows what they're up to.

  • Assist Doctor Harvan
    • Search for anything related to Pandora's Box
    • Continue searching for clues
    • Leave the area
    • Defeat Captain Mako
    • Speak with Mako

You have gained some crucial info here, and you seem to have swayed Captain Mako as well.


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
Badge villain malta.png Malta Operatives

Notable NPCs


You search through the desk, looking for any documents of interest. The few papers you find are old and soiled, not to mention completely unreadable.

Upon testing the drawers, you find more of the same: extremely old office supplies and refuse. One of the drawers, however, appears to be locked...

  • (Break the lock on the drawer)

Using your unique capabilities, you manage to bypass the lock on the drawer, taking care not to damage the contents in the process.

Inside, you find copious amounts of dust... but you also spot a large manila envelope that appears to have been moderately well-preserved.

Inside the envelope are a series of official-looking documents, each of which appears to be quite liberally censored.

  • (Inspect the documents)

Most of these are either unintelligible or mundane, but one document in particular catches your eye:


MEMORANDUM TO: Administrator, Corrections Facility Research & Development


While your concerns are understandable and noted, the primary funding partners for Project REDACTED will remain classified for the time being. Rest assured that the RIDC has strict security measures in place for the facility, and that site construction is being overseen by both public and private personnel. Continue development for the REDACTED facility as previously planned.

We are currently operating under a strict timetable, and unless REDACTED is completed on schedule, construction will need to be put on hold. As you are aware, the longer construction takes, the more involved local authorities will become. If you require more resources to complete REDACTED on schedule, speak with Comptroller REDACTED.


In the margins of the memo, in scrawled handwriting, is the following message:

Senator - this is the best that I could get. I know it's not much. I may be able to get more if you can put some pressure on the Board.


  • (Leave)

Icon clue generic.png
Heavily Censored Memo
This memo is from the Rhode Island Department of Corrections, but most of the key references are blacked out. It refers to construction of some sort of facility, but it's unclear where the facility was built or for what purpose.
Contact Small Cabinet.jpg


Amongst the discarded remains of the small office, you find a file cabinet that appears to have survived mostly intact. The drawers inside are filled with dividers and documents of varying conditions.

  • (Begin sifting through the documents)

While most of these documents appear to be unmarred by government censors, they also appear to be mostly useless. After sifting through some irate letters from the Brickstown Business Association and angry, error-ridden screeds about UFOs, you come to realize that you're looking at a collection of incoming mail.

Just as you're ready to give up and move on, a distinctly official-looking letter catches your eye...

  • (Read the letter)

Senator James S. Neill
Chairman, Senate Judiciary Committee
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510
May 10, 1949

Supervisor Tornay:

I am deeply troubled by your department's reluctance to forward pertinent information on 'Project Marduk'. While I fully understand that major components of the facility are proprietary, it is not generally the practice of Congress to fund projects without knowing the recipient of those funds.

I can understand if you wish to maintain Classified status on the technology behind the project, but you must at least divulge the identity of all private partners involved in the project. Using unknown tech in a government facility is one thing, Supervisor, but receiving said tech from an unknown party without disclosing any related information is simply ludicrous.

I shall await your prompt reply. I hope that a subpoena will not be necessary in this instance.


James S. Neill
United States Senator, MO

  • (Leave)

Icon clue generic.png
Irate Letter
This letter appears to have been written a U.S. Senator from the 1940s. He appears concerned with a 'Project Marduk', and the secrecy surrounding it. He also refers to anonymous 'private partners', and requests their identities. Given that you found the letter amongst other discarded and ignored mail, you can only assume that his requests were denied.
Contact Small Safe.jpg


This safe stands out as one of the only highly-secured objects you've seen here. If there's anything left in this building that might be of interest to you, it's probably in here.

  • (Attempt to pry open the safe)

The lock looks to be in a state of significant disrepair, and with some careful manipulation, you manage to pry the rusted door open.

Inside, you find a set of blueprints for a high-security prison. As you flip through the blueprints, you note that they appear to be incomplete - many of the connections to the lower levels of the prison seem to link elsewhere, but are simply labeled 'subcontract'.

At the back of the pile, you find a one-page summary of interaction with an organization called Milestone Labs, SPC.

  • (Read through the summary)


MEMORANDUM TO: Supervisor, Corrections Facility Administration & Construction

SUBJECT: Project Marduk

The contract with Milestone Labs, SPC has been written up. We're still working on the fine details, but your department can begin construction plans immediately.

Unfortunately, negotiations regarding patent rights and proprietary transparency have not been successful. The boys at Milestone are insistent that they maintain total control over their tech, even as it's applied to Project Marduk. I don't like it, but frankly, this project doesn't get off the ground unless we use them.

Research into alternative methods of containing powered entities is still underway, but this project has stalled long enough. Run up some new plans, under the assumption that inmates will be able to generate no more than 100kN. That should bring the project well within budget.

Roger S. Vrabel
Senior Director, Metahuman Intelligence Protocol

  • (Leave)

Icon clue generic.png
Facility Blueprints
You found a series of blueprints for what looks like a prison, though large sections of it appear to be missing. The blueprints were accompanied by a cryptic letter referring to a company named Milestone Labs, SPC. The letter seemed to indicate that unknown tech was being integrated into the prison's construction.

It looks like this soldier's radio is still intact. May as well listen in...

First to the Mill Mako's Entrance.jpg

Captain Mako: Heh heh heh...
Captain Mako: Tracking you has been more fun than I expected.
Captain Mako: Now...
Captain Mako: Let's see what you look like on the inside!


After the beating you gave him, Mako appears to be having some trouble breathing. His gills are opening and closing violently, and his every breath comes out as a loud rasp.

In his current state, he seems to be unable to communicate... it looks like you'll need to do the talking, here.

  • Mako. Can you hear me?

Mako continues to focus almost entirely on continuing to breathe, but he takes the effort to look up at you. Your eyes lock with his, and you can see defiance and anger in the stare he gives you.

  • Don't give me that look, Mako. I haven't killed you... yet.
  • Arachnos sent you to follow me, right? How's that going?
Mako flinches at your words. With some effort, he manages to get out a ragged attempt at communication.
What... *hrrrrkkkk*...
What do you... want... *hrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkk*...
  • I'm recruiting, Mako. I'm sure word has gotten out.
Mako manages a grin at you, filled with rows of jagged teeth. He closes his eyes, and shakes his head.
Not... *hrrrkkkk*... switching sides...
  • Why play just one? I need someone on the inside.
Mako's breathing has steadied now. He looks thoughtful... for a shark.
What do you have to offer... *hrrkk*... that Recluse can't? Arachnos rules the Isles, Character... and when we get Pandora's Box, it's all over. No one will be able to stop us.
  • Arachnos is in decline, and you know it. What's your exit strategy?
  • But I'm always a step ahead, Mako. What happens when I get the Box?
Mako ponders this for a moment.
I'll... consider it, Character. I don't take Recluse lightly, but...
Mako looks up at you again. This time, the anger and defiance appear to be mingled with... at least some level of respect.
But I don't think I can take you lightly, either.
  • Think it over, then. I have places to be.

Return to James Harvan

Unecessary Solicitation

Doctor Harvan will surely be interested in your findings, Character. You should speak with him, so that you may combine your knowledge with his.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Return to James Harvan


Character! I think I've made a breakthrough. By comparing readings from the Antikythera at different locations, I was able to triangulate a pattern in the energy flows in this area. Based on the trajectories I've witnessed, I'd surmise that-

  • Harvan...

Harvan seems not to hear you.

...but the patterns were all wrong, you see. If they moved elliptically, their origin point would have been somewhere in Michigan, which I knew to be false. But then, it hit me. The streams don't act like particles of light, but like jets of air. They're limited by geographical constraints! Factoring this data, I managed to-

  • Harvan!

...almost like magnets! They're drawn to large populations, specifically of humans! After applying this modification to my equations, I was able to calculate their trajectories with significantly greater precision! I'm now confident that-


Raising your voice seems to have gotten his attention. Harvan trails off, staring at you vacantly for a moment. He shakes his head roughly, as if waking from a trance.

I'm... sorry, Character. I suppose I got a little too excited there. Did you... find something of interest?

  • As a matter of fact, I did.

You relate the events of your investigation to Harvan, and hand him the documents you found. As he pores over them, he grows increasingly confused.


What is this? I recognize this design. I've seen it before...

Harvan's brows furrow.

This is... this is the design for Zigursky Penitentiary.

  • It appears so.

But this doesn't make any sense. Why would my father be interested in this? He never took any interest in modern structures, and he certainly wasn't interested in the political machinations of the United States...

Besides, these designs are deeply flawed. This structure might be suitable for common criminals, or perhaps minor villains, but... there's no way these designs could contain metahumans of any significant scale.

Harvan's eyes widen, and he looks up at you.


  • Unless something was limiting their powers.

Harvan's hands begin to tremble with excitement.

Something... something that could limit the powers of any metahuman. Something that unified the concepts of science and magic, of technological progress and natural prowess.

Something that commanded the very essence of power itself.

  • You mean, something like Pandora's Box.

This fits with all of my findings, Character. If our theory is correct, then... someone has been utilizing Pandora's Box as a sort of safeguard against metahuman criminals. It's a crude use of such a powerful artifact, but...

Harvan trails off.

We need to inform the others of your findings. If we're correct, we'll need to set up an expedition right away.

  • Agreed. I'll set up a meeting.


As you relate your experiences to Socrates, his broad smile fades into a scowl.

I am ecstatic that you have made this discovery, Character, but... I wonder if Captain Mako is a man you can trust. It strikes me that he is not in the habit of following others.

Regardless, it seems that you have uncovered some information critical to our quest. I shall call together a meeting, so that your discoveries may be discussed in a safer environment.

Part Two: A Sound in the East


The lovely Ms. Kayumanis has agreed to assemble your allies aboard the U.S.S. Mitscher. They await your pleasure, Character.

  • I'll head out to them, then.

Socrates smiles broadly at you.

To think that the searching is finally over... and soon, we will have possession of enough power to establish dominion over the world! Truly, you are an inspiration to me, Character. I am glad that the Warriors are able to call you 'ally'.

Unnecessary Solicitation

A good leader knows when to wait, Character, but... if I may be so bold, I do not think this is one of those times. We are closer than ever to finding Pandora's Box, but we do not have it yet. Time is still of the essence.

Mission Objective(s)


Your sub met up with the Mitscher surprisingly close to the Isles. Lastri must be planning something already.

  • Establish a Plan of Action
    • Talk to Lastri
    • Leave the USS Mitscher
    • Take the Flyer to downtown Talos.
    • Cause as much destruction as possible (optional)
    • 3 Heracles units to destroy
    • Defeat Penelope Yin

You've taken down Penelope Yin and drawn the attention of your rivals toward your actions in Talos Island.


V badge PPD.png Paragon Police Department
V badge ShiningStars.png Shining Stars
V badge Phalanx.png Freedom Phalanx

Notable NPCs


Harvan's eyes are wide, as he repeatedly attempts to suppress a grin.

We are on the verge of an amazing breakthrough, Character. I have to say, I never imagined I would come this close to finding Pandora's Box... especially not this early in my career! Hah-ha!

Oh, I'm so excited. I can't wait to rub this in Dr. Bell's face. Can you believe that she had the temerity to claim that Pandora's Box was actually a jar? It boggles the mind what kinds of intellectual gymnastics were required to reach that sort of conclusion. Why, just a few years ago I was working on a site in Macedonia...

Harvan seems to be lost in his own ramblings.

  • Leave


Character. Fantastic work on the Box's location. Harvan's proved to be quite the asset, hasn't he?

  • So far, yes. Thanks for the referral.

Well, that's actually what I wanted to talk to you about.

Odysseus leans in close, and begins to speak under his breath.

There's something about his story that doesn't quite add up, Character. Harvan's well-known in his field, but his father is a mystery to me.

I did some digging, but what I've found has been sparse at best. I uncovered some official stuff - birth certificate, records of his time at Oxford, things like that. But beyond those, there's nothing. No mentions of an Isaiah Harvan in any trade publications or published works, no photos, no wedding announcements... Character, I couldn't even find an obituary for the guy.

  • So, what's your theory?

I don't know, Character. All I know is that something about Harvan doesn't add up. If his father's work was as groundbreaking as he claims, you'd think there would be some written evidence of that.

Look, he sent you into that office to find out what happened to his father, right? He said it was related to his disappearance? So, did you find anything related to Isaiah Harvan while you were there?

  • Well... no.

Yeah. I didn't think so.

Harvan's useful, and he's gotten us this far. I'm just saying... we need to keep an eye on him. There's more to him than he's letting on, and I don't like it.

  • Noted. Thanks for the warning.


Lieutenant Harriman nods to you respectfully, then turns his attention back to his duties.

  • Leave


Character! I am most pleased that you and I will once again be side by side on the field of battle! Our combined capabilities will become truly magnificent, yes?

  • Looking forward to it, Castillo.


Good to see you again, sir. Doctor Harvan has given me the gist of your findings.

I believe that we currently have an information advantage over Arachnos, and any other parties interested in Pandora's Box. If we're going to press that advantage, immediate action must be taken.

  • What did you have in mind?

Our primary goal is to enter Zigursky prison, and to acquire Pandora's Box. However, there are secondary considerations that must be taken into account. Zigursky is well-fortified, and any overt actions in Brickstown would immediately tip off our rivals that there is something of interest in that area.

Furthermore, there are organizations, such as Longbow or the Freedom Phalanx, that have significantly easier access to the facility than we do. If an armed intrusion into Zigursky became prolonged, local authorities would have the chance to bypass Zigursky's security and beat us to the Box.

For these reasons, I recommend against a frontal assault. However...

Lastri smiles, tapping her notebook with her pen.

There are other ways of gaining access to a prison.

  • What, exactly, are you suggesting?

A diversionary attack. We focus our efforts on a location we know is unrelated to Pandora's Box. If that location is also within Paragon City limits, we achieve two aims at once: we divert the attention of our rivals, while also establishing you as a high-profile threat in Paragon.

If you were then to... 'turn yourself in...'

  • I like it. How do we proceed?

Preparations have already been made, sir. My employer has offered his assistance in bypassing the War Walls around Talos Island, and I've made sure the local PPD branch has been tipped off. They're prepared for an incursion.

We'll need to hit them hard, and cause as much destruction as we can. If you can break their strongest lines of defense, it should prompt a more serious response.

I suggest that a small force, consisting of you, Captain Castillo, and Mr. Hill would be appropriate. It's already well-known that you're working together to find Pandora's Box, and all three of you are individually powerful enough to warrant incarceration in Zigursky.

  • What about Mako? Have we gotten a response from him?

Captain Mako is maintaining his post, for now. He has neither confirmed nor denied his interest in becoming a part of your organization. However...

Lastri tries, and fails, to suppress a grin.

He did send us a token of his... 'goodwill'.

  • And what would that be?

I'm sure you'll want to see for yourself, sir / ma'am. We picked it up on our way here... you'll find it on the outer deck.

  • Okay... I guess I'll go check it out, then.

After defeating the first Heracles unit:


Socrates beams at you.

Ha ha! Fantastic showing, Character!

My only regret is that I was not present during the grand battle. There is nothing quite so sweet as that final blow, watching your enemy fall before you. To take down a member of the Freedom Phalanx, hah!

Truly a badge of honor. I hope that I, too, may one day claim the same.

Part Three: Greeks Bearing Gifts


All of the elements of your plan are in place, Character. All that's needed now is the final execution.

Socrates's smile fades, and he looks at you solemnly.

You face a difficult task, Character.

To enter the Zig willingly, forfeiting your powers... it is a bold move. You will be vulnerable, for a time, and you will need to rely on your wits to survive.

  • Don't worry about me, Socrates. I can handle myself, no matter the situation.

Socrates's grin returns anew.

Indeed! And when you succeed, they will speak of this day for ages to come!

Good luck, Character! Before the sun sets tonight, the power of the gods will be in your hands!

Find Pandora's Box

Unnecessary Solicitation

Now is not the time to tarry, Character! Glory awaits!

Mission Objective(s)

  • Find Pandora's Box


All preparations are in place, sir / ma'am.

I have transportation ready to bring you to the Talos Island PPD station. Once you've turned yourself in, the local authorities should transport you to Zigursky Penitentiary almost immediately.

  • What should I expect once I'm inside?
If Doctor Harvan's theories are correct, then you should expect to be depowered the moment you enter Zigursky. The key, here, is the Antikythera.
Bring the Antikythera with you when you turn yourself in. The guards at Zigursky will confiscate it, but it's highly unlikely they will understand the significance of the artifact.
Once you're inside, you'll need to reacquire the Antikythera, from wherever they're storing it. Possessing it should grant you temporary immunity to the draining effects of Pandora's Box, thus restoring your powers.
Lastri frowns slightly, and one of her eyebrows twitches angrily.
At least, that's what Doctor Harvan informs me.
  • Something wrong?
Nothing of significance. Doctor Harvan appears to be... quite upset that he will not be personally involved in the discovery of Pandora's Box. I had to... remind him that the logistical nuances of this operation require that only high-powered entities would be appropriate.
Lastri's frown deepens.
He remains unconvinced. I have begun to wonder if his expertise has outlived its usefulness. However, until we have acquired Pandora's Box for ourselves, I deemed it prudent to retain his services.
  • We can deal with him later. Let's begin. (Start Mission)
  • I'm ready. (Start Mission)
  • I'm ready. (Start Mission)

Mission Objective(s)


Lastri managed to deposit you outside the Talos Island PPD office rather discreetly. The rest is up to you.

  • Find Pandora's Box
    • Turn yourself in
    • Assemble your allies
    • Search for your belongings
    • Find some way to stir up trouble
    • Find the Antikythera
    • Defeat Citadel
    • Speak to Harvan
    • Find a way into the prison substructure
    • Find Pandora's Box
    • Defeat Captain Castillo!
    • Survive the coming onslaught

Pandora's Box has been opened, with highly unexpected results. Now would be a good time to leave...

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

All of your character's powers are unavailable until the Antikythera is retrieved.


V badge Phalanx.png Freedom Phalanx
V badge Pandora.png Pandora's Might
V badge Security.png Security Guards

Notable NPCs

  • Captain Castillo (Sky Raiders Archvillain, Ally)
  • Citadel (Freedom Phalanx Hero, Enemy)
  • Nicola Franco (Family Lieutenant, Neutral) - Nicola Franco is a mid-level enforcer for the Family. He's spent the majority of his 'working' years behind bars, a fact attributed to his general carelessness when dealing with local authorities and Heroes.
  • Captain Guerrero (Paragon Police Department PPD Captain Boss, Neutral)
  • James Harvan (Oxford Professor, Civilian)
  • Odysseus (Warriors Archvillain, Ally)
Contact Small PPD Captain.jpg
Captain Guerrero


The eyes of the PPD captain widen in horror as you approach.

Character... y-you've got a lot of guts waltzing in here! Every hero in Paragon is gunning for your head! You'll leave if you know what's good for you!

Seeing that you have no intent on fleeing, he begins to sweat profusely.

You don't need... to hurt anyone, alright? Just... tell me why you're here. We can work this out.

  • (Pretend to be mind controlled.) Mistress Yin has commanded it.
  • I've had a sudden attack of conscience. I'm turning myself in.
  • I'm building my street cred. A few years in prison should do it.
The captain eyes you suspiciously. After a moment's hesitation, he beckons one of his officers over, to place you in cuffs.
You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney...
  • (Allow yourself to be arrested)

Mission Objective(s)

  • Assemble your team


Let's do this, Character. I have a serious aversion to this place.

  • Very well. Let's see what we can stir up.


We have arrived, Character. Our capabilities are reduced, it is true, but this will not be stopping us! Our glory shines through, regardless of what forces try to sap our strength!

  • True enough. With me, Castillo.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Search for your belongings

Contact Small Zigursky Guard.jpg
Zigursky Guard


The guard sneers at you as you approach.

That's far enough, Character. You and your lackeys got some hard time ahead of ya, so I suggest you get accustomed to the accommodations here.

  • I want access to my belongings. Where are they?

The guard lets out a sharp laugh. He jerks his thumb at the cabinet behind him.

You're not getting any of this till your trial, and even then it's gonna be as evidence.

The guard leans in close to you.

But really, go ahead and try and go for it. Grab whatever technical gizmo or magical doohickey you're looking for. Cause in here? That crap ain't working.

I can't tell you how many times some goon from the Circle has waved a stick at me, only to get tackled by three guards. I love that stuff. So try me, Character. Go ahead. I want you to.

  • Yes, I'm sure you do.

Contact Small Nicola Franco.jpg
Nicola Franco


The thick-jawed man looks at each of you contemptuously.

How've I been? How have I been?

No offense, cuckoo magic boy, but the slammer ain't exactly the best place to spend your recreational time. This ain't some... some pleasure cruise, eh? It's freakin' prison. How do you think I've been?

And where do you get off talkin' to me like we're pals or somethin'? I don't recall hanging around with a bunch of sword-swingin' freaks. I think I'd remember.

  • (Allow the drama to unfold)


Come on, now, Nikkie, don't be like that. I'm just trying to be friendly. Friendly's good, isn't it? Speaking of, how's your mother doing? It's been a while since I've seen her.

  • (Continue)

If this guy was angry before, he's downright livid now. His face is turning an increasingly deep shade of red.

First of all, you don't get to call me 'Nikkie'. My friends call me 'Nikkie', and you would not be my friend if you were the last frikkin' person on the face of this Earth.

Second of all, you do not, I repeat, you do NOT talk about my mother! You don't know her, and you don't need to know her, so back off right now, or you're gonna get a beating.

You may have been Mr. Big Shot outside, but in here? It's all guts, pal. And judging by your fancy attire, I'm gonna say you ain't got what it takes to go a round with me.

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Nikkie, please, I'm just trying to be pleasant, here. If you don't want to talk about your mother, that's fine. I can understand.

I mean, I wouldn't either, if my mother was a-

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THAT'S it, you asked for it, pal!

The man cracks his knuckles and advances toward Odysseus.

  • (Capitalize on the distraction)


Harvan cowers away from you.

Character! I... ah... oh dear. I seem to be in quite a bind, hm?

  • Quite. Explain yourself Harvan.
Well, I...
Harvan takes a moment to compose himself, then looks at you defiantly.
This is my life's work, Character. I know that probably doesn't mean anything to you, but it does to me. I mean to see Pandora's Box with my own two eyes, if it's the very last thing I do.
You can't deny me this, Character. I've earned it!
Harvan realizes he may have gone too far, and his courage begins to falter.
What... what I mean to say is...
  • Why should I take you? You're helping the Phalanx!
Harvan throws up his hands in frustration.
Well how else, exactly, was I supposed to get inside a maximum-security prison? You're part of this facility's target audience, for pete's sake! Of course you can get in!
I will be completely frank with you, Character. I have no loyalty to you, nor to the Freedom Phalanx, nor to anyone, really. The politics of all this, the grabs for power? They don't interest me.
What does interest me is the artifact underneath this facility. I want to be there, Character. I need to be there.
  • Tread carefully, Harvan. You're on thin ice.
  • Give me one good reason not to kill you where you stand.
N-now... now hang on. I know this looks bad, a-a-and really it is bad, but... ah...
Harvan swallows hard.
But... but you need me, Character. You may know where Pandora's Box is, but you can't know what to expect. I know for a fact that your secretary kept me around for this long as a safeguard. I can help you! My knowledge can help you!
  • Me... or the Freedom Phalanx.
Harvan throws up his hands in frustration.
Well how else, exactly, was I supposed to get inside a maximum-security prison? You're part of this facility's target audience, for pete's sake! Of course you can get in!
I will be completely frank with you, Character. I have no loyalty to you, nor to the Freedom Phalanx, nor to anyone, really. The politics of all this, the grabs for power? They don't interest me.
What does interest me is the artifact underneath this facility. I want to be there, Character. I need to be there.
  • Tread carefully, Harvan. You're on thin ice.


James Harvan: Can it be... after all these years...

Devil Take the Hindmost Greeks Bearing Gifts Castillo Incarnate.jpg

Captain Castillo: Augh!
Captain Castillo: This feeling... so strange...
Captain Castillo: The power... the beauty! It overflows within me!
Captain Castillo: You... are not WORTHY!

Captain Castillo defeated


James Harvan: The Box... Pandora's Box is causing this.
James Harvan: I have to stop it!

Devil Take the Hindmost Greeks Bearing Gifts Opening Pandora's Box.jpg

James Harvan: Hrrrrgh!
James Harvan: Augh!
James Harvan: I... I don't understand...  

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! You are ambushed by four waves of Pandora's Might.
Debrief with Lastri

Unnecessary Solicitation

Socrates appears distraught.

What pyrrhic victory have we stumbled into? Truly, fate is as cruel as any villain from the Isles. To reach the fabled Pandora's Box, only to have your prize turn against you...

Socrates sighs heavily.

I cannot bear it, Character. It is injustice of the highest order.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Debrief with Lastri


Lastri's demeanor remains calm and professional, but her face is paler than you've ever seen it, and her usually-prim hair is in disarray.

Character... sir / ma'am... This is not one of the... potential outcomes that I prepared for. If you'll just give me a moment...

Lastri flips through pages of her notepad, looking increasingly distressed. Eventually, she pauses, takes a deep breath, and looks at you directly.

Well, honestly, our position is not significantly worse than it was prior to the operation. We don't have possession of Pandora's Box or its contents, but neither does anyone else. Our rivals are in the same position that we are.

Furthermore, we still have access to one asset that our rivals do not: Doctor Harvan. He has become... somewhat of a liability, lately, it's true. However, it is my belief that he knows more than he has been telling us about the nature of Pandora's Box. With the right... supervision, I believe he may remain a valuable asset.

  • Do you have any idea what attacked me back there?
I don't know, sir / ma'am. All I can say is that when Pandora's Box was opened, every detected case of metahuman 'empowerment' ended, and shortly thereafter you were attacked. If I were to venture a guess, I would say that the energy from Pandora's Box has manifested itself directly.
Lastri's brow furrows.
What doesn't follow is why that's happened. All of the data we've collected about Pandora's Box implies that it should be granting power, not manifesting directly. We don't have enough information on hand to explain this problem... which is why I believe we need to retain Doctor Harvan's services, for the time being.
  • Very well. We'll keep him with us... for now.
  • Lastri, Harvan's the cause of this problem. Get rid of him.
Lastri purses her lips.
With all due respect, sir / ma'am, I do not believe that would be our best course of action.
Pandora's Box is open, and the power inside is loose in the world. That means that any group still interested in harnessing that power is now on equal footing. Page 1, so to speak.
The only advantage I can see in this scenario is superior knowledge of the core element of this crisis - Pandora's Box itself. Right now, we control the most reliable source of that information. I do not believe it is in our best interest to give that up.
  • At the very least, you need to keep him on a tight leash.
Understood, sir. Doctor Harvan's movements will be closely monitored, from here on out. I've made it quite clear to him that any further rogue behavior will be dealt with swiftly and without remorse. He seemed to understand my meaning.
  • As long as he's kept in line, Lastri.

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