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Lastri Kayumanis

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Lastri Kayumanis
Lastri Kayumanis.jpg
Organization Management Specialist
Zone Sharkhead Isle
Coordinates (--91.3, 32.0, -639.9)
Level Range 30-40
Merits 5
Introduced By None
Introduces None
Enemy Groups V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
Badge villain skyraiders.png Sky Raiders
Badge villain freakshow.png Freakshow
V badge Talons.png Talons of Vengeance
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ParagonMarket SignatureStoryArc2Ep1.png Requires Pandora's Box, Episode 1.

Lastri Kayumanis is a villain contact in the Port Recluse neighborhood of Sharkhead Isle at coordinates (-91.3, 32.0, -639.9). Her level range is 30-50. She is located between some Cage Consortium trucks 354 yards west of the Ferry marker. Lastri is the first contact in the villain-side Pandora's Box Signature Story Arc available on the Paragon Market or free with subscription.

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 5 Reward Merits.


Contact Introduced By

None; Lastri Kayumanis is available through the Signature Story Arc Contact option.

Contact Introduces



'Organization Management Specialist'

While Lastri Kayumanis remains a new player in the Rogue Isles, her organization appears to have significant financial resources at its disposal. Less than a week after arriving in Sharkhead, she managed to establish a stable, wide-ranging smuggling operation, complete with a trained and loyal workforce. She has used this network to smuggle military-grade weaponry into the Rogue Isles under the nose of Arachnos, but it is unclear what purpose her employer has in mind for them.

Content Not Purchased

You will need to complete the Tip mission A Window of Opportunity before you can begin Lastri's storyarc. You will also need to have purchased the first episode of the second signature story arc, Pandora's Box, or be a VIP subscriber.

Prior to Introduction

Yes, hello, very nice to meet you. I'm afraid I'm quite busy at the moment. If you don't have pressing business matters for me, I'd very much appreciate it if you moved along.

You will need to complete the Tip mission A Window of Opportunity before you can begin Lastri's storyarc. You will also need to have purchased the first episode of the second signature story arc, Pandora's Box, or be a VIP subscriber.

Initial Contact



Are you prepared to begin the next phase, Character?

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Story Arc

A Window of Opportunity


Prologue: Armed Services

Intercept the Arachnos Raid
EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Note that the briefing in this mission is not directly obtained through interaction with the contact.


The more time you spend in the Rogue Isles, the more you begin to see the cracks in Recluse's system. Arachnos has reach, and a broad power base, but as far as you can tell, Recluse's control over his subjects is more tenuous than he believes.

Thanks to your confrontation with Darrin Wade, you've established yourself as a power to be reckoned with on a global - even interdimensional - scale. And yet, no matter how powerful you become, you are still only one person. You realize that in order to achieve a level of control that could rival Arachnos, you're going to need more than simple strength... you're going to need to build connections.

You've been hearing reports recently of a new player in the Isles... someone with a hand in the high-tech weapons trade. Arachnos has been cracking down on their operations lately, which has to be bad for business.

If you can intercept an Arachnos raid team, you might be able to forge an alliance with this mysterious weapons dealer... and if not, well, then you could always just raid the warehouse yourself.

  • Agree to form a strike force

Arachnos has been none too subtle in their enforcement crackdowns. You imagine they must be trying to make a show of force, to scare off anyone else from trying to sneak under the organization's radar. Still, for someone in your position it just means you can pick out an Arachnos raid team from a mile away... and from the distant cacophony of Arachnos fliers and shouting voices you hear, it sounds like a raid is happening at this very moment.

Lucky you.

The raid team is likely storming one of the warehouses where they're stockpiling illicit weaponry... if you move quickly enough, you can stop them before they destroy the merchandise. At that point, what happens next depends on how amiable the dealer is... and how generous you're feeling at the moment.

Unnecessary Solicitation

The longer you wait, the more time Arachnos has to destroy the valuable merchandise inside that warehouse. Neither you nor your new potential ally will have much use for the shrapnel Arachnos will leave behind.

Mission Objective(s)


This is the place. Arachnos appears to already have the arms operation locked down.

  • Intercept the Arachnos Raid
    • Locate the warehouse manager
    • Speak with Lastri

You rescued Lastri Kayumanis and her workers from an Arachnos raid, and may have made some new allies...


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

Notable NPCs

  • Lastri Kayumanis
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After freeing the first hostage, you are ambushed by one wave of Arachnos.
Fortunata: We lost communications with Alpha team. Heading there now to investigate.
Contact Small Lastri Kayumanis.jpg
Lastri Kayumanis


Lastri takes a moment to look you up and down before speaking. When she is done, a crooked half-smile forms on her lips.

Not bad, not bad. You seem to be more capable than your file suggested. Those goons didn't stand a chance.

Lastri levels a cool gaze at you.

I'm not sure what it is you're doing here, though. I know for a fact that my employer hasn't contracted you for security work.

  • Your employer?
An 'interested party' in the political and economic forces that govern the Rogue Isles. Our organization is here to lay the groundwork for further projects in the local area.
But I think you've dodged my question, Character. You came here for a reason, and I'd love to hear it. Who are you working for?
  • I have my own reasons for coming here.
Well, if that's the case, then I suppose I can count myself fortunate that you decided to intervene. I have contingencies in place for this sort of situation, but your arrival has made this operation much... simpler.
Now, I assume you aren't here just to aggravate Arachnos... which means you must have some interest in our operations here. Is that correct, Character?
  • Yes. I'll be taking your 'merchandise' off your hands.
Lastri lets out a short laugh before she manages to cover her smile with a hand. Her eyes glitter mischievously.
And what purpose would the great Character have with the hardware we're transporting? We traffic in high-quality weaponry, but it's all mass produced. Do you have an army waiting in the wings that I'm unaware of?
  • Not yet, but soon. I'll need them to compete with Arachnos.
Interesting... then I'll make a gift of them to you, Character. This warehouse and all of its contents are yours to do with as you see fit.
Lastri flicks her wrist, and a business card appears in her hand. She hands it to you.
I believe that my employer's interests coincide with yours, Character. Come speak with me sometime. I think we may be able to help one another.
  • Perhaps, Lastri. I'll consider it.
  • My 'interest' is in organizations that are willing to work against Recluse.
Lastri's smile broadens, and she crooks a single eyebrow at you.
Is that so? Today must be my lucky day. I may have just made my first friend in the Rogue Isles.
So, Character. Did you plan on taking on Arachnos all by yourself? You're powerful, I'll grant you that, but you'll need more than power if you want to compete with an organization that large.
  • If I wished to confront them alone, why would I have come here?
A fair point. You saw the resources we have at our disposal, and saw the potential for an alliance. I cannot speak for my employer directly, but given the circumstances, I believe he would agree.
Lastri flicks her wrist, and a business card appears in her hand. She hands it to you.
Stay in contact, Character. I'll confer with my employer about your proposal. Either way, on his behalf and mine, I thank you again for your assistance.
  • I'll keep in touch, Lastri.
  • Let's just say I'm... self-motivated.
Well, if that's the case...
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.

Mission Exit

Interesting. Whoever Lastri is working for seems to have significant resources at his disposal. You should pay her a visit, and see what proposal she has in mind.

Talk with Lastri

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk with Lastri

Contact Small Lastri Kayumanis.jpg
Lastri Kayumanis


Lastri lowers her clipboard and looks up as you approach. She gives you a courteous nod, her expression serious.

Good to see you again, Character. I've conferred with my employer, and he agrees that your interests coincide with his. Arachnos maintains a stranglehold on the Rogue Isles, and it is our belief that a rival organization - one friendly to our operations - would make our work significantly easier.

With that in mind, my employer would like to offer you my services, as an administrative supervisor.

  • And what, exactly, does your employer expect in return?
As I noted before, our interests coincide. If you are successful and can marginalize Recluse's control over the Rogue Isles, it will open the way for my employer's interests. Right now, Arachnos is the main obstacle for both of us, and you're in a better position to challenge them than we are.
I can help you, Character. I have experience in raising organizations from the ground up, and you're going to need help coordinating your resources if you want to be able to challenge Arachnos directly.
So, what do you say, Character? Shall we get started?
  • I suppose so.
  • ...'Administrative supervisor'? Really?
Yes, really, Character.
You've been successful thus far on your own, but working with a large organization is a beast of a different nature entirely... and it's something that I specialize in. I'm sure you've noticed how quickly our operations grew in the Rogue Isles, and I'm prepared to provide that same growth to your own organization.
Your power and ambition will drive this project, Character, but if you let yourself get bogged down in the petty minutiae, your organization will likely suffocate before it even gets off the ground.
Lastri raises her clipboard, pen at the ready.
I'm prepared to start work whenever you're ready. Shall we?
  • All right, Lastri. Let's begin.

Venture Militarism


Lastri Kayumanis's Business Card

You received this card from Lastri Kayumanis, who has agreed to work for you for the time being. In rescuing her smuggling operation from an Arachnos raid, you appear to have become the beneficiary of a little...

Venture Militarism

The first thing Lastri recommended to you was to secure an offshore base of operations, to keep your future endeavors safe from prying eyes. She directed you to the USS Mitscher, a Navy ship that had been commandeered by the Sky Raiders. You cleared the Sky Raiders out of the ship and defeated the ship's First Mate, but the captain was nowhere to be found.

Lastri let you know where you could find him, however. Captain Castillo had assumed a temporary role of command of the Sky Raiders, and was currently meeting with other top-ranking Raiders on a remote platform in the Atlantic. Knowing Castillo's fondness for daring and bravado, you single-handedly stormed the Sky Raider platform and defeated Castillo in single combat. During the fight, Castillo seemed to gain a tremendous amount of power that even he was unable to explain. Still, after defeating Castillo, he became willing to parley with your cause.

Lastri noted Castillo's surge in power, and directed you to a similar energy spike detected in a nearby Arachnos base. There, you found that the Talons of Vengeance and the Freakshow had banded together, and were wreaking havoc. You tracked down their ringleader, Clamor, who seemed to be under the same empowerment as Castillo. You defeated Clamor and forced an Arachnos Fortunata to peer inside her mind, and learned that these vast surges in power were somehow related to the ancient artifact, Pandora's Box.

Part One: Character On Deck


I'll be frank, Character. Arachnos remains the dominant force in every island of the Rogue Isles, and is recognized by the population as the primary national authority. The odds of you raising an army capable of challenging all of Arachnos is quite low - that is, unless you're willing to invest the better part of a decade to build it.

No, I don't believe a direct confrontation is the best course of action here. Rather, I would capitalize on the weaknesses in their organizational structure. Lord Recluse believes his network to be impenetrable, but he trains his subjects to be cruel and manipulative. It is my belief that we can turn this institutional corruption to our advantage.

The first order of business, however, will be to establish a proper base of operations. I realize you may own property in the Rogue Isles, but I'm afraid that will be too exposed for what we're trying to do. We don't want Arachnos to be in a position to raid your headquarters the moment they see you as a threat.

For our purposes, we'll want to claim some neutral ground... and I believe I may have just the thing.

  • Agree to form a strike force

The Sky Raiders operate in both Paragon City and the Rogue Isles, but most of their noncombat operations occur in international waters, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This allows them to stay out of sight of most enforcement agencies, but it also leaves them vulnerable.

At some point in the aftermath of the Battle of Ocean Rift, some of the Raiders managed to get ahold of an Arleigh-Burke class missile destroyer, the USS Mitscher. I'm not sure how they managed to take it from the U.S. Navy, but they did... and now you're going to take it from them.

I have a submarine prepared to take you to the Mitscher's location. I'm confident you'll be able to take the vessel without too much trouble.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You may want to apply some urgency to this task, Character. The Mitscher hasn't made any significant movements recently, but there's no telling how long they'll stay put.

Mission Objective(s)


This is as far as the sub can take you without being detected. You'll have to make the last leg of the journey yourself.

  • Claim the USS Mitscher from the Sky Raiders
    • Approach the USS Mitscher
    • 3 Patrols to defeat on the ship deck
    • 5 Sky Raider platoons to defeat
    • Confront the ship's first officer

You've cleared the USS Mitscher of Sky Raiders, and claimed it for yourself.


Badge villain skyraiders.png Sky Raiders

Notable NPCs

After defeating the platoons


You've got ambition, kid, I'll give you that. Taking on a destroyer full of Raiders is a bold move indeed. But you're way in over your head on this one.

  • You don't spend much time in the Rogue Isles, do you?
Harriman sneers at you.
The Rogue Isles, huh? You smack down a few bank robbers in tights and you suddenly think you're a big shot, huh?
Harriman gestures with an arm toward the ocean.
Well look around, chum. You've left your little rock and now you're in the big pond. You're not the biggest fish anymore, not out here. Understand?
  • Big enough to take out your crew.
Harriman's sneer curdles. He frowns at you, and raises his weapon.
You're going to regret that remark, boy / girl.
  • Fire away, Harriman, for all the good it will do you. (Attack)
  • How did you manage to get your hands on a U.S. Navy ship, anyway?
Harriman laughs at your question.
Funny story, that. Turns out Admiral Sutter needs to keep a closer eye on the men he has working the brigs. The Sky Raiders are vets, see - leftovers from the Rikti War. Some of the boys in the Navy, well... they don't appreciate how we've been treated, any more than we do. So once we've made a few friends on the other side of the bars, we stormed the Shining Grace, raised some havoc and sailed off into the wide blue sea.
  • Wait... the 'Shining Grace'?
Harriman gestures behind you.
You're standing on her. Finest sea vessel in the Colonel's fleet, and a fitting flagship for our glorious captain. The name was his idea, and it stuck with the crew quick enough.
You should count yourself lucky he isn't here, boy / girl. He'd have much more... creative ideas for what to do with you. Me, though? I'll give you a quick death. You've earned that much.
  • How generous. I should offer the same. (Attack)
  • A daring escape. Not bad.
'Not bad,' indeed. So now here we are, holding down the fort while our magnificent captain is away, when you come calling. Now, what am I to do with you, eh?
This ship's got plenty of heavy machinery we don't need. I'm thinking maybe we tie some of it to your feet and see how good you can swim.
  • Fantastic idea. I do believe I'm inspired. (Attack)
  • Sorry, I can't afford to have any witnesses. (Attack)


Excellent work, sir / ma'am. I've got my personnel preparing the Mitscher for you as we speak.

I'd like you to review the next phase of the plan I've drawn up. I believe you'll appreciate its elegance.

Part Two: O Captain My Captain


As I mentioned earlier, the Sky Raiders aboard the USS Mitscher managed to get a message out to their allies, though they did not have time to identify their attackers. In my opinion, it is safe to assume that the Raiders are aware that the Mitscher has been taken, though its whereabouts - and the identities of the assailants - elude them.

That will soon be remedied, however. I have located the former captain of the Mitscher, on one of the Sky Raiders' mobile platforms. Since Colonel Duray's arrest, he has taken over as a de facto leader of the Sky Raiders. He respects boldness, and your capture of the Mitscher was nothing if not bold.

The groundwork has been set: it's time to recruit Captain Ernest Castillo.

  • Recruit Captain Castillo to your cause

We should relocate to the Mitscher immediately. My men have staffed the ship and are prepared to move it into position for your assault on Castillo's platform.

Castillo is first and foremost a showman, and he will want to engage you in combat before he will listen to anything you say. I am confident that you are more than capable of handling him, but be wary: Castillo has ensured that every inch of the platform is equipped with automated defenses. You'll be fighting him on his own turf.

Unnecessary Solicitation

The Mitscher awaits your arrival, Character. Once you are prepared, we can commence the assault.

Mission Objective(s)


This will be your first step towards establishing your own network of power.

  • Recruit Captain Castillo to Your Cause
    • Confer with Lastri
    • Confront Captain Castillo
    • Pursue Castillo!
    • Corner Castillo and defeat him!
    • Speak with Captain Castillo

You've convinced Captain Castillo to treat with you.


Badge villain skyraiders.png Sky Raiders

Notable NPCs

Contact Small Lastri Kayumanis.jpg
Lastri Kayumanis


We've arrived at Castillo's mobile platform. We're holding a position just out of range of their turrets, and so far they're playing it cautious. The moment you step out of the ship, however, Castillo and his men will know who took the Mitscher, and it's a fair bet they'll be hostile.

I would suggest clearing out as many Sky Raiders and turret platforms as possible before confronting Castillo, but combat tactics are your area of expertise, not mine.

  • Thanks Lastri. I'm off, then.
Good luck, sir / ma'am. I have faith that you will succeed in this task.
  • Of course.
  • Will the Mitscher be able to give me any artillery support?
Unfortunately, no. When we took the Mitscher we discovered that not all of its facilities were in a high state of repair. While the ship is functional, the weaponry appears to have been... misused.
I shall continue to devote resources to the weapons' restoration, but for now you will need to do without.
  • Very well. Let's begin.
Good luck, sir / ma'am. I have faith that you will succeed in this task.
  • Of course.
  • Who are all of these people aboard my ship?
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.
  • Who are all of these people aboard my ship?
Lastri smirks at you.
These men work for me, and for the moment I am working for you. You can rest assured that these men will fulfill any duty I assign them, and right now they are here to ensure that your ship is fully functional and operational.
I did tell you that I would be providing personnel for this project, sir.
  • Fair enough. I believe it's time to go.
Good luck, sir / ma'am. I have faith that you will succeed in this task.
  • Of course.
  • Will the Mitscher be able to give me any artillery support?
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.

Castillo has retreated. After him!

You have Castillo on the run. Time to corner him.


Captain Castillo falls to his knees, gasping for breath.

You... you fight admirably, Character. Even here, on the grounds I call my own, you have bested me.

I do not spend much time amongst the Villains of the Rogue Isles. Tell me, what do you intend to do now? Is my life now forfeit? Am I to be ransomed?

  • What is that light surrounding you? What happened to you?
On this matter, you know as much as me, I am afraid. While fighting you... I felt a rush of exhilaration, of power, that coursed through every fiber of my being.
Castillo looks up at you, smiling.
It must be you, Character! Your finesse, your style, your strength! It called to me, and in our dance of death I became alive for the first time!
Yes, yes! That is it! You have unlocked the true potential of my being!
  • ...Really. Well, then, how would you like to work for me?
Work... for you?
Castillo's brow furrows in thought.
Is that why you are here? You are intent on making the Sky Raiders bow to your whim? I am sorry, Character, but even if I were to agree, I do not know if my fellow soldiers would follow one such as you.
  • Think of it more as an... alliance.
Very well, Character. If you wish to parley, then you have earned at least that much. We should discuss this in further detail, perhaps under less confrontational circumstances, no?
  • I think that would be wise, Castillo.
  • Ransomed? No Castillo. I came here with an offer.
An offer, eh? You make me feel the fool, Character. You have come to me with to bargain, and I greeted you with bullets and flame.
And yet, what a fight we had! I shall remember it for the rest of my life, for however long remains of it. I am almost ashamed to admit, I do not regret our confrontation.
So, Character, please tell me. What is this offer you have brought me, from the deck of my own flagship?
  • I want you to work for me.
Work... for you?
Castillo's brow furrows in thought.
Is that why you are here? You are intent on making the Sky Raiders bow to your whim? I am sorry, Character, but even if I were to agree, I do not know if my fellow soldiers would follow one such as you.
  • Think of it more as an... alliance.
Very well, Character. If you wish to parley, then you have earned at least that much. We should discuss this in further detail, perhaps under less confrontational circumstances, no?
  • I think that would be wise, Castillo.


Welcome back, sir / ma'am. Excellent work out there. I believe Captain Castillo is prepared to join our cause.

I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of speaking with Castillo aboard the Mitscher, on your behalf. With Duray out of the picture - at least for now - the Sky Raiders have been in a fairly tight spot. Castillo has been attempting to recoup some of the losses they incurred after the conflict in Skyway City. I made him aware of the opportunities involved in expanding the Sky Raiders' presence in the Rogue Isles, and he seemed interested in what we have to offer.

There is one element of this operation that I did not anticipate, however...

Part Three: Strange Bedfellows


Whatever that light surrounding Castillo was, Character, it appeared to significantly increase his combat potential. Castillo claims that he is unaware of the source of this power, and even seems to claim that he was simply 'inspired' while fighting you.

I was able to observe your confrontation with Castillo using the ship's onboard sensors, and the ship's telemetric monitors went haywire at the very moment Castillo's 'inspiration' took him.

I've had some people monitoring the area for similar spikes, and I do believe we've found something.

  • Investigate the Energy Anomaly

This particular incident appears to be centered around an Arachnos base here in Sharkhead. We've intercepted emergency alerts coming from the base, so I can only imagine that whatever's going on in there is bad for Arachnos.

If you can search the base for any evidence of a phenomenon similar to Castillo's current... condition, then we may be able to pin down what, exactly, is causing these surges in power.

At the very least, being able to predict these events could be to our advantage, if only to prepare for them. If we could harness this newfound energy, however... you may be able to confront Arachnos more quickly than I anticipated.

Unnecessary Solicitation

The Arachnos base is still sending off a general alert, Character, but there's no telling how long that will last. If you want to investigate this phenomenon, then you're going to need to do it soon.

Mission Objective(s)


The sounds of rampant destruction echo ahead of you. Whoever's in here, they're not being very discreet.

  • Investigate the Energy Anomaly
    • Search the Arachnos base
    • Speak with Captain Castillo (optional)
    • Defeat Clamor
    • Find a Fortunata

You've defeated Clamor, and learned the secret behind this strange energy source...


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
Badge villain freakshow.png Freakshow
V badge Talons.png Talons of Vengeance

Notable NPCs


So, how shall we proceed, Character? Can I expect that we shall begin a glorious and deadly campaign, shining warriors in the darkness? Or do you prefer to lay a cunning trap, and reveal yourself only when your opponent has fallen into it?

Both ways have their merits, yes? But of course, I defer to you, my inspiration. What would you have me do?

  • Stick close to me, Castillo. We don't know what we're up against.
Excellent, my friend! We shall boldy stride into the darkness, ready for any threat. I am most honored to fight by your side!
  • Come on, then.
  • I'm not sure I trust you yet, Castillo. I'll do this alone.
Castillo scowls at you.
You wound me, Character. I will admit, one day I hope to face you in combat once more, but today is not that day. Today, I am your man, and I am thinking that you may be in need of my support.
Whatever enemies lurk in this darkness, they have Arachnos running scared, no? You would do well to proceed with caution, and there is nothing more cautious than having an ally by your side.
Still, if you insist, I will step aside and allow you the glory of this task.
  • I see your point. Come along then.
Excellent, my friend! We shall boldy stride into the darkness, ready for any threat. I am most honored to fight by your side!
  • Come on, then.
  • I'm afraid I must insist, Castillo.

Venture Militarism Strange Bedfellows 01.jpg

Clamor: Yes, YES!
Clamor: Bring the destruction, bring the carnage!
Clamor: Such a beautiful song! I must hear MORE!

Contact Small Fortunata Mistress.jpg
Fortunata Mistress


Stay back! STAY BACK!

The Fortunata cowers away from you, clearly terrified out of her mind.

Don't come near me! I don't want to see them anymore!

  • Calm down. What is it you don't want to see?

The Fortunata seems to let her guard down somewhat, after realizing you're neither a member of the Freakshow or a Talon of Vengeance.

Their minds. The Freaks are just idiots filled with rage and cruelty, but... but those creatures...

They have dark thoughts, Character. Sadism doesn't even begin to describe them... and they know things. They are aware of the forces that twist this world, the very fates that bind them. They can see their own destinies, as easily as you can look at your own hands.

  • Interesting. Come with me.

Wha... what? What do you want me to...

The Fortunata recoils from you.

No, NO! I know what you want, I can see it, and I won't! I CAN'T!

Please... don't make me...

  • (Forcibly drag the Forunata with you)

Venture Militarism Strange Bedfellows 02.jpg

Captain Castillo: Ah ha! This one is as inspired as I! It is a pity I could not face her in single combat.
Lastri: We need this one intact, Captain. I'm not entirely certain you could have restrained yourself.
Lastri: It's time we took a look. Miss? If you don't mind.
Fortunata: ...Must I?
Lastri: Yes, I'm afraid so. You'll be free to go once you've told us what we want to know.
Fortunata: Very well...
Fortunata: Augh... no! Stay out!
Captain Castillo: My goodness! What is happening?

Venture Militarism Strange Bedfellows 03.jpg

Fortunata: The time of chaos is at hand... all will be remade in the shape of power.
Fortunata: You who would seek power for your own gain... listen well.
Fortunata: Pandora's Box is opening.
Fortunata: The power must have a host...
Fortunata: ...a vessel...
Fortunata: ...a Champion.
Fortunata: Please...
Fortunata: No more...


This... is an unexpected turn of events, Character. Pandora's Box is an artifact of legend. If it is capable of granting power to people like Clamor or Captain Castillo... well, I don't expect Recluse to take this news lying down. Others will be looking to control this power, and Arachnos will be no exception. Frankly, sir / ma'am, neither should you.

If we can find Pandora's Box before your rivals, and can learn to control it, you could have the Rogue Isles in the palm of your hand.

I'm already diverting some of my resources towards research. If they turn up anything on Pandora's Box, I'll inform you immediately.

Lastri smiles at you.

It has been a pleasure working with you thus far, sir / ma'am. I have a feeling that these next few months will be quite eventful, to say the least.

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