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Origins Pack

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Badge time.png This article contains information that no longer applies to the current version of City of Heroes Freedom. It is provided for historical purposes.
This article is about the Booster Pack. For the Paragon Market items, see Origins Capes Costume Bundle.
Origins Pack


City of Heroes Origins Pack provides your characters with new customization options based on the five character Origins: Magic, Mutant, Natural, Science, and Technology. With this pack, you can access ten new auras and five new capes available for all characters starting at level 1.

As of City of Heroes Freedom/Issue 21, this item pack is no longer available. The costume pieces and auras are now only available through the Paragon Market.


Have you ever wished you could proudly wield your origin as a banner in front of your fiercest adversaries or even amongst fellow heroes or villains? Your origin contributes to making you a unique citizen in Paragon City, the Rogue Isles or Praetoria. You've trained hard to follow the natural arts? You've worked tirelessly on your invocations and spells? Painful scientific experimentations have made you a powerful creature to reckon with? Technological advances have bestowed you with the ability to transcend your limits? Or maybe you are the product of a freak accident?

With these new themed Origin auras, you can envelop your character in mystic runes, have it shoot off fiery sparks, or watch it explode with atomic power. Change the aura colors at the Character Creation screen or by visiting an in-game Tailor. You can set all the auras to be displayed permanently or be active only during combat.

In addition to the new auras, your character can choose one of these five stunning capes.

Costume Pieces

Back Options

*With Ultra Mode enabled, this cape is reflective. You may opt to have it reflective on just the outside or both sides.


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  • The Origins Pack was made available for purchase through on November 3, 2010 for $9.99 (though some packs were available earlier as contest rewards).
  • The items from the Origins Pack were integrated into the Paragon Market with Issue 21.

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