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Mr. G (Primal Earth)

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This information contains features that were to be implemented in Issue 24 and was current as of the game's shut down date.


Icon vip.png Requires a VIP subscription.

Mr. G
Mr. G (St. Martial).jpg
Zone St. Martial
Coordinates (-185, -275, 1652)
Level Range 30-50
Introduced By Inside Information
Introduces None
Enemy Groups Badge villain devouring.png Devouring Earth
V badge Infested.png The Infested
V badge Vanguard.png Vanguard
V badge PPD.png Paragon Police Department
V badge TheNewPraetorians.png The New Praetorians
Badge villain carnival.png Carnival of Shadows
Badge villain family.png The Family
Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate
V badge Awakened.png The Awakened
V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
V badge Phalanx.png Freedom Phalanx
V badge Wisdom.png W.I.S.D.O.M.
Badges Badge i24 StMartial Challenge.png Hamidon's Enemy
Badge i24 StMartial Arc.png War Criminal
Badge i24 StMartial Challenge.png Honorary Bro
Badge i24 StMartial Challenge.png Remembers Their Friends
Badge i24 StMartial Arc.png Villain of the Month
Badge i24 StMartial Challenge.png Pyromaniac
Badge i24 StMartial Arc.png Mayhem's Creator
Badge i24 StMartial Personal Story.png Father
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Mr. G is a villain contact in the Black Mariah neighborhood of St. Martial at coordinates (-185, -275, 1652). His level range is 30-50. The door to his warehouse is 200 yards south of the Black Mariah marker (192, -10, 51), but it is only accessible if you have unlocked him through the Inside Information mission.

For the missions that he gives to Praetorians, see Mr. G.


Contact Introduced By

Inside Information Mission

Contact Introduces




Mr. G was known to be an enigmatic man within the government of Praetoria. However, the collapse of Praetoria caused the plans within plans that he had to fall apart. His true identity as Doppelganger was revealed, along with his plans to create a clone army.

Now, he is in the Rogue Isles, seeking to help villains with their own plots in the hopes of building back up a base of power in Primal Earth.

Prior to Introduction


Initial Contact

From the Inside Information mission

Ah... you have no idea how good it feels to... well... not be dying, yes, not dying.

In my short time back, very short, I've done some digging around, and I do believe I've found some information that can be of use to you. Shall we begin, Character?

  • Let's get to work.


Let's begin, Character.

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level


No More Missions

I believe we've taken care of everything, Character. We shall do what we can on our own from here on out. Should you need us again, you may contact us.


Story Arc

Criminals of War

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 5 Reward Merits.


Transmuter's Watch

Transmuter gave you his favorite watch in appreciation for breaking him free of the Vanguard prison. It reminds you of an experience you call...

Criminals of War

You and Mr. G had a plan - free several prisoners of war that Vanguard had captured, then make the prisoners work for you.

You helped a former Vanguard general out of a bind and gained his aid in gaining access to the Vanguard prison.

You then assaulted the Vanguard prison, freeing Transmuter, Splice, Bobcat, and Subjugator 5.

Before you could do anything with them, Wu Yin announced a bounty on your head, knowing that you had freed all of these prisoners.

It would appear Wu Yin desperately wants you put down - you'll just have to show him what you and your new team can actually do.

Criminals of War

I shall lay out the scenario for you, Character. Vanguard has captured several people who are war criminals. There are some very... big names on that list, namely Praetor Duncan and Emperor Cole, very big names. Both will be going on trial for their crimes. It's all very... old fashioned, if you ask me. Now, I would suggest that you do not bother with them; Cole would never work with you, and Duncan is too much of a little manipulator to trust, quite the manipulator.

Instead, I suggest we break out those who would be in your debt and be quite easy to control. I have it on good authority that Bobcat, Transmuter, and Splice were all captured.

Bobcat is a drama queen, but she... can be a good combatant. Transmuter has experience from the Hamidon wars, and if his powers could be returned to him, he would be a valuable ally. Splice is technological mastermind and has the moral compass of a brick, just like a brick.

We would all make quite a good team to aid you, quite a good team.

  • Alright. I need a way to recover all of them.

Yes, exactly, I have done some research and have recovered just what you need. Vanguard is keeping these prisoners in one of their secure locations, much more secure than they have previously, due to some... issues with someone breaking out a prisoner. We would need someone on the inside, someone who knows where their prisoners are located.

There is a man, his name is General Alito. He was a member of Vanguard who went rogue during their Rikti operation. He's broken out of their custody and is now on the run in St. Martial. Quite coincidental, almost providential.

If you can assist him, I'm sure you could persuade the man to help you in your plan.

Here is his last known location. There are a few Vanguard who have been ordered to pursue Alito, the others are acting as guards. You'll have to take out the pursuers and ensure that they have nothing that can directly track Alito. I will be available, should you need any more advice.

Recover General K. Alito

Unnecessary Solicitation

Vanguard will have the building he is in surrounded, but I don't believe that will prove to be a problem for you, Character.

Mission Objective(s)


It might be unwise to go against Vanguard, but you could certainly use an entire team working beneath you. The first step is recovering General Alito.

  • Recover General K. Alito
    • 3 Vanguard Pursuers to defeat
    • Access the Vanguard Computer
    • 2 Vanguard HVAS to defeat
    • Defeat the Vanguard Commander
    • Defeat the Vanguard Reinforcements
    • Get to the roof to support the General
    • Speak to the General

General Alito has agreed to give you assistance!


V badge Vanguard.png Vanguard

Notable NPCs

  • General Alito (Rogue Vanguard Boss)
Contact Small Vanguard Computer.jpg
Vanguard Computer


You access Vanguard's remote computer and tap into one of the cameras on the roof. You see General Alito and some of his loyalists are cornered by several Vanguard soldiers and their heavy assault suits.

You could wait until the groups fight each other, then swoop in and clean up the mess, or you could jump in before the fighting begins to aid Alito and his men.

Aiding Alito before the fighting begins will be very difficult, especially if you're going to do it alone.

  • (Go up and help Alito)
  • (Wait for the fight to be over)

Contact Small General Alito.jpg
General Alito


Character, I am in your debt for your help. There would've been a day where I would have attacked you, but now my allies are in short supply.

You must want me for something, otherwise you would have just attacked me by now.

  • (Explain the situation to Alito)

That is something I could easily help you with. If I know Vanguard, they will have brought the prisoners to one of their sea bases over in the pacific.

It's well guarded from unknown air or submarine access. You'll need to commandeer a Vanguard helicopter in order to get there. If you can get me a helicopter and the codes to pilot it, I can fly you straight to the base. I'll use some old authorization codes to get us a landing permit to the base.

From what I can tell, Vanguard should have a helicopter somewhere in St. Martial; the pursuers who were after me were talking about tracking down some IDF who are holed up in a Rikti base.

  • Alright, Alito, you've got a deal.

Steal a Vanguard Helicopter

Unnecessary Solicitation

Ah, stealing a helicopter? Quite brilliant. I would expect nothing less from the leader of the renegade Vanguard.

Mission Objective(s)


You arrive at the area that Alito told you about. You can hear the sound of a Vanguard helicopter nearby, ready to take off at a moment's notice.

  • Steal a Vanguard Helicopter
    • 4 Vanguard groups to defeat
    • Speak with Commander Anders
    • Speak with the Vanguard Pilot

You've got the codes for the Vanguard helicopter!


V badge Vanguard.png Vanguard
V badge Loyalist.png Imperial Defense Force

If you previously completed the story arc from Dean MacArthur:

Contact Small Commander Anders.jpg
Commander Anders


You... what is it that you want from me? You're not here with Vanguard to try to bring us in, or else you'd have done it already.

My men and I are just trying to establish a new base here while waiting for orders from the others who escaped.

  • I'm not going to bother with words! (Attack!)
+++ Missing Information +++
  • I'm here to make you an offer, to join my team.
No, Character, I serve Praetoria, I serve Emperor Cole, even in his moment of darkness!
I would never betray the oath that I have sworn.
  • Alright, then we'll do this the hard way! (Attack!)
+++ Missing Information +++
  • Fair enough. I want the Vanguard operative in your custody.
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.
  • I'm here for the Vanguard operative that you have
We need the operative for leverage, Character. Then again... if you're here, it must mean you've taken out the Vanguard topside. Very well, I'll make you a deal.
We'll hand the operative over to you on the condition that you help free one of our own, Commander Gerard, from the Vanguard prison he is being held in. I must warn you, however. If you make this deal and break it, we will track you down. Our vengeance will be swift and powerful.
You can always promise to help the IDF out and just simply not rescue the commander. Perhaps it would even be better. The people in the Isles need to know you're not one to be crossed!
  • Alright, I'll recover your commander from the Vanguard.
Excellent. You can find the operative in the back. Take what you need from him. We'll be expecting Commander Gerard back in our custody soon, Character.
  • You have my word.
  • No deal, I'm taking the operative! (Attack!)
+++ Missing Information +++

Icon clue generic.png
IDF Support
You agreed to help the IDF by rescuing Commander Gerard from Vanguard custody. You could always go back on your word, but it would mean dealing with the IDF down the line.


You use your unique abilities to extract the codes that General Alito needs to pilot the Vanguard helicopter. Now that you have the codes, you don't necessarily need this man any longer.

  • (Kill the operative)
+++ Missing Information +++
  • (Leave him for the IDF)

Attack Vanguard's Prison Base

Unnecessary Solicitation

This is the time to enact the plan, Character!

If you talked to Dean MacArthur between missions:


YO! Character! What up! It's been a while, +++ Missing Information +++ / my beautiful flower! I bet you're wondering, 'Dean, what is someone so cool like you doing calling me out of the blue?'

Wonder no more! So, check it. I dunno who it is, but some guy has been keeping tabs on your movements. I think he's got a plan to go after you.

Now, you and me, we're like, thick and thin, right? +++ Missing Information +++ / I mean, you could cut the romantic tension between us with a knife! So I'm thinkin' this.

I'll keep an ear to the ground, try to see if someone is gonna mess with you. If I find anything out, I'll let you know, 'cause that's what a guy like D-Mac does!

  • ... Right, thanks Dean.

Icon clue generic.png
Dean MacArthur's Oath
Dean MacArthur swore that he would help you out and keep an eye out on this mysterious man who seems to be tracking your movements.

Mission Objective(s)


General Alito lands the helicopter, while Mr. G escorts you out. You'll have to move quicklyto take down Vanguard's defenses and recover those war criminals.

  • Attack Vanguard's prison base
    • Rescue Commander Gerard (Optional)
    • Rescue Transmuter
    • Rescue Bobcat
    • Rescue Splice
    • Defeat and defenses to gain access to Subjugator 5
    • Rescue Subjugator 5

You've rescued all of your war criminals!


V badge Vanguard.png Vanguard

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Commander Gerard Saved
You stayed true to your word and saved Commander Gerard. This should keep the remaining IDF from breathing down your back.
Icon clue generic.png
Codename Subjugator 5
Transmuter told you that Vanguard has a powerful Subjugator deep within the prison. The Subjugators were failed seer experiments who had sickly growths shooting from their heads. Normally, they're incredibly powerful and insane. However, Subjugator 5 is different. She is able to control herself, to an extent, and is also powerful.

Perhaps if you could free her from Vanguard you could gain yet another member of your team.

Icon clue generic.png
Praetor Barry's Fate
Bobcat explained to you what happened to Praetor Berry, AKA Neuron, AKA Bobcat's ex-boyfriend. Berry and Bobcat were teleported to safety after Vanguard's attack on Neutropolis.

The two hid in the Neutropolis until Emperor Cole was defeated and Hamidon attacked.

Berry tried to use Bobcat as bait for the Hamidon while he got away, but Bobcat saw through Berry's plan. In a fit of passionate rage, Bobcat killed Praetor Berry, then was captured by the Vanguard. The scientists in Vanguard used some sort of serum to prevent Bobcat from flying into a rage, leaving her to be nothing more than a socialite.

Arrange your first meeting

Unnecessary Solicitation

Let's have our first meeting, Character.

Contact Small Mr. G (Primal Earth).jpg
Mr. G (Primal Earth)


Shall we get started, Character?

  • (Enter mission)

Mission Objective(s)


All of your allies have been gathered. Now, it's time to form your first plan and utilize your resources...

  • Arrange your first meeting
    • Speak with Mr. G
    • Speak with Mr. G about Wu Yin

Wu Yin has put a bounty out for you!

Contact Small Mr. G (Primal Earth).jpg
Mr. G (Primal Earth)


Ah, Character. As you can see, everyone has been gathered. It's a shame that Bobcat can no longer be an able fighter, but she will do well to help find you information. She will have to, at least. The catgirl has become far too lazy to be a capable fighter. I will, of course, look into ways of fixing that.

We're still in control of Vanguard's helicopter; this will allow us to do whatever we wish in the future.

  • Excellent. Now, on to our first plan...

There are several paths that I would suggest we take with our plans. Subjugator 5, of course, is a major asset. The power stored within that... thing could be devastating, when directed at the right target. I believe it's just a matter of finding who to go after first with it.

  • You're my information man. Get me a list of targets.


Hey! There's something on the communicator here. They're talking about us. I knew it was a good idea to hang around all of you!

  • What? (Look at the communicator)


Wu Yin: Hello, citizens of the Rogue Isles. My name is Wu Yin.
Wu Yin: I am broadcasting this message to you all to put forth a bounty.
Wu Yin: Character is currently housing Praetorian criminals.
Wu Yin: Whoever brings me Character, alive, will be given twenty million dollars. -Only- if he / she is alive.
Wu Yin: Be careful, as Character has -

Wu Yin: What?! Who is interrupting this?
Dean MacArthur: The ONE, the ONLY, Dean MacArthur! D-Mac, to the ladies.
Dean MacArthur: Now, Character and I are old friends, the kind +++ Missing Information +++ / with romantic tension! You mess with him / her, you mess with the Macster!
Dean MacArthur: Anyone out there thinking about claiming this bounty should just walk away, 'cause Character will take you down!
Dean MacArthur: And then he's / she's gonna come after you, Yin-boy, and you ain't gonna be able to handle that perfect storm!

Contact Small Mr. G (Primal Earth).jpg
Mr. G (Primal Earth)


It seems you have more friends than I knew of, Character. This Dean MacArthur proved useful in stopping Wu Yin from revealing more about us.

Myself and the others will work on a proper plan of attack for you. We should have something together in very little time, and we will be able to provide you the support necessary to stomp out Mr. Yin.

  • Good to hear, Mr. G


Upon completing this mission, you are awarded the War Criminal Badge.

File:Badge i24 StMartial Arc.png War Criminal

You worked together with Mr. G to break out several criminals of war from Vanguard custody.


Transmuter and Bobcat have come up with a proposal of how we can deal with this current scenario, Character.

I believe it's quite brilliant myself. You'll see that having the group of us around is going to be very helpful to your cause. Our next steps will show that quite nicely... quite nicely.

Sweeps Week: Character vs. the Rogue Isles

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 5 Reward Merits.


WSPDR Rating Award

You received an unofficial reward for giving WSPDR its highest rating in quite some time. In fact, a few people gave the series an interesting name:

Sweeps Week: You vs. the Rogue Isles

Wu Yin had just put a huge bounty out on you. Every super powered individual in the Rogue Isle was eager to cash in on it. You kidnapped a film crew from WSPDR and got to work on beating down every single person who went after you - on live television!

Only the toughest villains came after you, namely the Carnival of Shadows and the Family. You took them down as well, then found where Tub Ci and Wu Yin were staying in St. Martial.

You took down Tub Ci and discovered a surprising fact - the Awakened from Praetoria were somehow working with Wu Yin! You defeated the Awakened, but Wu Yin and Penelope Yin were nowhere to be found.

The bounty on your head is officially gone, and the people of the Rogue Isles know that you aren't one to be crossed. You'll just need to track down the Yin family and show them just how dangerous you are.

Part One: The News Team You Can Trust


Everyone in the Rogue Isles with a dream of rising above the muck is going to be gunning for us, Character, everyone. So if you have any reservations about my loyalties, rest assured, we're in this together.

Transmuter had a very interesting proposal, one that was spurred on by a small comment by Bobcat. The catgirl suggested that you just, 'make a TV show about you beating up everyone'.

That was when Transmuter had an idea. What if you were to somehow publically show what you were doing to everyone that tried to bring you down? You could use it to deter people from going after you.

The idea has some merit; you could kidnap some reporters from WSPDR and use them to record your attacks. In the meantime, Splice could look into finding out the location of Wu Yin and Tub Ci to help stop this entire mess. General Alito will take point on dealing with the small fries, while Bobcat, Transmuter, and Mr. G split up and find out ahead of time who is planning to go after you.

  • (Explain the plan to Mr. G)

That sounds like a very sound plan, Character. We shall all get to work. In the meantime, since Alito will be gone, I will pilot the Vanguard helicopter.

I believe your first destination will be Cap au Diable to 'retrieve' some reporters. Subjugator 5 will teleport them back to a secure location.

We have the helicopter hidden in a small hanger within the warehouse when you are ready.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Shall we get moving, Character?

Mission Objective(s)


Mr. G lands the Vanguard helicopter near the WSPDR building. Arachnos seems to be guarding the area, or they're keeping a watch on WSPDR.

  • Kidnap a News Team
    • Kidnap a Camera Man
    • 3 pieces of broadcasting equipment to find
    • Kidnap the Sound Director
    • Kidnap Amanda Vines

You've got yourself a sound crew!


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

Notable NPCs

  • Amanda Vines (WSPDR News Reporter)
  • John Houston (TPN/WSPDR News Reporter)
Icon clue generic.png
Brickstown Coverage
You recovered a document from Amanda Vines detailing the formation of a group in Brickstown. They call themselves them the, 'New Praetorians'.

Amanda Vines is doing some investigating as to who exactly is part of the team, but she does know that they have made an oath to help protect Brickstown from chaos. It seems there was some big disaster in Brickstown that they helped settle. Now, they're out to prove themselves as a new supergroup in Paragon.


Perfect work as always, Character. It's perhaps much better that you were able to retrieve Mr. Houston than Ms. Vines. Houston is very... enthusiastic about his job, which will make you look all the better during your beatings.

We need mass coverage on this, including Paragon City. Splice will handle coverage in the Isles. I believe I have a proposal for what you can do regarding Pargon City.

Part Two: Good Television


Some people are going to tune in, Character, but we need all of the Isles to tune in, and maybe even some of Paragon. Hrm, in fact, perhaps it would be best if most of Paragon tuned in.

In addition to being a former master assassin, I am also an expert in public relations, quite an expert. People already fear you; that's known. However, your name needs to be fresh in people's minds for us to start this.

I propose an attack that would grab people's attention.

Amanda Vines had dropped the first draft of a report regarding a new supergroup in Brickstown. They call themselves the New Praetorians. You figure that an attack on Brickstown would cause enough mayhem to get their attention. You could rob the bank, beat down the PPD, and take out the New Praetorians. All of that should be plenty to get enough attention for your future attacks on anyone trying to cash in on the bounty on your head.

  • Prepare the helicopter, Mr. G. We're going to Brickstown.

Brickstown, Character?

Ah... I see, the New Praetorians. I'm afraid I don't have much information on these New Praetorians, so there's no telling who exactly will show up or how difficult this fight will be.

The camera crew will be recording everything, and you will have Mr. Houston providing... commentary.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Let's be on our way, Character.

Mission Objective(s)


Your Vanguard helicopter lands easily in Brickstown, with the PPD none the wiser that it contains you!

  • Cause Mayhem in Brickstown
    • Steal money from vault
    • 30 Police to defeat
    • Defeat the New Praetorians!

You robbed the bank in Brickstown and shot up your ratings on television!


V badge PPD.png Paragon Police Department
V badge TheNewPraetorians.png The New Praetorians

Notable NPCs

  • Aurora Pena (New Praetorians Elite Boss)
EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

The Public Fame event status is as follows:
Public Fame
Defeat PPD to increase your infamy!

  • Total Infamy: (0/100)
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! You are periodically ambushed by waves of Paragon Police.
PPD Drone: Freeze, villain!

You grabbed the money!


Beautiful job, Character, absolutely beautiful. People are once again curious about you.

We have commercials airing now about your beat down against would-be bounty hunters. I believe you are also 'trending' on popular blog sites.

General Alito has managed to take down several weaker groups that sought to cash in on the bounty. There were the Goldbrickers, the Skulls, the Hellions, and even the Luddites. That leaves us with the larger groups that must be handled. Transmuter is currently trying to handle something with Subjugator 5; she seems to be disturbed by something, though there is a good chance that simply comes with the condition of being so twisted by Mother Mayhem.

Part Three: Ratings


Bobcat has informed us that the Carnival of Shadows intends to cash in on your bounty. It seems Primal Vanessa DeVore isn't in it for the money as she is for the media attention. It is quite interesting how different Primal DeVore is from our DeVore.

I wonder what would happen if they ever met. Hrm...

Regardless, Transmuter has acted upon Bobcat's information and has found out where the Carnival are gathering to attack you.

  • Where?

They are gathering in a place called Fortune's Wheel. It is a Carnival camp that they have in St. Martial. It's quite a symbol for the group, yes, quite a symbol.

Now, you could wait for them to make a move, or strike them in their home territory. I believe doing the latter would make you seem that much more fearsome, yes, much more fearsome.

If you can take down their head girls or whatever they're called and set fire to their little tents, I believe that would send a very strong message to all the others in the Rogue Isles. Quite the message.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Enjoy the carnival, Character.

Mission Objective(s)


You can hear the sound of carnival music playing in the area. This should be interesting.

  • Attack the Carnival of Shadows
    • 4 bombs to activate
    • Rescue Dean MacArthur
    • 3 Carnival leaders to defeat
    • Defeat your Shadow Simulacrum

You've sent a very direct message to the Carnival of Shadows!


Badge villain carnival.png Carnival of Shadows

Notable NPCs

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

The Public Fame event status is as follows:
Public Fame

  • Gain fame by causing chaos! (100/300)


If you rescued Dean MacArthur during this mission, you are awarded the Honorary Bro Badge.

File:Badge i24 StMartial Challenge.png Honorary Bro

Dean MacArthur stood up for you when Wu Yin tried to bring you down. He was captured by the Carnival of Shadows for this, but you rescued him. Dean MacArthur declared you an Honorary Bro.


That was quite interesting, sending a Shadow Doppelganger after you, Character, quite interesting; I suppose everyone wants to get into cloning these days.

The people of the Rogue Isles can't stop talking about your work, Character. In fact, as far as we can tell, that attack on the Carnival's base has caused a lot of people to rethink their attack on you.

Splice intercepted a communication between the Sky Raiders indicating that they called off an attack on you. She also sent a virus into the computers of the Rogue Arachnos. They won't be bothering us for the moment. However, we still have one group left that seems focused on trying to take you down.

Part Four: All in the Family


The Family is your next target. Bobcat found out that they've hired a hero hunter to fight you. The man goes by the name of Crimson Revenant. They say he's the best at taking down heroes; I suppose the Family wants to test him against you.

Now, I should warn you, the Family isn't in this for the money. They're trying to prove a point. You're becoming a big name here in St. Martial, but they believe that this place is their territory.

  • I'll show them who St. Martial belongs to.

What are your plans to show them who the city belongs to?

You decide that after taking care of Crimson Revenant, you'll go to the main city block that the Family owns here and create complete chaos, wrecking everything they own and leaving your mark on them! You explain the plan to Mr. G, who nods.

Excellent plan, Character. Splice has just received word that Crimson Revenant is waiting for you on an old highway in St. Martial. It was a rather... cheery message, very cheery. We'll be keeping the Vanguard helicopter reserved for our long distance flights, as usual. Good luck, Character.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I'm sure you'll handle this with ease, Character.

Mission Objective(s)


You arrive at the spot where Crimson Revenant said he would be waiting for you.

  • Send the Family a message
    • Confront Crimson Revenant
    • Defeat Crimson Revenant
    • Defeat all the Crimson Revenants
    • Defeat all the Family and destroy their cars in Jackpot
    • Rescue Vincent Ross

You've send a message to the Family by causing havoc in their streets!


Badge villain family.png The Family

Notable NPCs

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

The Public Fame event status is as follows:
Public Fame

  • Gain fame by causing chaos! (300/1000)

You defeated all the Crimson Revenants!


If you rescued Vincent Ross in this mission, you are awarded the Remembers Their Friends Badge.

File:Badge i24 StMartial Challenge.png Remembers Their Friends

Vincent Ross was kidnapped by the Family after they found out he had past dealings with you. However, you beat the Family down and rescued Vincent Ross, showing the Rogue Isles that you remember your friends.


Splice is reporting that the internet is teeming with people commenting on your videos, Character. You're becoming quite the sensation. Most of your opponents have backed down, including a good amount of the Family.

This is actually quite fortunate for us, as we've been able to pinpoint where Wu Yin is. Splice did a trace and discovered that someone was talking to the Carnival, the Family, and every other group that was after you. They're still trying to send a signal right now to the Family, which means we know exactly where Wu Yin is hiding.

Finale: The Final Headline


The Yins and Tub Ci are holed up in a penthouse in St. Martial. According to Splice, they still have some of the Family helping them out, perhaps out of spite for you.

Without the Family, the Yin's have nothing left to throw at you. Well... except for Penelope Yin and Tub Ci. But I believe you can handle them very easily.

This will be the final episode of your show, Character, and the Rogue Isles are going to tune in to see you get your vengeance upon the man who was out to get you!

  • I'll make sure not to disappoint the fans.

I know you won't, Character. Now, you'll have to be careful, as Tub Ci is still a very dangerous opponent. You'll want to prepare yourself, as you don't want to be defeated on live television.

Take everyone down and we'll end all of this.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I'll be eagerly watching your progress, Character.

Mission Objective(s)


This should be the final episode of your hit series... so how come the cameras aren't working?

  • End the Yin's bounty on you
    • Defeat Tub Ci
    • 3 groups of Awakened to defeat

You've put a stop to your bounty, but discovered that the Yins have another trick up their sleeve!


Badge villain family.png The Family
Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate
V badge Awakened.png The Awakened

Notable NPCs


Wu Yin: Tub Ci has been bested by Character. Hurry, Penny, we must get out of here!
Penelope Mayhem: We can take her, father, just give me the chance!
Wu Yin: No! Not like this, Penny. We retreat to fight another day.
Wu Yin: Can you handle this from here?
Awakened: We will do our best, as long as Penelope can keep our hatred under control.
Penelope Mayhem: I'm sorry, I promise we'll come back for you!


Upon completing this mission, you are awarded the Villain of the Month Badge.

File:Badge i24 StMartial Arc.png Villain of the Month

You publically put down every attempt on your life, and then smashed apart Wu Yin's entire operation. The public is calling you the 'Villain of the Month'.


Fascinating work, Character. The WPSDR team has been sent back and thanked for their services. John Houston will be talking about what you've done for weeks, even if it wasn't broadcast.

Tub Ci is currently in a hospital from your fight, and I believe he'll be there for a long time, a very long time. It seems, however, that you and I have more things to worry about. It is concerning that such a touchy subject as the Awakened being present should slip under us. Regardless, it is now clear what Subjugator 5 was concerned about. She was able to sense the presence of her fellow Awakened in this dimension.

The Yins believe that they can use the Awakened as a weapon against you. The bounty was their first attempt at stopping you - the Awakened will be their second. You can turn the tables on the Yins by attacking the Awakened and turning them on their so-called 'masters'! They will see that you do not simply rest at stopping one of Yin's lackeys!

The End of a Yin

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 5 Reward Merits.


Penelope Mayhem's Psychic Gift

Penelope Mayhem created a psychic gift and gave it to you - an image of Paragon City burning into the ground. The image makes you think that clearly this was...

The End of a Yin

The Yin family made a mistake crossing you, and now they were paying for it. You discovered Penelope Yin was using her psychic powers to control the Awakened. You powered up Subjugator 5 and leaped inside of Penelope Yin's mind to break her control over the Awakened. Your goal was to send the group into a frenzy, destroying anything in their path.

However, something unexpected happened. Penelope Yin refused to let go of the Awakened. Instead of losing control of the Awakened, she became the Awakened, absorbing all of their hatred and anger into her own body.

Fueled by anger, Penelope Mayhem attacked Faultline with the intent of destroying the primal version of herself. You showed up in Faultline to help in the attack, defeating Primal Penelope Yin and Mirror Spirit. Penelope Mayhem teleported, giving you her thanks and also letting you know that the two of you are now eternally bound, as you were technically her creator.

Everything was all wrapped up, but there was one more job Mr. G had, which was to rob a Vanguard vault. It was here you were presented with a decision. Vanguard would just let you have the money if you simply handed over all the war criminals you had released.

The choice was yours to make - did you stay loyal to the criminals you rescued, or did you backstab them for your own ends?

Part One: Hostages


I've spoken with Subjugator 5, who has become more coherent about the situation. Transmuter has done an excellent job at calming her down.

It would appear that Penelope Yin, that is, the Praetorian version of her, is using her mental powers to control all the Awakened. Normally, they are a raving band of lunatics. However, with Penelope Yin's help, they are all coherent and capable; in essence, a powerful army that can serve the Yin's.

I can only assume that they did not send the Awakened after you beforehand because Penelope Yin was still trying to control them.

The goal seems simple; you need to somehow stop Penelope Yin from controlling the Awakened. If you can do that, they'll turn into a raving band of lunatics. Perhaps then, you could use Subjugator 5 as the new catalyst to control the Awakened and give yourself an entire army to control!

  • (Explain your plan to Mr. G.)

Hrm... I hadn't thought of that, but it is possible. We would need to somehow boost Subjugator 5's powers to do this, and also have contact with some of the Awakened.

Splice has received word that there is a large gathering of some here in St. Martial; it seems they're setting up some sort of devices to do something. Transmuter believes they're attempting to pinpoint Subjugator 5's location in order to take her back in; this is something that cannot happen.

I would suggest you go to this site and beat down a number of the Awakened and kidnap their most powerful member. In the meantime, Splice will look into how we can enhance Subjugator 5's abilities.

Oh, and one more thing. There is a man in Nerva Archipelago called Psimon Omega. Bobcat heard he's a powerful psychic. If you've done work with Psimon Omega in the past, you can try talking to him to see if he will give you any aid.

EdNote.png Editor's Note:

Bug? Despite Mr. G's implicitations to the contrary, Psimon Omega does not offer any aid if you visit him during this mission, even if you have completed both of his story arcs.

Unnecessary Solicitation

We'll be here if you need anything.

Mission Objective(s)


You arrive at the site where the Awakened should be gathering. Time to stop them before they locate Subjugator 5.

  • Kidnap a member of the Awakened
    • 3 Awakened Leaders to defeat
    • 2 detectors to destroy
    • Speak with Splice
    • Enter the Sewers
    • 2 crates with Yin technology to find
    • Capture the Empowered Awakened

You've captured the Empowered Awakened!


V badge Awakened.png The Awakened

Notable NPCs


Character, not a fan of going to places in person, it's a bit too exposed.

The Awakened you're looking for will be inside. The tech you destroyed should keep Subjugator 5 from being found. I'll make sure of that. Also, there should be two crates with some of the tech that the Yin's are using inside. If you can grab that, I can get to work on finding out where Penelope Yin is hiding. Just a warning, though.

The Awakened entity inside is going to be invincible until you defeat enough of them to weaken the psychic barrier around the target. I would suggest not doing a head on attack for this reason.

  • Leave


Transmuter and Subjugator 5 are looking over the Awakened you captured. Subjugator 5 is doing her best to keep the Awakened locked down, or else Penelope Yin will discover our location.

In the meantime, Splice's research has paid off. She has found something that we could use to empower Subjugator 5.

Part Two: Old Projects


Some time ago, Arachnos had a large machine that was called the Jade Tarantula. The design was quite interesting; the machine was powered by the psychic energies of an individual psychic. Recluse planned on having the former Sister Psyche utilize it, but those plans fell through.

Of course, Recluse would not just simply abandon that project. Splice has located a base where Arachnos is trying to manufacture a smaller version of the machine.

  • So I'll go in there, get the tech, and get out.

Exactly. Splice does not need to recreate an entire creature; she just needs enough of the technology to make a small device to amplify Subjugator 5's powers.

We all believe that, if utilized properly, Subjugator 5 can break Penelope Yin's hold on the Awakened. After that, the Awakened will turn and destroy the Yin's and their reputation here.

Be careful in the base, Character. Your presence will be noticed. You'll have about three minutes before Silver Mantis arrives. If you can defeat enough Arachnos in there, however, Splice can send out a fake signal to misdirect Silver Mantis.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Be on your guard in the base, Character.

Mission Objective(s)


You'll have to move fast if you're going to avoid Silver Mantis.

  • Steal Proto Jade Tarantula Technology - 3:00
    • 6 computers to hack for the Proto-Jade technology
    • 30 Arachnos to defeat to stop Silver Mantis from arriving
    • Three minutes until Silver Mantis arrives

You've retrieved the data for the Proto-Jade spider!


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

Notable NPCs


Splice has already set up the technology needed to enhance Subjugator 5, thanks to your work, Character. She and Subjugator 5 have worked together to pinpoint the center of Penelope Yin's psychic activity.

We have also figured out how Subjugator 5 can sever Penelope Yin's control over the Awakened. All the pieces are falling into place, Character. We're getting ready to end this.

Part Three: Controlled Chaos


Here is the situation, Character. There is a massive group of Awakened being kept in a warehouse here in St. Martial. Penelope Yin is somewhere in that warehouse, but we do not know where exactly.

We need to either force Penelope Yin out in the open for you to fight her, or somehow get you into the psychic network that she has set up for the Awakened.

If the former happens, you merely need to beat her down, then Subjugator 5 will take care of the rest. If the latter happens...

  • Then I fight Yin on her own psychic plane.

Exactly. That may be better, although a bit tougher. If you're inside of her psychic network, it means Subjugator 5 can reach out to your signature and begin destroying the lines that Penelope Yin set up.

By the end of your fight, Penelope Yin's network will be destroyed, and the Awakened will turn on her! All that you'll need to do at that point is to escape, something which Splice will have covered. She will teleport you out before the Awakened go too crazy.

Be on your guard, however. Penelope Yin is quite powerful, more so than her Primal counterpart, I would wager. She's been through Mother Mayhem's 'hospital' and survived. She's seen a lot, and she'll do what it takes to win.

Unnecessary Solicitation

We're all waiting to activate the plan on our end, Character.

Mission Objective(s)


This warehouse isn't exactly the most dramatic spot for a showdown, but it will do.

  • Take down Penelope Yin and the Awakened
    • 5 Enlightened Awakened to defeat
    • Defeat Penelope Yin
    • Defeat the incoming Awakened

Something... unexpected happened.


V badge Awakened.png The Awakened

Notable NPCs

  • Penelope Yin (The Awakened Elite Boss)

Penelope Yin: What's... happening...?
Penelope Yin: I can't... keep control over the Awakened... Character is doing something to me!
Wu Yin: Penny, you can't do this alone! Let me help you!
Penelope Yin: NO! You've done enough for me... father... I can do this... I can save the Awakened!
Wu Yin: You CAN'T! Penny, I am your FATHER! STOP!
Penelope Yin: If I let go... they'll go wild... they'll kill each other... I can contain their anger!
Wu Yin: No! PENNY!
Wu Yin: Penny?
Wu Yin: Speak to me, Penny!
Penelope Yin: ... Your Penelope Yin is gone.
Penelope Yin: We are the embodiment of all the hatred... all the anger... all of the pain from the Awakened.
Penelope Yin: You may call us... Penelope Mayhem. And now, it's time for you to die, old man.
Wu Yin: This isn't over... I WILL Get my Penny back!
Penelope Yin: There is much hatred in us that must be spread... spread to the whole world!


Character... I must say, I didn't expect that to happen, very unexpected. Penelope Yin has gone off the literal deep end. Subjugator 5 has been scanning her mind since the incident. She has full control over the Awakened, still. Ah... no, I believe that's the wrong word for it. She is the Awakened now. Not to fear, however.

It would appear you have a very strong image in this Penelope Mayhem's mind, according to Subjugator 5. She says that Penelope Mayhem sees you as a sort of creator, a god of sorts. You were the one in her mind before the trigger happened. In fact, you were the one who caused the trigger in the first place!

I would have thought that Penelope Yin would back away once she lost control, yes, back away to save herself. Instead, she chose to do the heroic option to try to sacrifice herself, and look at what it did for her.

I think our work is done here with the Awakened... now, we just have ourselves some fun.

Part Four: Cracking Faultline


It appears that Penelope Mayhem is causing chaos in Faultline as we speak. She's fighting her counterpart, Penelope Yin, while also yelling various things about you, Character. All good, of course, but nonetheless, your presence is known.

If I may be so bold, I suggest you make an appearance in Faultline to bear witness to your work. You could even, oh, I don't know, cause some chaos alongside Miss Mayhem and give one last final show to the people of Paragon. It would be taking advantage of the situation that you have personally created.

  • I'll need a way in to Faultline, Mr. G.

I can arrange one for you. Unfortunately, our Vanguard helicopter has ceased to work. I believe Gaussian was able to hack remotely into the computer and disable all of the devices. Splice did her best to stop him, but in the end she was bested.

We can get you in through a series of sewer systems, however. At that point, it will be up to you to cause some chaos in the area and leave your mark on Faultline.

The rest of us shall be here waiting to hear the news of your acts, Character.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Faultline hasn't had a terrible amount of villainous attention lately. Let's change that.

Mission Objective(s)


You made your way through the sewers and emerge in a parking garage in Faultline.

  • Cause Chaos in Faultline
    • 5 bombs to arm
    • 5 PPD Head Supports to defeat
    • Defeat Mirror Spirit
    • Defeat Penelope Yin

You've destroyed part of Faultline and showed your allegiance with Penelope Mayhem!


V badge PPD.png Paragon Police Department
V badge Phalanx.png Freedom Phalanx
V badge Wisdom.png W.I.S.D.O.M.

Notable NPCs

  • Penelope Yin (Freedom Phalanx Hero)
  • Penelope Mayhem
  • Mirror Spirit (WISDOM Hero)
EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

The Penelope's Mayhem event box reads as follows:
Faultline Showdown
The Penelope's are fighting each other.

  • Penelope Yin's Health: (100/100)
  • Penelope Mayhem's Health: (100/100)

Penelope Yin at 90% Health

Penelope Yin at 80% Health

Penelope Yin at 70% Health

Penelope Yin at 40% Health

Penelope Mayhem at 20% Health


How could I forget you, Character? You are the Creator of hatred, the one who united the Awakened in us.

Everything is owed to you, everything. Without you, the hatred would be shattered, broken, controlled.

You even aided in the defeat of the Other Yin and the annoying Spirit girl. The power of our hatred is weakened, however, from their assault.

We must retreat to repower ourselves.

  • Get out of here, we'll see each other again.
  • I'm not your Creator, Penelope.
Why would you say that? You are our Creator! There is no other way to describe you. We saw you fight the former vessel, we saw you defeat her in her mind.
You were the catalyst that brought us all together.
We owe you everything, and there is no way for you to change our minds on the matter.
  • Alright, you should get out of here.
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.
  • What can you do to help me in the future?
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.
  • What can you do to help me in the future?
We will do our best to watch over you, Character. You are precious to us and your life is valued more than any of those in Paragon or the Isles.
We have our own goals, of course... but we shall aid you should you be in danger or in need of more support. You have our word on that.
  • Alright, you should get out of here.
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.
  • I'm not your Creator, Penelope
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.


If you arm all five bombs before Penelope Yin and Penelope Mayhem finish their fight, you are awarded the Pyromaniac Badge.

File:Badge i24 StMartial Challenge.png Pyromaniac

You set fire to one of the nicer parts of Faultline while Penelope Yin and Penelope Mayhem were still fighting elsewhere.


The press are all talking about your work, Character. They're all stirring about how you created Penelope Mayhem. This is something even greater than just defeating a hero, quite greater.

A hero could stand being defeated... they would simply bounce back, fight the good fight and all that nonsense. Oh, but now... now you've instilled fear that the heroes never knew existed. You've shown that you will not only defeat anyone that comes after you, but that you will twist them into a nightmarish version of themselves. It is a fate that could be considered worse than death, and far worse than defeat.

You've earned your reputation as a feared villain, Character, and I am quite glad to have been part of it, quite glad. There is only one last thing we need to do.

Finale: Choosing the Inevitable


I would like to propose one final attack against Vanguard, this time against one of their vaults that they keep in St. Martial. It was well hidden, yes, but Splice was able to find it. You could rob any regular bank around here, but why not go after the funds for Vanguard directly? It would be another show of power to the group, don't you agree?

  • Sounds good, where is the location of this safehouse?

Here, I shall mark the location for you. It will be a simple smash and grab, yes, quite simple.

We will be waiting here for you to return with all of the loot, Character.

Unnecessary Solicitation

How are you progressing, Character?

Mission Objective(s)


You enter the warehouse and see a Vanguard operative waiting to speak with you.

  • Rob Vanguard's Safehouse
    • Speak with the Vanguard Representative
    • 2 Vanguard Corporals to defeat
    • Defeat the last Vanguard
    • Retrieve Vanguard's money
    • Speak with Mr. G

You've received the money from the Vanguard safehouse!


V badge Vanguard.png Vanguard

Contact Small Vanguard Operative.jpg
Vanguard Representative


Character, hold on. Vanguard does not want a fight. You are not our enemy. We're here to negotiate.

We knew that Splice would figure out where our safehouse is, and so we received permission to make you this bargain. We will freely give you the money in this safehouse. In return, you will hand over the Praetorian war criminals to us.

If you refuse, we will use our forces to take you out instead of your allies.

What do you say?

  • (Hand Mr. G and the others over to Vanguard.)
Excellent choice, Character. Our operatives are moving in now to take in everyone that you've gathered.
The safe is open, and the money is waiting for you.
In the future, Character, Vanguard would ask that you leave us alone, as we do employ heroes and villains. We're here to keep this planet safe, and I believe you are too, deep down inside.
  • (Leave)
  • (Fight the Vanguard)
Vanguard Representative: Urgh!

You found all the money that Vanguard has in the safehouse!

Contact Small Mr. G (Primal Earth).jpg
Mr. G (Primal Earth)


Character, none of us could have expected this to happen. We all greatly appreciate your help in defending us, greatly appreciate it.

We will continue working in our warehouse; should you need any help in the future, please feel free to come towards us. Yes... do feel free.

  • I will, Mr. G.


Upon completing this mission, you are awarded the Mayhem's Creator Badge.

File:Badge i24 StMartial Arc.png Mayhem's Creator

You were personally responsible for the creation of a new villainess, Penelope Mayhem. What she will do now is anyone's guess.



Personal Story


Wu Yin's Personal Story

Wu Yin went to see Tub Ci in the hospital after his fight with one of the villains in the Isles. It was there that Desdemona/Vanessa DeVore visited Wu to speak about the situation with their daughter, Penelope. In the end, Wu decided that the only way to save her would be to collect all the memories he had of his daughter and put them in one place. Someone will have to try to get the memories into her mind in order to help keep some of her daughter alive.

Vanessa DeVore ripped all the memories Wu Yin had of Penelope out of his mind. Now, all she has to do is somehow get the memories into Penelope Mayhem in order to start the process of saving their daughter.

Unavoidable Fate


Wu Yin was still shaken by what he saw. His daughter, his baby girl, the one who he spent so long trying to save from Mother Mayhem's clutches, was turned into one of the Awakened. He could hardly believe it, he didn't want to believe it.

Wu Yin's hands shook from a sadness that tore at his very soul. It wasn't right. He could've done something more to save his daughter, if only she had let him, if only he was powerful enough to force some of her burden onto himself.

After Character's chaos, Wu Yin fled to Paragon City. Tub Ci was still in the hospital, recovering from the brutal beating he received from Character.

This is a non-combat, personal story mission. In this mission, you will assume the role of your contact. This is a solo mission.

  • (Play Wu Yin's Personal Story)

Wu Yin could sense someone was following him. It was both a familiar presence and a strange one. The woman known as Desdemona, who had the essence of his former wife, Vanessa DeVore, in the mask that she wore. Needless to say, the entire situation was... somewhat awkward. He did not have the time to even see his wife, though some of that was deliberate on Wu Yin's part.

Wu Yin knew, however, that Vanessa DeVore would feel the disturbance within Penelope Mayhem and seek him out. Wu Yin hoped, however, that he could avoid coming face to face with the reality that the original woman he fell in love with was gone, and all that was left of her was in a mask attached to another woman's body.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Badge bughunter 01.png Bug! This mission was apparently cut-and-pasted from Dream Doctor's personal story. The mission title is the same as 'Dream Doctor's Personal Story' and this unnecessary solicitation is also wrong.

Dream Doctor would make his way to the Midnighter Club to speak with Montague Castanella.

Mission Objective(s)


The attendants at the hospital escorted Wu Yin to Tub Ci's room.

  • Wu Yin's Personal Story (Solo Mission)
    • Speak with Tub Ci
    • Speak with Desdemona/Vanessa DeVore

Wu Yin sacrificed all the memories he had of Penelope in order to one day save her from the monster that she has become.


I apologize for my failure, Wu. I did my best to stop Character. It... is my fault that this all happened to your daughter.

  • The blame does not rest solely on your shoulders, Tub Ci.

... Your words will take time to form, but I shall try to think on that.

What are we to do now? The Awakened are lost, the plans for the new Syndicate have been shattered. We are back to square one with everything, and little to no resources to be used to save dear Penelope.

Wu Yin felt her presence at the door. His wife, Vanessa DeVore, or what was left of her in the mask.

  • My wife is here, Tub Ci. I believe she might have something to say.


Both Desdemona and Vanessa DeVore begin to speak. The two stop and Desdemona proceeds.

I imagine this is... somewhat weird for you, Wu Yin. Your wife has told me a lot about you; you're a good man. I know it's not going to be easy to deal with this, but I think we'll do our best. I want you to feel free to say what you would say to your wife, alright?

Feel free? How could Wu Yin do that? He and his wife could no longer have their own secrets, their own conversations. How could he say anything -

My dear Wu. You and I can still speak in your mind. I have been hearing your thoughts all of this time. I've told Desdemona that we will talk psychically, so she will stay silent, for the moment.

  • Vanessa... I'm sorry. I couldn't save Penelope.

Desdemona awkwardly folds her arms as Vanessa DeVore continues to speak in Wu Yin's mind.

It wasn't your fault. She... was through too much. We were never there to properly raise her, to teach her that she could rely on us. Poor Penelope did not want to trouble you.

But we are her parents, Wu. We are the ones who will take care of her from now on. We cannot rest until we save our daughter, no matter the cost. I... just do not know how much of our Penny is left within the monster of the Awakened. She has all of their hatred inside of her now, the hatred that came from Tilman's vile experiments.

  • Penny... she needs memories of who he used to be. Something to survive.

Yes, but how? The amount of memories she would need are massive. I cannot transfer my own memories from the mask to her. The only other option... No, no honey, you cannot do that! You cannot ask me to do that!

Despite Vanessa's words, Wu Yin knew what had to be done. It was a simple matter to transplant a memory into someone. However, it would not have any heart to it, any foundation. One had to transfer the feeling of a memory, the very essence of the memory to make it last... but that would mean the memory for that person would be gone.

A father must protect his daughter, Wu Yin thought, he must sacrifice everything for her. Wu Yin made his decision.

He was going to tell his wife to take all of his memories of Penelope, from when he raised her as a child, taught her how to read, how to write... Vanessa would rip all of them out of Wu Yin's mind to one day place back into what was now Penelope Mayhem. Wu Yin would have no more memory of his daughter. When he looked upon her, she would just be another stranger.

This was the only way, however, to save his beloved daughter from becoming a monster like Tilman.

  • You heard all of my thoughts. You have to do this, Vanessa. For our daughter.

... I'm sorry. You've... done so much to try to save her, my beloved. I promise you that I will not rest until Penelope is saved. Desdemona, myself, and the Carnival of Light will tear down the pillars of hatred itself in order to get our daughter back.

When we do, the three of us will make new memories together. She and I will remember you, Wu, and you will come back to her, I know you will. You cannot get rid of what rests beyond your mind for her.

Without another word, Vanessa began the process. Wu Yin saw all the memories he had of Penelope leaving his mind; the first time she scraped her knee, her favorite toys from the propaganda cartoon shows. They all left Wu Yin's mind, until even her very name was gone. It all happened in a matter of seconds. When Wu Yin thought of Penelope, he could think of nothing. It was a connection that did not make sense. Why did he form the Syndicate? What happened to the daughter that he had with his wife?

  • What's happening? I'm... I'm lost, it feels as if...

We'll get through this, honey. Together. One day, you'll remember again. I promise.

  • (Leave)




Upon completion of the mission, you will earn the Father Badge

File:Badge i24 StMartial Personal Story.png Father

You played Wu Yin's personal story and saw the plan that has been set in motion to try and save Penelope Mayhem.