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Mission:Inside Information - Praetoria's Hidden Treasure

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This information contains features that were to be implemented in Issue 24 and was current as of the game's shut down date.
EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

This Tip mission is automatically introduced to Villain characters upon reaching level 30.


You've picked up some Inside Information about Arachnos and their investigation into Praetoria.

This contact has now been added to the active tab of your Contact window. This story takes place after the events of Issue 23.

Initial Contact

Some of your contacts within the Rogue Isles have been sending you bits of pieces of information regarding Arachnos and Praetoria. Separately, the information means nothing at all. However, if you start to put all the little clues together, you start to see the big picture about a possible move that Arachnos is planning...

  • Put the clues together.

Story Arc

Praetoria's Hidden Treasure


Mr. G's New Card

Mr. G gave you a card with his new information on it. It makes you think that you might've found...

Praetoria's Hidden Treasure

You found out that Arachnos was staging an operation to loot Praetoria before the Hamidon destroyed it. You snuck in through the DESTINY portal to try to take something for yourself.

You found a badly injured Mr. G beneath the streets of Imperial City. He revealed that he was the villain, Doppelganger. Mr. G had plans to build an army of clones to take over Primal Earth and Praetoria, but that plan was destroyed by Praetor Sinclair.

Mr. G offered a deal to you - if you saved his life, he would serve you in Primal Earth. You agreed and warned Mr. G that he would be dead if he even thought about betraying your alliance.

Praetoria's Hidden Treasure

The clues were subtle at first. The number of plans that Arachnos had started to dwindle and they weren't sending out as many operatives on foreign assignments as they used to. Arachnos seemed to be concentrating on internal affairs, as if they were gearing up for something big. They were conducting numerous deals and more than a few raids on war materials to bolster their armories' stockpiles. And then there was the research being done about the Devouring Earth. Disturbing reports that covered not only how to combat them, but also methods of controlling them.

The final piece of the puzzle came in when one of your contacts let slip that Arachnos was trying to figure out how to correctly deal amiably with the Carnival of Light and recruit displaced members of the Resistance. That's when it all fell into place! Arachnos must have been planning some sort of attack on Praetoria, but only after Cole was defeated.

You heard along the grapevine that Recluse staged a massive attack to bring down Tyrant himself, but that his armies were wiped out. It seems Recluse knew all along he wasn't going to defeat Tyrant - he was simply using this as a distraction while his army created another portal to sneak into Praetoria and loot the city of every scrap of useful information and technology they could get their hands on!

  • (Ponder for a moment...)

You have it on good authority that Arachnos is finishing up their looting of Praetoria in Grandville. They're utilizing the DESTINY portal to travel to and from the area. The place should be in enough chaos from troops going back and forth that you could slip into the portal and investigate Praetoria yourself.

If Praetoria is collapsing, you should at least see what you can take from it before the Hamidon completely devours everything! You're not sure what you'll find, but you can't pass up this opportunity of discovering something interesting.

  • Leave
Investigate the Dying Praetoria

Unnecessary Solicitation

You'll have to brace yourself for whatever awaits you in Praetoria.

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Upon entering the main Arachnos building, you will see several groups of Praetorian mobs held captive by Arachnos troops along the edge of the room.


Mission Objective(s)


You're shunted out of the DESTINY portal and into the outside of Imperial City. The Hamidon hasn't wasted any time in taking over.
Time to see what you can find in here.

  • Investigate the Dying Praetoria
    • Investigate the area
    • Search the lab for survivors

You've gained a new ally - Mr. G!


V badge PraetDE.png Devouring Earth
V badge Infested.png The Infested


You see the body of a civilian on the ground. It looks like she was killed recently. You notice she wasn't killed by the Devouring Earth. She has several slices across her body that look to be the work of a heavy bladed weapon, almost certainly a sword, and by the depth of the wounds, probably a katana.

  • Leave

Contact Small Tami Baker.jpg
Tami Baker Clone


You see the body of the same woman that was outside of the lab. She is also dead, killed by someone wielding a katana. What exactly is going on?

  • Leave

Badge question mark.png


You see... yourself! How is that possible? The clone factory you had taken control of was destroyed by Protean. Yet, here you see dead clones of yourself scattered throughout the room. What is the meaning of all this? Who is using you in this manner?

  • Leave

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Your clone will only be visible if you have completed Leonard's story arc.

Contact Small Project Phoenix Clone.jpg
Project Phoenix Clone


You see the body of what appears to be a ninja. Their wounds indicate they were killed by a katana.

  • Leave


You see the dead body of Praetor Sinclair. His wounds are severe; it looks like he went down fighting nearly every single being that's within this lab. He has other wounds as well, which must have been from his fight in the Magisterium.

  • Leave



After you or Arachnos have defeated a combined total of 40 Devouring Earth and The Infested, you are awarded the Hamidon's Enemy Badge.

File:Badge i24 StMartial Challenge.png Hamidon's Enemy

You went back to Imperial City to find anything useful, but while you were there, you decided to send the Hamidon a message about who it shouldn't mess with.

Locate Mr. G in St. Martial

Unnecessary Solicitation

If this is a trap, you'll be sure to take down Mr. G as painfully as possible.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Locate Mr. G in St. Martial


Ah... you have no idea how good it feels to... well... not be dying, yes, not dying.

In my short time back, very short, I've done some digging around, and I do believe I've found some information that can be of use to you. Shall we begin, Character?

  • Let's get to work.

At this point, you may receive missions from Mr. G.