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Vincent Ross

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Vincent Ross
Vincent Ross.jpg
Former Legacy Chain Researcher
Zone Sharkhead Isle
Coordinates (-49, -28, 71)
Level Range 20-29
Introduced By None
Enemy Groups V badge Coralax.png Coralax
V badge Legacy.png Legacy Chain
V badge Midnighter.png Midnight Squad
V badge Longbow.png Longbow
V badge Slag.png Slag Golems
V badge Hero.png Paragon Heroes

Badge i19 villain storyarc.png Keeper of Coral Lore

Badge i19 villain storyarcoptional.png Connected
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Vincent Ross is a villain contact in the Port Recluse neighborhood of Sharkhead Isle at coordinates (-49, -28, 71). He can be found at the end of a pier at the beach below the Hospital. He was first introduced in Issue 19.


Contact Introduced By

Vincent Ross will be automatically unlocked for villains at level 20, and will contact villains himself if they reach level 20 and have not visited him in Sharkhead Isle yet.

Contact Unlocked

A former member of the Legacy Chain is looking for help in exacting his vengeance against the group. It seems he's promising whoever helps him the ability to unlock untold power...

Vincent Ross has been added to your contact list.

Contact Introduces


Former Legacy Chain Researcher

Vincent Ross was once a member of the Legacy Chain, something which is obvious by the outfit that he still wears. It's widely known to the inhabitants of Sharkhead that he and the group had a falling out of sorts, though what exactly happened is not known to many.

Too Low Level

Outlevelled Contact

Initial Contact


  • Let us continue our tale of vengeance.
  • The time is nearing to make our enemies cower in fear, Character.

Too Busy

No More Missions

There is nothing left for us to do together, Character. Let us not dwell further on the matter.


Vincent does not sell Inspirations or Enhancements.

Story Arc

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 5 Reward Merits.

Old Friends, New Enemies, and New Opportunities


Overdrive's Task Force PDA

You took this PDA off of Overdrive after defeating the task force she assembled to try and bring you down. Looking it over, you see that she and her team was working with the head of the Legacy Chain in Paragon City in order to get to the bottom of the Blood Coral; you were their last 'target' to take out, as it seems. It reminds you of an experience you call...

Old Friends, New Enemies, and New Opportunities

It all began when you met a former Legacy Chain researcher named Vincent Ross. He wanted your help in bringing down the Legacy Chain, which would be done by giving you power of the Leviathan beneath Sharkhead Isle. The plan formed was to gather pieces of Blood Coral to gain power over the creature. You went to retrieve a piece within the caverns of Sharkhead, only to find that the Legacy Chain had beaten you to the punch.

Vincent was distraught over this, but you suggested a better plan. Rather than go chasing after each individual piece, you would just charge the Legacy Chain's warehouse to steal all the pieces they had. Ross was nervous about the idea, but you proceeded and managed to retrieve the large chunk of Blood Coral for yourself.

All that was left now was to retrieve the last pieces of the Blood Coral and gain control of the Leviathan, though you were concerned that not everything was as it seemed. You recovered the last Blood Coral pieces and also discovered more information behind the Blood Coral and Leviathan. You would be unable to control the Leviathan with the Blood Coral, but you would be able to still enter its mind and try to take some of its power for yourself. However, you would need something to protect yourself from being absorbed from the Leviathan.

Vincent Ross proposed you seek out this information from the Midnighters. You spoke with Darrin Wade and struck a deal with him to get the information you needed from the Midnighters. You went to one of their secret offices in the Isles and spoke with an ancient demon named Botis, who gave you a ritual to protect yourself from the Leviathan and also warned you of an entity that is behind the power of the Leviathan, saying that you would most likely encounter it when you went inside.

With Longbow, Wyvern, and Legacy Chain right behind you, you went inside the Blood Coral that you gathered and into Leviathan. There, you encountered the mysterious entity behind the Leviathan who wished to test your power. You succeeded and discovered the secret behind power through the life and death of the goddess Merulina. She was killed by some sort of entity, but her power did not die with her. Instead, it was transferred into the Leviathan, which would explain the strong attachment the Coralax have to it. After discovering this, the entity vanished, allowing the Leviathan to re-awaken. You used the ritual given to you by Botis to buy you time to get out of the Leviathan and blow up the Blood Coral, forcing it back into its slumber.

Of course, you kept one last shard of the Blood Coral for yourself. This single piece seemed to now be injected with the power of the Leviathan, which, in turn, gave you nearly unlimited power! Vincent Ross warned you that the Legacy Chain had formed a literal army to take you down, along with a squad of heroes led by Overdrive. With your newfound, albeit temporary, power, you faced off against 200 Legacy Chain and Overdrive's task force, wiping the floor with them and sending them all back to Paragon.

Despite the Blood Coral's power wearing off, you made a lasting impression on the forces within Paragon City. You also now possess knowledge that few know; the power of ancient beings, of great beings, is never lost. Perhaps one day, you yourself will be able to transfer the power of ancient gods to use for yourself, or even the power of that mysterious entity that tested you within the Leviathan.

Part One: The Race for the Blood Coral


First, you need to understand how Blood Coral is made, and how it differs from Red Coral. Are you familiar with the Coralax? They are an ancient race. Well, some are ancient race. Others are humans who have become infected by the Coralax and turned into one of them. They feel a strong connection to the Red Coral of this island, possibly because of its direct link to the Leviathan that slumbers beneath our very feet. I also have it on... good authority that they use this red coral to infect others with their condition, but we will touch upon that another day.

The Coralax, long ago, forged rituals to make Blood Coral out of these pieces of the Leviathan. The ritual involved sacrificing a being of pure darkness or pure light. Those who performed the ritual had to do it exactly right, or else the Red Coral would be destroyed and the one performing the ritual would... well, let us just say death would be a better fate for them. It is because of this that most Coralax did not attempt the ritual. But some did, and many pieces of Blood Coral were created.

Unfortunately, the exact ritual has been lost to time, but there were enough pieces of Blood Coral made to be of use. It has taken many years for all the pieces made to be gathered, as they were scattered about by various wars within the Coralax society. But now, we are on the zenith of the pieces coming together, specifically with the Legacy Chain. It is why you and I must move to gather the last pieces before the Legacy Chain do, and why we must be willing to... enlist aid from others.

  • First things first. Where is the remaining Blood Coral?

The Coralax carrying one of four remaining pieces should be in a cavern near the Pit. This was a place once filled with Scrapyarders, but from what I can tell, the Coralax have taken the cavern for themselves. You should know, however, they the Legacy Chain are most likely making their way there as we speak. It would be best to wipe out the lead collector for the Legacy Chain while you're down there.

Now, regarding aid. It is no secret amongst certain groups in Sharkhead that the Legacy Chain are collecting Blood Coral. I do not believe any of them are privy to what exactly it is, just that the Legacy Chain are acting as a consistent thorn in their sides. If you were interested in earning some more money or favors on the side, I would speak with specific members of the factions in Sharkhead to see how you can turn their annoyances with the Legacy Chain into your gain.

You can speak with Vince Dubrowski to work with Cage Consortium, and Lorenz Ansaldo to work with the Family. Those who have worked together with Diviner Maros to seek out his aid during these events.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You need to hurry, Character. If I know those fools in the Legacy Chain, then they will already be inside that cavern as we speak!

Mission Objective(s)

The sound of battle rings in the air, along with magic. Members of the Legacy Chain are here, along with the Coralax.

  • Obtain the First Blood Coral Piece
    • Retrieve the Blood Coral from the Coral Holder
    • Find the Expedition Leader who has the Blood Coral

The Legacy Chain have made off with the Blood Coral!


V badge Legacy.png Legacy Chain
V badge Coralax.png Coralax


What?! The Legacy Chain have already obtained that piece of the Blood Coral?

Vincent's eyes begin to glow yellow as he looks around nervously.

This is bad, how could they have beaten us?! Is it possible we can't defeat the Legacy Chain?! That not even my power with yours is enough to stop them? But why? Why was I turned to this only to fail?

Character, maybe I was wrong to try to go against this fate, to go against the power they wield. Perhaps we were set on this course only to fail in the end. The Legacy Chain have most likely brought the piece they've recovered back to their warehouse and melded it with the chunk they already have. This... this piece that I told you was the only one I knew of. The Legacy Chain, however, have the resources and the manpower to find the others. There is nothing else that we can do!

  • Calm down. You know where the main Legacy Chain base is, right? We'll just go there.

Part Two: Bold Plans

Attack their main warehouse? No, Character, that would be suicide. But...

Perhaps not for you. Perhaps... I underestimate your power. You need to understand, the Legacy Chain have that warehouse guarded very well to hold such an object. I was there before I was removed. There are many rituals in place to keep the pulsating power of the coral under control. You see, there is another... small part to the coral that I did not mention. Those who hold Red Coral have commonly felt a foreign presence in their minds, whispering to them. With Blood Coral, it is much more intense, given that enough of it can physically send a person into the Leviathan.

If we were to attack the warehouse... wait... yes... yes, that's it! Yes, if you were to attack the warehouse, I could work from here on overriding the rituals, of making them my own. From there, a simple teleportation spell to a different location will give us our own little base of operations for the Blood Coral. Hah! Brilliant! We can still recover from this!

  • Good. Where is this warehouse?

Here is the address. They'll have it well guarded, as I said, but I believe you have the power to overwhelm them. When you get to the Blood Coral, you will need to activate runes there for my magic to take effect there. It will take three minutes for it to work. In that time, you will have to fend off the Legacy Chain and activate the runes as my magic empowers them. Once that is all done, I can use my teleportation magic to get that Blood Coral out of there and into our own safe keeping.

Just as a warning, Character, we will need to move fast on recovering the final pieces. My magic will only be able to hold the power of the Blood Coral back for so long. When that breaks... well, let us just say that anyone with any desire for power will swarm our warehouse. Oh, and I suggest for this little operation to leave anyone you're working with out of this. I wouldn't trust them with a secret as big as this.

Those working with Diviner Maros may still speak with their contacts for this mission.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I'll need to focus if I'm to properly prepare this ritual, Character.

Mission Objective(s)

The walls of the warehouse almost pulse with the energy of the Blood Coral. The Legacy Chain must have a large amount gathered here.

  • Steal the Blood Coral from the Legacy Chain
    • Defeat Arcanist Millian
    • 3 minutes until Vincent's full magic is ready 3:00
    • (Activate runes when requested during the three minutes)

You've taken control of the Blood Coral for yourself!


V badge Legacy.png Legacy Chain

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Once Arcanist Millian is defeated, a three minute timer starts. You will need to fend off waves of Legacy Chain during this time and also activate the runes next to the Blood Coral when required.


Brilliant work, Character! The Blood Coral is safe and sound in our own warehouse and the Legacy Chain is battered and beaten! I couldn't ask for anything better. The fools will soon see that the day they exiled me was the day they destroyed themselves! What did you think of the Blood Coral that was formed already? Was it beautiful? Magnificent?

I wish I could see it, truly I do, but... I must ignore the calls that it sends to me, the whispers in my mind. I know what they are a symptom of. If I were to get near the fully formed Blood Coral, I fear I would lose myself entirely. But you, Character, you have not been poisoned as I have. You are immune to the call, which is why you will attain great power all too soon. We just need to simply go after the Coralax lair and recover the last pieces! Then we will have all the Blood Coral needed to control the Leviathan!

Part Three: There's Always a Catch


We have little else to speak about, Character. All that's left is to go into the caves that the Coralax inhabit and recover the three remaining pieces of Blood Coral. When that is done, we can merge them with what we have already and begin our conquest of Sharkhead Isle and the Legacy Chain!

While the prospect of unlimited power may be at your fingertips, there seem to be many odd happenings during your short time with Vincent; the whisper from the Blood Coral, Vincent's possible 'disease', and his fear of getting taken over by the Blood Coral. Many people have been destroyed in the past by not understanding the power they're taking. You'll have to look for more research on this Blood Coral in the Coralax cavern to prevent yourself from meeting the same fate.

  • I'll get it handled, make sure the runes remain strong.

I shall, Character. I won't have much to fear from the Legacy Chain for the moment, given the sound beating you just gave them. Hah! What a terrific feeling it is, I only wish I could've seen how much you beat them down! Now, just as a fair warning, these Coralax caves are rumored to hold Shapers. They're considered the figures of authority in the Coralax society, ever since their goddess, Merulina, vanished. They're a little more powerful than your average fish, and I'm betting they'll be holding onto the Blood Coral.

Those who have been working together with other factions should contact the factions representative at this time.

Mission Objective(s)

You traverse nearly a mile of winding caverns before ending up here, somewhere deep beneath the ocean surrounding Sharkhead Isle. You're in the domain of the Coralax now.

  • Raid the Coralax Cave
    • One piece of research to find
    • 3 Shapers to defeat
    • Coralax will arrive at the end of the timer 3:00

You've retrieved all the pieces of the Blood Coral and learned that the plan that Vincent Ross had might not go so smoothly after all.


V badge Coralax.png Coralax

Notable NPCs

  • Shapers x 3 Missing Info about Shapers

Icon clue generic.png
Coralax Research 'The Leviathan and Ancient Knowledge
You found a book the Coralax had called 'The Leviathan and Ancient Knowledge'. Flipping through it, you manage to find a page regarding the creature and the Blood Coral.

'The Blood Coral, when fully gathered, will allow one to step into the mind of the Leviathan, where they may have the rare chance to reap the knowledge that the Leviathan has. Many of our fellow Shapers seek to spread out the Blood Coral, hoping the humans do not find it. This is a grave mistake. We must bring the Blood Coral together to speak with the Leviathan, to discover the fate of our goddess, Merulina, and to find a way to obtain the same power that the Leviathan possesses! Then, we will no longer need to rely on the slumbering beast, as we will all have the key to gaining the same power. The only thing we must be wary of is guarding ourselves against the Leviathan. It is rumored that those who try to gain the Leviathan's knowledge can be consumed and absorbed by its sheer power. We believe the rumored 'Midnight Squad' may hold the secrets to protect ourselves from this.'

'The Red Coral from the Leviathan can spread our numbers. The Blood Coral, however, is a fool's errand. As their own shards, they do well to increase the user's power. Together, however, they will not control the Leviathan, as many in the past believe. The Leviathan is far too powerful of a creature to be controlled by any method.'

Icon clue generic.png
Blood Coral Shard
You retrieved one of the Blood Coral shards from the Shapers within the Coralax cavern.


It's done! The final pieces obtained! Character, we are at the pinnacle of destroying those fools!


It's... not going to control the Leviathan? Is this some cruel joke? That's impossible! It's supposed to control the beast, it's supposed to do what we need it to do! How could I have missed this in my research... I thought I found everything, everything! It must've been those traitors in the Legacy Chain... they knew I was onto something, they hid the research from me! Of course... it all makes sense now. I was blind not to see it before.

Maybe there would be a way for you to gain power through the Leviathan, but what good would it do us if you were taken over? We'd need a way to stop that, but not even the Coralax have found it yet! But... wait... the Midnight Squad. Yes... yes that could be it.

Part Four: The Path to Knowledge


I've dealt with the Midnight Squad in the past, though not a terrible amount. They tend to believe the Legacy Chain are beneath them. They're right, of course, the Legacy Chain just do parlor tricks, spinning their wheels to the tune of their pathetic ideas. The Midnight Squad is not any better, but they're much more powerful and much more learned.

Unfortunately for us, they're also much more secretive. If the Midnight Squad somehow holds the secret to protecting you from the control of the Leviathan, we'll need to find out where that secret is and how to get it. In all my power, I'm unable to help you with this, but I know someone who can.

  • Who is it?

A man named Darrin Wade. Perhaps you've heard of him. He's a clever man, a former member of the Midnight Squad. He holds many of their secrets still and has done battle with them on occasion. He resides here in Sharkhead now, an outcast, much like myself. There are many things that Wade desires, and one of them would be the destruction of the Midnight Squad. Speak with him about what you're looking for, and perhaps he'll be able to help you. Just be warned that he thinks very... highly of himself. He may be difficult to deal with. Just make sure you keep it general, we don't want him to know that you might be able to gain the power of the Leviathan. All Wade needs to know is that we want to steal information on the Leviathan.

Speak with Darrin Wade

Unnecessary Solicitation

Have you spoken to Wade yet?

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak with Darrin Wade


Well, Character, looks like you and I are bound to keep running into each other, eh? Curious about my research into Rularuu, or are you here to make a deal?

I still haven't forgotten your help in 'replacing' those artifacts with the Midnight Squad.

  • (Explain to Darrin the information you need)

Hrm... information on the Leviathan, eh? Sure, why not? That beast has been asleep for centuries. All the attempts I've heard to awaken it have ended in failure, though I would rather the Midnight Squad not have any knowledge on it. It is true that they have a method to find more about the Leviathan, though they have not used it yet. It isn't so much a book, as it is a creature that they have. You see, the Midnighters use the Isles to conduct activities that the authorities in Paragon would... frown upon. One such activity is the containment of a demon named Botis.

Don't ask how I've come about this information, as there's several little sources I have in the Midnighters. This Botis is a demon that has a condition similar to Diviner Maros. It can see both the present and the past. Rumor is that it's a timeless demon, but that's another story. The demon is being bound in one of the Midnighter's offices here in Sharkhead Isle, and few in the Midnighter's even know of its existence. They're keeping it there as a resource for forbidden knowledge. I think our Leviathan friend would count as that, eh? Here's the location of the office, but there's one thing you should be aware of. The Midnighters are guarding this secret very heavily. The office has various portals that connect each of the levels. If you choose the wrong portal, you'll end up in a cavern full of the Midnighter's guardian spirits. There should be members of the Midnighter's in there that have notes on which portals are the right one. Anyway, that's all, and remember, you didn't get this information from me. But when the time comes, remember, you got this information from me. Do we have an understanding?

Those who have been working together with other factions should contact the factions representative at this time.

  • I believe we do.

Meet with Botis

Unnecessary Solicitation

Wade told you what you needed? Excellent! Perhaps we still stand a chance of obtaining ultimate power!

Mission Objective(s)

You feel as if all the eyes of the Midnighters are suddenly on you as you enter the office building.

  • Meet with Botis

You've recovered the ritual to protect yourself from the Leviathan's power!

File:Badge ouroboros enabled.png Entrusted with the Secret

You have been exposed to Time Travel and have been granted access to the Ouroboros Citadel. You can find the power to summon forth a portal there in your Temporary Powers tray.


V badge Midnighter.png Midnight Squad

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Office Guide
You found a note on the Midnighter you defeated regarding the portals within the Midnighter's Office.

'The first floor is the simplest one. Follow the portal that is not lit in the color of anguish.'

'The only way to reach the third level is to follow the path colored in anguish.'

'The true path into the forbidden sanctum is the one that is unique from all the others.'

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

On the first floor there are two portals, one of which is glows with a red hue. The meaning of the clue is to enter the other portal, as red is the color of anguish. Choosing the red portal will send you to a dark cavern filled with Spectral Guardians, with the exit portal on the opposite side of the cavern.

Entering the correct portal brings you to the second level (an office space filled with Midnight Squad members). Make your way to an area with three portals — one of which glows red. The second part of the clue tells you to "follow the path colored in anguish", meaning you need to enter the red portal. Choosing this portal will bring you to the third level. Choosing the other portals will bring you to the cavern filled with Spectral Guardians again.

On the third level (a very dark set of office spaces filled with Midnight Squad members) make your way to an area containing six portals. They all seem identical, except that you may notice the four torches set in front of one portal are arranged in a straight line, whereas each of the other portals have torches arranged in a semi-circle. Choose the different portal — the one with four torches in a straight line. Choosing the wrong portal will send you to a cavern filled with Spectral Guardians.

The Inner Sanctum is a dark area filled with books and also the demon Botis.

Players get to choose to either free Botis or ensure he remains bound:

Ensure Botis remains bound

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat Botis

Free Botis

Mission Objective(s)

  • Meet with Botis
    • 3 Obelisks to destroy



You have delt with Botis? And found the ritual? Character, I almost believe that this is too good to be true! Truly, you were the right person to work together with. Soon, your power shall be realized, and I shall have my vengeance against the Legacy Chain!

I must apologize, Character, for my... lack of faith in your abilities. I have been betrayed and let down by all those who I have trusted. Perhaps... you are someone who I can truly depend on. Maybe you are simply using me for your own ends... maybe. But if so, at least you have not yet discarded me, and I plan to make sure you have no reason to.

I shall enact the ritual from here when you enter the Leviathan in order to keep your mind from being destroyed. However, I must warn you... time is running out.

Part Five: The Key to Power


The protections on our Blood Coral crystal are fading, Character. And, unfortunately for us, the Legacy Chain are aware of where we're keeping it now. We don't have a lot of time left! We've come too far now to lose because of this. I will begin the ritual on my end to enable you to use the crystal to enter the Leviathan. In the meantime, I need you to guard the crystal from those backstabbers in the Legacy Chain!

Once my magic is finished, you can enter and speak with the Leviathan, though I would be very careful, Character. The ritual that I have here will protect you from being absorbed by the Leviathan, but if the creature were to awaken... well, then we may all be dead. None of us would have control over it, and it would be able to destroy anything in its path.

All you need from this beast is the knowledge of power that it holds. If the fully formed Blood Coral crystal is causing the Leviathan to awaken, then destroying it once you're done should prevent the beast from destroying you and everything else in Sharkhead - you'll just have to make sure to take a small piece of the Blood Coral for your future use.

  • When I'm finished, I'll blow up the Blood Coral. I'll already have what I need.

Hrm, well, yes, I suppose that's the best thing. Having the Blood Coral around will risk others finding out what you know. Perhaps... perhaps the information you learn will enable you to use whatever is left of the Blood Coral after to empower yourself. I would be very interested to see what is possible with that...

But we can save that for later. If I'm correct, the Legacy Chain may already be on their way to the storage facility. Hurry, and I will do what I can from here!

Unnecessary Solicitation

I can't be distracted, Character, I must focus on this task!

Mission Objective(s)

You can hear some Legacy Chain up ahead. You're too close to learning the Leviathan's power now to let them stop you!

  • Learn the Source of True Power

You've discovered the truth behind power and obtained a Blood Coral shard that can empower you with part of Merulina's true power!

To complete this mision, the following objectives must be met:

Mission Objective(s)

  • Learn the Source of True Power
    • Secure the area against incoming heroes


V badge Legacy.png Legacy Chain
V badge Wyvern.png Wyvern
V badge Longbow.png Longbow

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Numerous (eight or more!) waves of Legacy Chain, Longbow and Wyvern will arrive while securing the area against incoming heroes. These must be defeated before you can enter the Blood Coral.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Learn the Source of True Power
    • Enter the Blood Coral Crystal
    • 3 stems to destroy


V badge Slag.png Slag Golems

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! You will be ambushed by one wave of Slag Golems each time you attack a Stem; although it may be that these Slag Golems are already clustered, hidden, near each stem before you attack.

(After destroying the stems:)

(During the ritual:)

Icon clue generic.png
The Transfer of Power
You destroy the stem within the Leviathan and are imbued with the knowledge of the Leviathan's origins. You see a Coralax priest named Calystix finishing a ritual to summon a massive beast, wishing to crush the Mu. You watch as the Leviathan is summoned, a figure of shadow at the center, uttering the words, 'You have proven yourself worthy.' You then see the essence of the dead goddess Merulina appear and take form as the Leviathan. The power of the long dead Merulina was used to create and empower the mighty beast of the Leviathan, though it appears the priest Calystix would never begin to know this.
Icon clue generic.png
Merulina's Life and Destruction
You destroy the stem within the Leviathan and are imbued with the knowledge of Merulina's life and death, though the entire scope of what happened is not apparent. You see the goddess crash into Earth and form the society of Coralax, one that seems to be peaceful. Merulina herself seems to have a peaceful air to her, though you can sense immense power from her, the same power that seems to give life to the Coralax. Your last images of Merulina are of her emerging from the sea to watch an object stream across the sky, crash landing on the mainland. She looks back to the ocean, where her Coralax society resides, and walks off to the mainland.

You see her on the mainland, facing off against a figure clad in shadow. The two fight in an immense battle, seeming to be equally matched. The fight goes on for nearly an hour before the figure in shadow overcomes Merulina. You see, through Merulina's eyes, the figure of shadow looming over her. Your image becomes blurry before finally fading to black, this being the final image that Merulina saw in her life.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Learn the Source of True Power
    • 3 Tablets to activate
    • (Fend off attacks while Vincent completes ritual)


V badge Slag.png Slag Golems

Mission Objective(s)

  • Learn the Source of True Power
    • 3 bombs to arm in the warehouse
    • Get to the entrance and trigger the bombs!

Mission Exit: You leap out from the warehouse before it explodes, destroying all the re-activated Blood Coral. Well, all of it except for one last piece that you recovered.


V badge Coralax.png Coralax

File:Badge i19 villain storyarc.png Keeper of Coral Lore

You've discovered the secrets of the Blood Coral and the ancient power of the slumbering Leviathan.

File:Badge i19 villain storyarcoptional.png Connected

You've worked together with a contact in Sharkhead on the side while investigating the secrets of the Blood Coral.


Character! I half-wondered if perhaps you would not make it. The island, as you can see, has calmed down, I assume from the destruction of the Blood Coral. What did you find out?

Ah... the true nature of power! It never goes away... very interesting. So many possibilities, Character! If power, true power never goes away... but more can be created... the possibilities are endless! And what's that? The Blood Coral you possess is pulsing with immense power!

Incredible, Character! Do you realize the event that is happening here?! We have succeeded! You have gained, even if it's just for a moment, a tap into untold power! We have done what many would deem impossible! Those fools in the Legacy Chain... they will learn to fear your name, and mine! If... I may be so bold, Character, as to suggest a way to use the power of Merulina? For you see... you have quite angered the Legacy Chain, and they gather an immense force as we speak to overwhelm you!

Finale: Revelation


The Legacy Chain have gathered a massive force to get into Sharkhead Isle, Character, their purpose is to bring you in to Paragon! From what I've been able to gather, they've gathered nearly two hundred of their rank and a team of heroes from Paragon, all for the sole purpose of arresting you and me!

Perhaps before, I would have been nervous, maybe even believed this was the end. But I've seen what you can do, Character, and I know this will not pass. That Blood Coral you hold, you mentioned that the entity behind the Leviathan said its power would be drained, correct? If I may be so bold, I would suggest you utilize its power to destroy the Legacy Chain's army! If not, you and I may risk being overwhelmed by their sheer numbers.

  • Do you know where they are gathering?

I do. They've stowed themselves away in a cargo ship in the port. As we speak, they gather their forces within. They believe that their numbers will overcome you, that you will fall easily before the heroes of Paragon even show up. I, however, believe differently. This is our last, final act, Character, the destruction of the Legacy Chain army. They will bear witness to the power you have unlocked, and they shall remember your name and my own forever!

Destroy the Legacy Chain's Army

Unnecessary Solicitation

We have little time, Character! Their army bears down upon us!

Mission Objective(s)

You step onto the scene where the army of Legacy Chain have docked, preparing themselves. You can feel the aura of your empowered Blood Coral powering your abilities to astronomical levels!

  • Destroy the Legacy Chain's Army
    • Wipe out the Legacy Chain army

You defeated the Legacy Chain army, Overdrive's team, and discovered information about Vincent Ross!

The character will receive the temporary power Blood Coral Empowerment upon entering the mission.

Temporary BloodCoralEmpowerment.png Blood Coral Empowerment Auto, Self +Everything (Special)
You're being empowered by the ancient power of Merulina, transferred into the Blood Coral shard!
EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Blood Coral Empowerment will be lost if you exit the mission for any reason. If this occurs, you will need to abandon the mission and obtain it again by speaking to Vincent.


V badge Legacy.png Legacy Chain
V badge Longbow.png Longbow
V badge Hero.png Paragon Heroes

Icon clue generic.png
The Condition of Vincent Ross
You found some documents pertaining to Vincent Ross after defeating the entire army of Legacy Chain. It appears to be a diagnosis of his 'condition'...

Brother Ross has been stricken with a most vile condition by the Coralax, all because he was brave enough to explore the secrets behind the Blood Coral. He was inflicted with the Coralax disease, not by the Coralax, or Red Coral, but by trying to perform the proper ritual to make Blood Coral. It was after this that he attacked and killed many of our fellows. We believed he was possessed by the Coralax or perhaps was turning into one of them, but further research has shown us that there is more to it than that. The ritual has twisted the memory of our dear brother. It has tainted every good memory he has of his family, his friends, twisted them so that he believes they are his enemies.

Brother Ross would look at his own mother with nothing but hatred now, believing she wronged him in some manner. We believe the process of transforming into a Coralax has been halted, but the damage to his memory may be permanent if something is not done. If Brother Ross would at least be aware of the condition, then he may stand a chance at reverting it; we believe that perhaps the Blood Coral may play a key role in curing his condition. Once we defeat Character, we will do our best to get close enough to Brother Ross to tell him what is going on. We can only hope that he will try to find himself and his true memories before he is forever lost to the darkness.

Speak with Vincent Ross

Unnecesary Solicitation

Hah! Excellent job, Character. Let us meet in person for our final goodbyes, shall we?

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak with Vincent Ross

Contact Small Vincent Ross.jpg
Vincent Ross


Brilliant work, Character, absolutely brilliant! I wish I could have seen the look on the faces of the Legacy Chain fools when you wiped them away! My contacts within the underground say that word is quickly spreading about what you've done today, that people are already beginning to fear your true potential, along with mine!

My desire for vengeance against the Legacy Chain has been filled, somewhat, but there is still much for me to do. However, I will not bother you any further. It is a shame that the Blood Coral crystal of yours has been drained of its power, and is now just another piece of rock, but perhaps there is still value within it. It has been an absolute pleasure working side by side with you, Character, watching our enemies be destroyed in the wake of your power. If there is anything I can ever do to aid you, do not hesitate to ask.

  • I will. See you around, Ross.

Goodbye, Character, and good luck in whatever your next journey may be within this world.

  • Vincent, there is something you should know. About your condition.

My condition?

You hand Ross the document detailing his condition. He reads it over, his eyes widening.

No... No these are lies! They are trying to poison your mind, Character, trying to make themselves look good, look just! These charlatans are nothing but thieves, liars, and backstabbers, you cannot believe anything they say! They claim my memories have been 'twisted', but I remember everything fully well.

All my life, I've simply been used as a tool by those around me, whether it was those I cared about or those I worked with. They would insult me, spit on me, and in the end, abandon me before my true ambitions could be realized. This is not a lie, Character, this is the truth. Perhaps the Legacy Chain wants me to try to enter this false, happy world of theirs, but I refuse to. I know what my past is, and it is not what they claim.

  • Alright Ross. If you insist. I'll see you around.
Alright, Character. I apologize for my outburst... but you must be aware of how these people handle everything. You cannot trust a word they say. You would do well to remember that in the future..
  • (Leave)
  • Take the last Blood Coral. At least see if they're telling the truth.

What? Why do you care so much about this, Character?

  • Don't worry. Just take the Blood Coral and find the truth.

You hand the Blood Coral to Vincent, who nods.

Alright, Character. While I don't believe anything will come of it, I will at least honor your wishes to look into this. Perhaps in the future, I will let you know what happens with this. Until we meet again.

  • If you're going to help me again, I need your mind to be clear.

You hand the Blood Coral to Vincent, who nods.

I suppose you have a point. If we are to work together again, it is best for both our minds to be clear and focused on what must be done. I doubt this will lead me anywhere, however, but I shall follow your request, only because it is you who makes it, Character. Farewell, for now, and good luck with wherever your path leads you.

  • (Leave)


Vincent Ross does not offer any missions outside of his main story arc.