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Michael Binocolo

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Michael Binocolo
Michael Binocolo.jpg
Luddite Crusader
Zone Talos Island
Coordinates (-357, 224, 6270)
Level Range 20-30
Introduced By None
Introduces None
Enemy Groups Badge villain banished.png Banished Pantheon
V badge Rularuu.png Rulu-Shin
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ParagonMarket SignatureStoryArc1Ep2.png Requires Who Will Die, Episode 2.

Michael Binocolo is a hero contact in the New Troy neighborhood of Talos Island at coordinates (-357, 224, 6270). His level range is 20-30. He is at the top of the hill north of Vault Reserve. Michael Binocolo is the Signature Arc Contact for the second hero-side Who Will Die Signature Story Arc available on the Paragon Market or free with subscription.


Contact Introduced By

None; Michael Binocolo is available through the Signature Story Arc Contact option.

Contact Introduces



Luddite Crusader

Michael Binocolo is one of the more level-headed members of the Luddites, a group of crusaders based in Cap au Diable.

He has travelled to Paragon City in order to speak with the Midnight Squad; he has said that they avoided the entrance in Cap au Diable to ensure Aeon and Arachnos did not know about the deal they were trying to make with the group.

Content Not Purchased

You need to purchase the second episode of the first signature story arc, Who Will Die, or be a VIP in order to play this story arc.

Prior to Introduction

Missing Prior to Introduction Dialogue

Initial Contact

  • None


  • No time like the present, Character.

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue


Story Arc

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 5 Reward Merits.

Forever Bound


Michael Binocolo's Message

Michael Binocolo gave you a piece of paper with the message, 'Be ready', after the experience the two of you had with the Rulu-Shin, the Midnighters, and the Arcanus family. This all happened in an adventure you call...

Forever Bound

It began when Michael Binocolo asked you to represent the Luddites. The group wished to join the Midnighters, but needed someone more famous than Michael to represent them. You agreed and visited the Midnighter Club, only to find it under attack by a mysterious cult! You fought alongside the surviving Midnighters to help save the organization, but the cultists had already escaped with many of the Midnighter's artifacts, including the skull of Tommy Arcanus, father of Numina!

When you returned to Michael Binocolo, he explained that the cultists were called the Rulu-Shin, an organization bent on bringing a being called Rularuu back into the world. He had an idea of where you could find one of the group's gatherings, which was a graveyard within Sharkhead Isle. You visited the site and disrupted one of their rituals while discovering where they were hiding the artifacts.

Michael Binocolo helped you track down the location of the store, which was owned by a man named Harry Stein. You went into the store and used your abilities to find the hidden warehouse of the Rulu-Shin. The majority of the Midnighters artifacts were destroyed, but you could still save Tommy Arcanus. You jumped through several mysterious portals, chasing the Rulu-Shin, until you arrived in the Abyss. There, you did battle with a man called the Zealous One and recovered the skull of Tommy Arcanus.

You're still not too sure why the Rulu-Shin wanted Tommy's skull, but it must have been much more important than the rest of the artifacts they stole. Michael Binocolo was relieved to see the Rulu-Shin stopped. He warned you, however, that this would not be the last you hear of them, and that you must be ready for whatever plot the group might be planning next.

You received word from Numina that she was thankful for her father's return, and explained that his spirit still lingers on in his skull. She said that her father is forever bound to the skull as long as she lives, claiming that he will always look after her, even in death.

Part I: Not Now, Not Ever


Hello Character, My name is Michael Binocolo a recently recruited member of the Luddites. For years the Luddites have rallied against the evils of Dr. Aeon. But now, we seek to become members of the Midnight Squad.

I am here acting as ambassador, to show them that the Luddites would be reliable allies. However, the Midnight Squad have requested that we choose a hero, or group of heroes, to act as our representatives.

They have heard that the Luddites are... difficult to work with. I would like to request you to represent the Luddites in speaking with the Midnighters. Will you accept?

This arc contains elite bosses and may be difficult for certain players to do by themselves.

Mission Acceptance

Excellent! The first step is to take a visit to the Midnighter's Club. Montague Castanella has said that he has a special entrance set up in Talos for us, and that when we are ready, we can enter it with a sigil that he gave us.

Would you mind going in first? I have some things that I must settle here, but I think if they see a hero such as yourself working as a representative of the Luddites, they will see that we are eager and willing to do what we can to work with them.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I'll be there shortly, once I've finished with some paperwork that was given to us.

Mission Objective(s)


You step into the Midnighter Club to find it embroiled in chaos! You'll need to do what you can to turn the tide of the battle!

  • Represent the Luddites for the Midnighter Club
    • 2 groups of cultists to clear out
    • Push forward and rescue Percy Winkley
    • Bring Percy to Montague
    • Get ready...
    • Fend off the incoming Rulu-Shin!

You've helped the Midnighters fight off the Rulu-Shin, but now Tommy Arcanus' skull is missing!


V badge Rularuu.png Rulu-Shin

Notable NPCs:

Icon clue generic.png
Tommy Missing
Mercedes Sheldon ran up to you and the group of Midnighters to deliver some dire information.

'Those insane Rulu-Shin, they took the skull of Tommy Arcanus, and the baseball cap that he's attuned to! I tried to chase after them, but they vanished into some sort of magical portal. I don't know what they're after, but we have to get Tommy back.'


A group called... the Rulu-Shin stole the skull of Tommy Arcanus and attacked the Midnighter Club itself?! This is not good, Character, not good at all.

But, there is something that can be done. Here is some information regarding Tommy Arcanus. I wrote it myself while doing research regarding the Midnighter club.

The Midnighters will be recovering from this attack, meaning that you and I can make a move and try to take back what was lost! It may be fate that I am here now, Character, for I have experience with the Rulu-Shin; it is because of them that I implored the Luddites to ask for the help of the Midnighters.

Icon clue generic.png
The Life of Tommy Arcanus
Tommy Arcanus was one of the early members of the Midnighter Club. His is the father of Tammy Arcanus, aka Numina. He was fascinated with magic and the metaphysical world, so much that his daughter, Tammy, was born with magical powers.

Tommy was a brilliant magician, but sometimes did not realize just how far his magical research took him. Tommy Arcanus died, but only in body. His spirit lives on in his skull, which now sits in the Midnighter Club. Tommy provides assistance to the Midnighters and his daughter, Tammy, even after his death.

Part II: Believers


I will be upfront with you, Character. I was recruited into the Luddites because of my experience with the occult, beyond the Circle of Thorns or the Banished Pantheon.

One group that I have been pursuing for years has been the Rulu-Shin. They worship an entity known as Rularuu. He is, in the plainest terms, a devourer of dimensions. Currently, he is trapped within the Shadow Shard. These Rulu-Shin worship him as a god, and want to see him return into this world.

It is ridiculous, of course; they know the moment he enters the world, he will attempt to destroy everything. They believe that they will become 'one' with him at that point and reach true happiness. It's insane, to be sure, but at the same time, this is what makes them extremely dangerous. They fervently believe that Rularuu will satisfy their endless desire for happiness, and they will stop at nothing to achieve that.

At any rate, I know of where we might be able to track them down.

  • Where?

Sharkhead Isle. I know the area quite well from my time there. Their members have been using the graveyard there as a gathering place.

At first, the Rulu-Shin were small,but now it seems they grow day by day. I believe the destruction of Galaxy City has caused people to look for answers to their lives in very strange places. Some may scoff at the idea, bit I suppose others woulds see it as a relief; a being of infinite power that comes into the world and takes away all your problems, all your worries.

I can arrange a boat to get you to the cemetery. From there, it will be up to you to get to the bottom of this. I should war you, the Rulu-Shin are very disturbed. Be on your guard.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I wish I could help you, but I must stay here in Paragon.

Mission Objective(s)


The boat slowly comes to a halt near the cemetery in Sharkhead Island.

  • Find the Rulu-Shin Meeting Grounds
    • Find the Rulu-Shin guarding the meeting place.
    • 3 Clues to find inside the crypt
    • Speak with the Rulu-Shin Guardian.
    • Defeat the Rulu-Shin Gatherer

You've defeated the Rulu-Shin gathering and found out where they're storing the artifacts!


Badge villain banished.png Banished Pantheon
V badge Rularuu.png Rulu-Shin

Notable NPCs

You found scribbled directions on the Rulu-Shin.

Icon clue generic.png
The Path to the Beyond
You found scribbled directions on the Rulu-Shin detailing the, 'Path to the Beyond'. Most of the words in there seem to be nonsensical. All you can make out is hat in their meeting spot there is a guardian to their main gathering. The only way to get safe passage is to answer the guardian's questions, or so they say, to be a 'true believer'. Perhaps there are items in the area of the cave that can help you gather information on the Rulu-Shin.

You found some sort of eyeball symbol.

Icon clue generic.png
Eyeball Symbol
You found inside one of the chests an eyeball symbol. Looking at it closer, it almost seems like the eyeball is inside some sort of hideous jaw. The eyeball looks lifelike enough that you almost expect it to twitch, or even blink. IT seems like it is searching for something, or even watching you, waiting for you to do something.

At the base of the symbol is an image of a lithe creature and a hulking brute, but it seems as if the eye is being venerated above them.

You have found something that seems to be called a kora fruit seed.

Icon clue generic.png
Kora Fruit Seedling
You discovered some sort of odd seedling inside of the chest. It looks like the seedling died some time ago. A note in the chest indicated that this was a seedling for something called 'kora fruit' and that it can be used to attract the monsters of Rularuu.

You found a small artifact littered with strange runes.

Icon clue generic.png
Spherical Artifact
You pulled out an artifact shaped like a sphere, which has several runes on it. As you touch it, an image of some dark, twisted place enters into your mind. The sky is twisted and purple, and in the distance an impressive floating fortress looms. The sky cracks from lighting, while islands swirl around. A pair of ominous eyes appear in the distance, as if this place is home to some sort of monster. The images fade, and you can tell something powerful is attempting to control your emotions, to spark some sort of reaction out of you.


You stannnnd before an innnnner sannnnnctummmmmm. Annnnnswer the questionnnnnns to prove your worth.

The floatinnnng watchers, the lithe wisps, the powerful brutes.

All immmmportant, all part of the cause. Onnnnne is mmmmore immmmportant thannnn the other. Who is it?

  • The floating watcher (Trigger next question)
  • The powerful brute (Trigger ambush)
  • The lithe wisp (Trigger ambush)

Hortha Vines. Kora Fruit. Echoes. All immmportant to Rularuu. Onnnne serves mmmmore, onnne attracts mmmore. Which onnnne attracts more?

  • Echoes (Trigger ambush)
  • Hortha Vines (Trigger ambush)
  • Kora Fruit (Trigger next question)

The Stormmmm palace. Channnntry. Archipelago. Two belonnng to Rularuu. Onnnne is hommmmmme to a monnnnster, separate from Rularuu. Where does the monnnnster live?

  • Storm Palace (Trigger final dialogue)
  • Chantry (Trigger ambush)
  • Archipelago (Trigger ambush)

You have provenn yourself. You may pass.


You are nnnot a believer. You will be punnnnished by the faithful!

  • Leave

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! If you answer the Guardian's question's incorrectly, a single wave will spawn and aggro on you.
Rularuu's Might: Destroy the non-believer! For Rularuu!
Icon clue generic.png
Rulu-Shin Cellphone
You defeated the Rulu-Shin acting as the gatherer for the group. You search the man and find, of all things, a cellphone on him. It appears even cultists who worship the coming of a being who will destroy all of existence still need phones to communicate.

You go through the contents of the cellphone and find several old voicemail messages. The latest one is from a man named Harry Stein, saying that he has 'moved the items to the store, further help shouldn't be a problem.'


What did you find down there? Hrm... Interesting. At least we've stopped one of their gatherings, but who knows how many more they have? It's disturbing that they had the aid of a Wisp, but at least it was one that did not actively seek to kill you.

You explain to Michael that you found a cellphone off of the Rulu-Shin Gatherer, which gave details about a man named Harry Stein holding items for the Rulu-Shin.

Hrm, a man named Harry Stein is holding the supposed items for the Rulu-Shin? I just may be able to help you with this. However, we will have to hurry. If I'm correct, we may already be to late to save Numina's father.

I think I've figured out what the Rulu-Shin are up to. They mentioned how they were looking to use 'magic bodies' to 'feed' the change, yes? I believe they are literally feeding something to a creature. If that's the case, then we have no time to lose.

Finale: My Dear Father


The Rulu-Shin are intent on doing anything they can to bring back Rularuu into this world. As you've not doubt seen, they have managed to bring in weakened... 'representatives' of the creature.

I believe that these creatures can become more powerful if they fee on magical items or beings. In all likelihood, they saw the Midnighter Squad as a giant refrigerator for Rularuu.

You need to get to Harry Stein's store before they try to feed Numina's father to this Rularuu monster!

  • Where is the store?

The store is in Sharkhead Isle. You'll have to be on your guard. This Harry Stein who runs it is part of the Rulu-Shin, but this is his 'old life' as they call it.

He won't try to reveal himself in the open, but his store will be well protected by security. You'll want to be careful about where you go. The place will be wired to send in a security team if you do anything suspicious.

When you've found the location of the Rulu-Shin and Tommy Arcanus, you'll be in for a fight. You'll want to prepare yourself for anything when you go in there.

I wish I could help you, Character, but my presence there will only hinder you. I am a known enemy of the Rulu-Shin, and should I go in there, the security guards will attack me on sight.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You need to hurry, or else Tommy Arcanus will be eaten by some sort of creature!

Mission Objective(s)


The security guards eye you suspiciously as you enter. The store is bustling with people looking to buy various items from Harry Stein's stock.

  • Save Tommy Arcanus
    • Be careful of doing anything that might seem suspicious.
    • Stop the Rulu-Shin before they escape with Tommy Arcanus!
    • Track down the Zealous One and recover Tommy Arcanus!

You've recovered the skull of Tommy Arcanus and stopped the Rulu-Shin!


V badge Security.png Security Guards
V badge Rularuu.png Rulu-Shin

Notable NPCs

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! If you decide to act suspiciously and enter the vault one large wave will spawn to converge on the Vault entrance.
Security Guard: Find the target, put them down!
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! If you decide to act suspiciously and enter the office one large wave will spawn to converge on the office entrance.
Security Guard: Find the target, put them down!
Contact Small File Cabinet.jpg
File Cabinet

Searching the File Cabinet

There are three file cabinets. Which one do you look through?

  • (Top Cabinet)
You find documents regarding sales of artifacts to a group called the Rogue Arachnos withing Warburg. The document has details saying that the group seems to be planing some sort of large operation soon.
  • (Middle Cabinet)
You find some keys in the cabinet, with the label, 'Storage warehouse' on them. It's possible that this is the area where the Rulu-Shin are gathering inside the warehouse!
  • (Bottom Cabinet)
You sift through the bottom cabinet and find files regarding some recent artifacts that were purchased.
The files go into detail about how the artifacts dated back to the Cimeroran times, and how they believed they were linked to the fate of a great leader of Cimerora.

After traveling through Hortha Vine in warehouse

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! You are ambushed by a wave of Natterling Swarms as you approach the Hortha Vine portal.

The second Hortha Vine takes you to the Hamidon pit in The Abyss!

You've recovered the skull of Tommy Arcanus!


???: The skull of Tommy Arcanus has been recovered by Character. However, the Rulu-Shin relayed the information they found to me..
???: Numina's possession is not a simple spell; she inherited it from her father's bloodline.
???: Hrm... unfortunate. We could destroy her, but the obelisk will not absorb the powers of a spectre.
???: Does this mean that the list is shortened? That the one I was meant for shall be our next target?
???: Calm yourself. This is no simple plan. There are... steps that must be taken. But yes, we are moving towards that.
???: We must make our next move, one that will put Manticore and Statesman in our way. You know what to do.
???: ...Excellent. I will inform Blitz that the time has come to play his role. It will be a grand stage that we will set.
???: Oh, it shall. In the meantime, I will begin to focus on what to do with Character when the time is right.


Numina is relieved to have her father back, Character, and it's all thanks to you and myself. I wish I could have played a larger role in all of this, but my fear in returning back to the Isles paralyzed me.

I've faced many things in my time, Character, but the Isles are a place that I have no desire to return to. I agreed to come to Paragon hoping to use the goals of the Midnighters to give myself safe haven. But I see now, that as long as groups such as the Rulu-Shin exist, there cannot be any safe haven, not when they seek to actively bring about such a massive scale of destruction to the world.

The Midnighters say that they cannot consider the Luddites offer at the moment, given the blow that was struck to them. Perhaps in the future, they may work together with us. For now, I will be staying within Paragon to do what I can to aid the Midnighters. I do not doubt that whatever force behind the theft of Tommy Arcanus is not finished yet. I can only hope that wherever it strikes next, you will be there to put a stop to them.

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