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Vladimir Zolner

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Vladimir Zolner
Vladimir Zolner.jpg
Zone Sharkhead Isle
Coordinates (-1064, -24, -389)
Level Range 20-30
Introduced By None
Introduces None
Enemy Groups V badge Rularuu.png Rulu-Shin
Badge villain banished.png Banished Pantheon
V badge Security.png Security Guards
Badge villain rularru.png Soldiers of Rularuu
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ParagonMarket SignatureStoryArc1Ep2.png Requires Who Will Die, Episode 2.

Vladimir Zolner is a villain contact in the Port Recluse neighborhood of Sharkhead Isle at coordinates (-1064, -24, -389). His level range is 20-30. He is on a pier near the Ferry. Vladimir Zolner is the second contact in the villain-side Who Will Die Signature Story Arc available on the Paragon Market or free with subscription.

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 5 Reward Merits.


Contact Introduced By

None; Vladimir Zolner is available through the Signature Story Arc Contact option.

Contact Introduces




Vladimir Zolner was supposedly a former member of Vympel, a division of the Spetsnaz that specializes in counter-terrorist activities. People in the Isles say that he deserted the group in order to seek his own fortunes within the Isles. Some whisper that he may be placed here by the Vympel to keep tabs on Arachnos; others insist he is on the run from the group, claiming to have seen him engaged in several fire fights with his former allies.

Content Not Purchased

You need to purchase the second episode of the first signature story arc, Who Will Die, or be a VIP in order to play this story arc.

Prior to Introduction

Missing Prior to Introduction Dialogue

Initial Contact

Missing Initial Contact Dialogue


We will make weird cultists pay, Character.

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level

Missing Too Low Level Dialogue

Story Arc

Forever Bound


Spetsnaz Contact Information

Vladimir Zolner gave you this card, which grants you full contact with a liaison within Russian Spetsnaz. He told you that you should ever need the help of the Spetsnaz, you will have it, as long as it is a covert operation. It reminds you of a job you called...

Forever Bound

It started when Vladimir Zolner approached you for help. He had been roughed up by a group of cultists called the Rulu-Shin and wanted revenge. Zolner revealed that they planned on robbing the Midnighter Club and stole information from Zolner on how to get inside. Zolner proposed that the two of you work together against the cultists; he would get the satisfaction of revenge and you would get a hefty bounty of artifacts out of the deal.

You agreed and went into the Midnighters Club during the Rulu-Shin assault. The cult had stolen a number of artifacts already, but you were able to make off with a few for yourself. You were also able to trick a man named Tommy Arcanus into revealing the location of other artifacts.

Zolner helped you locate the next gathering spot for the Rulu-Shin, which was the graveyard in Sharkhead Isle. You disrupted the gathering and found more information about the group, specifically that they planned on feeding the artifacts to a monster, and that they were going to save the skull of Tommy Arcanus for something else.

You burst into the store that was being used as a front for the Rulu-Shin and defeated the monstrous creature they were feeding the artifacts to. You then tracked down a man known as the Zealous One, tracking him through several portals before ending up within the Abyss. You defeated the Zealous One and recovered the skull of Tommy Arcanus. Shortly thereafter, Numina appeaed, demanding her father back. You had the choice at that points, which was simply give Numina her father back, or bargain with her to make the whole ordeal worth it.

In the end, Numina had her father back, you recieved what you wished, and Zolner was satisifed with his revenge. Zolner revealed to you that the Spetsnaz was aware of the Rulu-Shin threat, and are planning to have Russia storm them and save the world, putting Russia back as a major super-power and embarrassing the Americans. He told you that when the time comes, Mother Russia will not forget how much you helped and will reward you well.

Of course, if you stopped the Rulu-Shin first, it would mean that you could recieve all the fame and fortune that comes with it. The whole prospect is something to consider, at the very least.

Part I: The Third Party


Character. My name is Vladimir Zolner. I am contacting you on this day to develop working relationship. Allow me to explain, if you will.

I am known as man who has much information about goings-ons in Rogue Isles. There is group that decided to come to me for informations regarding Midnighter Club, organization known for their magic experience. Group that came to me called themselves Rulu-Shin. They are cultists who seek destruction of world by releasing omnipotent entity called Rularuu.

I refused to give them information on how to enter Midnighter Club, so group destroyed my home and took information on how to get in there.

Now, you see why we are talking at this moment. I want to suggest you and I work together. Rulu-Shin intend to steal everything from Midnighters; I suggest you steal from Rulu-Shin and Midnighters. I get petty satisfaction and revenge, you get lots of magic artifacts. What you say?

  • Agree to form a strike force

Excellent. I believe you and I will have excellent working relationship. Let me fill you in on important details.

As we speak, Rulu-Shin are mounting attack on Midnighter Club. Club normally is very difficult to enter, but Rulu-Shin use secret entrance located here in Sharkhead Isle to get in.

I will paint it out for you to use. Midnighter Club has special vault where they keep valuable artifacts. That will be where you can find Rulu-Shin. Most likely, they are trying to steal all artifacts and kill anyone they see.

You and I, not caring much about what happens to Midnighters, yes? Most important thing is to beat Rulu-Shin to proverbial punch. I suggest you get moving now before Rulu-Shin make off with everything.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Rulu-Shin have very detailed information that I made, I would take them very seriously.

Mission Objective(s)


The sound of combat fills the old halls of the Midnighters Club. The Rulu-Shin attack is underway!

  • Rob the Midnighters before the Rulu-Shin
    • Steal whatever is left in the Midnighter's main room
    • Take care of the thieves inside the Midnighter vault
    • Investigate the remaining item

You were too late to steal much from the Midnighters, but you might have a lead as to where the Rulu-Shin are keeping their items.


V badge Rularuu.png Rulu-Shin
V badge Midnighter.png Midnight Squad
V badge CityOfficial.png Generic Heroes

Notable NPCs

You found some odd items within the chest!

Icon clue generic.png
Cimerora Item Clue
You find a tablet within a Midnighter chest. The tablet has a label, 'CIMERORA' on it. There are various inscriptions in an unknown language on the tablet. To the side are more notes, which seem to be suggestions as to what it means.


I think this tablet is talking about some sort of pact made between Imperious, a leader of Cimeroran society, and Sister Airlia. I'm not sure if I'm right, though. She's supposed to be an outcast from the community, so why would Imperious be making a pact with her...? There are supposedly other tablets that indicate what happened afterwards, so maybe they'll reveal what this is all about.'

You've stopped the Rulu-Shin thieves and recovered another artifact they stole.

Icon clue generic.png
Artifact List
You find on one of the Rulu-Shin thieves a list of artifacts. The list seems to be divided into two parts. The first list has the word, 'FEED' on it, the second has the word, 'UTILIZE'. The latter list has only three items on it. One is a person's name, Tommy Arcanus, the other is an artifact that is called 'Power Intensifier', and the final is an item called the Dirge of Chaos. There is a small explanation regarding the effects of the second artifact.

'Power Intensifier - Useful to the cause. When used properly, it can highten one's power to higher levels. However, when used on someone who is not in control of their powers, it can cause dangerous results.'


You look over the display case to see most of it has been ransacked, save for a baseball cap, which seems to now be speaking to you.

I can't tell who is there, but I know you're not Rulu-Shin, those fellas have a very distinct aura.

Name's Tommy Arcanus, good to meetcha! Well, sort of. This item is bound to me, so I can communicate through it, psychically and all that. Neat stuff.

Anyway, I'm assuming a buncha the Midnighters are dealing with the Rulu-Shin, so they may have not figured out that I have gone missing.

Think I could trouble you to do some rescue work for me? These cultists tossed me in with all the other artifacts that they stole from the Midnighters.

This Tommy Arcanus seems to think that you're here on his side. If you play along, you can see if you can use him to steal the other items from the Midnighters!

  • ...-Sure-, Tommy. Think you can help me find their location?

I can do my best, but I'm totally blindfolded.

All I know is that I keep hearing them say something about meeting in Sharkhead Isle. It looks like they use one of the graveyards there as some sort of area of worship.

Beats me. So! You wanna get this rescue going or what?

  • Can you give me more information?

A loud CRASH is heard behind you before Tommy Arcanus can say anything else!

  • (Look over)


Hrm, it seems Rulu-Shin are faster than I would have thought. That is fine, however. We have plenty to work with to find them.

I think you and I may have stumbled into what they call 'jackpot'. You spoke to mane named Tommy Arcanus, correct? He is father of heroine called Numina. It would appear Rulu-Shin have kidnapped him, along with several artifacts.

I do not know what they want with father of Numina, but I believe we can make this work to our advantage, yes? We track down Rulu-Shin, steal artifact back, then ransom skull to heroes! I do not care for much in the way of pay, myself; I merely wish to see Rulu-Shin plot stopped. All money will go to you, all personal satisfaction to me. Feel free to be satisfied yourself, however. Just know that I will do what it takes to help you fight Rulu-Shin and get one up over heroes in Paragon.

Part II: Believers


I call in some favors from people I know in Sharkhead Isle to get information about Rulu-Shin meeting place, namely man named Harry Stein. He is another artifact dealer in the area, one of many. His response, however, makes me suspicious.

He says that Rulu-Shin do not exist, that they are some tale made up by Arachnos to scare people. From my training in Spetsnaz, I know he is lying about something, but I do not know what. You let me worry about that, however.

  • Alright, I will. But i need a location on where the Rulu-Shin could be.

Location I can give you, Character, do not worry. There are only so many graveyards within Sharkhead, as I am sure you are aware of. I have arranged primitive boat for you to use to get there.

You could simply walk there, but look outs will be observing entrance to graveyard. It is best to sneak in from other side, surprise them.

You will want to find any Rulu-Shin in graveyard, and then pierce into inner workings. I should warn you, what you may see down there may be disturbing.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I will continue to look into Harry Stein. He may be playing a small role in all of this.

Mission Objective(s)


The boat slowly comes to a halt near the cemetary in Sharkhead Isle.

  • Find the Rulu-Shin Meeing Grounds
    • Find the Rulu-Shin guarding the meeting place
    • 3 clues to find
    • Speak with Rulu-Shin Guardian
    • Defeat the Rulu-Shin Gatherer

You have stopped the Rulu-Shin gathering and found out where they're storing the artifacts!


V badge Rularuu.png Rulu-Shin
Badge villain banished.png Banished Pantheon

Notable NPCs

You found scribbled directions on the Rulu-Shin.

Icon clue generic.png
The Path to the Beyond
You found scribbled directions on the Rulu-Shin detailing the, 'Path to the Beyond'. Most of the words in there seem to be nonsensical. All you can make out is that in their meeting spot there is a guardian to their main gathering. The only way to get safe passage is to answer the guardian's questions, or as they say, to be a 'true believer'. Perhaps there are items in the area of the cave that can help you gather information on the Rulu-Shin.

You found a small artifact littered with strange runes.

Icon clue generic.png
Eyeball Symbol
You found inside one of the chests an eyeball symbol. Looking at it closer, it almost seems like the eyeball is inside some sort of hideous jaw. The eyeball looks lifelike enough that you almost expect it to twitch, or even blink. It seems like it is searching for something, or even watching you, waiting for you to do something.

At the base of the symbol is an image of a lithe creature and a hulking brute, but it seems as if the eye is being venerated above them.

You found something that seems to be called a kora fruit seed.

Icon clue generic.png
Kora Fruit Seedling
You discovered some sort of odd seedling inside of the chest. It looks like the seedling died some time ago. A not in the chest indicated that this was a seedling for something called 'kora fruit' and that it can be used to attract the monsters of Rularuu.

You found some sort of eyeball symbol.

Icon clue generic.png
Spherical Artifact
You pulled out an artifact shaped like a sphere which has several runes on it. As you touch it, an image of some dark, twisted place enters into your mind. The sky is twisted and purple, and in the distance an impressive floating fortress looms. The sky cracks from lightning, while silands swirl around. A pair of ominous eyes appear in the distance, as if this place is home to some sort of monster. The images fade, and you can tell something powerful is attempting to control your emotions, to spark some sort of reaction out of you.


You stannnnd before an innnnner sannnnnctummmmmm. Annnnnswer the questionnnnnns to prove your worth.

The floatinnnng watchers, the lithe wisps, the powerful brutes.

All immmmportant, all part of the cause. Onnnnne is mmmmore immmmportant thannnn the other. Who is it?

  • The floating watcher (Trigger next question)
  • The powerful brute (Trigger ambush)
  • The lithe wisp (Trigger ambush)

Hortha Vines. Kora Fruit. Echoes. All immmportant to Rularuu. Onnnne serves mmmmore, onnne attracts mmmore. Which onnnne attracts more?

  • Echoes (Trigger ambush)
  • Hortha Vines (Trigger ambush)
  • Kora Fruit (Trigger next question)

The Stormmmm palace. Channnntry. Archipelago. Two belonnng to Rularuu. Onnnne is hommmmmme to a monnnnster, separate from Rularuu. Where does the monnnnster live?

  • Storm Palace (Trigger final dialogue)
  • Chantry (Trigger ambush)
  • Archipelago (Trigger ambush)

You have provenn yourself. You may pass.


You are nnnot a believer. You will be punnnnished by the faithful!

  • Leave

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! If you answer the Guardian's question's incorrectly, a single wave will spawn and aggro on you.
Rularuu's Might: Destroy the non-believer! For Rularuu!
Icon clue generic.png
Rulu-Shin Cellphone
You defeated the Rulu-Shin acting as the gatherer for the group. You searched the man and find, of all things, a cellphone on him. It appears even cultists who worship the coming of a being who will destroy all of the universe still need phones to communicate.

You go through the contents of the cellphone and find several old voicemail messages. The latest one is from a man named Harry Stein, saying that he has 'moved the items to the store, further help shouldn't be a problem.'


Did you find Rulu-Shin disturbing, Character? I have seen many things in my day, cults bent on self-destruction, but Rulu-Shin rank high up there on crazy list.

You say that cellphone of Rulu-Shin gatherer mentioned Harry Stein? Hrmph, very interesting, confirms suspicions I had of him and Rulu-Shin.

Group is getting bigger everyday by luring in people who are more and more influential. Harry Stein has low amount of influence in grand scheme of things, but is great benefit to group's current goals.

I would not be surprised if they have many more powerful members in America; possible base may even be located there. But you and I do not need to be concerned about that now. We have job to do, regarding Harry Stein.

Finale: Strike a Deal


It is my belief that Rulu-Shin may be feeding artifacts and people they retrieved to some monster. If that is case, then we are in double trouble, as they say. We would go through all trouble without big pay off at end, especially if Tommy Arcanus is part of the feeding.

Feeding this monster mist make it more powerful, enough to help in grand goal of summoning Rularuu. But we can worry about that later, for now, there is much to talk about regarding Harry Stein.

  • Such as?

He has numerous security guards in his store. Not that it is something tobother you with, but it is something to note. I will circle ouside and take care of any incoming guards, but you will have to deal with guards inside, once alarm is tripped.

He currently is hosting viewing of number of artifacts that he has acquired. Most people live in Rogue Isles all of their lives and have dealt with super powered beings before. They will not flinch when they see you, yes?

What needs to happen is that you gain access to the vault to get artifacts. There is no way to do this without setting off alarms. I would suggest going straight to vault, but if you want to pay Harry Stein small visit and say 'thank you' for all trouble he caused, I would not be against it.

The biggest thing is to find artifacts and track down remaining Rulu-Shin in store. I do not think they would keep artifacts in vault, but because of that, you should be careful. Rulu-Shin may be using powerful artifacts, you should bring what they call 'A-Game' when going up against them.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I will be making sure that Harry Stein does not see you coming in meantime, Character.

Mission Objective(s)


The security guards outside the store eye you cautiously. They seem to be ready to start a fight at a moment's notice.

  • Attack the Rulu-Shin Hideout
    • Get into Rulu-Shin's vault
    • Defeat the Rularuu Sentry
    • Retrieve the skull of Tommy Arcanus
    • Fight off the Natterling Swarm
    • Track down the Zealous one and steal the skull of Tommy Arcanus
    • Strike a deal with Numina for her father

You've done what you came here for. The Rulu-Shin's plan is stopped, and they won't be moving it any further


V badge Rularuu.png Rulu-Shin
V badge Security.png Security Guards
Badge villain rularru.png Soldiers of Rularuu

Notable NPCs

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! If you decide to act suspiciously and enter the office one large wave will spawn to converge on the office entrance.
Security Guard: Find the target, put them down!
Contact Small Private Security Guard.jpg
Private Security Guard


Character. Heard of you. What do you want?

  • I'm here to make a deal with your boss. Let me through.

Private Security Guard: Alright, but you try anything funny and you're dead, got it?

  • Sure.

Contact Small Harry Stein.jpg
Harry Stein


Ah... Character, right? Well, great to see you. Just... great to see you.

Harry Stein at your service. What can I do for you?

  • I'm here for the stolen artifacts the Rulu-Shin have. Let's make this quick and simple.

Rulu-Shin? Artifacts?

Harry Stein lets out a laugh, running a hand along his sweaty cheeks.

I wish I knew what you were talking about! The Rulu-Shin are just a fairy tale, and all of my artifacts here were obtained through legal means.

Now, unless you'd like to be hired on for a little expedition I'm planning, I must ask you to leave.

  • I don't need you anyway, Stein. (Kill Harry Stein)
You kill Harry Stein, setting of the alarms in the building!
EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

If they haven't already been aggroed otherwise, all Private Security Guards will turn hostile to you after killing Harry Stein.

  • I'm not done here yet, Stein. (Leave)

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! If you decide to act suspiciously and enter the vault one large wave will spawn to converge on the Vault entrance.
Security Guard: Find the target, put them down!
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! You are ambushed by a wave of Natterling Swarms as you approach the Hortha Vine portal.

The second Hortha Vine takes you to the Hamidon pit in The Abyss!

Icon clue generic.png
The Skull of Tommy Arcanus
You defeated a member of the Rulu-Shin known as the Zealous One and recovered Numina's father, who appears to be... a talking skull? He begins to yell and scream at you, shouting various profanities and demanding to let him go.


Alright, Character. You have my father. Now hand him over, now, or else this is going to get ugly very fast.

  • Alright, here you go
You hand the skull over to Numina, who looks somewhat surprised.
... What? Just like that? I'm... Somewhat confused, Character, but I'm not going to stick around to ask why you did this. Perhaps there is a noble soul in you somewhere.
Farewell, for now. I think...
  • See you around.
  • Don't make a move, or else your father's skull will end up in tiny little pieces
Numina glares at you, but she seems to understand the current situation.
Alright, Character. I know how this goes.
You want to bargain my father, don't you? Fine. I have an artifact that you can use.
It will fully heal you and anyone else who can stand to be around you - perfect for when you're getting hurt kicking puppies in the street.
I'll give you that in exchange for my father. Deal?
  • I knew we could come to a happy conclusion. Deal.
You and Numina make the exchange. Without another word, Numina vanishes in thin air with her father, who shouts a string of profanities at you before he vanishes.
EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

You will recieve the Temporary Power Numina's Grace.

Temporary TeamHeal.png Numina's Grace Self + Pets Full Heal
Tapping into Numina's Grace will allow you to completely heal yourself and any of your pets. However, it can only be used a few times before it is exhausted. Recharge: Very Long. 3 uses left.


???: The skull of Tommy Arcanus has been recovered by Numina. However, I have the information found by the Rulu-Shin.
???: Numina's ability to possess someone else comes from the Arcanus family line, not from a specific spell she learned.
???: Hrm... unfortunate. We could destroy her, but the obelisk will not absorb the powers of a spectre.
???: Does this mean that the list is shortened? That we can go after the one you first spoke of?
???: Calm yourself. This is no simple plan, there are... steps that must be taken. But yes, we are moving towards that; hence the recovery of the power intensifier.
???: We must make our next move, one that will put Manticore and Statesman in our way. You know what to do.
???: ...Fine. I will send the message to Marshal Blitz and begin our trap. But you had better save the killing blow for me.
???: Oh, I shall. I believe I will begin to focus on what to do with Character when the time is right.


Well, Character, it was pleasure working with you. I believe we have stopped Rulu-Shin who are in Isles, for now. I take great satisfaction knowing that; I hope you gave yourself proper payment out of whole thing.

Rulu-Shin are still growing threat in America, however. I believe there are numerous senators who may be involved in group. That is nothing you need to worry about, however. I have secret I shall share with you, Character.

Spetsnaz, Russian government, we are aware of what Rulu-Shin are planning. They made wrong move in trying to rough me up, played right into trap. We do not intend on letting them get away with summoning Rularuu. Russia wil be ones to do what Americans cannot: save world. When that is done, we shall be seen as heroes, saving country of freedom from its own problems. World will change when that day comes, Character.

You can trust that Mother Russia will not forget working with you; this is first step amongst many.

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