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Master Midnight

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Master Midnight
Master Midnight.jpg
Dark Lord of the Midnight Masters
Zone First Ward
Coordinates (206, 943, -243)
Level Range 20-29
Introduced By Cerulean
Introduces Vanessa DeVore
Enemy Groups V badge Carnival.png Carnival of War
V badge Carnival.png Carnival of Vengeance
V badge Talons.png Talons of Vengeance
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Master Midnight is a Praetorian contact in the Sunken City neighborhood of First Ward at coordinates (206, 943, -243).  His level range is 20-29.


(Copied from official background.)

The End

Montague Castanella was beaten.

As the last of his strength faded, he collapsed to his knees. Time seemed to crawl as Montague's eyes swept across the dead faces of the Midnighters who lay strewn about the hall. He knew each by name. These were men and women whom he considered family, and before him stood their murderer.

The figure was clad head to toe in garish armor, designed more for show than function, but it was the swirling cloud of eldritch wards surrounding him that had made him so formidable. Montague had never before seen such magic. As the murderer folded his arms in quiet victory, the last words out of Montague's mouth were, "No! Percy--what have you done?"

A Nobody

Percy Winkley never had respect until he took it for himself. Unappreciated and openly mocked by the members of the Midnight Squad, treated by the preening Montague Castanella like a dim-witted pet, Percy struggled for years to gain their acceptance. Time and again, he failed. All of that began to change, however, when he first laid eyes on Tammy Arcanus.

A Dream

She was the daughter of Tommy Arcanus, one of the Midnight Squad's most influential members, and the apprentice of the great wizard Cerulean. As far as young Percy could tell, Tammy Arcanus didn't know he existed. What chance did he have with a girl of that power and pedigree?

But as different as they were, Tammy had something in common with Percy Winkley: ambition. Despite Cerulean's warnings and her father's prohibitions, she delved into magic she was unprepared for. Percy mustered up the courage to warn her of the dangers of astral travel, but she dismissed him like a piece of pocket lint. The tragic loss of her material body and the murder of her father by her own hands sparked a crisis that echoed throughout the Midnight Squad. Tammy fled with her father's soul, a villain to be hunted down and destroyed. Percy was shaken to the core. The woman he loved was evil, and he found himself more attracted to her than ever.

A plan began to form in Percy's mind. He would follow in Tammy's footsteps, learn the same magic she had used to kill her father and enslave his soul, and then use it on the entire Midnight Squad. He would become someone that Tammy Arcanus would be incapable of resisting. She would have no choice but to acknowledge him, respect him, and ultimately love him. He would rule the Midnight Squad, with Tammy by his side.

An Opportunity

But one thing stood in Percy's way. He was not entrusted with the secrets of magic. As fate would have it, however, Emperor Cole began to neutralize the many schools of magical practitioners throughout Praetoria. The Midnight Squad was forced to hide inside the Midnight Mansion, a magically constructed fortress nestled neatly between realities and beyond Cole's reach. It was this period of isolation that gave Percy his opportunity. The Midnighters needed every wizard in their struggle against Cole, even one as unproven as Percy.

Although his magical study had been from observation of others, never from his own experience, Percy's hours of theory had given him a unique insight on magic. The realization struck him: Magic wasn't the enigma he had originally believed. It had a system and a set of rules. But most amazing of all, it also had a universal rule that made it possible for all the other rules to be broken. It was this rule that Percy intended to make full use of. To test his discovery, he scoured the Midnighter library for spells and rituals that were beyond either his comprehension or his ability to counter. He could find none.

Percy hid this discovery from everyone, using the disdain of those around him to his advantage. He found the spells that Tammy had used to bind her father's soul, and committed them to memory. He studied wizard dueling strategies and then set about inventing his own; mixing spells so dissimilar, breaking rules so traditional, that no magical defense could possibly withstand him.

A Master

Between his studies, Percy worked on assembling a suit of armor to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies. The amount of fear induced by its appearance was questionable, but the eldritch wards he laid upon it more than made up for that. He had even come up with a name for himself, one that would strike awe into those who witnessed his fearsome visage.

Then, one night, while the Midnighters slept in their beds, read in their studies, or enjoyed tea with their tightly knit little groups (into which he was never invited), Percy revealed his new persona. "I am Master Midnight, your new lord and master!" They laughed at first, but this gross underestimation of Percy would be their last.

Room by room he moved, effortlessly performing the sequence of carefully prepared spells designed to completely disable each of the Midnighters he had grown to hate over the years. The Midnighters responded exactly as Percy had expected, overly confident one moment only to have their spells dashed in the next. Each opponent had a different combination of arcane wards, offensive spells, and contingencies designed to defend against any adversary, but these spells were useless against him. Percy had studied them all. The Midnighters watched in terror as their magic was dismantled and their bodies slain and then reanimated to serve Percy's will. Only Cerulean regarded him as a true threat; their duel ended when Cerulean fled.

The Beginning

When he had finally defeated Montague, a duel that left Percy strangely unsatisfied, Montague had the gall to ask what Percy had done. Percy answered, his voice distorted by his helmet to carry a dreadful weight altogether unlike the voice of the young man he had been.

"Percy Winkley is dead, Montague. You killed him. I am Master Midnight now." He crouched down and gripped Montague by the throat with a gauntleted hand and looked him in the eye. "And what I've done is something even the Emperor could not do."

Montague could feel his soul being ripped from his body, and the last thing he heard was Master Midnight: "I destroyed the Midnight Squad."


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

Vanessa DeVore has graced my presence with her mental caresses. She asked for you by name.
This contact I've introduced you to can probably move you along down the path you've chosen.


Dark Lord of the Midnight Masters

The Midnight Master himself, Master Midnight wrestled control over the Midnight Squad and their Midnight Mansion many moons ago. Those who he has defeated have become slaves to his power, serving him even beyond death as the undead Midnight Masters. Though despite all his power, Master Midnight lacks true knowledge of magic, a gap he is working feverishly to close in the hopes of obtaining the affections of Diabolique.

Prior to Introduction

  • None

Initial Contact

Contact Small Master Midnight.jpg
Master Midnight


I'm here not to do battle, but to offer you a proposition. What say you?

  • I'm listening

Sweeping cape motion, 'whoosh!' Cue lightning flash and a clap of thunder, 'Crash-boom!' Then the choir, 'Ah Ah Ah! Ah! Ah Ah Ah! Ah! Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhh! AAAAAAH!'

I am the Magnificent Master Midnight... ...and I am Master of the Midnight Mast... er... s...

Wow, that sounded way better in my head.

Irrelevent! I have come to save the world and the delicate wallflower of love that is my Diabolique. My beautiful, delightful, sensitive, caring Diabolique, who has been taken by, by... by that equally striking, seductive, cunning, and enchanting vixen, Sorceress Serene!


  • They tell me that's awe you are feeling in my presence. I've never felt it so I can't say with any authority, but you'll get used to it in time.
  • All I want is to be both feared and loved. Is that so much to ask?
  • I'm ready for adventurer, Character.
  • I've been looking forward to unleashing my raw awesome power.
  • Don't worry, you don't need to bow in my presence.

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level

  • None

No More Missions

Alas! We must part ways here, Character. Our quest demands it of us. Though my immense intellect and vast resources would no doubt be of greater use in the battles that you must face, my talents are of even greater use in discovering the weaknesses of our foes. But fear not! When times are darkest and the final hour draws near, look for me and I will be there. My timely arrival at the pivotal moment of the final battle you will most certainly be imperilled in will grant me final victory!

But until that day, travel swiftly, be safe, and never, ever trust a sultry woman / handsome stranger you meet alone in a tavern. That bit of common sense has saved the lives of countless adventurers.


  • None

Story Arc

Revenge: Serve Chilled

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 7 Reward Merits.


Cerulean's Chilling Gaze

Whenever you think of Cerulean you can't help but remember his chilling blue eyes. They spoke volumes of the man and his sordid and tragic past reminding you of the old adage about a certain dish and how it is best served...

Revenge: Serve Chilled

In reality, this all began years ago, when Master Midnight betrayed the Midnighters and set Cerulean off on his quest for revenge. With the events unfolding as they were in First Ward, however, it seemed prudent to put aside differences and form an alliance against the Talons of Vengeance. But Cerulean would have none of that. He opted to show you just how powerful the Carnival of War really was, and that Midnight's offer for assistance was really a plea for help, but when you arrived the Talons of Vengeance had already struck and had the Carnival of War against the ropes. Though you managed to rescue some of the Carnival, casualties were high. Cerulean, however, remained adamant about refusing to work with Master Midnight and so you went to Vanessa DeVore to secure an alliance between her Carnival of Light and Master Midnight. She agreed, citing that Cerulean's thirst for revenge was dangerous, especially now with the Talons of Vengeance on the loose.

Master Midnight was pleased to find willing allies in Vanessa's Carnival, but that demeanor was soon shattered when, upon returning to his Midnight Mansion, you found Cerulean and his Carnival of War ransacking the place. Though the Carnival of War retreated in earnest, the damage was already done. Cerulean had stolen the Chronicles of Doom; the one source of information about the Talons of Vengeance and now the alliance was strained.

Midnight demanded that Cerulean be brought under control as his pettiness was risking everything and then resigned himself to trying to unlock the secrets of Cerulean's transportation spell. As a gesture of good faith, Midnight gifted you with an old witch's spell book that spoke of an ancient series of caves that the witches used in their rituals, in addition it contained a spell that might be the secret to restoring Blind Makwa's spirit sight. Visiting the old medicine man and informing him of Serene's return prompted him to have you warn Nadia of her old coven-sister's return and that she was likely in grave danger. As Blind Makwa predicted, the Talons attempted to kill Nadia, but your warning saved her life.

Returning to Midnight he informed you that he had succeeded in discovering how Cerulean's gateway worked. You went through to pursue Cerulean in the secret underground tunnels he and the Carnival of War were using as a base of operations, but when you arrived it was already too late. Cerulean and his followers had succumb to the siren song of the Talons of Vengeance and given in to their thirst for revenge. The Carnival of Vengeance, as they called themselves, had lost all sense of identity and fought to the bitter end. Ultimately you faced Cerulean, who had vowed to serve Sorceress Serene in exchange for vengeance being called down upon Master Midnight and had to defeat him. In his final moments, his eyes, burning red with hate had faded back to blue. But in them you no longer saw cold vengeance, but rather the still serenity that only death can bring.

Part One: Burying Hatchets


Character... I appreciate what you did to try and stop that evil sorceress, Serene and her minions. Regretfully I discovered too late the trap that was laid for the delightfully devilish Diabolique, but it is not too late to save her!

Sorceress Serene is far too powerful and seductive for any one of us to go up against her alone and not become her slave, a fate that is not entirely dire... But no, we will have to join forces if I am to capture Serene and rescue an eternally grateful and potentially scantily clad Diabolique... it will be the stuff of legends!

Help me to convince the Carnival of Light to put aside our petty differences so we can join forces and become an alliance of unequaled awesomeness!

  • Serene does seem powerful, I'll see what I can do.


Let them know that Serene has unleashed the Talons of Vengeance and they will understand the need for us to join forces.

As they well know, I have a plethora of magical knowledge in my possession, and I am willing to share in order to rescue my Diabolique from the infernal clutches of an equally beautiful and unattainable magical super vixen!

Horrible blood thirsty monster women to fight, a beautiful ghost princess to rescue, and a sinister and psychotic sorceress to overthrow. This is going to be the best adventure ever!

Talk to Cerulean about an alliance

Unnecessary Solicitation

I know that some of my old compatriots in the Midnighters have joined forces with those sultry Carnival ladies. I'm sure they will see reason to join forces.


Character, I felt a great disruption ripple through the magical ley lines that crisscross First Ward. What has happened?

  • Diabolique has been captured.

Captured?! By whom?

  • A woman named Serene

Serene? Who is she?

Character, this is very important. If this Serene could capture Diabolique then she could be a powerful ally in our fight against Master Midnight...

  • About that... (Explain your conversation with Master Midnight)

Cerulean grows angry

Character, you cannot be serious! Master Midnight is a murderous betrayer! He cannot be trusted!

  • Cerulean, Serene has unleashed the Talons of Vengeance

Cerulean is taken aback


No! That's... How can that be?

I... I have to discuss this with the Carnival. I have to mobilize the Carnival of War immediately!

Dammit, I warned them this might happen...

  • Wait, if we join forces with Midnight...


There will be no alliance with Midnight! For all we know he's helping this Serene individual!

You would do well to remember just what sort of monster Midnight is!

  • Cerulean, we have bigger problems than Midnight

I agree and that's why I am acting now and taking the Carnival to war. If we don't stop the Talons now then all will be lost.

You can get stabbed in the back by Midnight if you want, but if I see that slime ball, he's a dead man!

  • You do what you need to do, I'll do what I need to do.

Come and see the Carnival when it readies for war, Character, then you will see that Midnight's 'assistance' is unneeded and his wish to join us is solely for his own survival.

  • (Go with Cerulean to see the Carnival of War)

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_Tunnels_30_Layout_06_01

Cerulean transports you deep beneath First Ward to meet with the Carnival, but something seems... off.

  • Talk to Cerulean about an alliance
    • Rescue the Carnival Survivors
    • Stop the Talons of Vengeance!

You helped Cerulean repel the Talons of Vengeance assault upon the Carnival of War.


V badge Talons.png Talons of Vengeance

Notable NPCs

  • Cerulean (Boss Ally)
  • Acolyte of War (Minion Ally)
  • Anchorite of War (Lieutenant Ally) x2
  • Armor of War (Lieutenant Ally)
  • Attendant of War (Minion Ally)
  • Eremite of War (Lieutenant Ally)
  • Mistress of War (Lieutenant Ally)
  • Gorgon (Elite Boss)
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After freeing each hostage you will be ambushed by three waves of Talons of Vengeance
Zealot: The world must be cleansed!

Huntress: Leave none alive!

Zealot: The world must be cleansed!

Huntress: Death and Vengeance!

Zealot: Now you too shall die!

Spiritualist: Slay them!
Spiritualist: Slay them all!

Huntress: Death comes for you!

Zealot: Stain the earth with their blood!
Speak to Cerulean

Unnecessary Solicitation

Cerulean seems to be my biggest obstacle in securing an alliance. Speak with him.


You see? The Talons fear the Carnival of War. Why else would they have conducted an immediate attack upon us if they weren't afraid of our strength?

The losses were high, but thanks to your efforts they were not so devastating that we cannot recover from them. The time to counter attack is now, and I must make sure that the Carnival of War is assembled and prepared.

See to it that DeVore knows my intentions. I pray that she has insight enough to join me in the fight against the Talons rather than entertain this silly proposal from Master Midnight and wait on the sidelines as usual.

I have more pressing matters to attend to...

Talk to Vanessa DeVore about the Alliance

Unnecessary Solicitation

Perhaps Vanessa DeVore would be more willing to have me as an ally.


I know, Character... The Talons of Vengeance are free, and they have just stolen many lives from us...

Cerulean is blinded by his hatred of Midnight, and how well that distrust has served him in the past. But now is not the time for us to grow apart, it is the time for us to come together.

  • So the Carnival will join forces with Master Midnight?

The Carnival of Light, yes...

  • But not Cerulean?

Cerulean has long had the loyalty of the Carnival of War and seeks now to take the fight to the Talons...

I fear that rage has blinded him to the folly of attacking the Talons divided as we are. Perhaps he hoped that when push came to shove I would follow him and bring the Carnival with me. If only it were that simple...

My only hope is that working with Master Midnight can reveal a plan to stop the Talons before Cerulean's life ends in tragedy...

  • You deal with Cerulean, I'll work with Midnight.

Work with Master Midnight
Contact Small Master Midnight.jpg
Master Midnight


I take it things went poorly? You were gone for quite some time... I guess we'll just have to do it ourselves, the few against the many...

  • The Carnival of Light will assist you...

What?! Really?

That was easy!

I mean, it was easy for you because you are so intimidating! / beautiful, persuasive, and undeniable... a woman who knows what she wants and knows how to get it.

So... How'd you convince them to see the wisdom in teaming up?

  • The Talons attacked the Carnival, but we fended them off.

Ho ho! So the Talons draw first blood!

I see the Carnival needs my help even more than ever!

Perhaps I should negotiate some additional terms with their mysterious leader. Is it true that beneath that mask of hers is the face of an angel whose eyes sparkle like...

  • Midnight! We haven't much time!

Oh! Uh, right!

I have a book about the Talons somewhere in my collection. I'm sure we can discover a weakness about them in there somewhere.

  • Go with Midnight to research the Talons (Enter Mission)

Mission Objective(s)


You appear inside of the Midnight Mansion and are immediately aware that the place is under attack... by the Carnival of War.

  • Work with Master Midnight
    • Stop the Carnival of War!

You drove off the Carnival of War from the Midnight Mansion, but Cerulean managed to steal the Chronicles of Doom, a tome detailing the wrath of the Furies throughout history.


V badge Carnival.png Carnival of War

Notable NPCs

  • Master Midnight (Boss Ally)


Cerulean is not playing by the rules. How dare he attack my home and my precious Midnight Masters!

What is the Carnival of Light going to do about this rogue commanding their forces and spoiling their alliances with all-powerful wizards such as myself!?

There is a bond that binds warriors together, Character. It is stronger than steel, harder than stone, and more potent than any magic. You and I share that bond, Character. I now consider you... my retainer. I know, it's a very emotional moment for me as well. Carry that title proudly, Character, you have earned it.

Icon clue generic.png
The Chronicles of Doom were stolen
According to Master Midnight, The Chronicles of Doom are a collection of ancient stories and folklore that chronicle every major and minor doomsday event throughout human history. Some of the stories remain untranslated, but from what little Midnight has read, they all have a common theme. Mankind's hubris is often a major focus in the stories. Either it is the cause, or it is something to be avoided leading up to the final days. It was within the Chronicles that Midnight recalls a description of the Talons of Vengeance, but with it in Cerulean's hands now, he holds the only secret to defeating them now.

Part Two: Loose Ends


The Chronicles of Doom had all the information about the Talons of Vengeance. The only other information I have on them is in this old witch's tome describing an ancient and mysterious cavern where they found a source of great and terrible magical power.

There are a number of spells in it which I have been trying to learn... I mean, as like, a pastime thing, just for fun, not really seriously, you know?

One of them is a spell that can steal the power to see or commune with spirits, the sort of ability a medium possesses.

  • Let me see that book

We need to find that cavern, I'm sure it has something to do with the Talons of Vengeance and Sorceress Serene. It seemed like Diabolique knew Serene from her past, perhaps they were witches in the same coven together.

While you talk to the Carnival, I am going to be studying Cerulean's little magical doorway. Maybe I can figure out how it works so we can follow him to wherever he went.

Icon clue generic.png
A Witch's Spell Book
This ancient tome's worm eaten leather binding is stained with a number of shades of red and smells like a musty cellar. The pages within, however, appear timeless, with thin angular writing and finely drawn diagrams explaining a number of ancient and powerful rituals. A thick grey cord of what appears to be braided human hair marks a page where a ritual to steal spirit sight from mediums is detailed.
Visit Blind Makwa

Unnecessary Solicitation

I don't know what good having a blind medicine man will do, but I suppose any allies are good allies.

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Upon accepting this mission, you are ambushed by one wave of Talons of Vengeance.
Zealot: Your fate is sealed, Character!


Ah, Character. The sun rises in the west hotter than ever, there is war on the horizon and I sense great fear on the wind.

What brings you to me?

  • I have a book with a spell to steal spirit sight.

The witch's spell book? You found it!?

  • I'm not sure if it is the same one that stole your sight.

This is wonderful news. But I must ask, how did you come by this book?

  • (Explain the Talons and the alliance with Master Midnight)

Blind Makwa nods occasionally as you tell your tale. When you mention the name Serene, however, his cloudy eyes widen and his mouth opens with a gasp.

Character, you must find Nadia and warn her of Serene before it is too late!

  • Is she in danger?

Serene was the name of a witch in the same coven as Nadia years long past. There isn't time to explain, but only Nadia can undo Serene's spell and return my sight to me, and Serene undoubtably knows this.

Nadia is very likely in grave danger!

  • (Go warn Nadia)

Icon clue generic.png
Nadia is in danger
Upon learning of Sorceress Serene's return, Blind Makwa tells you that Nadia and her used to be in the same coven. With Master Midnight's old witch's spell book and the spell to return his sight to him, Blind Makwa tells you that Nadia is almost certainly in danger as Serene will likely wish to ensure that Blind Makwa's spirit sight remains hers and hers alone.
Warn Nadia

Unnecessary Solicitation

If Nadia is the only person who can undo the spell then Serene will certainly want her killed.


What can ol' Nadia do for you, chil'?

  • Nadia, you're in danger...

Calm. chil', calm. Explain what danger I be in.

  • Sorceress Serene has released the Talons of Vengeance.

Nadia seems unaffected by this news

So...Sister Serene is alive...

It must have been she who took Blind Makwa's spirit sight.

But why would she want me dead? There was never any bad blood 'tween us.

  • Because with this book you can restore his sight.

Ahhh, bless you chil', you be full of surprises this day.

But you are right, Serene would seek to stop me from returning Blind Makwa's spirit sight. It would show the truth of things.

Character, the Talons of Vengeance are killers through and through. If Serene indeed commands them, then your prediction of their arrival is as good as truth.

  • We need to get you out of here and to the Chapel.

The time for that is passed, the Talons be here already. Now is the time when the fates choose how this story will end.

  • Would the fates mind if we got inside rather than fight them on this rooftop?

I cannot speak for the fates, but fate does favor the prepared. Best we do it soon, I can feel the rage of the Talons approaching as we speak.

  • Fight the Talons (Enter Mission)

Mission Objective(s)

Map: Abandoned_Office_30_Layout_05

The Talons have already breached the building. You'll need to clear them out if you are to keep Nadia safe.

  • Warn Nadia
    • Clear the building of the Talons of Vengeance
    • Protect Nadia
    • Defeat the Talon ambushes!

You stopped the Talons of Vengeance from killing Nadia.


V badge Talons.png Talons of Vengeance

Notable NPCs

  • Nadia (Lieutenant)
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Upon entering the mission you will be ambushed by eight waves of Talons of Vengeance, with one last one to follow.
Talk to Nadia

Unnecessary Solicitation

If the Talons tried to kill Nadia then she must be very important, perhaps she can utilize that witch's spell book that I gave you.


Thank you chil', you have saved my life from a fate most terrible.

I will head to the Chapel to see what can be done about Blind Makwa's spirit sight.

As for Serene and the Talons, I think they will choose to consolidate their power before they try something like this again.


So, the blind old man is going to get his sight back, and the creepy witch doctor lady is safe and sound. Sounds like you were successful in your quest!

Well, I'll have you know that I too accomplished a great feat of magical mastery, so today we are both heroes and deserving of a fine reward.

Character. Fate, it seems, has brought us together. If EVER you are in need, know this; there will always be a place for you in my party.

Finale: My Enemy's Enemy


After discovering Cerulean's secret magical portal into my mansion I realized that it was he who had been sneaking about stealing off with things all these years.

Well, he won't get away with it any longer! I've woven a ward into my mansion's hallowed walls so insidious that if Cerulean ever tries his little parlor trick again, he'll be reduced to his base elements!

But, that isn't the true testament to my triumphant translation of his transmutation trickery! I have learned how his doors work!

And what more, I have learned how to reopen them after his passing.

Character, I want you to go after Cerulean and either talk some sense into him so that he gives me back the Chronicles of Doom, or take them from him by force!

Hopefully the latter, the man has truly tested my patience this day and just a trifling bit more of his impudence is all I need to take me over the edge and send me into a berserker rage!

  • I'm going after him.

You truly are without fear! I suspect that there will be an army of seductively clad Carnival ladies backed up by wizards of only moderate level. They will likely have standing orders to kill you on sight, so seize the initiative and sneak attack them before they can react!

Unnecessary Solicitation

Cerulean has made it clear that he is going to take Serene on without our help. What a fool! Anybody with a halfway decent intelligence knows that Serene is too powerful and beautiful to be stopped by the likes of him. Besides, that would be a totally lame ending and trivialize all of our hard work of late, which is just not how amazing adventures and quests for glory work!

Contact Small Master Midnight.jpg
Master Midnight


Now that I have Cerulean's magical doors figured out we can put an end to his insanity!

Surely Vanessa DeVore will be thankful for us stopping Cerulean from taking half the Carnival to their deaths...

  • What do you mean to their deaths?

Yeah, to their deaths. Definitely.

You know, because of the Talons of Vengeance?

And how they turn people against each other? It's all in the Chronicles of...


Which are currently in Ceruelan's hands...


  • Tell me what you know.

So, it works like this...

The Talons of Vengeance are, you know, all about vengeance and stuff. Well, the way they swell their ranks is by recruiting angry and vengeful people. Except, well, they don't so much recruit as cause your thirst for revenge to be all-consuming and then you turn into a monster and join in the slaughter...

So, if you have a big army of angry and vengeful Carnival ladies all marching behind Cerulean on some sort of quest for revenge...

  • ...then you are handing over new recruits to the Talons.

Yeah. It's pretty OP, huh? I mean, how do you fight something you can't get angry at?

Anyway. Cerulean is more of a liability fighting against the Talons than a benefit to the Carnival by chilling out.

If they aren't stopped then the Carnival is going to be fighting itself in short order.

  • I need to stop Cerulean before it's too late.

Alright, but after what Cerulean did to my poor Midnight Masters I'm not going to be able to lend you much support.

Don't get me wrong, my omnipotent power could easily best Cerulean and his Carnival of War, but if you are going to have any chance at negotiating with him, then having me around displaying my awesomeness probably wouldn't help.

Just let me know when you're ready and I'll easily open Cerulean's little magic door for you.

  • Open the portal, now! (Enter Mission)

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_Tunnels_45_Layout_06_01

You step through the mystical portal and into the tunnels somewhere beneath First Ward. After following the corridors you discover where Cerulean has been gathering the Carnival of War.

  • Chase after Cerulean
    • Stop Cerulean
    • Return to Master Midnight
    • Escape with the Chronicles

You tracked down Cerulean and retrieved the Chronicles of Doom, but at the cost of his and his Carnival of War's lives.


V badge Carnival.png Carnival of Vengeance
V badge Talons.png Talons of Vengeance

Notable NPCs

  • Cerulean (Lieutenant)

It seems you may be too late, the Carnival of War has already started to turn upon itself.

Icon clue generic.png
The Carnival of Vengeance
The magical power surrounding the Talons of Vengeance has already caused the Carnival of War to turn on itself in a bloody melee. The few survivors in the tunnels have now joined with the Talons as the Carnival of Vengeance!


Cerulean was a formidable adversary. His death will be the stuff of legends...

But there is no time to mourn for fallen comrades. The Chronicles of Doom hold some secret to Serene's sinister plans and what she wants with Diabolique. I shall set to work at once studying it's pages and discerning the answers we require to confront our adversary and defeat her once and for all!

Oh, I envy you, Character. What I wouldn't do to be invited to work side by side with such a lovely specimen of the female variety as Vanessa DeVore. Perhaps you could put in a good word with her for me?