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Surviving Midnighter
Zone First Ward
Coordinates (-2292, 84, -154)
Level Range 20-29
Introduced By Blind Makwa
Introduces Master Midnight
Enemy Groups V badge Apparition.png Apparitions
V badge Loyalist.png Imperial Defense Force
Badge villain praetorians.png Praetorians
Badge DefeatSeers.png Seers
V badge Talons.png Talons of Vengeance
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Cerulean is a Praetorian contact in the Mercyview neighborhood of First Ward at coordinates (-2292, 84, -154).  His level range is 20-29.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Master Midnight is introduced directly after completion of Cerulean's last mission.


Surviving Midnighter

Cerulean is a wizard with no compunctions about openly displaying his signature shade of blue to all. He is a man who held great stature in the Midnight Squad of old, but after its fall he was but one of the few survivors seeking solace, and finding it with Vanessa DeVore and her Carnival of Light. Cerulean has made it no secret that he wants to lead the Carnival to war against their adversaries, and as such he has gathered numerous like-minded individuals, many of them former Midnighters as well, to his side. So far the Carnival of War stays leashed to Vanessa DeVore's blessing, but with the changes in First Ward coming, it is only a matter of time before war finds them. Cerulean stands ready for that day.

Prior to Introduction

People rarely seek out a wizard without cause. Find a cause worthy of me and then we will speak, until then you should not meddle with the affairs of wizards.

Initial Contact

There are few things more terrible to behold than a wizard prepared for war, Character, and believe me, this is a war we are in. Whether DeVore and the rest of the Carnival wishes to acknowledge it or not, our enemies are many and will do unspeakable evil to destroy us. But I do not worry. Despite all of their ferocious power our adversaries lack one critical element...



  • Our enemies never rest, and neither shall we.
  • I am prepared to die to destroy evil, there are worse things than death.
  • One must not always make war, but one should always be prepared for it.

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level

Missing Too Low Level Dialogue

No More Missions

The evil that the Carnival of Light hoped to contain has been freed, Character, and now I must prepare the Carnival for war.


  • None

Story Arc

A Woman's Scorn

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 7 Reward Merits.


Cerulean's Spirit Guard

Cerulean gave you this stone, etched with spidery writing, as a ward to protect your soul from Diabolique. As it turns out, she was the one who would need its protections from

A Woman's Scorn

It all began with Blind Makwa's spirit sight being stolen. Cerulean, the de facto leader of the Carnival of War, had a theory. He believed that Diabolique, his old student, was the witch responsible for not only stealing Blind Makwa's spirit sight, but also for the Apparitions attacking the people of First Ward. With your presence he decided that summoning a shadow of her power and interrogating her was the best choice in order to put an end to this evil. The reunion between master and apprentice, however, was not pleasant. In a display of her tremendous power, Diabolique broke free of the magical wardings and attacked. Though you drove her off she offered you an invitation to speak with her, cordially, at the top of the Westerman Building in the center of the Sunken City.

When you arrived atop the building Diabolique seemed amused at Cerulean's allegations that she was behind the Apparitions and their attacks. She resolved to show you exactly what the Apparitions were and who was truly behind their anguish fueled rampage. You entered the memories of an Apparition where you witnessed it's origin; the Apparitions were created by Mother Mayhem during the process of transforming a psychic into a Seer. With this information you asked for Katie Douglas's help in infiltrating the Asylum and getting hard evidence to use against Mother Mayhem. You returned to Diabolique with the evidence where she informed you that there was more to it than just Mayhem's meddling. Her curiosity was focused on a magic spell cleverly woven into each Apparition, a magic spell that was familiar to her, somehow. You presented the evidence to Cerulean and he was horrified and concerned that Diabolique had discovered something more powerful than herself at work in First Ward.

Cerulean stressed the importance of aiding Diabolique and then was overcome with a wave of distress. The magic on the Apparitions was activating and Diabolique was in grave danger. As you raced to Diabolique's rescue she was met by an old adversary of hers; Sorceress Serene. Serene revealed that she was the one behind the spell on the Apparitions and that Diabolique had fallen into her carefully prepared trap. Serene captured Diabolique and then revealed that this was just the first step in her plan for revenge, revenge, it would seem, that was backed up by a group of monstrous women known only as the Talons of Vengeance.

Part One: Shadowy Negotiations


At first I was unsure, but now it is painfully clear. Our enemy is not the Apparitions, Character, it is Cole's witch who is behind this. Diabolique.

It was she who must have stolen Blind Makwa's spirit sight, and with it she is directing the Apparitions to attack the living.

It all stinks of Diabolique's doing, and some totemic wards will not stop her from carrying out her plans. We must strike before she does, but to confront her risks a fate worse than death. Any who have tried have had their soul ripped from their body and enslaved to her will. There must be another way...

  • I'll go talk to her.

Talk to her?! Are you mad...?


She is not one for idle chitchat and revealing our hand to her is borderline suicide.

Still... she and I know one another... from a long time ago. That may give us enough of an edge to take advantage of her short comings. She may be a soul stealing witch, but she's still the power hungry pupil I knew years ago.

I'll summon a shadow of her power in a summoning circle so we may converse with her under our terms. This will be the safest way.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I'll summon Diabolique's shadow inside of a spirit warded summoning circle. But be wary. Even a fraction of her power may be enough to break it.

Contact Small Cerulean.jpg


Diabolique is a spirit trapped in this world, she must obey the same rules as any other spirit, but there is a problem. Magic breaks rules, and Diabolique is a powerful magician. Once I've summoned a shadow of her power into the summoning circle she will do her best to break free. If she breaks free we'll have to destroy her shadow quickly, else she may manifest fully in our presence, and that would be disastrous.

Make every possible preparation before we proceed. If Diabolique attacks us we must defend ourselves with every bit of strength we have.

  • "I'm ready." (Enter Mission)

Icon clue generic.png
Diabolique's Shadow
Cerulean is summoning only a portion of Diabolique's true power, what he calls her shadow. If this shadow is allowed to escape from the wards holding it then she could manifest all of her power at its location, and that would be a very bad thing.

Mission Objective(s)


Cerulean draws out a summoning circle and then calls you over to participate in the ritual.

  • Meet with Diabolique's shadow
    • Participate in the summoning ritual

You drove off Diabolique's shadow, but now the evil ghost has cordially invited you to meet her face to face at the Westerman Building in the middle of Sunken City.


Badge villain praetorians.png Praetorians
V badge Apparition.png Apparitions

Notable NPCs

  • Cerulean (Boss Ally)
  • Shadow of Diabolique (Elite Boss)


My apologies, Character, I lost my poise.

Seeing Tammy again drudged up some dark memories.

That creature may have once been Tammy Arcanus, a woman I loved very much, but now she is just Diabolique. I see that now.

I feel I can trust in you, Character. Take this bead. If you ever need to talk to me, just think of me and we can share our thoughts. Across space, across time, even across dimensions.

Part Two: The Tower And The Devil


Tammy... I mean, Diabolique, wants to talk to you in person. If she is indeed behind these Apparitions, which she has yet to convince me of otherwise, then I see no other way to get answers out of her than to do as she wishes and meet with her.

Be cordial, but be careful. Find out as much as you can and then get out of there, even the smallest detail could hint at a greater magical secret.

  • She seems reasonable when not threatened.

Don't mistake your demeanor as a threat to her, the awful truth is she isn't threatened by anyone, and that's what concerns me.

If she is at the Westerman Building then she must be on the roof. Back before the Devouring Earth destroyed the city I discovered that the building was built at a major magical leyline nexus. The nexus point resides precisely at the top of the building and what's more, that building lies directly beneath the magical vortex over the Sunken City.

Whatever Diabolique is up to, that vortex and the Westerman Building are certainly part of it. All you need to do is find out what the connection is and then get out of there.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Diabolique has the answers we need. Meet her at the Westerman Building, it's the massive sky scraper in the middle of the Sunken City. But remember, she cares only about gaining more power and will do it by any means necessary. If you threaten her aspirations then she will seek to not only eliminate you, but enslave you to her will.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Diabolique atop the Westerman Building

Notable NPCs

  • Diabolique


Character. I'm surprised to see someone of your power working for a fool like Cerulean. You easily eclipse his might and yet you take his orders like he is some great mentor and you are his dotting pupil...

  • I didn't come here to get my ego stroked.
  • Cerulean is but a means to an end, nothing more
Of course, Cerulean is not why you came here...
Ah yes, that's right. The Apparitions. You want to know all about them, don't you?
They come from this vortex; a portal into the spiritual mirror of our own world. Something has ripped through the fabric between our worlds and the Apparitions have come pouring forth.
First they came in trickles, but now they come in droves, and like a spider and her web, I have positioned myself in the perfect place to snatch these spirits up and enslave them to my power. But even I cannot catch them all.
A few go free and cause mayhem and mischief. The rest... well, I have never had so much power as I do now.
  • So you aren't commanding the Apparitions to attack First Ward?
What use would I have for attacking the miserable denizens of First Ward? The only reason I'm here is to discover the source of this vortex and the origin of the Apparitions that come forth from it.
Diabolique emits a hallow and sickening laugh that echoes from beyond the grave.
You thought I was responsible for the Apparitions? Oh no... but I have learned their true origin.
If you want to see who is behind such a masterpiece of suffering, then I'll let you peer into the memories of one of them. I think you'll find what you experience most unsettling.
  • Show me these memories.

Part Three: Forgotten Souls

Unnecessary Solicitation

Go ahead, Character. See what horrors this poor soul has had visited upon it and you will see true evil at work.


Remember, Character. What you will see cannot be unseen, and that even a dream can kill.

Are you ready to witness the last vivid memories of a tortured soul?

  • "I'm ready." (Start Mission)

Mission Objective(s)


Unfamiliar sights and sounds take shape and then feel frighteningly familiar. The memory of disinfectant pulls disconnected thoughts together and you recall that this is a hospital.

  • Relive the memory of an Apparition
    • Click on the doctor to see the next memory
    • Click on the prisoner to see the next memory
    • Click on the apparition to see the next memory
    • Click on the apparition to see the next memory
    • Defeat Apparitions!

You experienced the horrific memories of this Apparition's tortured creation at the hands of Mother Mayhem.


V badge Apparition.png Apparitions

Upon Exiting, Speak with Diabolique about the Apparition's memories

Part Four: Where Even Devils Dare Not Go

Unnecessary Solicitation

So, Diabolique isn't behind this at all, it's Praetor Tilman?

Diabolique may be using us as much as we are using her. Find out as much as you can about what she knows regarding Tilman and the Apparitions.


As you can see, Character, there are horrors in this world that are much, much worse than me.

The sad truth is that these Apparitions aren't souls at all, they're just fragments of a person's psyche, cut off and discarded like the trimmings of a well pruned rose bush. I find it poetic that the pile of carelessly discarded thorns would make Tilman bleed the moment she took a misstep.

  • Sounds like you don't much like the Praetor.

Seeing Tilman fall would do me more good than harm.

If you wish to take advantage of the situation then I won't hinder you.

  • Will you help?

Not directly. There are still too many questions left unanswered for my taste...

But, if you were to gain access to the Asylum and its computers I'm sure you would find all the answers you desire.

That's assuming you could even breach the Asylum's security. Getting past that is the biggest challenge. So, if you know of a way to avoid being detected by a hundred telepaths and can pass through dozens of meters of rock, concrete, and steel, then I think you'll be fine.

Just be aware... there's magic at work here. Powerful magic...

  • I just might... (Find Katie Douglas)

Talk to Katie Douglas and Infiltrate the Asylum

Unnecessary Solicitation

I sense you are close to discovering a dark secret. Keep at it.


Katie rolls her eyes dramatically as you approach

Oh god... what now?

Before you can answer Katie blanches. Having read your surface thoughts she has already discovered what you have learned from your experience inside the memories of the apparition.

No... No no no. That can't be right, Character! Praetor Tilman couldn't be doing that...


No! I feel fine, this must be some sort of trick! What are you trying to do to me? Ruin EVERYTHING in my life?

No... you can't be lying... it's right there in your thoughts... those memories are true...

Why was this done to me? Why can't people just leave me alone for once?!

I... I can't believe that part of my psyche... part of ME... was cut out like... like... some sort of cancer.

Diabolique must be lying! She said it herself, she doesn't like her, right? This must all be some kind of lie!

  • Theres only one way to find out for sure, Katie.

Katie fumes and kicks a rock into the water

You're crazy thinking I'm going to transport you into the Asylum. Just because you have the memories you experienced from that poor woman and her...

Katie pauses, obviously upset at the implications that these memories you experienced suggest.

Do you understand what this means, Character? If this is true, that Praetor Tilman is cutting pieces of our psyche out, then it means every girl like me who is turned into a Seer, every one of them that I've removed from the Seer Network, isn't really saved. Part of them is wandering the world as one of these damned Apparitions!

What if we can't put them back together? What if they can never be made whole ever again?!

What if... what if I'll never be whole again...?

  • Katie, we won't know for sure until I get into the Asylum.

Katie blinks rapidly as she fights off tears and regains her composure.

This sucks!

All I wanted to do was get my life back. All I wanted to do is help these other girls from being Seers and have a chance to live a normal life, and here we are, hiding out in downtown Apocalypse-ville, tired, hungry, and now told we aren't even right in the head anymore!

I... I give up Character. Just... tell me what you want me to do.

  • Teleport me into the Asylum.

Katie looks at you for a moment in silence.

Sure, fine. I'll do my best to block you from the Seers, but no guarantees that I can keep it up forever.

I'm ready to go die if you are...

Katie lets a small smile form.

Who knows... maybe we won't die, and maybe you'll find something in the Asylum that can make me and the other girls whole again. So, are you ready to go or what?

  • I'm ready to go, but neither of us is going to die (Start Mission)

Mission Objective(s)


The strong smell of disinfectant triggers a familiar memory which is not your own. This is definitely the right place.

  • Talk to Katie Douglas and Infiltrate the Asylum
    • Download secrets from the Asylum Archives
    • Escape! Get back to Katie Douglas!
    • (Click on Katie to exit)

You downloaded secret data from the Asylum computers involving the Seer Program and Praetor Tilman's questionable practices during their transformation from unstable psychic to obedient seer.


Badge DefeatSeers.png Seers
V badge Loyalist.png Imperial Defense Force
Template:Enemy Asylum Staff

Notable NPCs

  • Dr. Kindly
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After triggering the Awakened, you are ambushed by eight waves of Seers.

You have acquired detailed medical records and analysis from the Asylum Archives proving that the Apparitions are created by Praetor Tilman's Seer Program.

Icon clue generic.png
Asylum Archive Data
This data has logs for over 1400 of Praetor Tilman's famous "psychic surgery" operations. The logs are thorough and explain in great detail the gradual degradation of the patient's behavior as all signs of strong negative emotions are eradicated by Tilman's technique. What the logs don't reveal, either by design or ignorance, is that the psychic surgery isn't eradicating the patient's emotions, it is severing them and discarding them like trash. After witnessing the memories of an Apparition you know full well that those emotions don't stay discarded, they come back, with a vengeance!
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After accessing the archives, you will be ambused by five waves of Imperial Defense Forces.

Discuss with Diabolique what you have discovered

Unnecessary Solicitation

Diabolique must have some insight on your findings. Speak with her first and then return to me.


Found what you were looking for, Character?

  • I have.

So tell me, what did your foray into Praetor Tilman's house of secrets reveal? What nastiness is dear old Mother really up to?

  • (Explain your findings)

I see, so the Apparitions are the emotions and personality that would rebel against Tilman's control, cut out of the patient during her psychic surgery and cast away like dirty linens. They are neither dead nor wholly alive either.

Is Tilman even aware that her trimmings have found a way to manifest themselves and possess new host bodies?

  • Ask her yourself. I'm not here to satisfy your curiosities.

I know.

You're here to learn what I know about the sorceries I discovered on the Apparitions.

There is something familiar about this magic. Something old and... kindred...

  • Kindred? Like your father?

No... It's different than that. Stronger.

Whatever it is it is lying dormant, as if it were incomplete somehow. The magic does nothing, and yet, it is so strong...

  • You sound almost afraid of this magic.

Far from it, Character. As your research shows, the Apparitions are merely emotions and memories run amok, they cannot harm me.

Now, go and inform Cerulean of what you've learned like a good little pet. Tell him that if he wants to learn more then he is welcome to... join me...

  • I'll do just that.


The Apparitions are created by the Seer Program!?

This is horrifying!

Tilman is cutting out the strongest emotional parts of people's personalities and discarding them like trash. The result is an obedient seer, loyal to Mother and willing to obey her every command.

I thought what Diabolique did was bad, but at least she has the decency to kill you before enslaving your eternal soul, Tilman is butchering people's psyches and keeping them alive in a living hell!

You show courage in the face of death. I could ask nothing more than to have such a brave friend to stand at my side.

Part Five: The Devil Is In The Details


From the sound of it, Diabolique has discovered that there is more than Mother Mayhem's psychotic powers at work here, that there's magic as well and she is uncertain of the source. Her... offer for me to join her was just a masked cry for help for her old teacher. Tell her thanks for the offer, but no thanks. I'll look into this kindred magic on my own, meanwhile I think whatever it is that is going on has Diabolique concerned enough that she isn't looking to make more enemies. This might be the best chance we have of getting close to her. See if you can gain her trust before the winds change and she turns on you.

  • I'll do what I can.

One more thing, Character. Diabolique isn't easily put on the defensive. If this magic that she's discovered is making her cautious, understand that the source of it probably isn't friendly to you either.

Right now the best chance we have is to work together with Diabolique and eliminate the greater of two evils. Just be ready for the backlash once the greater threat is eliminated or you may find yourself enslaved to her will for the rest of eternity.

Unnecessary Solicitation

While we're on Diabolique's good side I want you to learn everything you can about the Apparitions and this strange magic that Diabolique seems so concerned about.

Contact Small Cerulean.jpg


Cerulean seems to lose consciousness for the briefest of moments and then recovers his balance.

Ugh... What was THAT?

  • Cerulean?

Cerulean concentrates for a moment before looking to you with his blazing blue eyes, concern in his voice.

Something... something is happening with the Apparitions. It's the enchantment on them, it's activating!

  • What do you need me to do?

It's powerful!

Character, you must get to Tammy, I fear she is in grave danger!

  • You want me to save her?!

This is no time for foolish quarrels over past deeds, there is a great evil moving and I fear that I cannot oppose it alone!

Get to Tammy and bring her here before it is too late!

  • "Alright, I'm going." (Enter Mission)

Mission Objective(s)

Map: +++ Missing Information +++

Meanwhile, as you race to the rooftop of the Westerman Building...

  • Meet with Diabolique
    • Defeat the Talons of Vengeance
    • (Cllick on Master Midnight to finish)

You have discovered the true origin of the magic that ensorcels the apparitions, but there are worse things than ghosts now stalking the streets of First Ward.

Upon exiting, Speak with Master Midnight, which begins with his initial contact and into his story arc.


V badge Talons.png Talons of Vengeance

Notable NPCs

  • Master Midnight (Boss Ally)

Diabolique: I can feel your presence, Sorcerer... show yourself!
Sorceress Serene: Tammy Arcanus...
Sorceress Serene:'s been a long, long time...
Diabolique: Clarissa...!?!
Diabolique: I knew the enchantments upon the Apparitions were familiar...
Diabolique: Tell me, when the Emperor ordered me to destroy your Cabal, how long did you weep for them?
Sorceress Serene: The name is Serene now, Tammy.
Sorceress Serene: And the fact that the enchantments were familiar should have been the first sign for you to be cautious...
Sorceress Serene: But I knew that you would ignore the warning in your mind.
Sorceress Serene: I knew that your arrogance would prevent you from recognizing that the spell of binding placed upon the
Apparitions was the very same you used to enslave MY coven...
Sorceress Serene: ...AND your own father!
Diabolique: They're mine, 'Serene'.
Diabolique: ALL mine. Forever.
Diabolique: And soon you will be too.
Diabolique: Your spell is a failure. It isn't even complete.
Sorceress Serene: If that is true...
Sorceress Serene: Then why is it that the Apparitions obey my commands and not your own?
Diabolique: They are bound to MY will, 'Serene', completely and eternally. And soon, so shall you!
Diabolique: I'm overjoyed. The destruction of the Ravenwing Cabal is finally complete!
Diabolique: Minions! Bring her soul to me!
Sorceress Serene: I'm afraid your pride has blinded you, Tammy Arcanus. My trap is already sprung...
Scattered Spirit: Obey Serene!
Scattered Spirit: Obey Serene!
Scattered Spirit: Obey Serene!
Scattered Spirit: Obey Serene!
Scattered Spirit: Obey Serene!
Scattered Spirit: Obey Serene!
Scattered Spirit: Obey Serene!
Diabolique: What!?
Diabolique: No!
Diabolique: Destroy her...Destroy Serene!
Diabolique: No! How can this be!?
Diabolique: No! Nooooo!
Sorceress Serene: Tammy Arcanus...
Sorceress Serene: Your soul is now MINE!
Diabolique: Noooooooooooooooo!
Sorceress Serene: When oaths are broken and evil left unpunished...
Sorceress Serene: Then blood will be spilt 'til the Furies be sated...
Sorceress Serene: The Talons of Vengeance descend upon you all!
Sorceress Serene: Now...
Sorceress Serene: AH HA HA HA HA HA!

Unnecessary Solicitation

I sense that there is a strong magical presence atop the Westerman Building. There you will find answers about what has transpired.