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Vanessa DeVore (Contact)

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This article is about the Praetorian contact. For the Primal Earth archvillain or the Resistance trainer, see Vanessa DeVore or Vanessa DeVore (Praetorian).


Vanessa DeVore
Vanessa DeVore (FW).jpg
Leader of the Carnival of Light
Zone First Ward
Coordinates (-2531, 87, 116)
Level Range 20-29
Introduced By Master Midnight
Introduces None
Enemy Groups V badge Talons.png Talons of Vengeance
Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department
V badge TEST.png T.E.S.T.
V badge Loyalist.png Imperial Defense Force
Badge DefeatClockwork.png Praetorian Clockwork
Badge villain praetorians.png Praetorians
V badge Carnival.png Carnival of Vengeance
V badge ExMidnighter.png Midnight Masters
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Vanessa DeVore is a Praetorian contact in the Mercyview neighborhood of First Ward at coordinates (-2531, 87, 116).  Her level range is 20-29.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

  • None


Leader of the Carnival of Light

The mysterious Vanessa DeVore is a powerful psychic who formed the Carnival of Light from the desperate remaining sorcerers and renegade telepaths who saw Emperor Cole for the evil he truly is. It is her mental powers which mask the Resistance from Praetor Tilman and the Seers. She helped form the Resistance from scattered and aimless groups opposed to Emperor Cole's totalitarian regime. She chose Calvin Scott to lead the violence-prone Crusaders into battle against the Praetorian usurpers, while with the other hand she has carefully cultivated the Wardens to overthrow the empire from within and ultimately inherit it as their charge.

Prior to Introduction

Our paths do not merge for some time, Character. When it is time for them to do so then you will come to see me and the moment will match my visions. Only then can we work together, for to do so prematurely could ruin everything I have foreseen.

Initial Contact

As I foresaw so long ago, our paths have finally merged, Character. Now that I have context for that vision, so much more makes sense, and there is little time left to do much about it. I hope you are ready to work hard, because everything Serene has done we must undo, and quickly, or all will be lost.


  • We are fated to work together, Character.
  • Character, I'm afraid there is no time for pleasantries. The Talons of Vengeance are moving with purpose... Serene's purpose, and I'm afraid that we may already be too late to stop her. I hope you can prove my fears wrong.
  • I have awaited this moment for a long time, Character. We are about to do great things, you and I.

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level

Missing Too Low Level Dialogue

No More Missions

You have done all that fate required of you, Character, and no other visions suggest that our relationship continue past this point. Do not take it personally. I have foreseen many things and many faces and each requires my attention in turn. Our fates were intertwined and now they are again free. Find your new path and walk it proudly, for in your future I see great and wonderous things.


  • None

Story Arc

Blood Begets Blood

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 7 Reward Merits.


A Sliver of Burning Ice

After Sorceress Serene was consumed by the power of the Furies for her failed attempt at seizing their power you found a shard of Burning Ice left over from her elemental weapons. You remember well the vicious wounds those twin swords inflicted and whenever you see the burning sliver you remember the lesson of the Furies...

Blood Begets Blood

Vanessa DeVore had been patiently bidding her time to strike back against the Talons until she knew for sure what their leader, Sorceress Serene's plans were. The first step to stopping Serene was to reactivate the Seer Network in order to prevent the Talons from preying upon the Seers while they were vulnerable, but Serene had other plans. The Network was a charnal house, as the former Seers and their Carnival of Light allies were cut down by the Talons of Vengeance. Inside you were met by Katie Douglas who had given in to the temptation of the Furies and vowed to kill you before she would see it restarted. Ultimately Katie was reintegrated into the Network to cleanse her mind of the Talons influence, an act which Sorceress Serene gleefully mocked you over.

With the Network reinstated you met with Master Midnight who had been pouring over the Chronicles of Doom looking for some hint as to Serene's overall plan. What he had discovered was disturbing. Serene planned to sacrifice her arch enemy, Diabolique, to the Furies and make the Talons even stronger. If Diabolique could be destroyed before then, then the sacrifice would fail. The problem was, Diabolique was bound to a talisman, the destruction of which was the only way to destroy her. The Talisman belongs to none other than the Praetorian Emperor, Marcus Cole. A daring raid was launched against the Magisterium allowing you to gain access to Cole's Tower where you navigated its depths and eventually found the Talisman in the possession of Praetor Duncan. In a bizarre exchange she gave you the Talisman and sent you on your way where you had to race to the surface in order to be teleported to safety by Master Midnight before Praetor White could find you.

Master Midnight set to work on studying the Talisman to see how to destroy Diabolique while Vanessa DeVore requested your presence at the Chapel of Enduring Light. The Talons were preparing to attack. The only thing keeping back the hordes of Apparitions from overrunning the last remaining Carnival members were Blind Makwa's Spirit Wards, and they had no effect on the Talons of Vengeance. Together, you, Vanessa, Blind Makwa, and Mistress Nadia, fought to keep the Wards up against an onslaught of Talons. As a final push, Sorceress Serene appeared and revealed that Master Midnight had been working with her all along. With the Talisman now in her possession she left Midnight with one chance to stay in her good graces if he could finish the Carnival off, you made sure he failed.

With Midnight's treachery giving Serene the one thing she needed to complete her sacrificial ritual, there was only one choice; Make Midnight talk. Katie's ability to teleport anywhere someone has seen came to good use once more, as you were able to infiltrate the Midnight Mansion and confront Master Midnight once and for all. Defeating him you forced him to tell you everything about Serene's plan and where you could find her and then left Midnight to simmer in his own misery. With no time to lose you tracked Serene and the Talons down to the Forbidden Crags on a rescue mission to save Diabolique and the world. Ultimately, it wasn't your strength that turned the tide, it was Master Midnight's misplaced notion of love that undid all of Serene's plans at the crucial moment and gave you and Diabolique a chance to avenge all of the people that the Talons of Vengeance had killed in Sorceress Serene's insane quest for power. With her Talisman in hand, Diabolique left, more powerful than ever and free at last from the Tyrant.

Part One: Rebuilding the Golden Cage


I cannot thank you enough for all you have done, Character. So it is with weighted conscience that I ask for your help once more in undoing the villainy of that sorceress, Serene.

I have been observing the psychic ebb and flow of First Ward for many days now, and I have discovered, in part, Serene's plan. Unfortunately, most of it has already been accomplished.

If Serene is to be stopped we will need to undo the damage she has done, regain our footing, and then strike back against her and stop this nightmare from spreading any further.

The first step is reactivating the Seer Network...

  • Reactivate the Seer Network?

I know, it seems illogical, but trust me. Serene is more powerful now with the Network disabled than if it were reactivated. As long as the Network is deactivated the Seers throughout First Ward are easy prey for the Talons of Vengeance. When the Network is active and they are linked into it, they can rely on one another for mental support and resist the Talons' efforts to corrupt them.

The Network only failed before because Serene managed to infect the Network with a particularly vicious Apparition. We know to look for them now, so the Network remaining deactivated is only strengthening the ranks of the Talons and further cementing Serene's position.

You must move quickly. As we speak the Talons are sweeping across First Ward, hunting down psychics and turning them into more agents of destruction.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I know it is not the most just thing to do, but it is one that we can undo. If the Seer Network isn't restored, then every last person in First Ward is going to succumb to the lure of the Talons and sweep us aside in a flood of tears and blood.

Mission Objective(s)


The acrid tang of fresh blood hangs in the air. The Talons of Vengeance are here, and they are going to be overjoyed to see you.

  • Reactivate the Seer Network
    • Access the Network Control Console
    • Stop Katie Douglas
    • Reintegrate Katie into the Network
    • Listen to Serene's insane ramblings

You reactivated the Seer Network, allowing the Seers inside to fortify one another's minds against the siren call of the Talons of Vengeance.


V badge Talons.png Talons of Vengeance

Further in the complex:

At last room:

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After defeating Katie you are ambushed by one wave of Talons of Vengeance.Spiritualist: Stop Character!
Contact Small Seer Network.jpg
Seer Network


With Katie Douglas defeated, the psychic lock on the Seer Network controls appears to have been broken.

  • Reintegrate Katie into the Network

Subject's cranial implants cannot be detected.

Ensure that cranial implants of subject are activated before attempting reintegration into Network.

  • Go and activate Katie's cranial implants


Katie is unconscious, but alive. You can see her cranial implants clearly and note that they are currently disabled.

  • Reactivate Katie's cranial implants

Contact Small Seer Network.jpg
Seer Network


With Katie Douglas defeated, the psychic lock on the Seer Network controls appears to have been broken.

  • Reintegrate Katie into the Network

Subject has been reintegrated into the Network.

Network remains offline.

  • Reactivate the Network

Network reactivated.


...reboot completed.

Seer Network 00-04 reinitializing...

All subjects display optimal Theta wave patterns.

Seer Network 00-04 has been successfully reestablished.

Reestablishing links with personnel...



Links successfully reestablished.

Network is at 17% capacity.

  • Leave


Thank you for restarting the Seer Network. I'm sorry about having to put Katie Douglas back into that horrible place, but right now it is the only defense against the corruption of the Talons of Vengeance. Once we have delt with them, rest assured, I will destroy that hateful place myself and free all the sisters who are trapped within.

As for Serene's taunting, I cannot tell if she was being truthful. There is no sign of an imminent attack, so my guess is that Serene was merely trying to halt our efforts to stop her by convincing us she was going on the offensive. We must be doing more to unravel her plans than it appears.

I have had waking dreams of this moment before, Character. I saw long ago that you and I would be great friends and that moment is here and now.

If you ever need my guidance, just think of me, and I will answer.

Part Two: An Ivory Tower


Sorceress Serene has gone to great lengths to ensure that her power goes unchecked in First Ward, but she underestimated the ability for us to put aside our differences in order to achieve a common goal; survival.

Master Midnight may be rough around the edges, but he is still a potent ally. While you were securing the Seer Network in order to stop the Talons from swelling their ranks, Midnight has been poring over the Chronicles of Doom for any clues as to what Serene is up to and how to stop her plans from coming to fruition. I want you to check in on Midnight's progress.

Mission Acceptance

The Talons feed on suffering, Character, they seem drawn to it, and when they find the source, that person is inevitably drawn to the siren song of the Talons.

This is what happened to Katie Douglas. The promise of revenge was too alluring for her and even though she knew better, she was powerless to resist its effect. This is how the Talons spread. It is their single greatest strength, and their single greatest weakness.

My guess is that Serene's abduction of Diabolique was for a greater purpose than revenge, but at this time, I cannot imagine what that purpose is.

See if Master Midnight has discovered anything

Unnecessary Solicitation

Master Midnight may have found something of use against Sorceress Serene and the Talons of Vengeance. Go talk to him and see if he's made any headway.

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After accepting this mission you are ambushed by one wave of Talons of Vengeance.
Huntress: Destroy Character and all who walk with him / her!


Character, I've been studying the Chronicles for any hints on Serene's plans and I think I've determined what they are.

As near as I can figure she is planning on using an ancient sacrificial ritual to summon the Furies... You know, the Furies, the creatures of myth and legend?

The Furies are sort of like divine judges who determine the sentence for oath breakers.

  • The Talons don't seem to discriminate who they 'judge'.

The Talons of Vengeance aren't the Furies, they're just mortal and monstrous agents of them... just... allow me to explain.

In ancient times people warned against breaking oaths, for it would call down the Wrath of the Furies on everyone. This was effective in convincing people that it was a good idea to create and pass their own laws. They're the basis of morality as it were.

As it turns out, the Wrath of the Furies wasn't just a fable to scare people straight. History is filled with stories of villages, cities, or even whole civilizations that cast aside basic decency and then were destroyed by the 'wrath of heaven' or what not.

That 'wrath of heaven' is the Talons of Vengeance at work. The Talons of Vengeance ARE the Wrath of the Furies.

  • But the people of First Ward aren't oath breakers.

You're right, but it doesn't matter. Once the wrath is called down, everyone is a target. Whenever the Talons have struck in the past, the city or civilization found itself alone, their neighbors having turned their backs to them or even joined in their destruction in order to avoid the same fate.

The Furies make examples of people and either the world listens and rights the wrongs themselves, or the Talons keep destroying. The Wrath of the Furies is something that ancient peoples learned to staunch and avoid whenever possible.

  • So all we need to do is figure out who the oath breakers are?

Precisely, and pass judgment on them. We need to kill them, Character, or we may all end up dead.

Interestingly enough, the Furies and Talons contradict one another in this respect. The Furies throughout history and myth have always frowned upon mortals killing one another for any reason; it creates blood feuds, which persist throughout ancient history and even up to modern day. But in order to avoid the wrath of the Furies, it seems, blood must be spilled.

I guess the lesson here is not to break an oath, because if you do, then you find yourself in quite the pickle.

  • Serene went through a lot of effort to capture Diabolique... Why?

Diabolique betrayed Serene's coven, the writers of the Chronicles of Doom.

Serene might be looking for revenge, but Diabolique can't die, she's already a spirit...

A perfect, flawless, ageless, beautiful spirit...

  • Hey, focus! If she can't die then...

Then how do you kill her?

She's bound to this world by a magical artifact, a talisman. Destroy the talisman and her spirit is set free...

  • Then we need to get that Talisman.

Ooooh, no no no... There's no way we can get the Talisman.

  • Why not? Where is it?

It belongs to one man.

The man.

The big cheese himself... The Emperor, Marcus Cole.

If we want to get that Talisman, we're going to need to get into Cole's Tower.

  • Of course... This couldn't be easy.

I can get you in and out of Cole's Tower, but there is no way you are going to be able to get the Talisman out before Praetor White turns you into paste.

If you can figure that part out, then I'm on board, otherwise, no way.

  • Alright, I'll find the way.

Talk to Vanessa DeVore

Unnecessary Solicitation

We'll need a plan to get that Talisman.


Diabolique's Talisman...

You will not be able to obtain this item without sacrifice, I'm afraid. You will need help, and to do that you must ask men to die.

  • What? Why?
The Tyrant's Tower is too well defended to infiltrate without help. That help must come in the form of a distraction, a distraction that must buy you as much time as it can at the cost of lives.
  • A suicide mission...
See Below
  • No problem.
I see you understand well how grave the threat we face is. Despite that, having some respect to those who are about to give their lives for others would be in order, don't you think?
  • Better them than me.
  • You're right, it is noble of them.
I cannot foresee whose lives you will touch in this affair, but you must find people who choose to do this for us all. Only people so dedicated can be entrusted to pay the ultimate price so that others many live.
They must be lead by one who is truly...
  • Noble... Noble Savage and the Forlorn.
Their fate was determined long ago, Character. Go now and see whether it ends at the Tyrant's Tower. You can point them to this path, but it is they who must choose to walk it.
  • I'll see what can be done.

Talk to Noble Savage

Unnecessary Solicitation

Speak with Noble Savage and see that though his form is mangled, his soul remains untainted.

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After accepting this mission you are ambushed by one wave of Talons of Vengeance.
Huntress: Your death watches you from above, Character, turn and face your hunter!


Character, things are getting bad. The apparitions are worse than before, the Shepherds are doomsaying, and the Talons of Vengeance are stalking the streets even in the daylight. We've got to do something.

  • I have a plan, but you won't like it.

At this stage I think I'm open to any idea. Anything is better than awaiting the innevitable.

  • I need a distraction to get into Cole's Tower.

Cole's Tower? What, are you going to ask for his help?

As much as I admire what the man has done in the past, he's a different person now, Character. Cole has thrown us in the garbage, we'll get no sympathy from him.

  • There's a magical talisman in the tower, it could end this.


Alright, I'll help you, but only because without it you'll fail...

  • Thanks, Noble.

Praetor White has jurisdiction over Nova Praetoria, with strict orders to defend the Magisterium and chiefly to defend the Tower.

However, I know for a fact that the PPD HQ in Magisterium is the highest value target in the area, and that Praetor White knows that too.

  • So you hit the HQ while I sneak into the tower.


The Tower is mostly administrative offices above ground, but below ground there are some maximum security doors that even I couldn't get into back in the day.

That talisman you're looking for is probably down in those storage areas, near the Tower's reactor system. Cause the reactors to fail and the emergency override system will unlock all the doors in the Tower for safety reasons.

  • So while the people are getting out, I get in.

I'll assemble a team and get ready for the attack on the PPD HQ.

When you're ready, contact me, we'll be in position...

  • Noble, this might be a one way ticket.

Character, if we do nothing, then we die for sure. This way we can at least give everyone else a chance against the Talons.

  • I'll contact you when I'm ready.

Infiltrate Cole's Tower

Unnecessary Solicitation

Noble Savage and the Forlorn are in position. When you are ready I will contact Master Midnight and have him transport you to the Tower Lobby.


So, you've gathered your forces and are ready to venture forth.

Just between you and me, I really don't think you have a chance, but, best of luck anyway.

When you're ready to go die, let me know, just do me a favor and don't tell anyone who opened a magical door into the lobby of Cole's Tower, ok?

  • I'm ready to go to Cole's Tower. (Enter Mission)

Mission Objective(s)


The Forlorn attack on the PPD HQ has cleared out the otherwise well guarded lobby of Cole's Tower. While there is still time you will need to find Diabolique's Talisman and get out quickly.

  • Infiltrate Cole's Tower
    • Find the entrance to the basement
    • Breach the PPD HQ (Team Noble)
    • Disable Main Power (Team Noble)
    • Free Prisoners (Team Noble)
    • Raid PPD Armory (Team Noble)
    • Plant Explosives (Team Noble)
    • Hold out for as long as possible (Team Noble)
    • Unlock the Reactor Door
    • Gain access to the Reactors
    • 4 Reactor Controls to Disable
    • Find the Talisman
    • Enter Secured Storage
    • Deal with Dominatrix
    • Get to the surface!

You got Diabolique's Talisman from Dominatrix, but at what a cost. Noble Savage and Team Rampage most certainly suffered at the hands of Marauder, and the man came close to crushing you as well if not for Midnight's magic and Dominatrix's questionable methods of manipulating the image of her fellow Praetors. She's a dangerous one, and not to be underestimated.
Talk to Master Midnight and see what he can do with this damn necklace.


Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department
V badge TEST.png T.E.S.T.
V badge Loyalist.png Imperial Defense Force
Badge DefeatClockwork.png Praetorian Clockwork
Badge villain praetorians.png Praetorians

Notable NPCs

  • Breach the PPD HQ (Team Noble)
  • Disable Main Power (Team Noble)
  • Free Prisoners (Team Noble)
  • Raid the PPD Armory (Team Noble)
  • Plant Explosives (Team Noble)
  • Hold out for as long as possible (Team Noble)

Upon entering third floor:

You opened the doors to the Reactor Elevator. You can now proceed down into the reactor room in order to disengage their safety parameters. Doing so will unlock all doors in the building for safety reasons, allowing you access to the storage chamber where Diabolique's Talisman is kept.

Marauder is coming! Survive until Midnight teleports you to safety!

Talk to Master Midnight

Unnecessary Solicitation

+++ Missing Information +++


I'm usually not one to brag, but that was pretty good on my part. A second or two longer and Praetor White would have crushed you like a grape!

But enough about you, I'll look into the ensorcellment on this talisman and see if there is a way that I can release Diabolique's spirit before Serene can. Hopefully that will quell the wrath of the Furies and put an end to all this.

  • You've got to hurry, Midnight.


You got the talisman?

Thank the stars. I was monitoring Noble's mind during the attack and I thought for a moment that there would be no coming back from that, and then Praetor White turned his attention to finding you in the tower. Noble managed to get out of the PPD HQ, but he lost a lot of good men doing it...

Character, their sacrifice is worth it, for the good of everyone they gave their lives to put an end to Sorceress Serene's sinister machinations. I just hope that Noble will be able to forgive himself for leading those men to their fate. But for now our attention needs to be focused on stopping Serene. We can grieve when this is all over.

It is difficult for me to grow close to anyone, Character. I have foreseen the moment of death for all I am fated to meet... except my own. But I have foreseen through you that when my time comes, you are near, and I am in your thoughts, and that is comforting.

Part Three: The Darkest Hour


Serene is aware of our efforts to stop her and has now chosen to make her move. I'm sensing the enraged minds of the Talons of Vengeance surging this way, and just beyond our wards the troubled thoughts of the Apparitions press against our defenses, eager to possess new hosts. But don't worry, the Apparitions aren't a threat... yet.

If I were Serene, the job of the Talons would be to tear down our wards and then let the Apparitions overwhelm us. I need you to help make sure that they do not succeed.

  • I'm on it.

Good. While Makwa and Nadia lead the ritual to keep the wards up, you and I will need to lend our aid wherever the Talons grow most bold in their offensive. Even the Talons have limits, and if they cannot break the wards they will retreat before long.

The Carnival of Light is weaker than ever right now, Character, you really are our only hope.

Good luck, to all of us.

Unnecessary Solicitation

If the Talons overrun us here at the Chapel then the rest of First Ward will soon follow. We are the only thing standing in Serene's way now.


The Talons will be here soon, Character. The Wards must be protected, or the Apparitions will overwhelm us all.

  • What do you need me to do?

There are four Wards placed around the Chapel. As long as they are intact the Apparitions will not be able to cross the boundaries.

The Talons of Vengeance, however, are not bound by such mystical laws. They will do everything in their power to undo the magic of the Wards and then the Apparitions will be able to flood in and overwhelm us.

Stop the Talons at all costs!

  • Alright. Let's get to work. (Start Mission)

Mission Objective(s)


The air crackles with magical energy as the wards work overtime keeping the malign essence of the apparitions at bay. A woman's scream rises from the southern edge of the Cemetery, but it is not a scream of pain or terror, it is one of absolute unfettered bloodthirsty rage. The Talons have arrived.

  • Defend the Chapel of Enduring Light
    • 4 Wards to Defend
    • Confront Sorceress Serene
    • Defeat Master Midnight
    • 3 Waves of Carnival of Vengeance to defeat
    • 2 waves of Midnight Masters to defeat

While you defended the Wards from the Talons of Vengeance, Master Midnight's betrayal ruined all your efforts. Though you drove him off, your victory is due in part to Sorceress Serene's own betrayal of Midnight once she had Diabolique's Talisman delivered to her by that traitor.


V badge Talons.png Talons of Vengeance
V badge Carnival.png Carnival of Vengeance
V badge ExMidnighter.png Midnight Masters

Notable NPCs

  • Vanessa DeVore (Carnival of Light Boss Ally)
  • Master Midnight (Midnight Masters Boss)
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After starting the mission, you are ambushed by nine waves of Talons of Vengeance.
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After Serene and Midnight talk, you are ambushed by three waves of Carnival of Vengeance.


I... I'm sorry, Character...

My foresight never showed me this, I... I saw Midnight as a hero and yet he was working with Serene this entire time.

Now all my visions are suspect...

Or are they?

Midnight did everything he could to acquire Diabolique's Talisman to give it to Serene not out of vengeance, but out of some misplaced love... Perhaps it is this love that will ultimately lead to Midnight's redemption. I cannot tell for sure, but I know that I will not give up on him.

Part Four: Darkest Before the Dawn


Serene's abandonment of Master Midnight has exposed a weakness we can exploit.

Master Midnight will doubtless wish to visit revenge upon her, but we cannot let him do that, for he would become one with the Talons of Vengeance. You need to confront Master Midnight and learn all you can from him about Serene's plan, and what she seeks to do with the Talisman he foolishly gave to her.

No doubt he did so in the hopes that Diabolique would be made his, but surely after making dealings with her he must have some idea of where to find Serene before it is too late. There must be some way to get inside Midnight's Mansion, but with Cerulean dead, his magical portal is no longer at our disposal...

  • Katie could do it.

Of course! Katie Douglas.

She has the ability to teleport anywhere she can see. While she has never seen the interior of Midnight's Mansion, you have. Katie can read your mind as you imagine the Mansion and then take you there. Of course, if anything happens to Katie while you are in there you may never be able to find your way out again.

I'll instruct Katie to aid you through the Seer Network.

I'm afraid that now, more than ever, her mind must remain safely inside that damnable prison. Any animosity she has toward you when this is all over I ensure will instead be directed toward me.

Force Midnight to Help you stop Serene

Unnecessary Solicitation

Serene has made a critical error in betraying Midnight. With his assistance we can stop Serene before it's too late. Katie Douglas will be the key in getting inside Midnight's Mansion.

Mission Objective(s)


Entering the Seer Network Facility is like walking into a freezer in the middle of an Alabama summer. A wave of calm energy gently washes over your mind, and for the first time in a long time you feel at ease. The stark contrast alarms you and you are now aware at just how completely the fury of the Talons has saturated First Ward.

  • Force Midnight to Help you stop Serene
    • (Talk to Katie to get transported to the Midnight Mansion)
    • Defeat Master Midnight
    • (Talk to Katie to get transported back)
    • Talk to Master Midnight

You learned where Sorceress Serene is and that she plans on summoning the Furies into the world.


V badge ExMidnighter.png Midnight Masters

Notable NPCs

  • Master Midnight (Midnight Masters Boss)




Don't... Don't kill me.

I... I made a mistake, I realize that now.

I... I bow to your superior power...

  • I'm not going to kill you, Percy.
Oh... thank you, thank you!
I just... I just need a chance to redeem myself.
  • You can start by telling me everything you know about Serene's plan.
Serene said she needed the Talisman to summon the Furies. She told me that she would use the amulet to trap them here in this world so she could control them, and in return for me helping to get the talisman that Diabolique's soul would be freed from the Talisman. Now I understand that she plans to destroy her, the woman I love.
  • Percy, there is still a chance to save her, but I need to know where she is.
Yes... Yes of course!
The Forbidden Crags are honeycombed with ancient caverns. Serene and Diabolique's old coven, the Ravenwing Cabal, used to conduct ceremonies in one of those caverns.
It lies at a magical leyline knot where there is great magical power. I can tell you exactly how to get there, but... the place is going to be crawling with the Talons of Vengeance.
  • I'll worry about the Talons, you should think about what you've become.
  • Give me one good reason I shouldn't end you!
I know where Serene is!
  • Keep talking or I'll assume you've got nothing worth saying.
The Forbidden Crags are honeycombed with ancient caverns. Serene and Diabolique's old coven, the Ravenwing Cabal, used to conduct ceremonies in one of those caverns.
It lies at a magical leyline knot where there is great magical power. I can tell you exactly how to get there, but... the place is going to be crawling with the Talons of Vengeance.
  • You should worry less about them, and more about me.

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Where in First Ward is Sorceress Serene?
Master Midnight was beaten... Again. He revealed everything he knew about Sorceress Serene and her plan to bring the Furies into this world and using Diabolique's Talisman to enslave them. According to his story he aided Serene under the assumption that he would get Diabolique in return, but it was all wishful thinking on his part. Deep down he knew that there was no way she could survive without the magic in her Talisman binding her spirit to this world any longer. Forced to face reality, Master Midnight told you where to find Serene, down south, in the Forbidden Crags.
Stop Serene from summoning the Furies!

Unnecessary Solicitation

If what Midnight says is true then I have not foreseen this moment. Character, you must stop Serene, no matter the cost.

Mission Objective(s)


The caverns thrum with divine power. Everything about this place fills you with a boiling rage. The wrath of the Furies is growing in strength and must be stopped before it consumes everyone.

  • Stop Serene from summoning the Furies!
    • Stop Sorceress Serene!

You defeated Sorceress Serene, but at great cost. Serene and Midnight have been consumed by the wrath of the Furies, and Diabolique has escaped with the Talisman that anchors her spirit to this world. Still, the Talons of Vengeance have been thwarted and the First Ward is a safer place... for now.


V badge Talons.png Talons of Vengeance

Notable NPCs

  • Projection of Sorceress Serene (Talons of Vengeance)
  • Diabolique (Ally)
  • Sorceress Serene (Talons of Vengeance Elite Boss)
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! While advencing through the mission, you are ambushed by three waves of Talons of Vengeance.

Sorceress Serene: You idiots!
Sorceress Serene: Enough of this!
Sorceress Serene: The time has come for the Furies to be brought into this world...
Sorceress Serene: Thanks to Tammy's talisman, the Furies will have a permanent anchor...
Sorceress Serene: anchor that will also keep them chained to my will!
Sorceress Serene: And with the power of the Furies at my command, I will have my final vengeance!
Sorceress Serene: Sadly, the current soul anchored to the talisman will be destroyed...
Sorceress Serene: Good bye, Tammy Arcanus. Good bye and burn in hell!
Sorceress Serene: Furies! I call to thee!
Sorceress Serene: I summon thee!
Sorceress Serene: I bind thee to this material world!
Sorceress Serene: Come forth with all your power and take this wicked soul before you as sacrifice!
Master Midnight: NOOOO!
Master Midnight: Diabolique, my love...
Master Midnight: I give my life... for yours.
Master Midnight: AAAAAAH!
Master Midnight: AAAAAAAAH!!!
Master Midnight: AAIIIIEEE!
Sorceress Serene: NO!
Sorceress Serene: You fool! Your meddling has ruined everything!
Diabolique: Serene... you evil little witch!
Diabolique: You tried to sacrifice me to the Furies...
Diabolique: ...and you tell ME to burn in hell?!
Diabolique: I'm going to shatter your soul into so many pieces that every daemon in hell will get a piece of you!!!


Character, thank the light you are alive. I feared the worst had happened when I sensed the power of the Furies emerging, and doubts began to creep into my mind... nothing is certain anymore...

My foresight has not seen this moment. How did you stop them in the nick of time?

Vanessa DeVore listens to your account of the battle.

I see, so Midnight and Serene are dead and Diabolique is even more powerful than before...

Do not fret, Character, a great catastrophe has been averted, and I know for a fact that Diabolique's ire will be directed toward a certain mutual foe rather than against your self or my Carnival of Light.

Though this is a great moment I do feel somewhat sorry for young Master Midnight... only through an act of real love was he finally able to do the right thing and save the woman he obsessed over. In the end, his heroic act, a first step toward redemption, cost him his life... and that really is a tragedy.