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List of Player Suggested Features

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Many things are suggested on the official forums, especially in the Suggestions and Ideas forum. Every so often, someone asks if the suggestions ever get implemented, or if the suggestion threads garner any notice by the developers. The answer is: yes! The following is a list of things which have made it into the game that began as a player suggestion.

Implemented Suggestions





  • Biker-style leather jackets
  • Fishnet Stockings
  • Trench coats
  • Bare legs for male characters
  • Badges unlocking costume pieces
  • Maple leaf chest symbol
  • Pirate costume pieces
  • Additional skirts
  • Ninja costume items
  • Spikes and chains costume pieces
  • Lab Coats
  • Multiple costume slots
  • Tennis shoes
  • Custom weapons
  • All auras given combat-activated options


Game Mechanics

  • Enhancement Diversification
  • Travel power suppression
  • Inability to click mission objectives while phased or invisible
    • Inability to click mission objectives while invisible being a bad idea
  • Global chat
  • Coalition chat
  • Increased experience bonus based on team size
  • Increased mission completion bonus based on difficulty
  • Difficulty
  • Removal of Power 10 enhancement schemes
  • No debt until level 10
  • Half debt in missions
  • Changed to the way Hamidon Enhancements were awarded, so that everyone gets one
  • Teleport and resurrection propmts
  • Respecifications
  • Free respecs
  • Exemplar
  • Team search flags
  • Pets following up and down elevators
  • Auto exemplar for Task Forces
  • Pet window
  • Increased inf trade cap
  • Option to see your own name over your head
  • /hide command
  • Fading sound effects
  • Auto logout
    • Auto logout disabled on TFs or inside missions
  • Various changes to the hit claculation
  • Archvillains downgrading to Elite Bosses
  • Flashback


  • Fire missions
  • Newspaper / Police Radio missions
  • A second contact chain in Mercy Island
  • Mission auto-completion on teams
  • Story arcs contained entirely in one zone
  • The Calvin Scott Task Force as something temporary to move the story forward
  • Contacts giving out their number sooner
  • Heroes and Villains teaming up for the Pocket D event missions
  • Addition of various Elite Bosses in some TFs
  • Combat allies in missions
  • Additional protection objective missions
  • Traps (eg: Ernesto Hess Task Force)
  • Prisons
  • Outdoor maps


Power Sets


  • Frostling and Rascal Gladiators
  • Confuse protection and +Perception near bases in PvP zones
  • Bloody Bay changed from Free-For-All to Hero vs. Villain
  • Arena invites teleporting to a nearby Arena
  • Mez suppression to prevent chain-mezzing


  • Extra titles
  • Adjustable permissions
  • SG Colors
  • Supergroup descriptions
  • Enhancement storage


  • Combined pricing for CoH+CoV
  • Many emotes
  • Crafting temporary powers
  • Story arcs and website articles expanding the story background
  • Need to type a character's name during deletion
  • Damage resistance inpirations

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