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Dean MacArthur's Business Card

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From the Story Arc "Me, Myself, and My Other Selves" given by Dean MacArthur.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 20-29.

Souvenir's Text

You kept this business card in case you ever need to contact the man known as Dean MacArthur. He's somewhat eccentric, but he proved to you that he is a man who can get you information and supplies. This happened during a time you remember as...

Me, Myself, and My Other Selves

It all began when you met Dean MacArthur, a man who supposedly was a good source of information. He told you that Ajax, a survivor from the Omega Team, was on a rampage in the Isles, tearing up any super powered beings who were operating within it. It was also rumored that Ajax's invulnerability was fading after all these years. You and Dean set up a plan to ambush Ajax during a jewelry store robbery. While you were there, you ran into a clone of yourself, who quickly ran away. Adding to your problems even more, Ajax turned out to still be completely invulnerable!

You weren't too interested in tracking down Ajax - the clone of yourself was far more of a problem. Dean put in some calls to his friends and tracked down where your clone ran off to. Dean also mentioned a party interested in taking Ajax off of your hands. You followed the clone, stumbling into a cloning facility run by the 5th Column! All the major factions in Sharkhead were battling it out within the factory, trying to either destroy the facility or take it for themselves. You fought your way to the bottom of the facility and destroyed your clone, then took direct control over operations. It would just be a matter of finding the right resources to get this place up and running.

That's where Crey would come in. Dean's friend in Wyvern tipped him off to a raid they were doing on a Crey office in Sharkhead. You broke up the raid and recruited three Crey scientists to your cause. You also found some interesting information about Project Revenant and a method to disable supers who were completely invulnerable. All of this could be used to get your facility up and running and to put down Ajax, once and for all.

Dean arranged everything that you needed. The Sky Raiders provided the psionic devices to put down Ajax, and Dean tricked Ajax into searching for you in Nerva. You arrived at Nerva with a clone of yours - flawed, but still somewhat useful - to deal with Ajax. Wyvern came prepared to back up Ajax, disabling the trigger for your device, but that didn't stop you from manually using them to assault Ajax's mind with intense psionic powers. Ajax, the hero attempting to reform the Rogue Isles, fell that day in Nerva. You tagged him with a device given to Dean by your mutual friend, who promised to keep Ajax out of your hair.

When you returned to Dean, you asked him who exactly took Ajax away. Dean admitted that he didn't know the man's name. He was only given a letter, which he had been told to give to you. There was no name on the letter, but it was written as if this person knew you. He spoke of time travel, a group called 'Ouroboros', a man named 'Mender Silos', and of a storm on the horizon.

Regardless of this man's true purposes, he proved to to be a valuable tool that you used to get Ajax out of the Isles.

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