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Dakota Berg

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Dakota Berg
Dakota Berg.jpg
FBSA Liason
Zone Brickstown
Coordinates (-375.6, 0.0, -398.2)
Level Range 30-40
Introduced By None
Introduces None
Enemy Groups V badge Hunter.png Demon Hunter
Badge villain family.png The Family
V badge Singer.png Famous Singer
V badge Phalanx.png Freedom Phalanx
V badge Longbow.png Longbow
V badge Nightmare.png Nightmare
V badge PPD.png Paragon Police Department
Badge villain new rikti.png Rikti
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ParagonMarket SignatureStoryArc1Ep4.png Requires Who Will Die, Episode 4.

Dakota Berg is a hero contact in the Seven Gates neighborhood of Brickstown at coordinates (-375.6, 0.0, 398.2). His level range is 30-40. He is standing 691 yards south of the Monorail station. Dakota Berg is the fourth contact in the hero-side Who Will Die Signature Story Arc available on the Paragon Market or free with subscription.


Contact Introduced By

None; Dakota Berg is available through the Signature Story Arc Contact option.

Contact Introduces



FBSA Liason

FBSA Liason Dakota Berg was once the hero known as, 'Magman'. He was able to generate liquid magma from his hands after a freak scientific accident in the labs of SERAPH.

Unfortunately, such an ability comes with a price, which is the destruction of most environments that Dakota fought crime in. Several lawsuits were filed against Magman and eventually he had his hero license revoked. The FBSA has struck a deal with Dakota; he can work as one of their agents, with the majority of his paycheck going towards paying off the staggering amount of money he owes in property damage. He's going to be in the FBSA for quite a long time.

Content Not Purchased

You need to purchase the fourth episode of the first signature story arc, Who Will Die, or be a VIP in order to play Dakota Berg's story arc.

Prior to Introduction

Missing Prior to Introduction Dialogue

Initial Contact

  • None


This situation ain't gonna solve itself.

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Story Arc



Letter from Malaise

You received a letter addressed to you some time after the incident with Sister Psyche and Malaise. The letter is entitled...


To my dear antagonist, I requested that this letter be sent to you after I died. Our first real scene together was back in Warburg, but did you know that I've seen you before? Yes, back when you raided that Rulu-Shin facility. Of course, I had a non-speaking role with you at that point. Ah, but I'm on a tangent.
I do wish at this moment that I would know how my death will come about. I could, of course, attempt to recount how I believe it will happen, how the story will come together. There's no harm in speculating this point, is there? Darrin Wade's plan to get Johnny Sonata to sing into the Dirge of Chaos will have gone off without a hitch. I'm sure it will cause quite a scene wherever I'm being kept, and that you will be there. Sister Psyche will attempt to shut down the source of the music by using her psychic powers to absorb all the negative energy. Ah! There is the rub. Her mental barriers will be extremely weakened, just as they were during that incident with Shadow Queen in the 80's.
I will be able to enter her mind, to see what she sees and make her fear what I want her to fear. My hand is trembling just at the very thought of it. You, of course, will investigate why Johnny Sonata, of all people, is involved in this. That would be when you discover that Darrin Wade is the true author in this story, though I've penned several chapters myself. Do you know Mr. Wade? He's a terribly interesting person. I wish I could be alive to see just how he is going to remake the world.
Of course, while you're out discovering the big twist to our story, I will have dismantled the majority of Sister Psyche's defenses and released the version of Aurora that is trapped in her mind. The real Aurora Borealis will be too weak to stop me inside of Sister Psyche's mind; she will determine that only an outside force can stop me, which, I really do hope, is you.
The story that I have written says that you will be soundly defeated by me within Sister Psyche's mind, despite your best efforts. Aurora Borealis will pull you out mere seconds before your destruction. The fake Aurora within Psyche will assume full control, but our dear Psyche will perform one last act; with her last bit of power, she will destroy me inside of her mind. I welcome the embrace of death, as any good protagonist should. My death will only cement this as my greatest work yet; the recreation of Sister Psyche as someone else entirely. I will have created a new life, my antagonist! No artist can make such a claim!
What happens next is left in the hands of Darrin Wade. Just know, my antagonist, that you cannot change this story. It is already written, and you can do nothing but play your role, but what a role you will play!
Jean-Pierre 'Malaise' Lourdin

You know, however, that Malaise is wrong. You were able to fight off Malaise's nightmares and stop fake Aurora from taking over Sister Psyche. His story is not written in stone; you still can stop whatever plot Darrin Wade has from happening, even if you don't know what it is.

Part 1: The Dive


Yo, Character, the name's Dakota Berg. You can call me Berg, I hate the name Dakota. But I figure I'd be up front with you about the name. I'm an agent of the FBSA. Yeah, I know what you might be thinking, I should be out there fighting crime. I should, but due to several class action lawsuits regarding accidental destruction of property during simple arrests, I've been ordered not to. That's neither here nor there, though.

I've been assigned to the case regarding Malaise and his arrest. Thanks to your actions during the Warburg conference, you've been named as one of the heroes who should interrogate Malaise. We've got him in a secure safe house here in Brickstown now. Are you ready to talk to the man responsible for the death of Alexis Cole-Duncan?

This arc contains elite bosses and may be difficult for certain players to do by themselves.

Mission Acceptance

Dakota Berg hands you some documents

Great. First off, here's some information about the current situation, well, at least, part of the situation. Statesman has gone missing, probably off flying somewhere to clear his mind. Can't say I blame him, after all, Alexis was his daughter and all.

Manticore is kinda on the outs with, well, everyone right now. Malaise, like I said, is being held in a safe house. Manticore insists that there's more to the plot, but Ms. Liberty is doubting that. She thinks Malaise's motive was revenge. You're the one who's going to talk to the freak to try to see what's going on. Everyone else is too invested in this whole thing; Liberty for her mom, Psyche for the fact that he was mind-linked to her.

Anyway, here's the location of the safe house. Meet up with Ms. Liberty to get a rundown of the current situation.

Icon clue generic.png
The Funeral of Alexis Duncan-Cole
Only a select few were invited to the funeral of Alexis Duncan-Cole. One notable hero who was absent was Manticore. Statesman and Ms. Liberty were present in the funeral, as were a number of now retired heroes who had fought side by side with Alexis during her time as Miss Liberty.

Those who attended took note that Statesman seemed distant, as if his mind was somewhere else, while Ms. Liberty gave a beautiful eulogy about the life of her mother.

Attendees noted that after the funeral, there was a loud verbal argument between Statesman and Ms. Liberty in the graveyard where Alexis was buried. Statesman blamed Ms. Liberty for her mother's death, stating that Malaise had no right to be outside of a prison. The argument intensified until Statesman flew away. He has not been seen since.

Unnecessary Solicitation

They're waiting on you, Character.

Mission Objective(s)


You had to go through several layers of security to get inside of the warehouse, including one to check if you were a shapeshifter in disguise.

  • Interrogate Malaise
    • Meet with Ms. Liberty
    • Wait for Manticore and Ms. Liberty to finish talking
    • Interrogate Malaise
    • Get to the security room to deactivate the music
    • Stop Manticore from assassinating Malaise
    • Get back to Malaise
    • Speak with Aurora Borealis

Malaise has forced himself into Sister Psyche's mind!


V badge Phalanx.png Freedom Phalanx
V badge Longbow.png Longbow
V badge PPD.png Paragon Police Department

Notable NPCs


Sorry, Character. Things have just been... bad, since my mother was murdered. Grandpa's gone, said something about flying around to clear his head. I wonder if he actually is gone for good this time.

When grandma died, he tried to leave everyone behind, only he came back at the last minute. But... things are different now.

We've got Malaise held in the back. Sister Psyche and Aurora Borealis are there to keep him held down. Do you have any questions before going in?

  • No, I'm ready.
Okay, Character. Malaise is in the back. I need to go work on finding grandpa. People are getting worried that this might be an Arachnos plot, and they want him around to keep Recluse in check. Not that I think we need him. We have plenty of heroes who can help stop Recluse, if push comes to shove. It's not like the old days.
  • Very well, I'll handle everything.
  • Tell me about what happened with you and Statesman at the funeral.
Hrmph... he blamed me for all this. Of course, he also blamed Manticore, too. Grandpa went on this whole rant, saying how he told me that Malaise was too far gone, that he belonged either in a prison or an asylum. I told him that I thought Malaise had a chance to change, and that it was worth it to at least try.
That's when we got into a whole debate about Uncle Stefan, I mean, Lord Recluse. I keep telling him that everyone has a chance to change, even Recluse, but grandpa doesn't want to believe it.
He yelled at me that my 'foolishness' was going to get more people killed and asked if I was going to let Recluse in to the city if he tried to pull 'another' redemption card. Ugh, I swear, he wonders WHY I use my father's last name instead of his. Grandpa's just... I don't want to talk about it anymore, Character.
  • Alright, that's fine. I'm ready to go.
  • What about Sister Psyche? Is it safe for her to be here?
We don't have much of a choice, Character. We need a powerful psychic here to make sure Malaise doesn't pull anything. Aurora Borealis is good, but, well, Sister Psyche is just better. We have plenty of precautions in place in the event that Malaise tries something.
There... was someone else who wanted to help, but she's too inexperienced. Penelope Yin. She thinks she's all grown up, now that it's been over five years since everything happened in Faultline. But, she just doesn't have what it takes to handle a huge case like this.
  • Alright, I'm ready to go.
  • Did you find any other information about Malaise?
Barely. All we found out from him was that he has some sort of grand 'story' and that we're all playing our parts perfectly. Whenever we ask about Blitz, he goes on to say that he was just a guest star in all of this, a side character.
Frankly, I'm starting to believe there's something bigger here, but it won't be easy to find out. I think he's finally gone mad, someone's done something to Malaise to push him over the edge. I don't know why that person would want my mother dead, but I'm sure as hell going to find out.
  • Alright, I'm ready to go.


Well, well. Character. It's good to see you again. I was hoping this would happen, you and I meeting again. I've been keeping a close eye on you, a very close eye on you, with the obelisk... with Numina's father... and now this.

Finally, the story's unlikely protagonist and its antagonist meet, not to exchange blows like last time, but to talk. What will be revealed, I wonder? Will you find the answers you seek?

Tell me, Character, before you ask the question, let me ask you a question. What exactly is it that you're here for?

  • I'll ask the questions around here, Malaise. Who are you working with?
Ah, you're the strong type, Character, just as I wrote you would be. Who am I working with, you ask? That's a very loaded question, you know, as you already make the assumption that I am working with someone.
I don't believe it fits the story for you to know that just yet. There's a method, Character, to a good story. Your characters can't know too much too early, or else it ruins everything! Think of it... like a painting. You need to have all the small details come together perfectly to make a beautiful piece of art.
  • Why did you attack Synapse? Numina's father?
Ah, so we're trying to reveal the confusing parts of the plot, are we? But, there's the risk of revealing too much here as well!
Well, I can tell you that Numina's father was a way to Numina. Both her and Synapse were... how to say, they were a test run. Hrm... no, that's not entirely accurate. Let's say... a first try. If things had worked out, it would've been a very pleasant surprise. But they didn't, and so we moved on to the next step.
You can't stop worrying, however. Things are going very smoothly now. The little speedster and ghost are no longer significant characters in this plot. Not like you.
  • What are you planning with me, Malaise?
Before Malaise can finish his words, a song begins to play over the speaker system in the safe house. You recognize the voice: Johnny Sonata, a singer from St. Martial, known for his ties to the Family. Sister Psyche envelops your mind in a shield as you can feel the melody of the music attempting to force your emotions.
In the distance, you can hear explosions of violence. The music is turning everyone insane! Malaise laughs madly at you.
Ah, the next part of our act! The Dirge of Chaos revealed! You've guarded this place well, but not from this!
  • I'll be back, Malaise, once I handle this!
  • I'm here for justice, Malaise. Justice for the woman you killed.
Aren't we all looking for justice, Character? You believe I am the antagonist of the story, and you are the protagonist. The brave hero who will ride into town and solve everyone's problems. Did you ever think, however, about how to solve your problems? Hrm? Doesn't it get tiring, Character, to have everyone rely on you, and no one who you can rely on?
You may think you're the protagonist, but when are you moving your story further, as opposed to the stories of others? Ah, but this was a tangent. You are looking for justice, but you will never find your justice. Alexis Cole-Duncan is dead, and, despite the miracle infested world we live in, she won't be coming back.
I am looking for justice too, Character. That could, as one person on an opposite spectrum almost always says to another, make you and I a lot alike.
  • And how have you been wronged?
Look around you. We live in a world where heroes are common, and yet, many are celebrated. Yet, the artist, Character, the one who creates beauty, still struggles.
What am I famous for? The works of art I've created, the stories I've written? No, what I care for, what I had passion for was meager compared to my super powers. Is it fair that I was born to a world that never understood my work? Is it right that I was given these powers but not the will to resist the temptation of using them?
The justice I seek, Character, can be obtained. It is to make my masterpiece, one that the entire world will see and remember. In fact, you are a part of this masterpiece in progress.
  • What are you planning with me, Malaise?
Before Malaise can finish his words, a song begins to play over the speaker system in the safe house. You recognize the voice: Johnny Sonata, a singer from St. Martial, known for his ties to the Family. Sister Psyche envelops your mind in a shield as you can feel the melody of the music attempting to force your emotions.
In the distance, you can hear explosions of violence. The music is turning everyone insane! Malaise laughs madly at you.
Ah, the next part of our act! The Dirge of Chaos revealed! You've guarded this place well, but not from this!
  • I'll be back, Malaise, once I handle this!

Contact Small Security Computer.jpg
Security Computer


You get to the computer terminal and try to shut down the sound system. However, you notice that even shutting down the system isn't stopping the music!

Whoever is behind this is mixing magic and technology to override both the security systems and the audio system. You notice a figure walking in to the entrance of the safe house on one of the cameras.

  • (Zoom in)

You see that it's Manticore with some PPD! He has his arrow drawn and his face, though obscured by his mask, has a clear look of murder on it. If Manticore kills Malaise, you'll lose one of the major leads on who is behind all of this!

You can only guess that he's here to murder Malaise. You decide to go confront Manticore. If he's here to help, then there will be no problem. If not, well, then you'll know right away what his goal is.

  • (Leave)


Character, I was worried about this from the very beginning. I thought we had everything handled, but... Sister Psyche's defenses were severely weakened after absorbing all the negativity being broadcasted by the Dirge of Chaos. Malaise took advantage of that to use his own powers to force himself into her mind.

  • What does he want in there? To control her?

No... Malaise isn't capable of full on control. He gets inside the minds of his enemies and weaves nightmares, breaking their mental barriers and shattering their realities. In Sister Psyche... he's after someone in particular that has been trapped inside of her.

  • I need to know who, Aurora.

It's a part of me, Character. Sister Psyche once was inside of my body. Her own physical body was in a coma after the Rikti War, and I allowed her to mind ride into my body. When she left, a part of my psyche went with her. Neither of us knew until it was too late.

Sister Psyche could not remove that part of me from her... and so she did everything she could to trap it, eliminate it.

Malaise knows this... and if I know him, he wants to release that part of me from within Psyche.

  • What will happen if he does that?

That part of me will try to take full control over Sister Psyche. That's the best case scenario. The worst case, if she can't, is that she will try to kill Psyche, even if it means killing herself.

I'll do what I can from here to help Sister Psyche and get Malaise out of her mind. It's clear that Malaise is not working alone. He might not even be the mastermind behind all of this! You need to find out who is behind this, Character, and fast!

  • I'm on it, Aurora


I've already been debriefed, Character. This is bad, like, beyond bad. We should've known nothing would've stopped something bad from happening, but this is ridiculous! Malaise has help from the outside, that much is certain. And it ain't Blitz, 'cause he seemed shocked to hear what happened.

I let Ms. Liberty know what happened; she said she's still out looking for her grandpa. She's gonna let him know that there's still more to be done, if he doesn't know already. You and I, though, we've got some loose ends to tie up. We're gonna figure out who is behind all these attacks on the Freedom Phalanx, once and for all.

Part 2: Behind the Curtain


I gotta say, I got a feeling whoever is behind this wants us to catch him, Character. That little stunt he pulled with the Dirge of Chaos is leading us to an obvious place: Johnny Sonata.

You've heard of the guy, right? Everyone's heard of him. He's a famous singer who lives in the Rogue Isles and owns his own casino, the Golden Giza in St. Martial. He's also extremely shady. The FBSA has detailed evidence that he's tied to the Family and Arachnos.

This whole thing makes me wonder if this is some plot by Arachnos. Recluse has always been trying to weaken the Phalanx, and this time it looks like he's going to do it.

  • Alright, I need to find Johnny Sonata in the Golden Giza

Yeah, exactly. The FBSA is gonna work together with Longbow to get you into the Isles and inside the Golden Giza. From there, you'll have to find Johnny Sonata and get him to spill everything.

Now, it's not gonna be easy, Character. This Giza place, it's gonna be filled with the Family, and they ain't gonna be too happy to see you.

If the FBSA would let me, I'd tag along with you and melt some of their faces, but then that would add a few more years to my seemingly eternal service that I'm gonna have with the group. So, in other words, good luck.

Unnecessary Solicitation

The longer we wait, the more of a chance Johnny has to change his story to cover up for whoever is behind this.

Mission Objective(s)


You're able to slip by security to get deeper inside the Golden Giza. You're greeted by loud rave music playing in a club down the hall.

  • Find Johnny Sonata
    • Get up to the second level of the Giza
    • Rescue Mercedes Sheldon
    • Speak with Mercedes Sheldon
    • Confront Johnny Sonata
    • Fend off Johnny Sonata's goons
    • Rough up Johnny Sonata
    • Interrogate Johnny Sonata

You've found out who is behind all of this - Darrin Wade!


V badge Hunter.png Demon Hunter
Badge villain family.png The Family
V badge Singer.png Famous Singer

Notable NPCs


Character, I'm sure glad to see you here, though I'm wondering just why exactly you are here. No offense, of course, it just seems way too coincidental.

I'm here to see what Johnny knows about some stolen artifacts. The Midnighter Club has been trying to track down any remaining stolen artifacts, ever since we lost the majority of our items from that Rulu-Shin raid.

  • I'm here to see what Johnny knows about the Dirge of Chaos.

The Dirge of Chaos? I thought we lost that again in the Rulu-Shin raid. Johnny has that?

  • (Explain the situation to Mercedes)

Mercedes hums to herself as you explain the situation.

So... They used Johnny's song to power the Dirge, which forced Sister Psyche to absorb all the negative emotions it was sending out, allowing Malaise to get inside of her head...

It's a complicated plan to be sure, Character. One that I can safely say Johnny Sonata did not come up with. Ugh... but I think I know who did do all of this. It's all starting to add up.

  • Who?

Darrin Wade. Ugh, that little... how was I so stupid as to think he was there at the Midnighter Club to HELP defend us against the Rulu-Shin?! He was probably the one who helped them rob us!

Wade has sent some cronies before to rob us, but he wanted a full scale assault this time, something that would weaken us and give him the tools he needs. But, for what? I could never figure out what's going on in that stupidly shaped head of his.

Let's go, Character, you and I are going to find some answers from Johnny Sonata.

  • Right, let's go.


Agh! Alright kid, fine, here, take it! This stupid thing is more trouble than it's worth, anyway!

Johnny tosses you an odd looking artifact. It has several faces on it, and seems to have some obvious connections to the Aztec era.

So, you beat me and all my boys, I figure you get to ask me whatever you want. This whole thing ain't my normal gig, you know.

  • I just want to know one thing, Johnny. Who gave you all this?

Now, I ain't a rat, Character, I want to get that straight. However, this guy has it comin' to him, as I didn't want to do this in the first place. This guy, though, he forced his way in here with some magic mumbo-jumbo. Name's Darrin Wade.

Guy has some sorta crazy plan, and he ain't even super-powered! That's the real kicker to this whole thing. I saw he had some artifacts that was givin' him his powers, without them, he's just a regular joe, like me. Well, not like me, he doesn't have these pipes like I have.

  • What's his plan? Why did he have you sing into the Dirge?

Wade said he needed a powerful song for the Dirge, somethin' about how it was gonna be used against the heroes. Now, I've got no love for you hero folk, you hear? And he made a bargain to give me a powerful artifact and strengthen the seal on the Giza. So, why would I say no to that?

But you wanna know the big picture behind all this. He wants 'em dead, Character. Members of the Phalanx. Oh, this guy was going on about it, me and him had a few drinks after, even think he might've been at the bar downstairs.

He's not gonna kill 'em all, though, just the ones that he needs. Now, you figure a guy is killing the Phalanx, he's got a vendetta against 'em, right?

  • Right. What are you trying to get at?

This guy, he's got nothing personal against any of 'em. He even bragged about being the one behind the killing of that Alexis Cole-Duncan. They're all a means to some end for this guy, Wade.

He's going after a big catch, Character. Bigger than you, bigger than me, bigger than the entire Freedom Phalanx. What that is, I got no idea, but if I were you, I'd watch my back.

He's been planning this thing for years, keeping himself underneath the radar, slowly biding his time. He's like a ticking time bomb, you know? He's been countin' down for a long time, and soon, he's gonna explode, and everyone's gonna see it.

Now, unfortunately, I can't tell ya where he's gone off to. You're gonna have to figure that one out on your own, kid.

  • Alright, Johnny.


Character! You're back, just in time! But wait, you say what you gotta say first, then I'll say what I've gotta say.

You found out who is behind all of this? Who? Who is it? ....

... Who? I've never heard of this Darrin Wade guy before. Is he supposed to be some sorta big shot? I mean, here I thought it was one of your big names, like Recluse, or Requiem, heck I would've bought into it being someone from the Freakshow if you gave me a few drinks. But Darrin Wade? This guy sounds like a nobody!

But, then again, he clearly is aimin' to be a somebody if he actually is the mastermind behind everything that happened. I'll alert the FBSA and the Phalanx, but right now, you have some bigger issues to handle!

Finale: The Artist's Debut


Sister Psyche's lapsed into a coma, Character. She and Aurora were fighting Malaise in her mind, and then she just... she just collapsed. Aurora had to push herself out of Psyche's mind before being trapped in there, but she said that Malaise and the Aurora trapped in there are running wild in her mind.

They're tearing Sister Psyche's mind apart, Character! Someone needs to stop them and save Sister Psyche's life!

  • How? And what about Manticore?

Aurora said Manticore can't go in there. Psyche has too many memories associated with him, he's likely to get tossed up into the storm that's going on in her mind the minute he steps in. You have to be the one to go in there and stop whatever Malaise is doing.

Aurora Borealis can get you inside of Psyche's mind. From there, you need to help Sister Psyche get back into our reality. She needs someone to act as her guardian, her mind's new mental defender. If you can get Psyche back up to speed, she'll be able to force Malaise out of there and the fake Aurora into her own mind. We've got a Longbow agent stationed nearby who can take you to Aurora and Psyche.

Unnecessary Solicitation

We don't have time, Character, Sister Psyche's life is hangin' by a thread!

Mission Objective(s)

  • Save Sister Psyche's Life


We've got no time to lose, Character. Aurora is inside trying to keep a stable link up with Sister Psyche's mind.

It's going to be up to you to act as Sister Psyche's mental defenses and fight off all the attacks by Malaise and the Aurora that's inside of her mind.

  • Alright, send me in.

Mission Objective(s)


You're violently flung into Sister Psyche's mind, travelling through various passageways and tubes before you arrive in what seems to be the heart of her mind.

  • Save Sister Psyche's Life
    • Fight off Malaise and Aurora's manifestations
    • Find Sister Psyche in her Rikti memory
    • Defeat the Powerful Image of Malaise to weaken the Rikti
    • Defeat the Rikti Commander
    •  ???

You helped Sister Psyche overcome Malaise and ultimately destroy him. However, the Aurora that's in her mind is free, and shows no signs of going back to her previous state.


V badge Nightmare.png Nightmare
Badge villain new rikti.png Rikti

Notable NPCs


You see Sister Psyche curled up on the ground, staring out into the distance. Looking around the area, it seems like this is her memory of the first Rikti invasion.

Can't... can't do anymore... can't shut out the screaming... the pain... did everything I could to stop the Rikti... losing control... losing my mind... went too far... all alone now... all... all alone...

  • Snap out of it! You're not alone!

Who... who are you? Not Manticore... not Synapse... not Positron...

  • I'm Character, your new mental guardian, Malaise is trying to weaken you!

Malaise... no hope... no hope...

Help will never come... the Rikti will destroy everything... I couldn't stop them... even with all my power...

All alone, in the end, the end coming to destroy...

  • You are NOT alone, snap out of it! Look at me!

Sister Psyche looks at you with dawning recognition on her face. You hear a loud explosion in the distance - someone's here!

  • Malaise!


I'm terribly sorry for Ms. Tilman's outburst, Ms. Orosco. We'll take good care of her, don't worry.

  • I'll break this, Malaise.


Please, Ms.Orosco, head back to your room. Shalice needs her treatment. We'll make sure she stops calling you Character.

  • I am Character!


This is no place for you to be, Ms. Orosco. Ms. Tilman will need constant care to be nursed back to health.

  • I know what's going on here, Malaise! I'll stop this!


A much different version of Sister Psyche stands before you. You realize that this must be one of her deepest fears, that everything she's experiencing isn't real, that it's all a massive hallucination.

Malaise has managed to drag Sister Psyche down into her worst fear. You'll have to somehow bring Sister Psyche back from the brink of destruction!

I'm sorry... Ms. Orosco, I... I thought it was all real... I could've sworn.

  • It is real! Remember the Freedom Phalanx, you're part of them!
I don't... the Freedom Phalanx... it seems so familiar... but then they feel so distant...
I can barely remember their faces, the ones who were all in there. I think of them, and their faces begin to vanish, as if waking up from a dream...
I don't even remember... the heart of the Phalanx... the one who helped get us all... get us all together...
  • It was Positron.
Positron... I remember... he helped to save me from those villains. He wanted... he wanted to reform the Phalanx in the 80's, to help fight crime on the streets of Paragon.
All of us scoffed at him, said it couldn't be done, but he won us all over, including Statesman. I... remember, but... was it real?
  • It was real, you're seeing it!
I don't know... isn't this real? The other world I thought I was in... it was all too crazy, too unbelievable to be true.
  • Remember your husband, Manticore!
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  • -I'm- real, I'm Character, and this is all a trick by Malaise!
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  • It was Statesman.
No... no, none of that is right...!
  • Listen!
I don't know... isn't this real? The other world I thought I was in... it was all too crazy, too unbelievable to be true.
  • Remember the Freedom Phalanx, you're part of them!
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.
  • Remember your husband, Manticore!
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.
  • -I'm- real, I'm Character, and this is all a trick by Malaise!
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.
  • Remember your husband, Manticore. It was all real!
Manticore... Dr. Sinclair...? No, it was all just me... pushing some vivid daydream I had about the doctor into that reality. Manticore is a ridiculous name, I would've never... never been married to Sinclair.
But yet... something seems wrong about that. As if I was... but... it can't be true. I remember though, fights... we were fighting about something recently... I can't remember what it was...
  • It was probably about Ms. Liberty and working with her.
No... no, none of that is right...!
  • Listen!
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  • It was probably about Malaise and trying to redeem him.
I remember... you're right! He said it was all for nothing, that he couldn't be redeemed. I yelled at him, said I wasn't a fool, that I could do it...
I was so angry, but only because his opinion matters to me. I wanted him to see what I saw, to feel the mercy that I... that I had. That mercy though, it went away... it went away because...
  • Because of what he's doing NOW! Wake up!
I don't know... isn't this real? The other world I thought I was in... it was all too crazy, too unbelievable to be true.
  • -I'm- real, I'm Character, and this is all a trick by Malaise!
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.
  • -I'm- real, I'm Character, and this is all a trick by Malaise!
Malaise... I hear that name and I get angry, but I can't remember why. But when I hear Character... for some reason, I associate that with some sort of defender. Like, Character was a protector...
It doesn't make sense though, I don't have any sort of vast history with Character, but yet... I don't know.
Why would Character seem so close to me now, more than my own husband or my friends?
  • Because I'm here trying to save your mind!
Yes... that's right. I remember yelling for you to help, it was all recent... seconds ago!
Trapped in my mind, trying to get out, no strength left to defend myself...
Then you appeared and attacked Malaise... attacked the Aurora inside of me...
You're not just a patient, you ARE Character!
  • That's right, you're remembering!
You're right... This isn't real! My LIFE outside is real!
  • You remember!
  • Because of a link Aurora set up between the two of us.
No... no, none of that is right...!
  • Listen!
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.


Darrin Wade: You do realize the danger you'll be in, going inside of Sister Psyche's mind.
Malaise: Oh, I do.
Darrin Wade: If push comes to shove, she will kill you in there, you know.
Malaise: Mr. Wade...
Malaise: A true artist is never appreciated until after his death.

Positron: The doctors have confirmed that Malaise is dead. There's no coming back for him.
Citadel: We are still unable to locate Statesman.
Synapse: Well, Ray, looks like someone's gotta take charge. And you WERE the one who got us to re-form the Phalanx, back in the day.
Positron: Right, we need to split up. One team helps Manticore cure Psyche. The other finds Statesman and Darrin Wade.
Numina: Statesman is going to go straight for Wade, when he finds out he's behind all of this..
Positron: Exactly. Numina, Synapse, and Citadel will help Manticore find a cure for Psyche. Brawler and I will look for Statesman.
Synapse: Seems a little un-even, don't you think?
Positron: We'll have one more tagging along. Character.


Great work, Character! Aurora Borealis told us everything that happened in Sister Psyche's mind. You're a real hero, you know that?

Malaise has been confirmed to be dead. Sister Psyche destroyed every last bit of him within her mind. His heart supposedly stopped beating seconds after she wiped him out. A better man would say it's a shame he's dead, but I ain't a better man, Character, not by a long shot.

Now, we still got a ton of issues that need settling, like goin' after Darrin Wade and curing Sister Psyche. The FBSA and Longbow are investigating both as we speak, along with the Freedom Phalanx. The city needs you in the meantime, though. When we get word about what's goin' on next, you're gonna be the first person to know. Until then, Character, keep up the good work. For all of us.

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