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When a Kheldian "moves in"/merges/bonds with a host, does that act permanently alter their host in tangible ways, such as their DNA, and if so are physical changes from merging with a Kheldian permanent?
Joining with a Kheldian causes significant and permanent neurological changes. Altered Brainwave patterns, telepathic links, and psychic residue such as false memories are all among the many possible consequences of a merge. Although it is theoretically possible that DNA alteration or other physical changes could also occur there is no current evidence to support such a theory.
Galaxy and Quantum units (especially Void Hunters) are made from N-Fragments which are either broken-down fragments of weak Nictus or fragments made through other means. Is this solely a Nictus thing or are the Peacebringer Kheldians capable of the same "fragmentation"?
It is theoretically possible to break down and implant a chunk from a Peacebringer into a human but it would take some sort of extreme circumstance for such an occurrence come to pass. The ramifications for the Peacebringer and the subject would be unknown and of grave concern to any ethical scientist in Paragon City or beyond.
The Knives of Artemis: Is there any data about their internal organization or command structure?
When first encountered in the global conflict arena, the Knives of Artemis had less than 100 members. In the intervening years, covert information sources indicate that their numbers have increased by as much as ten times that number. Regardless of the accuracy of those reports their structure seems to have remained the same with very few layers between the lowest Mercenary recruit and the Hands of Artemis, the battlefield leaders of the group. The secretive Sisterhood of the Huntress, which is rumored to be the oldest cadre within the organization, has never been seen in battle so their role in the command scheme is unknown at this time but they clearly wield power behind the scenes.
What exactly is his Diviner Maros’ relationship with the rest of the Circle of Thorns and what is he up to?
Diviner Maros is a member of the Circle of Thorns but his ability to see through time creates a great deal of fear and respect for him within the organization. This simultaneously makes him somewhat of an outcast and provides him much more independence than the average Circle Mystic. The scope of Maros’ perspective also makes him all but immune to retribution for it is seemingly impossible to ever surprise him…provided he can keep it all straight in his head. This fact makes it quite likely that Diviner Maros will indeed survive to witness a future where he sees, and lives, only in the present.
In 2010 there will be a national census in the United States, home of Paragon City. Will US citizens who have merged with Kheldians count as one "person" in this census, or two?
Since it has been established that merging with a Kheldian creates one new combined entity the answer is one.
What's up with Valkyrie’s spear? It seems odd to have an advanced technological spear just sitting around. Are there more artifacts like this around? Where did they come from?
The spear that started Valerie Kellum’s career as a hero is an artifact from the violent alternate world of War Earth, which also happens to be the homeworld of the Praetorian known as Battle Maiden. It’s very possible that there are more such weapons hidden on Primal Earth waiting to be uncovered.