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Will any of the canon be taken from current story arcs that players have implemented, if no back story had been thought of previously? Or is all the canon just coming from 'in-house'?
Here at Paragon, we're always fond of saying that a good idea can come from anywhere. Having said that, we reserve the right to take or leave anything from the MA arcs as we see fit. If it doesn't work its way back into our releases then it should not be taken as canon. Also, don’t be surprised to see a serendipitous event of two very similar stories coming out, one from MA and the other from the developers. So many stories have already been created in Architect, odds are pretty good that we're going to develop similar ones here.
Did Statesman and Maiden Justice have more than just the one child?
Statesman and Maiden Justice only had one child, Alexis Cole aka Miss Liberty.
Is there a given reason for the Rikti's vulnerability/aversion to magic?
In their world the Rikti allowed their gods to die out and have always had an aversion to worshipping supernatural and/or mystical beings. Their lack of faith and interest in such things created a vulnerability over time. More recently, members of the Restructionist faction within the Rikti are reconsidering this position. In fact some of them even have magical powers from their Primal Earth Mu blood. The Rikti have also begun questioning their stance on this with the resurgence of the Midnight Squad. The recent attacks from a purely magical source have cut the Rikti more deeply than they'd like to admit.
Besides the information given in the offical game history on the website, is there any more information in regards to civilians and military forces living situations during the Rikti War?
Everyone had a difficult time during the Rikti War. Super-powered individuals were on the front lines and even actively hunted by the Rikti. Military personnel were often asked to oppose far superior forces, trying to fight desperate holding actions until help could arrive. Civilians weren't spared from the destruction either, often their homes and shelters were attacked or destroyed like so much collateral damage. No one lived without fear at that time, whether it was fear for their own life or the lives of their families and friends.
Rick Davies, the technology contact in Atlas Park, was once the hero called Horatio. His battlesuit was used to upgrade Citadel after the latter was injured during the first Rikti War. Did Rick CREATE Citadel in the first place? If not, who did?
Crey Industries did the original work on Citadel but Positron removed their security controls to allow the android hero access to his free will.
Most hospitals in the Rogue Isles is named Black Heart Memorial Hospital. Who or what is Black Heart?
Black Heart is an homage to Sacred Heart Hospital. If there is a Black Heart in the Rogue Isles, he or she has yet to make a move.
Is the Dream Doctor really dead? If yes, how did he die? If not, where is he?
Can you ever really kill a dream? The Dream Doctor will always be alive and well in the hearts and minds of the Midnight Squad. At last report however, he was still in dreamspace seeking ways to prevent the Circle of Thorns from ascending to ultimate power.
Oh and Gamester!! Was that just a one-shot plot device to explain the presents and such for the Holiday events or is there more to be known about that character? I thought he/she/it was a neat idea.
The Gamester is still capering somewhere behind the scenes and is always ready for a good old-fashioned game of Global Thermonuclear War...or maybe Chess...whichever. Anything that will pit people against each other in an interesting competition for his entertainment will flush him back out into the limelight.