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What is the connection between Romulus of Cimerora and Romulus the warshade?
Romulus the Warshade and Romulus Augustus of Cimerora have no connection. If some trick of time travel were to bring them together, they would surely be enemies.
Does Manticore have a British accent? I know he was raised by his English nanny, and his background states that his father was a hero in England, so there's a possibility he retained some semblance of an accent.
No. He received his archery training from Virginia Bowman but did not pick up her British accent.
I'd like some backstory on Steven Sheridan. Is Dr. Science just his character on the kids show he hosts? Does he do any actual heroing? (you know, aside from figuring out how to end the Rikti War!) What are his powers? Just an eidetic memory?
Steven Sheridan is, above all things, a hero. Dr. Science is more than just the name of his television character; it’s also how he is known throughout the hero community. He is extremely well respected by the defenders of Paragon City and they often look to him for advice and direction. He rarely sees the heat of combat but has certainly been known to head out into the field when a precise measurement or assessment is necessary. In addition to his eidetic memory, Dr. Science is a PHD level expert in virtually every scientific field known to man and is the world’s leading authority in many of them.
I just pretty much want to know anything and everything there is about Blue Steel, such as how did he come by his powers, why is he not a registered super hero (instead of working for the police)?
Blue Steel grinds his coffee with his teeth and boils the water with his rage over Tub Ci’s release.
Blue Steel didn’t come by his powers; he sprang full grown from the forehead of Zeus ready for battle.
Blue Steel doesn’t sleep. He waits…for another crack at the Clockwork King.
Castle and BABs put Shield Defense in the game because Blue Steel told them to…or else.
Blue Steel has no Secondary powers. All his powers are Primary.
If you can see Blue Steel, he can see you. If you can't see Blue Steel, you may be only seconds away from defeat.
Blue Steel doesn’t register as a hero. The city registers heroes so Blue Steel doesn’t have to take them down.
Blue Steel told Statesman that PPD trumps FP and Statesman shut up.
Blue Steel destroyed the periodic table, because the only element he understands is the element of surprise.
(I consulted with Ray Snyder, the dev who plays Blue Steel, and he informed me that Blue Steel is a Martial Arts, Shield Defense Scrapper but…Blue Steel doesn’t need an Archetype. Blue Steel *is* an Archetype)
What exactly are the Igneous and what is their connection to the Devouring Earth?
I’m going to use this question to reveal a *tiny* chunk of the story bible, just to help squelch the doubters. This is a sample of the initial concept for a piece of content in the game. The info in the story bible is written for flavor and so it doesn’t list full crunchy information. From here a group like this was detailed out by the art team and powers designers. You can compare the Magmites and Pumicites in this raw form to what actually made it into game.
The CoH story bible really does exist. Between heroes and villains it’s well over 600 pages and growing. We started it to help keep things in our massive game straight. We try to keep everything consistent between the game, the web, and our ancillary products but over a hundred different people have worked on CoH at this point and it isn’t always easy. One of the points of this thread is to try and find the wrinkles and tears and smooth them out as best we can. Thanks to everyone for all the great questions and we’ll keep plugging away at answers!
The partial entry below is an ancient one, dusted off for your entertainment and edification. Positron, Hero 1, War Witch, Castle, BABs and the rest of the team have much more sophisticated methods these days.
1.1 Igneous the Magma Master

1.1.1 Background The Golden Time
Before everything in his life melted away, Ingelbert Maahs was well on his way to becoming the most famous explorer of his time. His advanced degrees in Geology and Archeology combined with a thirst for adventure to create an adventurer without peer. After leaving school, Maahs used his skill and influence to put together expeditions that uncovered lost treasures; brought to light scientific facts and benefited all those involved. His partner throughout this early success was his best friend, Marcus Janssen. Maahs had a keen eye for his craft but there was one thing that he overlooked...jealousy. Janssen was frustrated by all the credit that Maahs was receiving for their efforts. He began to plan a way to take his colleague out of the picture. A Dark Turn
Since he first dreamt of being an explorer, Ingelbert Maahs had a Holy Grail. When he was a young boy he found his first reference to the Cavern of Transcendence. It was vaguely mentioned in a book that Ingelbert found while prowling the library. He searched for information about it his whole life, but few details were available. Over the years he was able to determine that the Cavern was underground and part of a network of tunnels. He also discovered that there would be trials to face when seeking it but there would also be some sort of reward. Of course, Janssen new of his friends obsession and found a way to capitalize on it. He lured Maahs under Paragon City using rumors of a ‘mystic cavern’. There, he treacherously pushed his comrade into a floe of Magma and fled the tunnels to report the ‘terrible tragedy’. Somehow Ingelbert did not die, however. He was barely able to crawl free after being horribly burned. He was found by the Magmites, part of an underground society of rock people. They managed to heal Maahs but in the process permanently infused his flesh with molten rock. Maahs mind was warped by the betrayal of his partner and the shock of his new appearance. He left behind his humanity and became Igneous the Magma Master. Boiling Point
Since his transformation Igneous has led the Magmites in a slow advance toward the surface world. They have altered and enhanced natural tunnels to suit their purposes and are preparing for a strike on Paragon City. Igneous has come to believe that his new state is the transcendence he dreamed of his whole life. He and his new people guard the Cavern fiercely. Anyone venturing beneath the surface of Paragon City will find a powerful group facing them.

1.1.2 The servants of Igneous Magmites
• Rank: Minion, Lt.
• Levels: 5-15
Powers: Lava blast (Area denial), Lava Burst (AOE), Lava Hold (Single target DOT/Hold), Magma Punch, Resist Fire, Vulnerable to Cold
Description: These creatures are made of molten rock. They are composed of blackened slabs of rock with lava flowing through the cracks. Small chunks of magma fall off them when they attack or move. The Magmites can travel freely through lava and can ambush a player by popping up out of a pool or river.
Magmites are usually measured, relentless enemies. They will normally defend an area until they are defeated. They use their own bodies to summon forth flows of magma to trap and then burn their opponents. If their underground areas are disturbed by explosions or earth tremors the Magmites can become frenzied. If this happens they will move toward the surface and attack anything in their path. Pumicites

• Rank: Minion, Lt.
• Levels: 5-15
Powers: Swipe (Lethal Melee+ Debuff Endurance), Fast Attacks, Fast Movement, Superleap, Resist Fire, Vulnerable to Smashing
Description: Light and fast attack creatures that shred anything they come in contact with. They are made of light gray porous stone that is abrasive like the skin of a shark. Their flesh resembles a sponge because of the gas bubbles frozen with it. These bubbles burst and release the gas within making it more difficult to breathe near them. Since they are light the Pumicites move quickly and are more agile than they appear.

Hollows Pools
Hollows_Julius_StoryArc.xls, Mission1 Clear out Magmite cave
Hollows_Talshak_StoryArc.xls, Errand2 Defeat Magmites in the Ravines

Hollows_Talshak_StoryArc.xls, Mission5 Battle through Magmites to save Sam Wincott and become master of the Mystical gateway at the heart of the Cavern of Transcendence