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I've wondered about this for a long while. When Ishmael of the Lost tried to psychically control the city, a hero known as The Grimm Fairy discovered the plot and stopped Ishmael herself. Afterward, she appealed to the Freedom Phalanx for help in rescuing some trapped citizens (and Sister Psyche discovered the amazing scope of the operation). However, she stopped Ishmael herself. This one person stopped a Lost pariah who's power was so vast that the psychic residue he left behind in Perez years ago still fuels the gang wars going on today.
What happened to her?
The Grimm Fairy has been missing for years. The going theory among the super-powered investigation crowd is that she was taken prisoner by the Rikti who saw her as a serious threat.
What powers is Mynx supposed to have? Early sources suggested she had Regeneration, but when she appeared in City of Villains, she instead had Super Reflexes. I'm guessing the in-game version is probably the official version, but I wanted to ask, since you're offering.
As Mynx realized the Regeneration abilities granted to her by the volatile Crey serum that had been forcibly administered to her were waning, she focused intensely on improving her feline reflexes. After working with Synapse and some of his Longbow training partners she felt much more powerful and in control.
So what exactly is the current and ancient state of the relationship between the Fifth Column, the Nictus, and the Council?
The Nictus have been around for a very long time. They have their own agenda regardless of their current allies. Several years ago many Nictus chose to side with the Council as they took over the 5th Column from within but the recent rise of Reichsman has certainly put the Council’s power base at risk. The Center, the leader of the Council, has a long standing alliance with the Nictus but history teaches us that alliances are rarely permanent.
At the end of Janet Kellum's arc "The Evil Countess Crey" (40-44), Countess Crey has been arrested and is in custody. But 45+ villain arcs (e.g. Viridian's) show the Countess at liberty. What happened to her in between? Was she cleared of charges (perhaps through underhanded legal maneuverings), or did she escape? This is an important distinction because it affects her legal standing in Paragon City (if not the Isles).
Countess Crey has been charged with a number of crimes during her colorful career but as her many personal attorneys are all fond of saying: “An arrest is not the same thing as a conviction.” She was cleared of all charges corruption and conspiracy stemming from this incident.
What’s the deal with Indigo, Crimson, and Viridian?
These three covert operatives all have the reputation of being among the best in the business. Early in their careers the three went on a number of missions together. They complemented each other perfectly with Indigo’s stealth abilities, Crimson’s tracking and weapon mastery, and Viridian’s interpersonal skills and vast network of contacts. During their last mission together they were betrayed and almost captured. Viridian was seriously wounded in their escape, losing and eye in the process. He never forgave his partners and took his skills to the Rogue Isles to find the highest bidder which not surprisingly turned out to be Arachnos. Recently Crimson and Indigo have been working for Longbow but the true allegiance of covert operatives is always in question. Many experts in intelligence circles theorize that Viridian is also working undercover for Longbow. What that means regarding his relationship with his previous partners is anyone’s guess.